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Who are the best Home and Away couple??

Guest honeyrose

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Tony and Beth - Because I really like the way they interact, and there not too in your face they just go about there business. I also like a few little details to their relationship like there always there for each other no matter what, my favourte moment is during the cylcone episode and he offered her hand, such a small scene but a lovely one.


Gypsy & Will - A really fiery couple, they had great chimistry, even when they weren't together they still had passion for each other! A couple that you knew were always going to end up together!

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I think Flynn and Sally are the best.

But i also like Ric and Belle,Irene and Paris and Noah and Hayley.

I also liked Leah and Dan,but only when they were crazy happy(around the wedding time),otherwise they arent good.

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