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Sam Atwell & Christie Hayes

Guest -Emily-

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Come show your appreciation here. I love K/K, all the storylines, everything. They have always been my fave couple, and while everyone is so obsessed with Jack and Martha, KK get my vote anytime. I think the best storyline, was when they ran away. I liked them best when it was Dani's courtcase though. I think that Christie Hayes (Kirsty) and Sam Atwell (Kane) did such a fab job acting. Apart from that, I thought Christie was really pretty. I'd like to know what Sam and Christie are up to today. I know Sam did Headland for a while, but don't know about Christie. Come and praise KK here!

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Yes i totally agree they are the best couple ever. I loved kane and kirsty, they were my favourite characters in the show for a long time, i was purely hooked on their storylines and was really disappointed when they left. Christie and Sam were both fabulous actors.

The last time i heard news regarding Christie she had just retured from America, were she had took out a working visa and had made it down to the last two roles in a movie audition, (the producers obviously made a huge mistake not giving Christie the role in my opinion) unfortunately though she had to return to Australia due to her visa running out.

As for Sam i am not sure what he is up to these days. I really hope they gain the success that both Isla Fisher and Mellissa George have though as they deserve to as they are both so talented. :rolleyes:

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I loved KaneI and Kirsty as a couple and agree that they were the best couple ever. I sometimes still wish they were on the show but at times I'm glad they ain't like the chopper crash storyline knowing the writers one of them would of been in the chopper if they were still there

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