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Home and Away Always!!!

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Oh I like it! And I'm the first person to review! Usually I can't read sad stories because it makes me sad, but I like this one!! Please update soon, and can you make it happy? Please? Your writing is awesome! Two thumbs up! :D:D And I like the title, it reminds me of 'This Old Love' their special song. I hope they don't break up on the show or I will be distraught!!

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Ooooh, really good opening chapter.

Kinda feel sorry for Jack but, as much as it pains for me to write this; he does deserve it :unsure: , I think! Or, maybe Martha's decision was a tad bit...dramatic? Over-the-top? :blink:

Oh, I don't know! But great fic, please update soon :)

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I feel sorry for Jack. *hides from krys-topher* He should have done better, but I still feel sorry for him.

Great start, I'm sure the other 9 will meet the same standards! :D Lets see shall we? Bring on Chapter 2! :D

I agree I do feel kinda sorry for Jack in a 'he's so hot to hate way' :P

I cannot wait for chapter 2 it should be great!

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