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Rhys and Indiana split?

Guest ness

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I found this in this weeks tv week.

Are they dating or aren't they? That's the question everyone is asking about cute Home And Away couple Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield. The pair have been together for almost 12 months, but rumors on set suggest that things have cooled between them. Isn't young love confusing?

Aww they where such a cute couple! I wonder if it's true or just a rumor like they said?

what do you think?

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Yeah I shoud mind my own bussiness, sorry :blush:

But if they wanted privacy they wouldent have made their relationship public when they started dating.

Sorry, I just thourght I wold post the article I found as this is the news and article section and it hadent been posed yet. I will mind my own bussiness now :)

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I agree with you Ness, and if you're interested there's nothing wrong with that. I don't know whether they have or haven't broken up, but their relationship is in the public eye, so it's got to be expected that their fans may be interested.

I personally don't think you need to apologise at all xxx

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