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Daddy's Kisses (by Clair 247) - comments


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Im praying that Martha is just presumed dead and missing, but really alive and intends on coming back to her husband and kids. Hopefully Jack doesn't remarry, and this family is turning out like the one Tony led, wife died when youngest child was not a year old, and two kids. Please don't let her be dead, just presumed dead and let her come back please! And no love please! lol I already said it but I dont want him moving on *Hands over cookie-bribes* And how could I hate you, you made a J & M fic, something I cannot write due to the fact it would be boring! Fantastic fic, Im just praying Mac is alive! I know I talk in circles, lol dont make fun of moi :P Congrats again! Please dont think of em as pushy, lol, just thrilled to read another J & M fic! Sorry!

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OK before i start my rant, whats a paraphernalia??

OMG i cant believe you killed Martha. That is horrible. Yes it is against the law. My heart sank when I read that last line. What were you thinking. Omg i am really hating you at the moment, but its will pass soon. Marthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *cries*

Please update soon

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