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Buffy Quote Game

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Buffy: There's so much to decide. Ceremony, guests, reception...

Spike: Well, first thing I'd say, we're not having a church wedding.

Buffy: How about a daytime ceremony. In the park.

Spike: Fabulous. Enjoy your honeymoon with the big pile of dust.

Buffy: Under the trees. Indirect sunlight, only.

Spike: Warm breeze tosses the leaves aside, and again you're registering as Mr and Mrs Big-Pile-of-Dust.

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I know the bloddy rules but I'm cheating because I love this anyway and it still has something to do with T so there :P

Andrew: "I spy with my little eye something beginning with T"

Spike: "Tapestry."

Andrew: "Hey, how did..."

Spike: "Tapestry's the only thing in the whole bloody room."

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Cordy- "Mr. I'm-the-lead-singer-I'm- so-great-I-don't-have-to-show-up-for-my-date-or-even-call going to be there?"

Oz- "Yeah. You know, he's just going by Devon now."

Cordy- "Well, you can tell him that I don't care, and that I didn't even mention it, and that I didn't even see you, so that's just fine."

Oz- "So, what do I tell him?"

Cordy- "Nothing. Geeze, get with the program!"

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