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In the past month or so I have been going through tutionals (sorry cant spell it) and stuff and i have been playing around with programs and this is what I've been making and credit to my friends at school who have helped me do some of these.


Veronica Mars (again sorry but I really love the show at the moment)

cap827ir9hw8.jpg 182gcopyus7rt3.jpg cap0092copypp8if8.jpg vm2203dx6xg4.jpg saeicon18pl0.png saeicon19ba5.png picturedicon090qtyt0.jpg

Raise Your Voice

raiceyourfy8.jpg raiseyourvoiceor7.jpg

Emma Watson

36530hj2.png goficons26qs3.png goficonsmmarauder43lf0.png 36495sc7.png 36745bq4.png

Aly and AJ

alyandajuo8.png aliandajoj9.jpg alyandajwv4.png

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