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Unfinished Business

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Detective Peter Baker hugged her back crying himself. Ghostman smiled happily. It was over. He watched Zoey's spirit being lead away. Her spirit fought with all she had as they dragged her to the land of the dead.

Sally looked into Peter's eyes with wonder. " How? "

" I'm not sure. " He was still in a fog about his memories. He turned to ghostman. " Happy now? I did what you wanted. "

Sally turned to see who he was talking to. The rising sun was filtering thru the cracks and a figure stood. Flynn smiled lovingly at her and whispered " I love you ", then he was gone.

Peter held the heart breaking Sally close. Tony and Jack hugged him. Brad was confused but glad they were safe. McGrath waited for the others to let Peter go and then hugged him. Sophie hung back shy and uncertain. Not sure if Detective Baker was a ghost himself. Sally and Jack clung to him as if to make sure he was real.

Hours later on the beach Peter sat with the waves crashing around him. He had just left the hospital. Drew was fine and confused but they would work it out. Dan stood nearby. " I called mum and dad. " Peter nodded. His memories were still cloudy and alot of them were still James. He didn't remember dying, or much of his former life but he remembered Zoey.

Dan told him encouragingly. " It will come back when the time is right. You been thru alot and need time to heal. " Peter laughed. What was it with time? Lara was in jail and Zoey was dead. He had time.

" Thank you for taking care of Drew. " Peter whispered. Drew a son he couldn't remember, a brother he barely remembered.

Sally approached and Dan smiled at her. " Catch you later Big Brother. "

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Sally sat next to him on the beach. The water was warm. " Thank you for saving me again. "

He laughed it was deep and she felt safe. " You saved me. That vest stopped my bullets. I wasn't going to stop her. "

" I heard Colleen fainted when she saw you. " Sally chuckled. " I wish I had seen that. "

" She is very happy I'm alive. Kept calling me Detective Peter Baker and I think her tone was alittle possessive. " He smiled. " It was nice of her to put up the plague. "

" Colleen is a sweetheart. " Sally agreed. " If you need help you know I am here for you, and Drew. "

" I know, thanks. "

She placed her hand on his arm. " She was slowing down and soon she would have been done. I just didn't want her taking you with her. " She leaned on his shoulder. " How did Flynn get there? " She had been wanting to ask but was afraid to. Peter held her hand.

" You see there was this surfer dude who lived in a ratty motel and taught surf lessons. Then one day a ghost showed up and starting haunting him. The surfer didn't want to hear what the ghost had to say. He was happy being free and no responsibilities. Life was casual and stressfree. " He kissed her head. " But the ghost wouldn't leave him alone, kept going on and on about time and unfinished business. "

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Peter was furious at himself for losing control attacking Johnny. He had kept away from Sally after their talk on the beach. He knew she was starting something with Brad and he had hooked up with Amanda, it felt uncomfortable to be around her. But now he had to face the facts. He cared deeply for her. After hearing about her stabbing he had suddenly felt all life drain out of him and then wham it hit him. He loved Sally. It just crept up on him. He banged his fist on his desk. McGrath looked in but said nothing.

The older cop shook his head sadly. He had seen Peter's face when they heard the news. He knew Peter had suffered big time. It wasn't easy to discover you loved someone who was involved and to learn it while they were fighting for their life was worse. Amanda bopped in the station, she waved as she passed him and went into Peter's office.

" Hi Lover. " Amanda wrapped her arms around Peter. " Rumor has it a certain female is after my man. "

Peter froze. " What? " He was confused. Sally didn't want him.

" I caught Colleen baking your favorite muffins, dinner and then putting rose petals on your side of the bed. " Amanda smirked. " She of course insisted she was going to do my side too. But she was leaving the room when I caught here. Please. " She kissed him passionately. " I may have to fire her. "

He chuckled and pulled her close. " Don't do that. Your sister and her boyfriend are coming, we need a housekeeper. "

" True. " She laughed as he tickled her ear. " But if I catch her in our bed on your side..." He silenced her with a kiss. A part of him whispered too bad it wasn't Sally. He mentally shook himself. He was with Amanda and if Sally made it she would be with Brad.

Amanda pulled away. " Shift's over. Let's go home. " Her husky tone was an invitation. He accepted.

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