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Pippa Black (Elle)

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"Neighbours star Pippa Black needs to be reminded about her manners - or lack of them. Black was busted changing the seating plan of the front row at the David Jones Collection launch at the Town Hall on Thursday.

Worse, the person whose name she was moving was standing behind her and caught her in the act. Poor form Pippa.

Her actions were all the more astonishing considering she had made the front row only by default. She was brought forward from the back rows as a seat filler after Lillte Britian's David Walliams was a no-show"

Source - Sunday Herald Sun 4/3/07

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Thanks, but I don't understand it :huh:

I don't either

At big events there are seating plans for the tables for the celebs/people to see where they are sitting. I presume she was moving this person's name tag or changing their name for some reason and they saw her do it. Like emmassi sed, slow news day

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