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Pat the Rat.. is Back!!!

Guest simmins

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Well, it seems Ten are certainly playing on the fact such a high profile actress is joining Neighbours. It'll be great to see Rowena back on our screens again!

There is some implication in that promo that she'll actually be playing 'Pat the Rat' - but I guess that won't be the case.

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Well thats very interesting indeed!

I knew she was heading to Neighbours....but didn't know they were advertising it like that....maybe she actually will be playing Pat then....though I've already read that her name will be Mary......maybe Pat's changed her name? :P

Don't suppose there's anything stopping them as they were both Grundy Productions

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Well, I doubt she'll be playing Patricia, but it would be interesting if she was! Especially if Philip Martin was still in the show (Ian Rawlings also played Pat's stepson and arch-rival Wayne in S&D). She was also married to Helen Daniels' short-term husband Michael (Brian Blain played Gordon Hamilton).. maybe that was MORE bigamy, Jen (Alyce Platt) was her step-daughter.. oh this could go on and on, hehe.

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