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  1. Today I went ice skating, was very funny, my friend completely stacked it but luckily broke no bones. My parents bought me a new phone because I got outstanding grades apparently . How was everyones day?
  2. ms.megan

    Support Group

    Thank you Frankie and Mar I am going to talk to my mum today about it. Oh and her parents haven't done any thing because there family is known to be quit slim and they probably just though she was skinnier because she just had a major growth spurt (6 inches). But I don't know. Frankie she is 14. Thanks again.
  3. Does the gold coast have a long weekend :S? luckyyy I have to go to school tomorrow
  4. ms.megan

    Support Group

    Forgot to put this in previous post sorry. Major major problem. I have this friend who is about 5'2" and she weighs about 35 kilos(77.2 pounds). I know this because I was staying at her house last night and she weighed herself while she was in the bathroom and it was a memory scale thing. I have noticed her weight has been steadily decreasing and she is always saying she is fat I thought it was just a phase. But later that night she got up to get a drink and i needed to get my phone from the living room. I walked past the bathroom and I heard someone vomiting I knew it was my friend. I can't help but worry about her because she is one of my best friends. I went back to her bedroom she came in a few minutes later rinsing her mouth proving that it was her. I asked her why she was rinsing her mouth and she paused and said she had just brushed her teeth. But her breath didn't smell so nice. Any advice?
  5. ms.megan

    Support Group

    Kyle you just need to keep ensuring your friend that he/she looks fine and they don't need to worry about their weight because they are perfect as they are. The best help you can give is support. This is a lead onto my previous post. Well I made up with my friend. And it is my birthday soon and because my family and her family are really close my mum will worry if I don't invite her to my party, but I don't know what to do, because she might cause a fuss and ruin the night. I am sooo confused with what to do. Advice please.
  6. That sounds horrible I hope I never see it. I would love to get the chance to go to Japan. I have been with family but I really want to do an exchange at my school you get the opportunity to if you continue learning the language in senior school. Where are you going while you're there?
  7. I love that movie! Last night I watched Crocodile Dundee XD love that movie. And later today I am going to see Because I said so with my mum
  8. ms.megan

    Support Group

    Haven't posted on the board for a while because been having troubles with friends. Well on friend in particular. Well the troubles first started with this one friend, I shall call her "Lucy", first term back from school. At first it was subtle things like ignoring me, wouldn't listen to me when I was talking to the group and would try and avoid me. First I thought nothing of it and decided to ignore it. But... It has worsened, she started to try and pick fights with me always telling me I was wrong, telling me to shut up and no one cared. And honestly i had, had enough at that stage. Well I tried to resolve it with Lucy but it ended up with me being in the friends of another friend crying. For a while there I just ignored her but I really didn't like ignoring her because we had been friends for ages. So then I tried to talk to her about it, but she still didn't want to listen. By this time I had become friends with some other girls in my class so then if she was being rude to me I could go and sit with them instead of my regular group. After a while of me being friends with her I found out the reason why she was acting this way to me was because I had become friends with one particular girl in my class. So I tried to talk to her about it and she said she didn't care that I am friends witht hem. But... then she started sending me comments on myspace like ""Julie" (girl she doesn't like) looks bad in that photo" "nice group *rolls eyes*" " i dont care.. fine woteva.. shes ur friend dont care ok.. " "stop commenting me ok!" "i don't want to talk to you, get over it". By then I was more upset then anything because I wanted to sort things out but she just doesnt want to listen to me. And I got back from camp on Friday and the whole time at camp she didnt say one word to me but instead glared at me and bitched about me. Well I really don't know what to do because I am not willing to stop a friendship to fix one. Not that I don't want to fix it.... Arrrrr I need some advice...
  9. Excellent blending! except near the middle there is still grass on the wheel. (right bicycle) Other then that it's excellent!
  10. Aw thanks Edit: Oh and thanks for crediting and uploading
  11. Here is an icon I made quickly Oxidizer its not very good btw
  12. Okay thanks, i just had to know I have another request. Can somebody make me a Lucas sig? Thanks. I'll make you one, do you have any specific pictures?
  13. woh my personal messager thing has gone wack, it says i have -1 new messages :S lol and there arent any new ones showing
  14. ms.megan

    Support Group

    Lately one of my good friends has been trying to create arguments with me. I would say something that I thought was correct and she would immediately try to prove me wrong. My other friends have noticed it too. And if I get slightly mad she goes to me Megan settle down! And shes getting more mad when she says that. I got so upset about it at lunch I didn't eat my lunch and I sat there in silence and when she asked me what was wrong I couldn't speak. Tears were coming to my eyes so I got up and ran. I'm emotional and my friend knows that, as I was running away my other friend came after me and tried to comfort me. I told her why I was upset and left to go for class. My other friend (one arguing with me) went up to her and asked me what was wrong. And she said 'what's wrong with Megan?' and my friend said 'I don't know if she wants me to tell you' and my other friend (arguing one) got mad at my friend. I went up to my friend (arguing one) and asked her to talk to me, I explained to her why I was upset and she just didn't want to hear it. And left without saying good bye. I got really worked up about and I was about to cry, one of my other friends came up to me and said 'are you ok Megan?' and I started to cry, one of my other friends came running up to me and she doesn't like the girl I'm arguing with and she doesn't like her. And she was hugging me then my friend (arguing one) walked past and said 'God! why did you have to drag her into this!?' and stormed off. I'm not mad at my friend I'm more upset but yet she's mad with me and I wasn't doing anything.
  15. My knee is soooo sore!! I hit it on the side of the car today when I was getting in to come home and now I can hardly walk and I have ballet tomorrow which sucks majorly.
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