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Dark Summer

Guest Foxy

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The first full episode should be up on Saturday, but in the meantime, here's a prologue-esque piece to introduce the basic premise......

CONTAINS UK SPOILERS - H&A/Buffy crossover


Breathe” she told herself, her feet thundering across the ground as fast as they could. She turned her head slightly to the side, before sharply pulling it back, focusing upon the path ahead.

Don’t look back” a tear slid down her left cheek, as she tried to muster all the energy she could into running faster. She was speeding up, yet not feeling tired. Something wasn’t right. It couldn’t be……true? A flash of light startled her up ahead, and she saw him. He appeared as he always did, out of nothing. His hands were placed in his trouser pockets and despite knowing what was following her, he remained the portrait of calmness.

“You can’t keep running” he called out to her, as she got closer and closer at a tremendous speed “You’ll end up dead”

“Help me!” she called to him, more tears gliding off her cheeks.

“You can only help yourself” he said, firmly.

She stopped running; she was stood right in front of him. She glanced at him fearfully – she still hadn’t fathomed how he could possibly be there. She glanced back – it was still following her, walking very smoothly. She broke into a sob.

“You have to help me, I don’t know what to do……why are you here, why is he here?” she said, motioning to the thing following her “Mr Hyde, you killed him, how can he be alive, and following me?”

“I don’t know why Josh West is alive – but you know why I’m here, and how I’m here. You just need to face up to it” Barry’s voice became forceful

“And how the hell do you expect me to do that? You turn up here telling me I’ve got some sort of destiny, and I’m just supposed to accept that?”

“Frankly…yes!” Barry exclaimed harshly “Countless others have done it before you; this is a rite, a purpose!”

She breathed heavily, glancing back at the ominous approach of Josh West. Her tears started to dry up.

“Dead people walking the streets shouldn’t be happening...maybe...maybe its true?” she questioned.

“I don’t think you need me to answer that” Barry said, his voice beginning to fill with compassion again. She glanced back at Josh.

“So it’s true…..it’s really true. I’m the Slayer. Matilda the Vampire Slayer.”

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I hate prologues when they do that! Leave us hanging, waiting for more! *pouts*

Seriously though, this sounds so awesome. I love your intriguing writing style, and have a feeling you'll be able to keep the story lines unique and very individual. As this appears to be just that, a highly unique and individual story.

I cannot wait to read more of it, I'm very excited now :D!

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