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Advice on boys

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Why does everyone at school think that a boyfriend is a must have? I'm in year 12 so am in the sixth form and at the moment everyone is saying that you must have a boyfriend and some of my friends are depressed as they don't. Whereas I am happy at the moment not having one as it means that I can just have a laugh with my friends and besides there's no one really I like at the moment.

What do you all think? Is a boyfriend a must have if you're in the sixth form?

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What is sixth form sorry about sounding dumb:P Well I think boyfriends are a hassle in school and just cause trouble. Plus we're young we should be spending the time we have being young, acting our age.

I went to a co-ed primary school and I have stayed in touch with some of my guy friends from there. One of them I think is gay but I don't want to say anything. He's such a great friend and I use to like him more then a friend I am really confused:P ahhh that didn't make much sense did it???

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Oh. Well, things may have changed, and this friend may have just been trying to stirr up trouble... one of my supposedly best friends did that about another of my best friend's... but that's a whole, big, collosal thing that was actually boy orientated. Sad, isn't it? lol But, I shall not go on about it.. :)

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