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Cleo Bachelor of the year

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for Paul fans he will be in this years Cleo Bachelor of the year comp.. I have a feeling he might win :rolleyes:

He looks tired here, lol


Oh dear did he wet his pants?



Oh he is probably gonna be on A Current Affair too tonight for the CLEO Bachelor story

edit: Mark Furze will also be in the mag

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Um So yes Mark is in the mag but wtf with his answers? :unsure:


Age: 20

Occupation: Actor, Home And Away

Star sign: Taurus

State: NSW

What gives you butterflies?

Singing in front of Australia, and older women that I'm attracted to.

If you were a CLEO centrefold what would you want the theme to be?

Something inappropriate like "A Night at the Opera" could be quite amusing.

If I could be a chick for a day, the one thing I'd like to do is …

go to town with my boyfriend's credit card. You girls seem to have no problem doing that.

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