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Rhys and Indiana split?

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Ok to put this whole topic of Indiana and Rhys spliting to rest, i emailed Home and Away and they replyed almost instantly i asked if Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield were still dating, they replyed and said that YES they were still dating and the rumars of splitsville were false... I hope that answers everyones questions.

OMG!! You have seriously made my day!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo happy :D

This was in November and ive heard many times after that they are not together. But good friends. I dont know but i dont think they're together. They stopped going together to premieres a wile ago like they always did before. And shasha, i doubt Home and Away care about their relationship and i dont think they want anything to do with that.

ok well I would just like to state my opinion on this topic.. Back when I emailed home and away asking about the article in TVweek had just came out and I was emailing about some other stuff and just put it in there as well... When they replyed that was the first thing they answered... I know that they probably dont care about it but they did reply about it and because people were wondering I thought I would post an answer about it! And just becuase you dont care it does not mean others dont, and if you dont care and think their relationship is private you too should stay ot of this topic and if they wanted to come public wit it of course people will talk if you dont care why did u go into the topic in the first place.. Really its strange guys!

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1) Please try your best to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPAG) when posting on the Forum. This makes your posts easier to understand and readable by all. Please don't post in all capitals (LIKE THIS), as it is considered shouting and is hard to read. Also, talking in txt-speak is strictly prohibited. The personal pronoun 'I' is written with a capital I. After a full stop, like . (period), ! (exclamation mark) and ? (question mark), please use a capital letter in the next sentence.

Proof reading your post works wonders. There's a "preview post" button you can use, and once posted, an "edit"-button, so if you've spelt something wrong (etc), you can go back and edit your post!

Also, see here:


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