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Tammin Gets Her Fill of Love

Guest i love paul

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I just copied the one I typed on haac

I bought Womans Day today and there was a small article with Tammin in it and as I dont have a scanner I willl type it out.

Tammin Sursok just cant get enough of her new love Jake Fedder, 31. The madly in love singer and actress couldnt keep her hands of her millionaire real_estate broker beau as he filled up his vintage red ferrari in Malibu. The pair kissed in full view of onlookers at the petrol station before whizzing back to Tammin's Hollywood apartment. Friends say 23-year-old Tammin would love to ditch one-bedroom pad and move in with her new man who lives an hour out of Hollywood. However the former Home And Away star is determined to give stardom her best shot which means staying in town for casting calls. Distance aside the hot couple are very much ready to settle down- they were recently spotted picking out bedroom furniture at a Malibu showroom.

There were also some nice photos of them but I cant scan them unfortunately.

luv Jess

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