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Natasha Lee Appreciation

Guest Cerise

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Finally found an Actress that didd'nt have an appreciation Topic :D

I wasnt actually surprised, because I don't know many Lee fans But maybe I'll find some here.

I think Natasha is a good actress, I like(d) that Pregnancy stuff and the way Lee handeld the Teacher Situation was good.

Who agrees with me?

ps: Note the word 'Appreciation'

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^^ I doubt it. Although it's left open for her to come back, I don't think it was deliberate, and she wouldn't really fit in if she came back now.

I was never a Lee fan, not at all really, she always seemed way too shallow. But that doesn't change that fact that Natasha was a good actress and did a great job of playing the character.

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When she first came on the show i didn't like her at all. But i really warmed to her when she came back and was pregnant. I also loved the storyline with her teacher, it was really well acted.


i agree i think Natasha is a good actress and i hope she does well but i don't think she'll come back

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