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The Royle Family returns again!

Guest Dan F

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It has been nearly seven years since the nation's second most prestigious family sat around the television with a brew and now they are back to grace viewers with their presence for a one-off, hour-long special episode – but how has time changed them?

Has Jim turned into a hard-working, sensitive soul concerned only with the welfare of others? Has Barbara swapped her leggings for a Louis Vuitton bag? Has Dave taken charge of Denise and become the loquacious entrepreneur we all knew was inside him? Has Denise got more on her mind than her nails and watching Jerry Springer? Has Baby David grown up into an A-grade mini genius? Has our Antony jetted off to travel the world and experience new cultures? Has Nana got herself a toyboy and has the hapless Cheryl lost weight and become a footballer's wife?

Well, they have moved with the times but, luckily, not too far from that comfy old sofa and the fag-filled ashtray. The TV is bigger and better with more channels, of course, and although much remains the same one thing has, indeed, changed in the Royle household – Nana has moved in and taken up residence with the dining room as her boudoir.

With Dave reading her saucy books to her and Denise doing her nails, Nana is the centre of attention which Jim is happy to grumble about, especially when she steals his batteries from his remote control for her fan, leaving him forced to watch Location, Location, Location. However, Nana is too busy stirring up family renditions of Johnny Cash songs to notice.

Jim is still picking his nose and setting the world to rights from his armchair throne whilst ranting about how much Noel Edmonds and Graham Norton are on the TV; and when not sneaking off to The Feathers for a few sneaky halves, he is shamelessly making use of the newly installed stairlift. Barbara, when not doing her mam's hair or putting the kettle on, is still putting up with Jim's tantrums and coarse habits but is considering being fully laminated throughout – a prospect that Jim finds appalling.

Denise is pregnant again, sporting some fancy hair extensions and has mastered the use of Sky+ so that she can keep up with Trisha, and Dave is still as verbally dextrous as ever – well, not really, but he's still happy to make the tea. Baby David is now Little David and is a carbon copy of his dad, complete with matching leather jacket. And although his school thought he had attention deficit disorder, it turns out he just couldn't be bothered concentrating, much to everyone's relief.

Our Antony has grown up, is now a suited and booted business man, and pops in on his way to a conference in Milton Keynes. Jim finds his son's success immensely useful for cadging the odd £50.

Meanwhile, Cheryl is trying out some new diets and is now looking for love with an ad in the local lonely hearts column – "male aged any....own vehicle not necessary as father will drop off and pick up" – and brings her new beaux back to the Royle house to meet everyone.

But, as always with the family, the most important order of the day is what's on the telly and who is making the tea...

Jim is played by Ricky Tomlinson, Barbara by Sue Johnston, Denise by Caroline Aherne, Dave by Craig Cash, Little David by Harry Cash, Antony by Ralf Little, Cheryl by Jessica Stevenson and Nana by Liz Smith.

Courtesy of BBC Press Office

Sounds great! But I'm surprised they didn't save it for Christmas. Love the idea of Jim using Nana's stairlift! :lol:

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Baby David (now Little David) will be played by Craig Cash's (David's) real life son Harry Cash.

Anthony and Emma's son Lewis Royle will also appear, played by Connor Marsh. Craig's other son Billy will also appear.

Apparently the the first time in the show's history we will be seeing outside of the Royle Household!! Even if it's only into the garden it will be a bit of a culture shock! :P

All the old favourites will be back it seems, with the exceptions of Emma and Darren.

The Royle Family

Sun 29 Oct, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins

Tension mounts in the Royle household as the family contemplate the prospect of becoming fully laminated throughout. Dr Mahmoud prescribes new medication for Nana in the form of yellow tablets; coincidentally they turn out to be the same colour as the tablets that Joe was prescribed for the swelling when he got his mickey stuck in his zip. Meanwhile, a mysterious ginger visitor reminds Nana of her favourite musical.

Jim Royle ...... Ricky Tomlinson

Barbara Royle ...... Sue Johnston

Denise Royle ...... Caroline Aherne

Dave Best ...... Craig Cash

Little David ...... Harry Cash

Nana ...... Liz Smith

Cheryl Carroll ...... Jessica Stevenson

Anthony Royle ...... Ralf Little

Derek ...... Steve Huison

Mary Carroll ...... Doreen Keogh

Lewis Royle ...... Connor Marsh

Slash ...... Dave Howarth

Twiggy ...... Geoffrey Hughes

Soloman ...... Phil Mealey

Joe Carroll ...... Peter Martin

Father Kennedy ...... Jim Whelan

PJ ...... John Delaney

Callum ...... Billy Cash

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Half an hour to go!! :D

I've been reading a few articles on it, and I have a horrible feeling that

Nana will die (she is already bedridden in the episode)


In a few magazines it has said that whilst still funny as ever, it's possibly one of the saddest episodes in some parts.

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Aw, it came true! Norma's gone!!

Very strange episode indeed, sort of broke every convention the series had set previously, the fact it wasn't in real time, random pieces of music playing....and that they went to the hospital!!! Outside the house!!! It didn't seem like the traditional episodes we're used to!

Nana's death was very moving, with them all going in one by one to say goodbye. Very realistic it was aswell.

But I guess if you're going to end a series you need a few shock tactics! Was a very sad episode, but still bloody good :D

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I dont think it was that great,It was good though.It had funny moments i think it could of been better,shown Anthony more..and i think not showing Emma left people questioning why,What happened to her,who is this Sarah?

If you want a good episode..there should be no questions left unanswered.

I did like it though,good seeing it again and amazing that Jim is still wearing the same clothes,Barbara asking what they had for dinner and all the 'Yeah's' going on..

And yeah if you are going to end the series for the viewers,something in the family has to end aswell..And that was Norma..However i didnt really think that was sad..Usually i do get sad watching all that stuff on tv,but not with this..Not sure what it was..It was good that they showed them all rushing into the hospital,family and friends..Then at the end having fun..But i didnt find it sad.

And who was that other boy..There was Louis,Little David and then there as another boy until the kitchen table..

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