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  1. I will miss Tony! Jack's ghost could have come to visit with sliced scenes, we should be writing this show, lol. Hopefully Tony and Harry can come back to visit.
  2. I miss Peter but it was nice to see Nic on USA TV. His first series was good but Fox didn't give it a chance. Hopefully ABC will be more patient. Adding I hope ABC lets him go back to blonde, Fox made him dye his hair brown and it didn't suit him.
  3. Just finished a mild heat wave and waiting for the next one. Good news the city opened the local spray parks 2 weeks early.
  4. Bratz. Spy Kids is good. 2 is the best.
  5. Ocean Spray Cranberry energy drink. And a Healthy Choice grilled chicken with tomato and garlic seasoned spag streamer.
  6. It is in the 80's and semi sunny. Will rain later today. But for New England, USA this is better then snow and cold.
  7. It wasn't that long and I know time is limited. Thanks, great story. I keep crying.
  8. Is it okay if use some of the Sally background in my Unfinished Business story?
  9. Great story. Poor Sally. I even liked Lance and I don't know his character that well.
  10. Thank you it was great. First I felt so bad for Sally, then I was jealous she got to touch Peter in his surf shorts, then cracking up over Colleen. Pippa was the Ahhhhh.
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