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We Belong Together

Guest Jackieleanne

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, and thanks for the proof reading Jess.

Chapter 41

"I can't believe it's finally over" I say as I hug Mum. It had been a month since Mum had been arrested wrongly for Amanda's death and they had finally found the real culprit. She should never have been arrested in the first place, Peter of all people should know how many enemies Amanda had.

"I know sweets, all we have to concentrate on now is you and my grandbabies" Mum says placing her hand on my heavily pregnant stomach. I still can't believe I was only two and half months off my due date.

"Well anyways I was thinking why don't the five of us go on holiday, have a much needed break from everything" Dad says as he looks at me, Lucas, Henry and Mum.

"That sounds like a great idea dad but Matilda can't fly" Lucas says as he takes a seat on the other side of me.

"I know that, I was thinking that we could travel out into the country in the car and rent our own country cabin for two weeks" Dad explains to us.

"I think we should do it" Henry says.

"Yeah, I’m in. I need all the rest and relaxation I can get, plus Lucas it will give you a nice break from things while you are on your two week break from uni" I say taking his hand and placing it on my stomach.

"Yea I guess and it’ll be a nice birthday present for you babe" Lucas says turning to face me and kissing me softly.

"God Matilda did you have to bring your whole wardrobe?" Lucas groans as he lifts my suitcase into Dad's car a few days later.

"Haha Lucas it’s not my whole wardrobe and maybe you need to work out some more if you are to weak to handle it" I say giggling and sticking my tongue out at him mockingly.

"Oh Mrs Holden I think you know I am strong enough to handle it" he says running over to me and wrapping his arms around me pulling me closer to him, and kissing me.

"Please do you two never stop?" I hear Henry says from the car where he sat in the back waiting for me and Lucas to get in, but I continue to kiss him.

"No they don't, now come on you two, we plan on getting there by tonight" Tony laughs from the drivers seat of the car. I pull away from Lucas and he takes my hand helping me in the car.

"Are we nearly there yet?" I moan from my resting place against Lucas shoulder as we continued down the country lanes. I really needed the toilet and had been desperate for the past half an hour, I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold it in.

"No we still have another hour left yet sweets" Mum replies turning her head to face me from where she sat next to Tony in the front of the car.

"I really need to go though" I sigh.

"Jesus can't you control yourself sis? You only went before we left the house" Henry says.

"You try having three babies sitting on your bladder all day and see how you like it" I whine at him turning to face him angrily.

"Sorry sis" he says simply, knowing that now was not the time for him to be making witty comments to me.

"Dad there’s a petrol station, lets pull over so Mattie can go to the toilet please" Lucas says as he continues to run his fingers up and down my arm.

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Chapter 42

Lucas P.O.V

"Babe wake up, we’re here" I say stroking her arm softly as she leans against me sleeping softly. She looks angelic when she slept, I hated to wake her but she would get a much better sleep inside. It couldn't exactly be comfy to be 6 and half months pregnant and sleeping in a car as you leant against your husband.

"Mmm" she murmurs as he eyes start to flutter.

"We are here babe, come on" I say softly looking down at her as I watch her eyes flutter open. "Sleep well beautiful?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I guess I dozed off then hmm?" she asked me as I climbed out of the car and reached for her hand.

"Yeah, you did" I smiled knowing that it was a regular occurrence for her to be falling asleep at all hours of the day. I helped her out of the car and lead her to the cabin which Mum, Dad and Henry had already entered.

Matilda's P.O.V

"Wow its beautiful here, I love it" I say as Lucas leads me into the log cabin. I look around the room at the beautiful furnishings, I loved it. The place had a very homely feeling to it.

"So sleeping beauty decided to join us did she?" Dad says as he pops his head from around the wall of what I presumed would be the kitchen area. I laugh and nod my head as I yawn once more.

"We will have something to eat babe and then you can head up to bed babe if you’re still tired" Lucas says as he wraps his arms around my growing waist from behind me.

"I still can't believe that it was Belle who murdered Amanda, I mean I know she didn't like her but still you must be pretty messed up to kill your own mother" I say to Lucas as I lay in his arms in bed that night.

"Mattie come on lets not talk about this, we came here to get away from all of that and enjoy ourselves. Let’s forget about what happened, plus if you carry on gossiping at the rate you and Cassie do you'll end up like Colleen" Lucas says.

"Take that back now Lucas Holden" I say. I really can't believe he just compared me to Colleen!

"Why? It’s true, but you are a much younger and much more beautiful version" he says laughing.

"Good answer Lucas Holden otherwise you would have been in serious trouble" I said smiling.

"Oh yeah, what kind of trouble?" Lucas says turning onto his side so that he was looking down at me, a huge grin plastered on his face.

"Lets see" I say pulling his face down so that I could kiss him.

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Thanks for the feedback and thanks Jess for proofing. Sorry its short its a filler chapter for what is to come.

Chapter 43

A few days later.

Ugh why do they have to start singing so early in the morning, I sighed to myself as I listened to the birds that had just woke me up. I squint and see the sun shining in through the windows. I roll onto my other side and finally open my eyes fully and am met with the beautiful features of my husband as he smiles down at me.

"Happy Birthday Princess" he says as he moves forward to kiss me softly.

"Thanks baby who would of thought that at 20 I would be married and pregnant with triplets huh" I say smiling softly.

"I know but we love each other and that’s all that matters. We can do anything as long as we are together babe" he tells me before he kisses me again.

"So what do you want to do on your birthday honey?" he asks me.

"Well for now how about we go on a little walk before the others wake up and before I get hungry" I tell him.

"That sounds like a nice idea to me birthday girl" he says as he climbs out of bed and takes my hand pulling me up.

"It’s beautiful isn't it?" I say as we walk around the bush land surrounding the property and walk by the lake.

"Yes it is but not as beautiful as my wife" he says as he comes to a stop before I can say anything he’s pulled me close to him and holds me tight.

"You are too sweet you know that Mr Holden" I say smiling softly as I look up into his eyes.

"Well I have to be when I have the best woman in the world as my wife. I mean everything I tell you" he tells me as he looks down at me, he smiles as he leans down and kisses me softly on the lips. After a moment, he takes his arms from around me and starts fidgeting in his pockets.

"What are you doing?" I ask him.

"Well I have to give you your present babe" he tells me as he takes the box from his pocket. He opens the box revealing the stunning silver chain with a small fairy hanging from it which contained a single diamond in its wand.

"Oh baby I love it, its beautiful" I say as I start to get all emotional. I can't help it, he knows how much I love fairies ive collected anything to do with them since I was a little girl. I watch him as he takes the necklace from its case I lift my hair up for him so he can fasten it around my neck.

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Chapter 44

"Hey sweets happy birthday" Mum says walking over to us as me and Lucas walk through the door. The smell of the bacon, sausage and eggs that Dad was making in the kitchen hit us instantly.

"Thanks Mum" I say smiling as I hug her.

"Wow that’s beautiful" Mum says as she admires the necklace Lucas has just given.

“I know Mum, it’s so pretty, Lucas always knows exactly what to get me" I say smiling as I look lovingly at my husband.

"I know I’m good at that" he laughs as he walks past me and Mum and heads towards the kitchen.

"We will have breakfast then you can get your presents when your brother is up" Mum tells me.

"OK, I’d better go and say morning to Dad hadn't I?" I tell her as I make my way towards the kitchen.

"Oh Henry you are so in her good books for this man" Lucas says high-fiving my brother as I admire the beautiful dress in front of me.

"Henry you are the best brother in the world, you know me so well. Let’s just hope I will fit into it when I've got back into shape after these three are born" I say as I stand up and walk over to my brother hugging him. "Ouch" I moan pulling away and rubbing my side as a stabbing pain went through my stomach.

"Baby what’s wrong?" Lucas asks me rushing over to my side.

"Oh just indigestion after that lovely breakfast, I’ll be fine" I reassure them it can't be anything else anyway can it.

"You sure love?" Dad asks me.

"Yeah, I’m fine Dad. Come on lets go and relax by the lake" I said smiling as I head towards the door.

"Maybe we should head back inside it looks like theirs a storm brewing" I hear Dad say a few hours later as we relaxed by the lake, but I continue to keep my eyes shut as I lie in Lucas’ arms.

"Come on babe we need to get inside its getting really cold and windy and its going to rain any minute we don't want you catching a cold" Lucas tells me as he kisses my forehead. I open my eyes and wait for Lucas to get up from behind me so that he can help me up - it wasn't easy getting up on yourself when you had three babies inside of you.

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Chapter 45

“Its getting really bad outside” I say to mum as we sit in the living room of the cabin, the wind was getting stronger by the minute and the rain was coming down a lot heavier,

“Yea it is Tony do you think maybe we should board the windows up” Mum says I can tell she is worried about the state of the weather outside,

“Yea maybe we” Tony starts before the lights flash out as the wind howls outside, I find myself holding onto Lucas in the dark,

“Lucas, Henry give me a hand boarding the windows up and get mattresses around the settee so we have a makeshift tent, it looks like this storm isn’t getting any better, Beth you light some candles love” dad says “Mattie you stay there ok we don’t want you hurting yourself” he adds.

“Right babe come on” Lucas says taking my hand, I get on my knees and crawl into the tent next to Lucas leaning against him and the pillows that they had set up for me hoping to provide as much comfort as possible for me as it wasn’t exactly comfortable to be hunched in a huddle on the floor underneath mattresses in the middle of a storm. “Everything will be ok babe” he tells me kissing me softly on the forehead as I lye back against him,

“Ouch” I groan again as the stabbing pain I had earlier returns,

“What’s wrong” Lucas asks me, while mum, dad and Henry look on,

“I think it’s just the indigestion that I had earlier that’s all” I say rubbing my side,

“Sweets how long have you been having it for now” mum asks I look at her and see worry etched across it,

“all day why” I ask leaning against Lucas once more, trying to make myself comfy, I close my eyes and sigh softly before the stabbing pain returns again, I scream out in pain clutching my stomach in agony Lucas wraps his arm around me and tries to calm me down, as I feel water trickle down my leg.

“Tony she’s in labour what are we going to do” mum screams dad jumps out from our shelter and runs to grab the phone from the side returning moments later,

“It’ll be ok baby everything is going to be ok” Lucas says stroking my hair trying to reassure me,

“no Lucas it isn’t I’m supposed to be in hospital back in summer bay and its far to early, the nearest hospital is an hour away and how are they going to get to us in this weather” I cry leaning back against him in pain screaming out again as another contraction hits.

“Damn” Dad screams throwing the phone down,

“What’s wrong” Henry asks him,

“The line is dead” dad replies

“Lucas what are we going to do I can’t do this” I cry in pain as I slouch down in his arms he wraps his arms underneath my own lifting me back up, while mum grabs hold of my hand squeezing it tightly,

“You can do this baby, they won’t be ready to come yet you’ll see you will be in labour for sixteen hours and the storm will be over soon they will get out to us in no time” Lucas whispers in my ear softly trying to reassure me but I can tell that he is just as scared as I am about the fact that my babies are coming two months early and that we can’t get to a hospital,

“My mobile isn’t working either” Henry says as he slams his mobile shut.

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Sorry its short wanted to get it posted. Next chapter should be up tommorow.

Chapter 46

“I can’t do this anymore” I scream as another contraction hits, I didn’t know how much longer I could last, two hours had passed and the storm had still not calmed down outside and we hadn’t been able to get in contact with anyone, my contractions were getting closer together and the pain was unbearable, I lay in Lucas arms while he supported me holding me close to him stroking my hair soothingly while mum and Henry held each hand,

“Sweets just keep in there the storm will be over soon and you will have these babies at the hospital with the epidural and everything will be fine,

“Do you really believe that mum because its not getting better and I don’t think these babies plan on waiting” I yell between breaths as another contraction hits,

“That’s it baby breath I’m here you’ll be fine I won’t let anything happen to you or our babies” Lucas says reassuringly looking down at me as I stir up at him my head now in his lap as he strokes my hair softly,

“Any luck we really got to get help” Henry says to dad anxiously,

“Not yet but ill keep trying it will be ok sweetie we can do this” Dad says trying to reassure me I hoped that he was right but the pain was unbearable I didn’t know how long I could last like this with each contraction that hit I was deteriorating I just wanted to sleep and my breaths were becoming fewer. As the next contraction hit I found myself gasping for air

“Her inhaler where is it?” I hear Lucas yell panicked,

“I’ll get it” dad says I watch him sprint out of the tent and close my eyes as Lucas strokes my face softly

“It’s going to be ok baby” he whispers to me trying to calm me down,

“Here” I hear dad yells and open my eyes to see him throwing the inhaler to Lucas,

“Sit up a little babe” Lucas says lifting me gently and placing the inhaler in my mouth.

“Yes please we need urgent help my daughter is having triplets right now we are stuck inside because of the storm she has asthma and is not coping well” I hear dad say about half an hour later although it seems like forever, his words start to faze as I scream in pain when another contraction hits I try to keep my eyes open but it feels like they are being glued shut.

Next chapter:

Will Matilda and the babies be ok? Will help arrive on time?

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Chapter 47

Lucas P.O.V

“Mattie come on you can do it wake up please” I cry stroking her face softly while Beth fans her frantically as we try to get her to come back around,

“Sweets come on you got to deliver my grandbabies” Beth says Mattie’s eyes start to open slowly,

“That’s it baby you can do it I’m here with you and you and the babies will be fine, breathe just like we have been told in our Lamaze classes” I say trying to reassure her although I’m not sure if it will work, when I’m panicking just as much myself, I just pray to god that help arrives before the babies are ready to be born Mattie needs to be in hospital I’m so scared she’s in so much pain and so weak I can’t bear to see her like this and our babies they are two months early they need to be in hospital so that they can be rushed off to special care what happens if they are really small and can’t breath we won’t have a clue what to do.

“Help is on its way love” Dad tells her softly trying to keep Matilda’s spirits up.

“I can’t wait any longer” Matilda screams in agony squeezing my hand tightly as she lays in between my legs, her head slumping further down my body as she writhes in pain,

“Help will be here any minute baby, you got to wait just a while longer” I tell her I want her to be in hospital I know if she delivers the babies here is going to be so painful and that the babies would have a high chance of not making it,

“I can’t” she screams crying as she starts to push, I watch as mum changes positions with dad when she sees Matilda push she checks underneath her dress,

“She can’t wait any longer I am certain that she is fully dilated that’s why she’s started to push, we are going to have to do this if she waits any longer the babies will get distressed” Beth says I can tell by the tone in her voice that she’s worried and I’m not feeling any better myself, my wife is going to give birth two months to triplets early during a storm while we are stuck in a cabin with no medical help what so ever.

“Tony get down here, Henry you take Matilda’s other hand and help Lucas with your sister ok” mum says trying to take control over the situation knowing that this is the only option we have left.

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Chapter 48

“Matilda push” I hear mum scream at me, I can no longer see her my vision is blurry as tears sting my eyes, I can’t describe the pain I am feeling right now, I felt like giving up it seemed like hours since my water had broken, I should be in a hospital with drugs and help I couldn’t do it here,

“I can’t do it anymore” I cry through the pain,

“You can sweetie it will be ok” Lucas says looking down at me, ugh does he even know how much pain I’m in right now,

“do you want to do it for me then” I scream at him, he gulps as he looks down at me, he doesn’t say anything else for a moment I squeeze both his and Henry’s hands tightly as I push once more,

“I can see the head” I hear Tony say,

“Come on sweets, you can do it push” mum says, I hear a knock on the door and within moments paramedics and a doctor appear in front of me.

“It’s a boy” I hear the doctor say minutes later, I look up at Lucas through my blurry eyes tears falling rapidly,

“Why can’t I hear him, is he ok” I cry looking up at Lucas, I don’t know what I would do if he isn’t ok I want my baby,

“He’s just small we just have to clear his airway” the doctor says, I try to sit up slightly and manage to see the paramedic take my baby over to the side,

“I love you” Lucas tells me looking down at me as he strokes my hair softly, seconds later I hear the cries of our son fill the room,

“I want to hold him” I cry,

“I know you do sweets but they have to check him out and you got two more of my grandbabies to deliver” mum says squeezing my hand.

Lucas P.O.V

I have a son wow, I can’t describe how that feels I look down at my wife I couldn’t be any more prouder of my wife as I look down at her, she’s given me a son, we are parents it is the best feeling in the world, however I can’t help but feel anxious as I watch them take my son away and hear no sound escape his lips but I have to stay strong for Matilda the doctor and paramedics are here I know they will do all they can for Matilda and our babies.

“I love you” I tell her looking down at her stroking her hair softly, relief fills me as I hear the cries of our son fill the room.

Tony’s P.O.V

I look at my son smiling as he hears the sounds of his sons cries fill the room, I look to Matilda I couldn’t be more prouder of the two of them, they both mean so much to me and they have given me a grandson.

“Come on push baby you can do it, let’s get his brother or sister into the world” I hear Lucas say as Matilda screams in pain,

“Come on sis” I hear Henry encouraging his twin sister,

“The heads out, one more push Matilda” the doctor tells her.

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Chapter 49

Lucas P.O.V

An hour later I found myself in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. I stared over at my son and two daughters as the doctor and one of the paramedics paid attention to them as they laid in the incubators. The doctor had told me that they should be OK but we needed to get to the hospital before we knew for certain. Our babies were so small and beautiful, our girls were identical from what I could tell, they had my blonde hair while they had their mothers eyes and nose, while our son had my eyes and his mothers brown hair. I looked back across to my wife, as she lay out on the table in the ambulance. She was sleeping peacefully although she was breathing with the help of the oxygen mask. The labour was really painful for her, and because of her asthma she found it really hard to breathe at times especially when our youngest was born, she had passed out straight after she was born. Her eyes stirred and moments later she was looking up at me I smiled down at her softly after being with her the last few hours I loved her even more than before. She amazed me, she had to go through so much pain to provide us with our three miracles. I was going to look after them that was for sure.

Matilda’s P.O.V

I opened my eyes to see my husband stirring down at me I realised we were in the ambulance now on the way to the hospital. Lucas smiled down at me lovingly as he held my hand. Moving my free hand to my mouth I lifted the oxygen mask to the side of my mouth so I could speak to him.

“Our babies, are they OK?” I asked him.

“The doctor is looking after them now baby. they are really small but the doctor says that apart from that they appear fine but they can’t be sure until we are at the hospital” he tells me squeezing my hand gently. “Mum, Dad and Henry are in the car following us to the hospital” he says.

“When will I be able to hold our babies?” I ask him.

“You will be able to see them honey but it might be a while before you can hold them, they will need to be kept in the incubators until they have grown then we should be able to hold them” he tells me softly as he strokes my forehead gently, tears sting my eyes.

“I want to hold our babies” I cry.

“I know you do hunny” Lucas says taking my hand to his mouth and kissing it softly.

Half an hour later Lucas pushed me through the halls of the hospital in the wheelchair. I had just been checked over and given the all clear by the doctor and we was now heading to the special care baby unit (SCBU) so that we could see our babies. I was desperate to see my babies. I hadn’t seen them yet not close up like Lucas. He says our girls are identical and that apart from his blonde hair they are the spitting image of me while he says our son has my hair and his eyes. I can’t wait to see them but I’m frightened I just want to know that they are going to be OK, and when we can take them home or at least transferred to Yabbie Creek so that we could be back with our family. Hopefully Mum, Dad and Henry will be here soon. Lucas pushed me into the room and pushed me around until we came to three beds with the name tag Holden on each, the doctor was stood by them. I let Lucas take my hand and help me stand up so that I could look inside.

“Oh my god they are tiny, our beautiful angels” I cry as I look down at the three of them sleeping peacefully, Lucas was right the girls did look like me, while apart from the brown hair our son was the spitting image of his Dad.

“Are they going to be OK doctor?” Lucas asks as I hold onto his stand and gaze down at our little miracles.

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Chapter 50

“They are small but they are fighters, their lungs are a little small so they will need to stay in the incubators for a while until they are fully developed but everything else is fine” the doctor tells us.

“When can we take them home?” I ask him as Lucas wraps his arm around my waist.

“It might be a few weeks yet until you are allowed to take them home, however we will arrange for a transfer to Yabbie Creek as we understand your wish to be close to your family and friends” the doctor explains. “I also need to ask you about what names you would like to give your children so that we can draw up the birth certificates for you” he adds.

“Right we will get back to you on that one” Lucas tells him as he takes my hand. The doctor leaves us for a moment while we think, everything happened so early that we hadn’t had a chance to pick out names for them yet.

“Right are we decided then?” Lucas asks me as the nurse approaches us fifteen minutes later. I nod my head and smile at him.

“Do you have the names ready?” the nurse asks us.

“Yes” we both say in unison.

“Oh look aren’t they adorable Tony, they are so tiny” Mum says, starting to get all teary eyed as me and Lucas walk her, Dad and Henry over to their incubators.

“Oh look at them, they are the spitting image of the two of you” Dad says as he stands by Mum’s side.

“So what have you called the little rug rats then?” Henry says walking beside me.

“Well the oldest is Dylan Jack Holden” I say smiling proudly at our little boy.

“And the oldest of the girls is Chloe Leanne Holden” Lucas says as he points her out to the three of them.

“And the youngest is Katie Louise Holden” we both say as Lucas takes my hand and we smile proudly at our three angels in front of us.

“I’m so proud of you baby, you were so strong today, you went through so much pain and gave me our three little miracles” Lucas tells me as he sits by the side of my bed, taking my hand after Mum, Dad and Henry had left.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, I love you” I say smiling softly, fighting myself to stay awake.

“I love you too, now get some rest, it’s been a long day and you need to get some sleep, we have a long journey back to Yabbie Creek tomorrow” he tells me, he stands up and kisses me softly on the lips as my eyes start to close shut.

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