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Rhys and Indiana split?

Guest ness

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Update on the whole Indiana and Rhys situation, in this weeks TV week (I cant go into detail because it contains spoilers but...) it talks about Mark Furze and how his co star and good mate Rhys Wakefield is dating Indiana Evans, so I think that maybe they are together.

Just a thought

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DUDE, do you have DOWNS SYNDROME???

After reading some comments it makes me realize how lucky I am that I don't have a downs daughter and instead have a beautiful child whom has one numerous pagents and is a top Honor student. I would die if I had been stuck with an iggnorant downs child with that droopy face and that messed up voice.

I'm sorrry to bring this up again but i just read it and was really shocked!What right do you have?how dare you!you're the IGNORANT one,not someone with a disability.

I hope something was done about her,personally i think that's banworthy.

Back on topic,i don't really care if they have or haven't broken up but i don't think people should be making the original poster feel bad.Some people do care and they would've realized that when they made their relationship public

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Ok to put this whole topic of Indiana and Rhys spliting to rest, i emailed Home and Away and they replyed almost instantly i asked if Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield were still dating, they replyed and said that YES they were still dating and the rumars of splitsville were false... I hope that answers everyones questions.

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