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  1. yeah Johnny Cash is great. I love his song The Man Comes Around he is genius
  2. she so talented, she rocks. every one should check out her stuff http://www.sandrinemusic.com/
  3. Sandrine latest album Dark Fades Into Light is it good or what? I love it, so many great songs. she rocks as an artist extremely talented,I chose her latest album to be cd of the week on my site. I also reckon it's the best australian release of this year. she also did an interview for my site which I was so stoked about
  4. speaking of kiwi music I am listening to classic flying nun bandThe Chills - Heavenly Pop Hit
  5. listening to the coolest band on the planet Rocket http://www.rocketrocks.com this all girl rock'n'roll band seriouly rock and play some damm catchy awesome tunes
  6. I saw Abel Ferrara Mary on sunday at the melbourne film festival and it was excellent. one of the best I have seen this year so far. A far superior film to Passion Of The Christ, that's what I reckon. It really makes you think about your relgion and faith
  7. I found her agents details and sent off emails but with no luck hopefully maybe another way
  8. for any one of those that care I am shutting down my susie rugg fan site as my other site takes priority and get's good feedback and I have been trying to get an interview with her for parx-e and I doubt I would be able to if I still run the site and I am kinda over making fan sites now. Don't interest me at all now for those that enjoyed it thanks
  9. Dropping Daylight - Lucy These guys are going to be freaking huge, you heard it from me. I got sent there cd to review for my site. and it is excellent. Just think bands like my chemical romance mixed with piano's and with out the screaming
  10. Where The Truth Lies - saw this today, good film both Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth were excellent and Colin Firth really kills his good guy image in this film. Their is a couple of scenes where this is very evident. Fans of him will get a bit of a shock
  11. The Corporation - This docomentary is fantastic and needs to be seen by everybody You will get angry and mad and get scared at the same time. this is a horror movie ladies gentlemen as this stuff is real http://www.thecorporation.com
  12. Eisley debut album Room Noises
  13. Finding Home - good little indie film with a good script,good acting and a beautiful setting makes the film great. sadly peacock films dvd is not widescreen but full screen but it is a pretty good transfer. http://www.findinghomemovie.com the females in the board will like this film, it's a real drama/love story kinda film
  14. The Fastest Indian - I really enjoyed this film, it was a joy to watch. Anthony Hopkins was good as usual, All my friends in NZ who said this was great film, they were right. 5 out of 5. so will be buying this on dvd.
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