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LOST-UK airing

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I'm not sure if there is any UK Lost fans on this thread but I thought i'd inform you that LOST will no longer be airing on channel 4.

According to recent news Sky One has bought the rights for the TV show for the UK.

This will surely disappoint those without saterlite tv. As for Austrailia Lost season 3 will apparently return to 7 in february.

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I know loads of people have Sky nowadays but as one of those who doesn't, I'm completely gutted about this. Apparently Channel 4 didn't bid higher for the rights because the ratings for the second series weren't as good as the first, which is a c**p reason if ever I heard one. The ratings went down slightly, yes, but surely Lost was still one of their most high profile and popular shows? I think it was a really stupid decision on their part.

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You're joking! What are channel four playing at?! I cannot believe this stupid channel, they're giving everything up to sky and it is so poking me off! They give up Lost the best show they've had for a long time and still show other trash, where's the justice?! I am so cross!

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