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Lies Do Catch Up To You

Guest Traceve

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Contains Spoilers (Forgot to put it in the title, Sorry)

Johnny and Rocco sat in Johnnys car, planning their robbery.

"Mate, come-on, we need you with us not against us," Johnny said sternly to his little brother who was beginning to have second thoughts about doing their next robbery.

"I am with you," he insisted. Somehow Johnny did not believe him.

"You sure?"

"I'm positive, now let's go and get some money,"

"I knew you had it in you lil bro," Johnny said grinning as he pulled his balaclava over his face.

"Let's go," Rocco said getting out of the car putting on his balaclava.

"Is this right house?"

"Yes, Brad's sister Rachel, and Kim Hyde, his father was the principal over the high school till he murdered someone,"

"Who did he kill?'

"Would have a clue," Rocco shrugged. Johnny passed his hand gun to Rocco.

"Hold this," he said softy as he banged on the door.

"Hello?" Rachel said as she answered the door tying her dressing gown around her waist.

"G'day Armstrong's sister," Johnny said as he forced his way in.

"Uhm, I think you two better leave,"

"We aren't ready yet," Johnny said as he snatched the gun off of Rocco, "Sit on the lounge,"

Rachel saw the gun in his hand and immediately obeyed him and sat down.

"Anyone else home?" Johnny asked her.

"No. Only my fiancé," she replied, her voice shakily.

"Fiancé, come out, come out, wherever you are," Rocco called out.

Kim walked into the room, he saw the gun and went and stood in front of Rachel.

"Who are you and what do you want?" he asked the two of them.


"How much?" Rachel asked them," Kim, give them whatever they want,"

"Listen to the little lady, and we will leave," Johnny tormented him.

"We only have what is in my wallet and Rachel's purse, oh and the jar above the fridge," Kim replied.

"Go and get them," Johnny said nodding at Rocco. Rocco went off to get the money.

"Any expensive jewellery?"

"No," Rachel replied.

"Hurry up mate," Johnny called out to Rocco.

"Who are you?" Rachel asked them.

"Do you really think I am dumb enough to answer that?" Johnny replied waving the gun around in her face. Just then Rocco returned holding a sack containing the money.

"I didn't mean that you were dumb," Rachel quickly replied.

"Whatever," Rocco said to her.

"Next time you won't be so lucky," Johnny said sternly as he and Rocco left as quickly as they had gotten there.

"Mate, wasn't that a laugh or what, she is so stupid," Johnny laughed as he removed his balaclava.

"Yes, very thick," Rocco agreed.

"Better get you back to Sally's, before she gets sus, huh?"

"Yeah, I don't want her asking any questions,"

"You were great, keep up the good work and you may get rewarded,"

Rocco smiled at his brother as Johnny pulled up several metres from Sally's.

"See you soon bro," Johnny said as he patted Rocco on the back.

"Later," Rocco said as he shut the door, he watched Johnny drive off.

"Bloody prick," he mumbled as he walked towards Sally's house.

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Thanks for all the comments, im glad people are enjoying this. Here is the next chapter.


“Hello, Sally, Brad, Alf,” Rocco greeted them as he walked in.

“Rocco, its late, where have you been?” Sally asked him, as she wiped the dishes.

“You know, just out, went for a walk along the beach to think,”

“Anything you want to talk about?” Alf asked him.

“Nah, thanks anyways, I might head off to bed,” Rocco said as he headed up stairs to his room. He shut the door and threw him self onto the bed.

“Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot,” he repeated as he buried his face into the pillow.

He turned his face out of the pillow and looked at the clock, 11:30. He groaned as he spotted his school bag lying on the floor, with the contents tipped out.

Rocco pulled himself up and went and cleaned up. When he was putting his math book in his page, a loose sheet of note paper fell out.

“Damm it,” he muttered when he realised that was homework.

As Rocco walked through the school gates he was approached by Brad Armstrong.

“Hello Rocco, you’re early,”

“Yeah, I wanted to get an early start,”

“What class do you have first?”

“History with Ms Fletcher,”

“Right, ill see you around,”

Rocco headed off down the hallway to his locker. He punched in his code and flung the locker open. He pulled his History next book out from underneath a pile of random books. They books spilled out from the locker hitting the floor.

“Here, ill help you,” A nice brunette said softy as she reached down picking up the books.

“Thanks,” he said softy as their eyes met.

“I...I have to go, my boyfriend is waiting for me, ill see you round,” she said quickly as she left.

“As usual, the gorgeous ones are taken” he mumbled to himself as he shut his locked and hurried off to class.

Rocco took his seat in class; he opened up his history text book at looked up.

“Oh,” he sighed, as he laid his eyes on the gorgeous brunette, she was sitting diagonal from him. She turned and faced a blonde headed boy and kissed him. Rocco felt his heart sink.

“Belle, Lucas, this is a classroom,” Sally reminded them as she turned back to the whiteboard writing notes on there.

Belle and Lucas looked at each other and laughed.

“Guys, you mind, person trying to learn here,” Matilda spoke up from behind her.

“Oh yeah right,” Belle rolled her eyes, she turned around laughing. She laid her eyes on Rocco and stopped. He smiled at her. She blushed and turned back around.

“Class, can you copy these notes down?”

Rocco turned back to his paper and began copying the notes down from the white board. He was around half way though, when a note landed on his desk. He unfolded it and began reading it.

What’s your name?

Rocco scribbled his name on the note and put it back on his desk waiting for whoever put it there to take it back. He glanced up as Belle swung around in her chair and took the note from his desk. Belle gave him a small smile. As she threw the note back on to his desk.

“There will be no note passing in my class,” Sally said sternly as she snatched the note off of Rocco’s desk screwing it up. Belle turned back around in her seat and began to do her work.

“What was that about?” Lucas whispered to her.

“Just asking him his name,” She replied,” don’t worry you have nothing to worry about,” she said smiling at him.

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*gasp* You read my mind. Seriously! I've been dreaming of the Belle/Rocco pairing for soooo long and now it looks like you're gonna have them getting together in this. They do say great minds think alike...:P

Another great chapter, can't wait for more.

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