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Thanks, the Librarians.

Note: This was started by Rosie, but I'm continuing it as I like it, and she doesn't want to and she's got another fic. And parts have been altered from the first fic, to suit me a little more.

Chapter 1

Please note - Matilda is now married to Dean

Matilda is lying still in the hospital bed. Her eyes are closed and she isn’t moving. She had just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl. Matilda has died during child birth. The baby who had no name wouldn’t have a mother and Dean wouldn’t have a wife. Rachel came in and softly said to Dean that Matilda’s parents, Tony and Beth where here to see her lifeless body. They walked in and immediately Beth started crying, just to see her daughters body lying then with no power. She walked up to Dean and punched him in the face. He fell backwards, on to the floor and started screaming. Rachel walked in, asking what had happened and saw Dean lying on the floor. Beth started screaming and saying things to Dean like "It’s your entire fault Matildas dead. You’re the one who got her pregnant!" She then ran out of the room screaming and Rachel followed her, caught up to her and helped her into her office. She then started talking

"Beth, Its not Dean's fault that Matilda died. It happens every day to mothers. And its not there fault either. Considering the fact Matilda was only 18, she was dealing with a lot of stress and in the end it all just got to her."

Beth ran out of her office and got in her car. Rachel walked out of her office and walked back into Matilda room. Dean was sitting there with as icepack on his head that Nurse Julie had given him. Rachel walked over to see how he was. He was fine. He has a nasty bruise but other then that, nothing.

Just then, a nurse wheeled the baby into the room. She was fast asleep. Dean got up and walked over to her and bent down. "Hey little one, we really need to give you a name." Rachel nodded "She needs a birth certificate written up and we can’t write 'Name Unknown' on it now can we. Dean smiled "I think I’ll name her Matilda, after her mother."

Rachel stared at him and smiled "I think that’s a beautiful idea."

Chapter Two

Dean slowly drove behind the coffin car, after the funeral for Matilda. Followed behind Dean, were Beth and Tony and other family members followed behind. They reached the cemetery and Matilda’s coffin was carried over the hole that had been dug.

The minister said a few words and then the body was lowered down into the hole. Everyone was trying not to cry. It was hard; they had just lost a loved one. A baby had lost a mother. A mother had lost her child, and a husband had lost his wife.

Slowly everyone started walking away, which just left Dean. He kneeled down hear the hole, which was yet to be filled. He started crying and pulled a Rose out of his shirt. He let it drop down slowly on top of the coffin.

The day before, he had written a note to Matilda to put on top of her coffin. He opened it up once again, just to check.

Dear Matilda,

A part of my heart has disappeared ever since you died. Rachel knew you didn’t dye from childbirth. It didn’t all add up. But don’t worry, I’ll find out who did this to you. Just remember, I’ll always love you and I miss you heaps babe.

Xx Dean

He folded the letter back up again and slowly dropped it down on top of the coffin. He looked up and realized everyone was starting to get in the cars. He got up and started walking over to the car he had just been in. They where all going back to Beth’s house for a small gathering. It was Beth Hunter’s birthday today. But they couldn’t celebrate when she had just lost her daughter. They reached the small side town of Summer Bay to find a heap of flowers at her door, which was unlocked. She picked up all the flowers and opened the door with her shoulder. Inside there was a sign that said Happy Birthday Beth, lest we forget Matilda.

Beth got tears in her eyes but then she saw everyone standing in her kitchen, cooking. Rachel was the one that had noticed she had come in. She put down the spoon that she was stirring something with and walked up to Beth and gave her a warming hug.

Chapter Three

Rachel was walking down Summer Bay Road and saw a tiny box. On it was marked Summer Bay. Rachel picked it up and opened it. Inside was a folded piece of paper, She opened it and in big black letter, it wrote "Tick Tock. Tick Tock" Rachel ran back to the Surf Club and showed this to Alf. He was shocked. Everyone from Beth’s lunch (almost the whole town) was in the Surf Club. Alf made an announcement and told everyone to come over to him. He read the note out. Just as he finished there was a faint beeping in the background. 5 beeps. Then the Surf Club exploded in to flames.

Chapter Four

The Surf Club had just exploded. A bomb. Everyone was on the ground. No movement. No nothing. At the SB police office, Peter heard the explosion. He immediately told everyone and they drove off in different directions trying to find out where it came from.

Back at the surf club, Rachel Armstrong was the first to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and looked all around. She couldn’t see much. The explosion had caused electricity failure and it was all smoky. She got up and walked around trying to find the exit. She badly needed a flashlight to see if anyone was alive. She just would have to make do of her mobile flashlight until someone came for help. She walked around with the flashlight on and suddenly the power came back. She put her mobile back in her pocked and looked around. It was obvious to her that not everyone was alive. Soon she spotted 2 people that looked dead. She walked over to them and checked for a pulse and heartbeat. Nothing. Those people were Amanda and Macca.

She suddenly heard a scream coming from the other side of the room. It was Belle. She was calling out for her Mum, Amanda. Rachel ran over to where she thought Belles voice was coming from.

Belle shuddered as she looked around the room, to the pile of rubble where her mother lay, lifeless. The life had been taken from the mother-of-two, leaving a 6 year old boy with no mother, and a 17 year old girl with no mother, and no father, not even a kind stepfather figure. No, Amanda wasn’t dead, Belle knew that she wasn’t, Rachel hadn’t felt her pulse, but maybe just because she hadn’t tried hard enough. She raced over to Amanda’s side when she noticed Rachel approaching her “No!” She screamed “She’s not dead!” She said, and began grabbing at the rocks, foolishly grabbing at one which was holding up one of the heavy metal game machines. Rachel screamed out “BELLE STOP!” But it was too late; the rock had been moved and the machine and it landed on the young girl’s neck and head. As Rachel raced over, she knew within her heart that Belle couldn’t be alive, after an accident like that she was surprised that Belle’s head hadn’t been amputated. She felt for a pulse, nothing, and she knew that there was no reason. She heard numerous groans around the room, alerting her that other members of the community were beginning to regain consciousness, and beginning to feel the pain of a building collapsing on top of them. She looked around, knowing she was needed elsewhere. She closed Belle’s eyes, trying to evade the look of pain, and hurt. But most importantly; the look of death.

Belle was gone.

Chapter Four

Rachel got up and walked around to have a look at everyone else. She walked over to Drew and checked for a pulse, there was nothing. Drew had a big piece of glass sticking out from his chest. She felt someone tap her on the shoulder. It was Peter.

“Is my son alive?” He asked, referring to Drew.

“I'm so sorry Peter. No; and neither is Belle. I only just managed to save Amanda.” She replied.

Just then, Kit started screaming, she didn’t know where she was or what had happened. Rachel ran over to her, with Peter following behind, as she tried to comfort her.

“Peter, Can you go outside and call rescue for me? There’s still a lot more people are in here, trapped. Most of the town was here when it exploded”

“Yeah sure. I’ll be right back” He replied.

Peter ran off and Rachel was left with Kit who was still screaming. Beth, who was lying next to her, started to stir. She looked around, with a puzzled look on her face. She came to face Kit, she saw Rachel talking to her.

“Kit, I really need you to calm down for me sweetheart.” Rachel said.

“Rachel’s right love. You need to calm down” Beth replied.

Eventually, she stopped. Rachel was now pleased.

Now she needed to try and get everyone else out, incase of another bomb. Rachel knew Zoë had caused this. And with her around, anything could happen. Like another bomb. She finally managed to get Beth out, but Kit wouldn’t move, unless she had Martha with her. Rachel didnt know were Martha was. Now she would have to go find her, but first she just had to get Kit out very quickly incase of another explosion.

Rachel walked around more. She found Tony and woke him up easily. He had a few cuts and bruises, just like Rachel; but other then that he was ok. Suddenly Rachel and Tony heard familiar beeping. Just like the ones that sounded before the surf club exploded.




The beeping had stopped. Rachel was relieved. She was sure it had just been a hoax to scare them all. But then again, it could have been a bomb. Now they would have to be very careful incase another bomb went off unexpectedly.

Rachel noticed more people starting to wake. She looked around and saw a body on the floor. It wasn’t moving. Rachel walked over to the body to see who it could be. It was Morag. Rachel tried waking her up so she could get out. It failed. She checked for a pulse. It was there but extremely faint.

By now, rescue and ambulances had arrived and the paramedics were helping people our. One paramedic women walked over to Rachel to see if she needed help. Rachel nodded. Right when she did, Morag started fitting. The paramedic pulled out a gun and a shot was fired. He ran off into the light, and as he did, you could see the face - Dr Helpman!

Next chapter – Who was shot? Morag or Rachel??

Chapter Five

The gun had gone off. Morag had been shot in the chest. Rachel tried her hardest to save her. Nothing could be done. With in minutes, Morag died. Rachel closed Morag’s eyes with her hands and got up to find Peter. He was outside with Amanda on a stretcher. She had massive burns on her stomach. She was conscious but just barley. Amanda was put in the ambulance, which drove off, speeding with the siren.

Rachel went back inside to try and find any more survivors. She found Kim. He had been walking to the surf club at the time and hadn’t been injured in the explosion. Rachel was happy. She had been really worried about him. He really wanted to help Rachel find more people but since he was no qualified doctor, Rachel told him it would be best for him to just stay outside, so he left.

Rachel walked over to Martha, she had a burn on her neck. Martha was trying to stand up, but the whole room was spinning. She sat down again and Rachel went over to her. She told her it would be ok and she should try and get out just in case another bomb went off.

Martha stood up, with Rachel’s help and almost fell down again, but Rachel supported her. Kim came back in and told her that the police said that everyone had to be out just incase of another bomb. Kim helped Martha out and Rachel went to look for more survivors. She found Colleen. She was complaining of a sore hip. Rachel suspected a break. In that case, Colleen wouldn’t be able to get up – help or no help. She told Colleen to stay were she was as she went to get 2 ambulance officers and a stretcher. She came back 5 minutes later and helped the officers lift Colleen onto the stretcher.

Rachel left and went to find Jack. Ever since Martha got out she had been calling Jacks name. Rachel found Jack who was unconscious. Rachel tried to wake him but nothing was working.

Chapter Six

Rachel watched the ambulance officers take Jack outside. He was unconscious, but had a gas mask on his face, delivering him oxygen. She looked around, frantic. The room was a mess, however she noticed all the emergency crews getting everyone out, and was told to get out herself so she had no option but to leave the room. Once outside, she took in the wounded; including Colleen, with her injured hip, Martha with her bright red face, Rachel had thought she’d gained a burn on her face but she hadn’t, her burn was on her neck. Jack was still unconscious and Martha was in a frenzy about him.


Rachel sighed as she sat down, the reality of it all was taking a toll on her. Overall they’d come out of it pretty well, with the exception of Belle, Morag and Drew. She looked up, and noticed Kim at the door as he walked over to her and wrapped her into his strong arms, and for the first time since the accident, Rachel finally felt safe.

Martha sat by Jack’s bedside, holding his hand. He was still unconscious and he’d needed a blood transfusion, but he’d come out well, and according to the doctor, when he woke up was up to him; they’d done all they could. Suddenly she noticed his eyelids flutter, and she felt her heart leapt with excitement “Jack.” She whispered, squeezing his hand “Jack, please, wake up, I’m here.” She said, a tear sliding down her cheek, she left it, and she called out “Jack’s waking up!” She said.

Jack opened his eyes; everything was a blur and he was tired. He felt a hand holding his, and he noticed it was Martha. She looked injured. He said in a croaky voice “What happened?”

Martha looked at him sadly “There was a bomb, at the surf club. Drew, Belle and Morag died.” She said softly, and Jack tried to sit up but winced sharply in pain.

Rachel came in “Hello Jack. Glad to see your up and about again.” She said with a friendly smile at him; she was relieved. She didn’t know if she could cope with another death. Three was more than enough deaths for one day, out of her friends. And two young seventeen year old lovers had died. Belle and Drew had so much to live for, but it had all been ripped from them.

Martha smiled, rubbing her thumb against the back of Jack’s hand “Hopefully he’ll be up and about soon.” She said with a grin, and leant forward to kiss the top of his head.

There was a quiet knock on the door; it was Alf.

Martha took one look at her grief filled grandfather and rushed over to him. Behind him was Ric, who was carrying a small child. A child that Martha rushed over to collect. She took the child from Ric’s arms, giving him a grateful smile. She brought the child over to Jack, saying softly “Daddy and mummy missed you sweetheart.” She said, kissing the top of her daughter’s head.

Jack smiled at his daughter, wincing as he reached out his hand to his two year old’s “Aria, sweetie, how are you gorgeous.” He murmured softly.

Then yet another knock came at the door; it was Sally.

Sally looked at Aria, nestled comfortably in her parents arms “Martha, I’m about to head home, would you like me to take Aria, so you can spend the time with Jack?” She asked softly.

She nodded, kissing her daughter’s head goodnight “Goodnight princess.” She said softly. She adored her daughter; she knew Jack did as well. She and Jack weren’t married or anything. She’d fallen pregnant when she was 19, and when she and Jack had been together for a year.

Suddenly a voice yelled out “She’s going into cardiac arrest!”

The people in Jack’s room looked at each other, fear in everyone’s eyes. Most of the people they knew were in hospital, and it could be any one of them.

Rachel, who had rushed out at the call, walked back in. “She’s dead.” She whispered “I can’t believe she’s dead.” She whispered

NEXT TIME: Who died?


I know that it is short, and btw, Aria was in child-care at the time of the accident. I felt like we needed a small child in.

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Chapter Seven

It had been three hours since Rachel had told them who had died, and they were suffering terribly; each and everyone one of them. Nobody could believe it. She was such a big part of the community, and now she was; gone. Everyone knew her injuries were extensive, and that she was lucky to have survived but that was just it. She was lucky to have survived . She couldn’t be dead. No, she couldn’t. She was someone everyone could turn to, no matter what and she wouldn’t hold a grudge. She’d work hard, slaving away and doing everything she could for everyone.

Martha looked at Tony; he was taking this hard. Jack was quiet, Lucas was quiet, and Hayley was quiet. Everyone in the room was silent. Irene felt tears cascading down her cheeks but she didn’t brush them away. One of the biggest fighters in the down was down and out; she’d never come back. Amanda was heard to be saying “No, no, this can’t be happening” over and over again even though she knew it had happened. Strangely, everyone over the hospital in every room was feeling the pain of losing this one resident of Summer Bay. Everyone felt for her grieving family. Alf himself was in shock. He was often at the other woman’s throat, but he couldn’t believe she’d been taken. Cassie was sobbing; she was so close to her. Ric was distraught. Nobody knew how to deal with the grief.


It was the day of her funeral, it was two weeks later. Most people had been discharged, but some hadn’t. Jack had, and he was sitting with Martha and Aria, Martha was holding Aria tight in her lap. She was even clinging to the toddler; imagining the pain she’d be feeling if she got taken away, or if she got taken away from Aria.

Tony had his arm wrapped around Lucas, and the Holden’s were sitting together.

The mass was said, and she was laid out to rest. Nobody knew how to grief for her; they’d all miss her a great deal. She was someone anyone could turn to. She’d been in the bay for years, she’d lost her husband.

At the wake, everything was quiet. Everyone was feeling the pain. It was strange, when Jack thought about it. Normally at funerals they’d be different, but she affected so many people, that nobody has anything to talk about, because she’s not here soothing you. She’s not there to end your pain, for you to talk to.

He cast a look at Robbie, Tasha, Ric, Cassie, Lucas, Kit and Scott, sitting together. They were all downcast.

He looked around, everyone looked glum.

How were they going to get on without her?

It was a question, that only time would tell…

NEXT TIME: Who died? Was it Sally, Colleen or Beth?

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Im thinking Beth. I cant be Sally, she was just in the room with Martha when Rachel said 'she' died. I was thinking it was Colleen, but then why would Tony be so upset. But then again Alf is never at Beths through. Geeez...you made it so difficult :angry:

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