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Truth Hurts (by Jamey-Maria) - comments


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Well, as you know Krys, I absolutely LOVED this one shot. It's just so dark and really gets into Martha's thoughts. Your writing was absolutely fantastic and you managed to make me feel sorry for Martha at the same time as thinking that she deserved all she got :P. I don't know quite what it was in this one shot that got me hooked, but it was definitely something because I couldn't stop reading right from the first sentence. Well, I only stopped because you were interrupting me. :P I think that has to be one of your best yet. *claps* Can't wait for more from you. *hint hint* It may be a one shot, but maybe a series of one shots that follow on from each other wouldn't be a bad thing.... :D

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Miss Krystal that was good! Very good actually. :D

Sian enjoyed someone else being miserable.

Poor Martha. Damn Ash in this fic, but I can see why shes feeling that way. Yea, Martha men are jerks! All men!

Men are pigs! I hate them well no I hate this one man, not even a man. Boy!

Took me long enough to read this lol

But it damn good. :) I really like the way you go into detail of how they're feeling. I want to be good at writing! I'm asking Santa next year :)

I like this lol 'She used to ride horses when she was younger, looked like she still had a thing for riding now, only this time it was men.' something only you would say... :P

Anyway write more... Happy fics to make me happy :)

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Thankyou for all the reviews. :D

Im just wondering was it Ash or Jack she was talking about at the end?

I had a feeling I was going to get someone with that line, lol. I'm not very clear. Yea it was Jack. She went from talking about Corey to Ash to Jack. :)

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That was flipping amazing. God you're brilliant. Seriously, wow! You had me believing she was a "slag" then. I was really convinced, then I realised "Crap, Nicole, you're supposed to feel sorry for her!!"

Then I did feel bad for her. And I LOVED the ending. Thank god she still loves Jack. I can sleep now. lol.

That was incredible writing. Every single word. Description, dialogue, directions.. everything!

I seriously can't tell you how good that was.. just, wow.

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