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Undeniable Love (by Zetti) - comments


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LMAO!!! I think we all could especially if it was Jack!!! Zetti I'm with Sian I also think you should have Jack topless you know sayn that it was too hot so he took it off and Martha see's him ect..write soon!! xx

Im liking your way of thinking Fuj! :D

And yes, i wouldnt want just any handyman, itd have to be handyman Jack!

:lol: Im loving that name! I might start using it more often!

And im thinking, if he chooses not to be a cop in hna, he could always take up this line of work.

Although id miss him too much in his uniform. Nah! On second thought, Handyman Jack is the best option....Topless Jack mmmm :wub:

Sorry didnt mean to ramble.

Update soon :)

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Sounds good. Jack topless(my request by the way :P) putting up shelves with a drill...

Um yes,like the diet coke man. Hot, sweaty and pumped up. sounds like my cup of tea. UPDATE VERY SOON!

can you please please please tease martha with a diet coke moment. He drinking from a can very sexily tee hee. Just watchedd the advert with the lift and diet coke!

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