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Death wish? Tim campbell(Dan)

Guest Stuart2006

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All credit goes to Soaplife Issue 125 Page 30*

Dan's life is on the line after a Horrific car crash-was he trying to kill himself? Tim Campbell tells all ...

(Q&A)He's broken Amanda's heart and Leah's got a new man how's Dan feeling?

Messed up! He knew straight away he shouldn't have got back with Amanda. Now she's left with Ryan and Dan has no idea when he'll see his son.

And what about leah?

There's so much unfinished business between them. He's desperate to have a proper talk with her but can't now she's dating Hugh.

Does he still love her?

Yes. He has really deep feeling for her. He's trying to deny them but when he walks in on Leah and Hugh kissing it cuts him up badly.

And he has a nightmare looking after VJ?

Yes! Dan nods off while VJ's playing. He wakes up to find him unconscious.

What's Happened?

He's drunk dan's Vodka. VJ's like Dans own son and he's horrified he could have let something like this happen.

How does Leah React?

Like any mother would-She's angry lets rip at Dan as VJ's having his stomach pumped. But however much she lashes out she can't make Dan feel worse than he already does.

Leah visits him later. What happens?

She tells him he's a hopeless dad,He can't be trusted,He's weak-Then she says she'll be serving divorce papers. Thats the final straw as Dan's lost everything. He's at rock bottom.

What does he do?

He leaves and drives off in the car. The next anyone knowshe's critically ill in hospital.

Did he have an accident?

Thats how it looks....But the police say they were no skid marks and it appears Dan didnothing to advert the crash,Which suggests it was actually an attempt to take his own life.

Is Dan capble of suicide?

No one believes that but no one really knows how his life has been lately. He had such a tough time losing the baby,Peter and Leah,The break up,Amanda,Leahs divorce threat and VJ'S poisoning. He must have wondered what he had to live for.

What are you're hopes for Dan?

I'd love to see him and Leah reunited and rebuilding lives. But that's if he lives!

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It's 85 episodes, which works out as 17 weeks. So going by four weeks in a month it is about 4 months and a quarter or four months and a week. If Australia take a 7 week break again this year, we will only be ten weeks behind them which would be great, and the following year would be 3 weeks, but I suppose we will have to take a break should it get to that point, or at least in 2009.

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