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Melissa George

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A few months ago Melissa slated Home and Away, she's now changed her tune...


December 8, 2006

Melissa George has cracked Hollywood.

Six years ago the Australian actor was known for playing Angel on local soap Home and Away.

Now she mixes it with the cream of Hollywood, considering Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner as friends.

At 29, the actor has the Tinseltown red carpet walk perfected and will put these skills to use when she launches four feature films next year.

"I am making it. I am making it because I am making (films)," she smiles.

George is in New Zealand starring opposite American star Josh Hartnett in 30 Days Of Night.

She is pleased with the progress of her career, but is conscious not to let her recent success go to her head.

"If you peak too soon or win an Oscar too soon ... once it's all handed to you, then I don't want to lose control and do too much because you can burn out too easily."

George has proven staying power in the US, playing Ross and Rachel's lesbian nanny on Friends, practising witchy magic in TV drama Charmed and working an entire series on Alias.

The Perth-born actor's determination is evident, but her demeanour is not arrogant.

She's on a mission to conquer the acting world and follow in the footsteps of her icons - Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange, Julianne Moore and Meryl Streep.

"Their careers are great. When you get older you peak at that age," George says. "I look forward to that."

George plays hard, works harder and says isn't in showbiz for the fame and fortune.

"I work hard and things have been good for me," she says.

"I have five jobs coming up in the next year and I love that. You don't expect to have a career after Home and Away, or any job you do when you are 16.

"I just really love acting and am happy I am in LA (Los Angeles). I don't care about being rich and famous ... I just want to be a great actress, that's all that matters."

The in-demand actor will star in the films Turistas, Waz and Music Within next year, as well as 30 Days Of Night.

And while some actors downplay their first role, George cherishes her beginnings as a competitive rollerskater before scoring her break on Home and Away.

"Being on Home and Away teaches you to be a good actor," she said.

"We went through a lot on Home and Away. It was a major training ground and it is very positive, very fulfilling and very exciting to be where I am now because of that."

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Well, no, not really. She's never actually slated H&A (from what I've read anyway, which is quite a bit). She just doesn't like talking about it because she'd rather people focused on her film career. It's a shame for H&A fans and it does make her come across as a bit stuck-up sometimes, but it's also understandable that someone who is trying to make it in Hollywood prefers to talk about their current projects, not a soap they did ten years ago.

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She didn’t 'slate' H&A a few months ago, and never has done (from every interview I have read). She merely avoided concentrating on that in interviews and would rather talk about her present and future career - nothing wrong with that at all IMO. If she refused to talk about H&A in the past, that doesn’t mean she is ‘slating’ the show and her time there. :rolleyes:

EDIT: claire_louise sorry hadn’t fully read - Yeah I agree, it is annoying for the shows fans, but it was over 10 years ago for her now as you say. She's not the first actor from the shows history to want to leave there character behind.

Plus she acknowledged, and probably said for the thousandth time, that the show was a great learning ground..etc..etc I guess there’s only so much you can say, and I’m sure she’s repeated it all many many times.

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I understand what you're saying but the chances are she wouldn't be in Hollywood if it wasn't for Home and Away. Isla Fisher, who is enjoying similar success never shies away from talking about the Bay.

I agree with that and I'm sure she knows that H&A had a big part in her success, which is why she doesn't slate the show. It would be nice if everyone was like Isla and didn't mind chatting away about old times, but some people just have a shorter fuse than others. I have to admit, if I was an actress and interviewers continued to ask me the same questions about a show I did ten years ago, rather than my current films, I'd get a bit annoyed after a while.

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