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Rhys and Indiana split?

Guest ness

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I found this in this weeks tv week.

Are they dating or aren't they? That's the question everyone is asking about cute Home And Away couple Indiana Evans and Rhys Wakefield. The pair have been together for almost 12 months, but rumors on set suggest that things have cooled between them. Isn't young love confusing?

Aww they where such a cute couple! I wonder if it's true or just a rumor like they said?

what do you think?

I know many girls that are jumping up and down now :P

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Thats their business isnt it? What does it matter to you?

People are allowed to be interested. If you don't care then that's up to you. I also don't think i said it wasn't their business, but they're in the public eye everyday, so it's to be expected that people will want to know what's going on in their lives.

Im not saying you cant be interested but the way you were getting upset over it was kinda weird when it doesnt actually affect you

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I wasn't getting upset over the Rhys/Indiana thing, i was more upset that someone had expressed an interest and they were shot down by people saying it's none of their business. It may not affect us directly, but that doesn't mean it's something people shouldn't want to know about.

I am sorry if i sounded snappy Flamin Gallah xx

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