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Unfinished Business

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The sign said WELCOME to SUMMER BAY. James stopped the car. Damn that freaking ghost. He had to use up alot of his savings to rent the thing. And now he needed to find a cheap motel to stay in. He saw a sign for a rooming place just across the townline. He got a room. The ghost smiled.

" Nothing like Summer Bay. "

" Speak for yourself. "

" We need to go to somewhere. We can walk. "

James laughed. " You mean I can walk and you can float. " The ghost laughed too.

They stood infront of a plaque. James knew it was suppose to mean something but what. " So who was Peter Baker? "

Ghostman replied. " My friend. He was a good man, he gave his life to protect my family and friends. " James understood, the cop who's son was missing.

" So this why you are haunting me. Your friend's son needs help. "

" Some of the reason. "

Brad walked pass them. He gave the man a strange look and turned back. " Do I know you? " He seemed so familar.

" Don't think so mate. " James said. They chatted alittle about the Bay and Peter Baker. James wanted to know about the plaque. Brad left. " He seemed nice. "

" Ya nice. " Ghostman's voice seemed strained.

" You don't like him. " James said.

" He's okay. I didn't know him. " Ghostman made it clear the topic was not for discussion.

Drew felt his hand, it throbbed. The man had cut off alittle of the tip of Drew's middle finger. " You won't be flipping a good bird now you will young Mr. Baker. " The man left to go visit Sally.

" You have my tip, you don't need Sally's too. " He yelled.

" Oh I don't intend to take a tip. "

Drew felt tears flow down his face as heard Sally scream. The men's laughter echoed with her screams. Drew let out his own screams of pain and frustration. Where was everyone? Didn't they care?

One of the men walked back into his cell. " Wanta see what I got? He asked Drew.

Drew spit at him. Sally was now whimpering. The man went to kick Drew but stopped. He left and kicked Sally instead. Drew got the message.

She cradled her arm. The pain was intense, they had twisted it and she heard it snap. She tried to be strong and not cry. She didn't want Drew to be scared for her. One of the men leaned into her face, he ran a hand along her face and caressed her lips. " Soon you and I are going to have a date. I like you. " He walked away laughing. Drew heard him and kicked the wall in anger. He had to get them out of here.

Ghostman frowned. " We have to hurry time is running out. "

" I don't know what to do. I don't know why you think I do. " James was tired and frustrated. He had been racking his brain and searching old abandoned buildings all night and nothing.

" You do know. Clear your mind and focus on Detective Peter Baker. You know this enemy. You share this enemy with him. "

James tried but there was too much confusion and noise in his head, he needed to surf. He ran to the beach and let the waves crash around him.

Jack almost threw up when he saw the finger tip and piece of tongue. It wasn't much but it was enough to get the point across. Lara turned away alittle pale, Sophie ran to the restroom. Dave was there helping with the search. Jack hadn't been too pleased, but Dave was actually a great bloke and he knew search and rescue.

McGrath read the note. " Catch me before the cop's son loses his finger, and the teacher loses all of her tongue. "

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Jack was frustrated and kicked his car tire. Time was running out and they didn't have any clues or leads. Dan was conducting his own search with Brad and his dad. No one seemed to trust the cops to do the job. Even Martha, Alf and Ric were searching on their own, Macca was out searching with Dave. Cassie and Irene were watching the kids. Hell even Amanda had hired a private search crew with trained blood hounds. Lara came up behind him. " What did the car do to you? " She joked.

" Nothing, that's the problem. " Jack grunted. Lara smiled, she noticed Martha was still living with her grandfather. She placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed. Jack frowned, lately Lara had been getting to touchy. " We better get back to work. "

" I'm beat and we both need a break. Let's grab a beer and discuss options. " She made it sound more than business. Jack wasn't sure he liked her implications. " My treat Copper Jack. "

" Well since your buying. " Jack smiled back.

Sally layed very still, the leader was returning from an errand. She listen while he talked to someone on the phone. " They are so stupid this cops. I needed to leave them a better clue. " Sally heard footsteps coming closer. " A more oblivious message. " The footsteps stopped in front of Drew's cell. " Let's see if they can figure it out now. " He laughed. Sally frowned the voice was familar and she realized the leader hadn't used the voice box. The Leader was female!

Drew looked up as the man approached he had been in deep thought and missed the man's approach's. The man gave him some more soup to eat. Drew smirked. He had quessed the soup was drugged to keep him quiet and easy to control. Intended to waeken him. He was weak from hunger. The man left the soup. Drew waited and dumped it out the open window. He had tried to get out thru it but he was too high up and not enough foot and holds. Drew smirked again the other guy was away, he usually was gone for hours at a time, and Drew planned to make his move. He looked around for a weapon, he only had his pail, but he could make do, he had to.

Sally pondered her new info, a female deguised as a man. The face must be one of those rubber face masks that were so popular for Halloween. She thought about who it could be and came up blank. Who hated her, a student? A fired teacher?

Ghostman waited impatiently for James to get a real clue. James tried but he just didn't know what he was looking for. He closed his blue eyes and focused on where this person would hide people. He focused for along time and then his eyes flew open. He knew!

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James grabbed his sneakers and quickly put them on. He knew where they were and he knew how to get there. He was alittle surprised at that but ghostman just shrugged. He drove like a mad man to the abandoned building. It was old and smelled like rotten meat. He quietly headed up the outside stairs.

Drew watched as the man bent to pick up his cup. He pretended to be weak and dazed. The man barely paid him any attention. Drew hit him over the head with the pail and kicked him in the face. He took off for Sally. She was chained and he couldn't get her loose. She pleaded for him to go but he didn't want to leave her. He looked around for a key or pliers, nothing. The man was coming, Sally begged him to run. Drew hated leaving but he had no weapons. He found a spot to hide and waited. The man approached Sally his face was half torn. Sally gasped as she finally saw her capturer's face.

Brad and Tony were searching an abandoned farm that was burnt down. Tony told him how Sally had been held hostage there before and the fire had been started in her struggle to escape. Brad asked him who would have done it then. Tony shook his head and told him about Zoey and Sarah. " Thank goodness Zoey is gone now. She was responsible for Jack's wedding explosion. She and her partner Tracy were killed in it. "

Dan came over to them. " Nothing. I can't think of anywhere else to look. "

Tony gave a start. " How about those old meat packing buildings? That's were Jack and Peter caught Zoey. It is a good place to hide. "

" Ya and it is probably the one place we didn't look. " Dan was bone weary. He had failed Drew as an uncle.

Tony called Jack and left a message to tell him where they were going to search.

Lara was rubbing Jack's arm. " Come on let's get out of here. I have a better way to unwind. " She grabbed his arm and lead him to her car. " My place is so much better. "

" I don't think that is such a good idea. " He tried to pull away. Lara wouldn't let go and kissed him. He fell back against her car and was pinned. He tried to politely get away but she kept kissing him.

He felt his cell vibrating. " I have a call, it might be important. " He pushed her way with more strength. He had 3 messages, 2 from unknown and one from his dad. He read McGrath's. " Oh my Lord. It's another note. " He said shocked. The kidnapper had his cell number.

At the station Lara was pouty but professional. McGrath read the messages. " Tick Tock time is running out. " And then the second one. " Tick Tock catch me if you dare. " He frowned. " There is no way it can be her, she is dead. I got the croner's report. Tracy's too. "

Jack shook his head. " A copy cat or one of her lovers? "

Lara turned away. " Or maybe it is too mislead us. "

McGrath wasn't sure. " I am going to call the morgue and find out who signed for the bodies. "

James heard a struggle. A man's voice and a woman's voice.

Drew was down on the floor holding his arm. Damn she was fast and strong. " You are so your father's son Baker. Weak and pathetic just like the great Detective Peter Baker. I beat him up too many times. " Zoey laughed. " Your whole family is pathetic. " She kicked Drew hard enough to send him down a flight of stairs. He laid still. Blood flowed from the side of his head.

Zoey went back to Sally. " Your friend is a loser like his father. Too bad there is no Peter to save you this time. I miss him. " Zoey smiled at Sally. " Now that Drew is taken care of let us get reaquainted. " She leaned back against the wall. " I bet you want to know how I survived your plot to blow me up. "

Sally stared in disbelief. " My plot. You tried to blow us up. "

Zoey flicked her hand. " I was going to light the match after we got to the door, after I made Peter see how pathetic he was, and that I won not him. But that girl and her stupid cake with sparkles, messed it all up. "

Zoey rubbed her face. " My face took forever to stop hurting. Forunately I wasn't that bad off, but Tracy was killed. " Zoey pointed to her face's right side. " Make up covers the scars well. But I know they are there and you are to blame. " She kicked at Sally in anger. " You messed up all my plans for Peter that night and for everyone else. " She mimicked Sally's voice. " Peter is that gas? " Giving them time to take cover. "

Sally was amazed at Zoey's insaneness. " Alot of people were seriously hurt and some died. "

" I know. You were all suppose to die. But God was smiling on me and made sure Peter died at least. Died trying to be a hero again. Some hero. " Zoey laughed. " He was always alittle to late. "

" You need serious help. " Sally had to stall for time. She had heard a noise and thought Drew was coming back.

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James found Drew unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, he bandaged his head and arm. He got out his cell and called for ambulance. Then he headed up the stairs. He didn't see the car lights outside. He slowly walked up the stairs. 2 people came running to the building and entered thru another door.

Lara and Jack searched the floor and then went up, they searched floor by floor. Jack wondered how Lara knew to check this building. " Lara is there a reason you want to check here? I see nothing. "

She said casually. " Your dad and the others are checking the ones Zoey was in last time, so it is a waste for us to check them too. I doubt we will find anything. "

They got to the top floor, Jack heard voices. He motioned for her to follow him. They got to the door of Sally's cell. She was talking. " You are not totally unforgivable Eve, let us go and they will see that. "

" You really think I am stupid. " Zoey was furious. " And I told you Eve is dead, only Zoey lives. " She heard Lara cough. Jack was ticked. He started to go in when he blacked out. Lara stood over him her gun in her hand. Zoey hugged her. " You brought him. Now my revenge will be complete. " Sally moaned as she realized how Zoey was able to do all the things she had done.

Zoey saw Sally watching them. " Yes Lara is my partner, Tracy was her big sister. Last time it was the 3 of us but thanks to you and Peter it is only the 2 of us now. " Lara tied Jack up. Zoey was rambling on to Sally how her grandparents abused her and how her grandfather did things he wasn't suppose to her. " And that old hag didn't care. I told her, and she just told me to shut up. As long as he was with me he left her alone. I had to set them on fire, it was the only way I could escape them. "

James stood nearby listening. He saw a gun, where Lara had put Jack's, on a bench. Ghostman told him to get it. James didn't know how to handle a gun. " Are you nuts? " he whispered. " I could shoot myself. "

Ghostman told him to get the gun again. " I don't know to use one. "

" They don't know that. " He replied.

Dan and the others were searching a building close by when they heard an ambulance coming.

Zoey and Lara heard it too. " Damn it. " Zoey was furious. She knew the others were searching nearby and had her escape route all set up. Too bad Sally and Jack would be found dead. She wouldn't have time to be creative with them. Lara grabbed for Jack's gun and it was gone. She quickly drew her own and started to search. As she passed James he decked her with Jack's gun. He used his belt to tie her up and a bandana to keep her mouth shut. She would still be able to crawl when she woke up though. Sighing he took off his favorite shirt and used it to tie her feet together. It would be ruined.

Zoey waited for Lara to return but she couldn't wait much longer, the search was getting closer as the ambulance pulled up to the building. They could heard the guys shouting as Drew was found. Sally tried to shout but Zoey quickly duct taped her mouth. Then she did the same to a moaning Jack. If she shot them the sound would carry and reveal her whereabouts. Her knife in the next room. She left to get it. James quickly finished up with Lara.

Dan held Drew as they worked on him. " Come on Drew stay with us. " He couldn't lose Drew too. The ambulance crew put him on the stretcher. " He didn't lose to much blood, his wounds got attended too in good time. " They placed him in the ambulance, Dan got in with him. He held Drews's hand whispering to him stay with him, and how much the boys needed him. Drew crashed and the team had to revive him. Dan flashed back to Peter in the barn. " Come on Drew, fight. " He squeezed his hand. " I love you. " How would he tell Leah and the boys? The monitored started to beep. Drew was back. Dan sat next to him silently crying. He willed Drew to live.

Zoey listened as the ambulance drove away. She needed to go, Lara was taking too long. She took her knife and walked over to Sally. Sally stared her right in the eye. " You are the one who is pathetic Eve. " She spit in Zoey's face. Zoey backhanded her. Sally didn't care. Soon she would be with Flynn again. Zoey smiled cold as death and raised the knife to Sally's throat.

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Sally stared Zoey straight in the eyes, she wasn't afraid to die. Zoey wanted Sally to be scared and begging for mercy. She took the knife away. James took a deep breath. He wasn't sure what he was suppose to do but he knew he had to think of something quick. Ghostman stood by the teacher watching her.

Zoey started to pace while Sally tried to loosen her chains. " You need help Eve. I told you before I would help you, and I will. " Sally stayed calm. The chains were too tight. She heard voices and footsteps. Zoey listened.

" Looks like the calvery is coming to your rescue. Too bad they will be too late. " She again raised the knife to her throat.

Back at the station McGrath got the call he was waiting for. He froze in shock and then got mad, real mad. He threw the phone against the wall and wipe off his desk in frustrated anger. Another crooked cop on his force. Another psycho serial killer accomplish. He yelled for Sophie to get them a car. He would deal with Lara himself.

Sophie quickly got them a car and wisely drove in silent as the chief fumed. Lara had been the one to sign out Zoey's body, she told the morgue the station was handling the arrangements. made up fake papers and forged his signature. McGrath was determined to rid his station of anymore crooked cops. The other Chiefs would lose their faith and trust in him, the people he protected would lose faith in him.

As Zoey prepare to strike she heard Jack coming to. She smirked. " Look who is going to get to watch you die Sal. " She chuckled as Jack groaned.

James held the gun the way he saw them do it in Blue heelers. He felt different as he held it. A change came over him as if he was having one of his dreams. Zoey again prepare to strike as the voices drifted off in another direction. She heard sirens coming. Sally and Jack both watched her closely, Jack tried to figure out away to stop her.

Ghostman spoke softly to James. " Now it is time to finish the unfinished business I told you about. " James prepared to fire.

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James stepped out from behind the beam where he had been watching. " Drop it Zoey. " His voice was cold and deadly.

Zoey froze as if a statue as the voice sunk in. Her mind was in all different directions. It couldn't be. Again the hated voice told her to drop the knife or he would fire. Sally and Jack also froze in disbelief as Zoey lowered the knife and turned to face her most hated enemy.

She screamed as she saw his face. It was him! " How? " She raged. " I killed you! " Her fury was boundless as she charged him. She only saw red. James backed away and flipped her. He managed to keep the gun in his hand. " This time I will finish you once and for all. " She screamed.

The searchers heard her screams and raced to follow them. Brad slipped on some loose wires and motioned for Tony to keep going. They could hear the sirens stop.

James low kicked Zoey as she charged again, her rage making her loose her control. He copied moves he saw them do in the police shows he watched. He was amazed at how good he was. Ghostman watched standing next to Sally as if to shield her.

James and Zoey fought hard she managed to kick the gun out of his hand and it went skidding a few feet away. Jack tried to inch to it as James slammed her against a beam knocking the wind out of her. She kicked him in the stomach aiming for his groin. He ignored the pain and punched her hard in the face, he heard her nose break. Zoey shricked in rampaging fury. He would not win!

They fought for ages it felt to James, he didn't notice the other two watching in silent shock. Finally he was able to grab the gun as Jack kicked it over to him. Zoey jumped on him knocking him to the ground. They wrestled around and around rolling over wires, nails and broken glass, James felt them dig into his back and sides. Zoey never felt them in her fury.

Suddenly James felt something a sharp pain in his arm, she had twisted it back. Then he felt something snap in his mind and a flood of dreams washed over him. Dreams about her. Taking all his strength he flipped her over and was on top. He held the gun to her face, his eyes a dangerous cold blue. His voice was colder than dead. " I think you forgot something Zoey, I always win. "

She spit in his eyes and bite his chin. Then she pushed him off and got up. He stood up still holding the gun. " Give it up. You can't win. You already lost. " He smiled a deadly smile. His eyes blazed with memories of her and him.

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Zoey saw the knife nearby and pretended to feel weak and slid to the floor and grabbed it. He saw it coming and was ready. He kicked her in the face and then kicked her again. She still kept coming. He finally fired the gun. The bullet hit right in the chest but she still kept coming. Jack tried to swing his legs to trip her. She jumped over them, he fired again. Sally shook the beam she was held to trying to loosen the stuff on top of it. Zoey seemed unstoppable, he jumped away and tried to fire again but she was too quick.

" I win. I always win. I always come back. " She pointed to her face. " See this, I survive a fire, an explosion because God wants me to avenge Sarah and Tracy. "

Sally gave the beam on more shake with everything she had, the stuff came cashing down. A huge cement block landed on Zoey's head knocking her to the floor screaming. As she laid there dying her eyes blazed her silent fury. In her last moments of life she screamed in silent rage as she heard him say in a voice cold as death. " Game over Zoey, I win. "

Sally sobbed with relief as she felt gentle hands lift her and someonelse raced over to Jack. Tony untied his son crying his own tears of relief. Brad noticed the man he had spoken with earlier. He watched the man rip Zoey's shirt to reveal a bullet proof vest underneath. McGrath and Sophie ran over with pliers and quickly released Sally. She ran to the man who had saved her from Eve again. She hugged him sobbing his name over and over.

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