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<3 JaCorey Forever <3

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Ok so I just had the idea and I had to write it down lol :lol:

The introduction is very short but the chapters will be longer.


“Jack, Jack please don’t do this! I love you, don’t leave me!”

“Sorry Martha but my heart truly lies with someone else.!

“What? Who?”

“Corey, I’ve felt like this for a while now, I think it’s time our feelings came out, we’re in love!”

“But Jack you love me.”

“No Martha, don’t you get it? I’m GAY!”

Sorry if it's total rubbish it just made me laugh writing it :P

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LMFAOOO! You know I will love this!!!!

JaCorey up the tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G.....

Move over Martha, Corey is better!!!

Like you have to update now now now.

Lol looks like the JaCorey fan base might grow...

JaCorey is a lot better than M/J :P

Sure is! Thanks to me :) and Laura.

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