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We've made a couple of changes to our team tonight, as we say goodbye to one moderator and hello to another.

Firstly, melmarshall858 has stepped down as a moderator. I'd like to thank her on behalf of the other moderators for her commitment as a moderator over the past year. It's sad to see any moderator leave, and I hope we'll still see her around the forum in the future.

Secondly, a warm welcome to -Cal, who's has been made a moderator to deal with the ever increasing demand we face. :P

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Thanks for all your hard work Mel, especially in the Episode requesting section and i really hope we'll still be seeing you around on the boards.

Welcome Cal, I'm sure you'll be a great addition to the team... a worthy choice IMO. :)

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See I really should read this before I go to the secret section and wonder why Cal posts there. I really shouldn't confuse myself like this on a Sunday morning!!

Thanks for everything you've done Mel. You've been awesome. Especially when it came to braving the episode request section.

Welcome young Cal.

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