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Unfinished Business

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Hi Jaguarempress.

In line with the new rules for fanfictions I have made some changes to the first post in your story, see here. I'd appreciate it if you'd take five minutes to make the necessary changes and PM me with any problems/difficulties/questions or post them in this thread.


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Amanda was folding clothes when Colleen and Pippa came in. " Hi Amanda, I am watching little Pippa today so I brought her along. " Colleen bustled in.

Amanda smiled at Pippa. " Hi sweetie. Do you want something to eat? "

Pippa nodded. Amanda got her some animal crackers. " Ryan and VJ are upstairs do you want to join them? " Again only a nod. Amanda took her upstairs while Colleen got busy with her cleaning.

Peter walked in a hurry and crashed into a delighted Colleen. " Oh sorry Colleen. I wasn't paying attention. "

" That's alright Detective Baker. I understand. " She was alittle breathless. Peter became concerned.

" Are you alright? " He reached out to hold her arm incase she got dizzy.

She nodded happily. " Everything is fine now that our Sally is awake and on her way home. " His touch was very nice. " I brought Pippa with me today. Poor dear she is so confused. " Colleen rattled on. Peter excused himself to say hi to Pippa.

Pippa ran over to him. He swooped her high in the air and caught her. She played with his tie. Amanda watched with a sad smile on her face. He caught her look. " What's wrong? "

She shook her head. But he saw the tears in her eyes. He put Pippa down and followed her out.

" Hey come one, spill. " He held her close.

" I was thinking of my dad and how much I wish he ahd done that to me. He never had time for us. " She brushed her tears away. " And I suddenly realized how much I want another child. Your child. " She said softly. She felt him freeze.

" Wow. I didn't see that coming. " Peter was stunned. How could she want another kid when she having second thoughts about their relationship.

Days later Belle was furious with Drew. She was still recovering from her kidnapping and he was trying to steal her away from Lucas. " Scumbag! Scumbucket! " She yelled after him. Ryan stood alittle farther down the beach watching her. He decided girls were nuts and big sisters just plain insane. He ran over to her.

" Hey Belle did you hear mom wants another baby? " He asked her inocently.

" What? " He had to be joking.

" I heard her tell Uncle Peter she wanted to have a baby with him. " He was very proud to have gotten the scoop on her.

Belle couldn't believe it. Amanda bringing another kid into her world. " And what did Peter say? "

Ryan smirked. " He is thinking about it. He missed Drew's childhood and he would like to be there from day one. " Belle looked hard at him to see if he was really pulling one on her.

" Hmmmmm. She 's too old. " Belle said alittle nastily.

Ryan got mad. " No she's not. She's young. And your a old fart. "

" Fart! " Belle reached for him but he was off, she chased him down the beach. He hid behind Drew.

" Give him to me. " She demanded. Drew smirked.

" For a kiss. " Ryan looked disqusted.

Belle pushed him but he was a rock. Finally she gave up and said menacingly to her little brother. " I'll will get you. "

Ryan thanked Drew. " Hey that's what big cousins are for. " Ryan then told Drew about the baby plans. He couldn't understand why Drew laughed. " It's true we are going share a little brother or sister. You'll see. " Ryan said all knowing.

Belle sat down with her arms crossed, as Peter and Amanda approached she told them their sons were idiots. Peter smirked. Life was good.

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Sally sat on her bed silently counting. She knew Pippa was up and wanted to play but she couldn't move. She felt trapped. Brad came to check on her. She just smiled and told him she was coming. He didn't understand her new habits, but they were really old habits. Sally tried to stop herself but she couldn't. She even tried to bring Milko back. No one understand, she wasn't the same anymore. It was too much.

Irrationally, she blamed Peter. He had protected her from the Stalker, why didn't he protect her from Rocco. Why did he let Rocco hurt her? She knew it was silly to blame him but she did.

She went downstairs still silently counting. Peter was there talking to Brad. Amanda was playing with Pippa. Sally smiled and said hi to her. She tried to talk to Peter but froze. He gave her a concerned look. " Amanda and I thought we would treat you three to dinner. "

Brad liked the idea. So did Pippa. Sally wanted to refuse but she didn't want them fussing over her.

" Why not? Sounds lovely. " She smiled at him but it didn't reach her eyes.

Peter shook it off. Maybe she knew how he felt and was mad at him for it.

Dinner went great, Peter and Brad did most of the talking. Sally sat quietly and pretended to listen. Amanda was too wrapped up in Pippa to notice.

On the walk home along the beach it took everything she had not to yell at them all to shut up. She needed to get away from them, from the sea.

Finally home and alone with everyone asleep she sat on her bed counting and calling for Milko.

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Peter sat at his desk going over the clues in Belle's kidnapping. his gut told him Kelly was involved but he kept telling himself he was being ridulous. Amanda was so happy Kelly was staying with them, and Ryan loved the attention he got from her. Belle he noticed was more distance and hadn't warmed up to Kelly the way Ryan had. Peter frowned, Belle had good instincts.

The focus of his attention walked in carrying a bag from the diner. Kelly smiled her sweetest at Peter. She was putting her steal the love of Amanda's life away in to action. Peter smiled back but not a happy smile. Kelly tried to not notice. Belle hadn't taken a liking to her and it appears Peter hasn't either. She placed the bag on the desk.

" I thought you might be hungry. Colleen said these were your favorites. " Kelly grinned wickly. " I think the maid has a crush on you. She added extras no charge. "

Peter smiled back but it didn't reach his eyes. " Colleen is the housekeeper and a wonderful friend. She has a big heart. " He didn't like Kelly making any insulting remarks about Colleen.

Belle knocked on the door. They both looked up, Kelly tried to make it look suspious but Belle looked thru her.

" Can I talk to you Peter? "

" Sure thing. Kelly thanks for lunch I pay you back at home. "

Kelly frowned. " It is my treat. See you at home. " Her voice was low and sexy as if they were intimate. Peter ignored it, he knew her game and wasn't playing.

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Belle watched her aunt leave and shivered. She really didn't like that woman. Kelly was creepy.

Peter leaned back in his chair waiting for her to speak.

" I need you to talk to Drew. He won't leave me alone. I have told him over and over to stay away. But he won't. " She was fuming just thinking of his latest attempt.

Peter had to use all his control not to chuckle. " I will speak to him, but not sure it will do any good. He is like his mum that way. "

Belle flopped down in the extra chair. " He is so annoying. "

" He can be. Takes after his uncle Dan that way. " He joked. Belle didn't laugh. " Okay then.. " He leaned forward. " I will have a serious talk with him, I promise. " He smiled gently at her.

" Now how about you and I chat about your aunt Kelly. "

Belle shrugged. " Why? "

" Because I want your opinion on her. "

" Why? " She was all grumpy.

" Because you have good instincts about people. " He added. " Most of the time. "

Belle did a hardy ha ha. She kicked the desk lightly. " Kelly is creepy. Okay satisfied. "

" Why creepy? " He was surprised she felt that strongly.

" I don't know she gives me the shivers. She is so phoney pretending to care about me and Ryan. Her smiles never reach her eyes. " Belle said disqusted. Kelly was such a fake.

Peter nodded. He thought the samething. " Your mother thinks she is wonderful. "

Belle snorted. " Please. Kelly is so not into Amanda, she is always giving her nasty looks behind her back. At least I tell her the truth to her face. "

Peter frowned. Kelly was rapidly going from top of his list to being the only suspect on it.

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Sally watched Brad and Rachael laughing over a childhood memory. She had no one to laugh with. No brothers or sisters. Her foster siblings long gone and out of her life. Milko was gone too, he didn't answer her calls. Pippa grabbed her leg to get her attention. Amanda and Kelly were coming up the walkway. Sally sighed she didn't need more company, putting up a front was draining.

Amanda scooped Pippa up and held her close. Pippa laughed. Kelly watched with narrow eyes. The little girl meant alot to Amanda and that meant she could be used as a weapon. Sally noticed Kelly watching her daughter. Her guard came up and she mentally thought of where her gun was hidden.

Pippa avoided Kelly's attempts to play with her. After they left she told her mum that lady was bad.

Sally smiled. " I agree sweetheart. "

Brad wanted to go to dinner but Sally declined, she had counting to do. Brad gave her a strange look. Sally wasn't not the same person anymore, he was trying to be patience and supportive but she wasn't making it easy. He even started to feel as if their relationship was going no where fast.

Later that night Sally called to Milko one last time and got an answer.

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