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  1. I knew straight away that the vandalism of the surf club was a plot device to change the set. Also I cracked up when Shannon mentioned Neighbours from her phone call. "As if!" Also original copper Bob Barnett now referred to as "Fred". Wouldn't you think that there would be more than 5 committee members for the surf club?
  2. Yes, and she was on Paradise Beach and co-hosted Gladiators.
  3. Yes, it was a paper banknote until 1995 when it changed to the polymer one.
  4. Can someone please tell me what today's episode number was?
  5. No closing credits in today's episode, it just went to a "7 production" closer.
  6. Corniest line of the year goes to Sally: "Fizzy or straight?"
  7. They do that as butt cheeks grip the seats in the surf boats better than Speedos.
  8. Sorry, I took it to mean the original airings back in 1993, not the current airings on 7two.
  9. Does this have anything to do with the timeslot change from 6.30pm to 7pm?
  10. Gee how lucky that they were able to find a baby with the same cry as Tamara? lol
  11. I'm 2 weeks behind....Bobby saying the Diner is slow when trying to find the extra cash to go to Marilyn's wedding, then a few days later,,diner kitchen getting renovated. Did they find some extra cash hidden behind the jukebox? And why you would have tradies move a fridge that's turned off but still full of food and condiments...hmmmm. PS Will anyone ever get shallots? It's been on the shopping list on the sliding door for months!
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