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We Belong Together

Guest Jackieleanne

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Title: We Belong Together

Author: Jackieleanne

Category: Long Fiction

Genre: Romance/Drama

Main Characters: Matilda and Lucas

Rating: T (mild SC)

Summary: Matilda and Lucas start life together.

Hi everyone this is my newest fanfic, and my first Home and Away fic since Kirsty and Kane left. The fic is based around Matilda and Lucas. Thanks to Jeh-Jeh for being a great proof reader. Feedback much appreciated, thanks Jackie.

Chapter 1

"Do you Matilda Hunter take Lucas Holden to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the minister says.

"I do" I reply smiling, as I look deeply into Lucas’ sparkling blue eyes, placing the ring on his finger.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" I hear the minister say. Luca leans towards me and within moments his lips cover mine.

"Mattie, Mattie!" I hear.

"What?!" I groan, angered at who has interrupted our first kiss as husband and wife.

"Mattie wake up" I hear Luca say, I open my eyes and find him standing over me, his body dripping wet from the surf, his eyes sparkling down at me make me go weak at the knees. I could easily get lost every time I look into those eyes.

"You must have fallen asleep babe, you're all burned" he says stroking my forehead softly. I try to sit up but my head aches, I fall back down to the sand as my head spins.

"Woah, come on lets get you inside" Luca says taking me in his arms and carrying me up to the house where he lays me on the couch in our room. We had moved into the room that Robbie and Tasha had shared, it was great to be shut off from the rest of the house gave us more privacy, after all we are 19 now, it’s not like we are the same naive 15 year olds we were when we got together.

"Lay down and relax babe, I’ll ring your mum and let her know you can't make the shift tonight" he adds.

"Thanks" I say smiling up at him. He was always the one to be looking after me, I had such a great boyfriend.

The next night I found myself staring in the mirror as I applied my lipstick. Luca was taking me out for lunch tonight, I wasn't sure where he only told me to dress smart but casual, so here I was wearing my short white dress with my strappy white sandals, showing off my tan perfectly, while my curled hair fell down my shoulders.

"You ready?" Luca says as he enters our room. "You look beautiful babe" he adds as he produces the single red rose from behind his back.

"Thanks baby" I say smiling as I walk over to him, kissing him softly on the lips before I take the rose and place it in a vase by the bed. I walk back over to him, taking his hand in my own as he leads me out the door.

About ten minutes later we arrived at the rocks.

"Close your eyes" Luca says softly before he takes his left hand and places it over my eyes, while he uses his right hand to guide me over the rocks.

"Can I see now?" I whine as we stop. After a moment he removes his hand from in front of my eyes, I gasp at the sight in front of me, it was beautiful. "Oh Luca" I sigh softly as I look around me. On the ground by the rock pools Luca had laid a blanket and set up a picnic hamper, while a single candle enhanced the light coming from the night sky.

"That was great honey, thanks" I say to him after I finished the last bite of the seafood platter he had made for us.

"Anything for you babe" he tells me while fidgeting around in his pockets.

"What are you doing?" I say giggling as I place my empty wine glass back on the blanket. "Oh my God!" I shout as he pulls out a red box from his pocket and I realise what is going on.

"Matilda I have loved you since I met you and I always will love you, we have been through so much together, we belong together please marry me Mattie" he says as he opens the box, tears start to fall down my face as I look into his eyes.

"Yes, yes I'll marry you" I cry out throwing my arms around him, he holds me close to him for a second before pulling back, softly taking my hand in his he places the ring on my finger. "It's beautiful Luca, I love you so much" I cry, staring down at the beautiful white diamond ring he had just placed on my finger moments before.

"I love you too Mattie" he says moving towards me, I cover his lips with mine kissing him passionately, I can't believe this is happening, I get to spend the rest of my life with him everything is perfect.

An hour later we arrive at Noah's Bar, hand in hand,

"Mum, Mum, guess what?" I say excitedly, holding my hand out in front of her and Tony.

"Oh my God, congratulations!" they scream, Mum quickly pulls me into her arms and I notice Tony hugging Luca as well.

"I'm so happy for you sweetie" mum whispers into my ear softly. "My little girl’s all grown up" she says, sighing.

"So when’s the date?” Martha asks me as we sat with her and Jack in Noah’s bar.

"Well, it may be soon but we talked and decided we would like to get married on Christmas Eve, it would be magical" I say as I lean against Luca.

"Wow that soon!" Jack says.

"Yeah, we just want to be married" Luca says running his fingers up and down my arm. This man could still send shivers down my spine with his touch, his eyes, his lips, everything about him was perfect and he was all mine.

Later that night as Luca and I arrived home, I couldn't keep my hands off him as we kissed passionately. Opening the door to his room his shirt is already unbuttoned and I toss it aside.

"Luca" I moan breaking the kiss.

"What baby?" he asks as I lay down on the bed. He stares down at me and I could melt into these crystal eyes.

"Make love to me Luca" I tell him.

"My pleasure" he says, winking at me as he jumps down on the bed to join me.

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I will not make you wait then, may aswell post it now. :)) Thanks for the feedback and to Jeh-Jeh for being my excellent proof reader.

Chapter 2

I sigh softly as I open my eyes the next morning to find that Luca's arms are no longer wrapped around me and as I turn over I notice that he is no longer in the room. I decide to stay in bed for a little while longer, after all it can't hurt to get a little rest after all the excitement of last night… I think to myself. as I look down at the ring that Luca placed on my finger last night.

"Morning babe” he says as he walks in the room moments later with a mug of coffee for me.

"Thanks" I tell him kissing his cheek softly as he sits next to me and hands me the mug. I take a sip before placing the mug on the side.

"You’d best get some clothes on babe. Breakfast is going to be ready any minute and we don't want to get caught up in the moment" Luca says as the cover slips from around me revealing my naked body. I laugh softly before kissing him softly on the lips. It isn't long before the kiss intensifies and his arms wrap around me while my fingers find their way underneath his shirt and run up and down his athletic torso.

"Breakfast kids" Tony yells from the door interrupting our moment, Luca groans as I pull away from him.

"I'll be out in a minute" I say to Luca as I get up and walk to the wardrobe. “Oh, and Luca you may want to keep yourself covered, we don't want them to know what we were up to now do we?" I laugh as I turn back to Luca and point to the bulge in his pants as he is about to leave the room.

"Mattie, you should ring your brothers let them know the news" Mum says as we sit around the table finishing breakfast.

"I will do mum, I’ll ring Scott and Henry and then we best go and tell Kit, Kim, Robbie and Tasha" I say. "Oh, and Ric and Cassie" I add, smiling.

"Ok sweetie, you free this afternoon? I thought maybe we could go dress shopping, if you want to?" she says, smiling warmly at me.

"Of course, you know I can never refuse a shopping trip!" I tell her. "Oi!" I say, poking Luca in the arm as I catch him rolling his eyes at me while Tony and Mum laugh as us.

Later that afternoon I stroll around the shops with Cassie, Kit, Martha, Mum and Tasha looking for the perfect dress. So far it had been two hours since we had left Summer Bay for Yabbie Creek and we still hadn't found anything.

"Urgh, why can't I find it? It has to be perfect" I sigh, as we leave yet another bridal store empty handed.

"You'll find the one Mattie, trust me we just got to keep looking" Martha tells me.

"I hope so, maybe we'll just have to go to the city" I say.

"How did I know you was going to say that?!" Mum says laughing.

"Yeah, that's Mattie for you" Tasha says.

"Haha" I laugh sarcastically, throwing my hands up in the air. "You know its true, we will never find it here" I sigh putting my hands on my hips.

"Yeah, always the drama queen" Cassie says.

"Anyways how about here?" Mum says as she points towards the small bridal boutique in the corner. I nod my head and smile as we walk towards the shop.

I walk around the shop, still having had no luck in finding my perfect dress. I turn the corner and stop dead in my tracks. This is it the dress I’ve always dreamed of I thought to myself as I imagined myself walking down the isle in the gorgeous white corset dress that flowed out from the waist. I sigh as I feel my Mum’s hands grip my shoulders.

"This is it mum, it’s beautiful" I say, smiling and not taking my eyes off the dress.

"Can we have her fitted for this one?" I hear my Mum ask the assistant. I can't believe all of this is happening. I’ve dreamed about this since I was a little girl.

"How was the shopping?" Tony asks from the chair where he and Luca are sat watching TV, as me and Mum walk in with the shopping bags, Luca stands up and walks towards me.

"Nope, no peeking Luca, its bad luck" I laugh, pulling the bag closer to me.

"But don't I get a kiss?" he asks me pouting.

"Yeah, but wait until the dress is away!" I say, grinning at him as I walk straight past him and follow my Mum to her bedroom to hide my dress.

"Miss me then?" I say softly as I sit myself on his knee while he watches the TV with Mum and Tony.

"Of course" he says before kissing me softly.

"Give it a rest" Tony jokes.

"What? You and Mum were exactly the same when you got married!" I say, smiling at my step-Dad and future father-in-law.

"Yeah! We had to surgically remove you two!" Luca laughs, wrapping his arms around my stomach as I notice Tony and Mum roll their eyes at each other.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone and to Jeh-Jeh for her excellent proof reading again. :))

Chapter 3

I stand behind the counter of Noah's Bar the next afternoon on my shift. It was unusually quiet considering that the summer holidays had just begun. How on earth am I going to break it to Tony? He’s going to be devastated. It’s not that I don't love him like a Dad, it’s just that with Dad no longer about I feel it should be Henry's job to walk me down the aisle, after all, he is my twin.

"Mattie, you there?" I hear Cassie say, waving her hand in front of my face.

"Huh?" I murmur, snapping out of my daze.

"You ok?" she asks "You seem a little spaced out…" she adds. Her voice is laced with worry for me as she touches my arm softly.

"Erm… actually Cass are you free in ten minutes? I could really do with your help right now" I tell her.

"Yeah, sure Mattie" she says as she takes a seat at the stool at the bar.

Fifteen minutes later we find ourselves sat on the beach.

"So everything ok?" Cassie asks, clearly concerned about me.

"Yeah, it’s just I'm not sure how to tell Tony that I've asked Henry to give me away. It’s just that I kind of feel I'm letting Dad down if I was to let Tony give me away. It should’ve been his job, you know" I stop as tears begin to well up in my eyes.

"Yeah" Cassie replies, wrapping her arms around me as she wills me to continue opening up to her.

"It’s not that I don't think of Tony as a Dad, I do, he's great, its just how I feel. I don't want to let him down Cass" I cry. I'm now aware of the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Oh Mattie, he will never be disappointed in you, he will understand" she says, pulling me into a hug.

"You think so?" I ask her, resting my head on her shoulder.

"I know so, I think you need to talk to him about it" she tells me.

"Yeah, you're right Cass, thanks" I say, pulling back and wiping my tears away.

"Hey girls!" I hear Ric say moments later. I look up to see Ric and Luca standing in front of us. I notice their bodies are dripping wet from their surf as they lay their boards down next to us.

"You OK?" Luca asks me, concerned as he notices my blood shot eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine now, just a little heart to heart" I say softly as I lean against him, not caring that he is wet from the surf. "Is your Dad home?" I ask him.

"Yeah, he should be, why?" he replies looking at me.

"I need to speak to him" I tell him. I kiss him softly on the lips before jumping to my feet and walking away.

"Are you sure she’s OK?" I hear Luca ask Cass as he thinks I'm out of earshot. He’s always worrying about me, I'm so lucky to have him, I think to myself as I head back towards the house.

"Hey, is Mum about?" I ask Tony as I enter the house.

"No, she just left for work, I thought you'd realise that seeing as her shift started after yours" he replies, as he looks up at me from his chair.

"Oh yeah, I forgot" I laugh nervously. "Actually, its you I need to speak to" I tell him as I sit down on the settee next to him, my hands shaking.

"Sure, is everything OK love?" he asks me, concerned. He looks so much like Luca right now.

"You know I love you like a Dad Tony, it’s just, God, I don't know how to tell you this" I say.

"What's wrong love?" he says, clearly worried about me as he reaches out to me with his hand. I take my hand in his as I continue.

"Well its just, I’ve asked Henry to walk me down the aisle, its nothing against you Tony" I explain. I can't believe it, I actually said it!

"It’s OK Mattie, I understand. You know that you’re like a daughter to me, but I’ll never replace your Dad, just like with Luca and your Mum. Now come here and give me a hug" he says, pulling me into his arms. By now my tears are rapidly falling down my face.

"Everything OK?" I hear Luca ask from the doorway.

"Yeah, your bride-to-be just needed a hug didn't you love?” Tony tells his son. I nod my head as Luca walks over to me.

"How about one for me then as well?" he asks me. I smile as he holds out his arms for me. I stand up and walk into his embrace, letting him hold me close to him.

"A hug is exactly what I needed" I tell him, smiling softly as I lean my head on his shoulder.

"Good" Luca tells me as he strokes my hair softly.

"Well, how about we go meet your mum over at Noah's and plan a wedding seeming its only 14 days away?!” Tony says.

"Sure" Luca and I say, breaking apart. He takes my hand in his own as we follow Tony out of the door.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, and again thanks to Jeh-Jeh for being a great proof reader.

Chapter 4

"So what do you think hunny do you think they'll like it?" Tony asks Beth, as they prepare dinner in the kitchen,

"I think its a great idea, they're going to love us for it" Beth tells her husband smiling,

"Yeah, and it works out well for us too" Tony says winking back at her.

"Hey, we’re home" I say, as Luca and I walk through the front door.

"Erm, hey sweetie" Mum says as she messes with her wedding ring, she’s obviously on edge about something.

"What’s wrong?" I ask her, walking into the kitchen as Luca sits down in front of the TV and putting his feet up.

"Nothing" Mum and Tony reply (far too quickly if you ask me).

I make my way over to Luca and sit down next to him, cuddling up to him.

"They're up to something" I whisper softly in his ear.

"What makes you think that babe?" he asks me.

"There just is baby, I know it, and I'm going to find out what it is" I whisper back to him, not wanting Mum or Tony to hear me.

"You drink way to much coffee baby" he says laughing.

Later that evening I lay on the settee in front of Luca, his arms wrapped around my stomach as we watch ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ - Lucas favourite movie. It reminds me of our first date, God we were both so nervous then and it nearly never happened. I can't believe it was four years ago. I hear someone knocking softly at the door but don't get up to answer it straight away, wanting to lay in Luca's arms forever.

"You going to let your brother in or what?!" I hear the shout from outside. I know that voice all too well. I jump up and run over to the door.

"Henry!" I say, throwing my arms around him, it had been too long since I had last seen him.

"Hey Tilly" he says, hugging me back.

"It's been too long, how've you been?" I ask him as I let him in.

"Good thanks sis’, hey Luca" he says, walking into the house and over to the chair. "I hear you’re making an honest woman of my sister" he says as he sits down.

"Yeah, I sure am" Luca replies smiling widely making me go weak at the knees. His smile always had that effect on me.

"So where's Mum?" Henry asks me a few minutes later.

"At Noah's with Tony" I tell him. "Do you want to head over there?" I ask him.

"Yeah" he replies.

"OK, let me get changed" I say standing up to go to the bedroom and change out of my shorts and vest top.

"Don't take all day" I hear Luca mutter to Henry. I turn back around glaring at him.

"Well, I have to make myself look beautiful" I say.

"But you always looks beautiful baby" he tells me.

"Right answer babe" I say laughing as I head out of the door and across to our room.

"So when are Scott, Hayley and the kids arriving?" I ask Mum as we all sit in Noah's.

"I am pretty sure they're arriving tomorrow night sweets, Hayley really wants to be back for your hen night" Mum tells me.

"That's good, it wouldn't be the same without her" I reply. Since her and my brother got married we have been so close, she's always looking out for me. I was devastated when they decided to move away from the Bay.

"I know, and we get to see our niece and nephew" Tasha says.

"Yeah, I'm sure Matthew’s looking forward to having his cousins about as well" I say thinking about the last time all my nieces and nephews got together.

"Speaking of that, this little one needs to get joining us as well" I say, rubbing my sisters stomach.

"Mattie, I’ve still got another four months to go yet" Kit says laughing.

"Speaking of which, when do we get little Lucas and Matildas joining us?" Martha says.

"What was that?" Luca says, obviously having heard the end of our conversation.

"Not for a few years yet" I tell Martha. "You can get back to watching the footie now baby" I add as I turn to face Luca.

"It's good to be home" I say as I lay against Luca in bed.

"It is sweetie, it’s been a busy day" he replies.

"Tell me about it! The wedding’s really taking all the energy out of me" I say sighing.

"You don't regret it do you?" Luca asks turning to face me.

"Of course not honey, it's what I've dreamt about since I met you" I reassure him, smiling.

"Good, because I can't wait to make you Mrs Holden" he tells me before leaning down to kiss my forehead. "Goodnight babe, I love you" he tells me.

"I love you too, goodnight" I reply softly as I close my eyes, falling into a peaceful slumber in Luca's arms.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone and thanks again Jeh-Jeh for your feedback.

Chapter 5

I stand in the garden, looking out at the sun setting over the Bay, as I think about my future.

"Auntie Mattie, auntie Mattie" I hear Noah say. I look down to see my nephew holding his hands out for me to pick him up.

"Hey little man, I've missed you! Are you being a good boy for Mummy and Daddy? And being a good big brother?" I ask him, before kissing his forehead softly.

"Yeah," he tells me, nodding his head.

"That’s good, you're such a good boy aren't you?" I say to him ruffling his hair. "Are you going to let auntie Matilda see your little sister?" I ask him. He nods his head slowly.

"Thanks" I tell him as I make my way inside with him.

"Hey" I say as I see Scott and Hayley stood with Henry, Luca, Mum and Tony in the kitchen. Hayley holds a sleeping Jessica in her arms. I place Noah down so that he can run over to my Mum.

"Hey little sis, congratulations" Scott says as he leaves Hayley’s side and walks over to me, taking me in his arms.

"Thanks" I tell him, smiling as I walk over to my sister-in-law.

"Congratulations Mattie, I'm so happy for you both" she tells me, handing me Jessica, knowing instantly that I would want to hold her.

"Thanks, now then, how’s my beautiful niece?" I say, looking down at the gorgeous three month old baby in my arms. She was beautiful, the perfect combination of her Mum and Dad.

"She’s good, although she’s still keeping us up in the night" Hayley tells me. I laugh softly, not wanting to wake Jessica up.

"You're so beautiful sweetie, aren't you?" I say looking down at her as I rock her softly and she starts to stir.

The next evening I walk into the living room, placing my bag by the door before I walk over to Luca.

"Right then honey, I'll c’ya tomorrow morning, be good" I say to him.

"You too honey" he replies pulling me down on his lap.

"No seriously hun, have a good time, enjoy yourself because from next weekend you’re all mine" I say smiling up at him from my position in his lap.

"Mmm.. I like the sound of that" he says seductively, as he starts to attack my neck with kisses.

"Luca stop it!" I laugh. "Luca I need to get going the girls will be wondering where me and Mum are, and the guys will be over any minute, plus our parents are only in their room" I tell him as he continues to attack me with kisses. Only a few seconds later my Mum walks in laughing as she looks over at us.

"I'm sorry Luca you'll have to put her down, we have a party to get to" my Mum says. I look over at Luca who is now blushing a deep crimson.

"I love you Luca, have fun" I tell him before kissing him softly.

"I love you too" he replies as he breaks the kiss. I jump out of his lap and head over to the door picking up my bag.

"Bye! Enjoy yourselves" he tells us as we make our way out the door, passing the guys as they make their way in.

"Oh my God!" I scream, nearly spitting out my wine as I look directly at the stripper in front of me, who is now stood in only his police man's hat baring all to us.

"Wow nice package!" I hear Cassie say. I turn to look at her as she gawps at the stripper in front of us.

"Cassie!" I say. "Besides, Lucas is bigger" I say, grinning.

"Matilda" I hear Mum say.

"What? He is!" I say, laughing along with everyone else apart from my Mum.

"And you’re drunk" she tells me, putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Well, it is my party" I say smiling as I take another sip of wine.

Meanwhile next door…

"Come on bro, you’ve got to admit she was hot" Jack says to his brother before taking another swig of beer.

"Yeah, OK, she was hot, but not as hot as my Mattie" Luca says, thinking about his fiancée.

"Purlease! My sister is not hot" Robbie says as Scott and Henry nod in agreement.

"Sorry guys, but she is a hottie" Luca tells them, grinning, as he gets up to grab another beer from the fridge.

The next morning I find myself sat outside the Surf Club with Cassie. I take another drink of my water as I pull my sunglasses back down to cover my dark eyes.

"Did I really drink that much?" I say to her.

"Yeah, you were pretty wasted, it was so funny when you told us about Luca" she says smiling at me.

"Uhh!" I moan, rubbing my head. "I can't believe I said that" I tell her.

"Said what?" I hear Luca ask, wrapping his arms around me, as Ric sits down next to Cassie.

"Oh, about your big package" Cassie says.

"Cassie!" I groan at her, as I look over at Luca who is turning bright red.

"Get in there mate!" I hear Ric laugh.

"Anyways, I missed you baby" Luca says leaning over to kiss me.

"Please give it a break you two" I hear Ric say. I continue to kiss him for a moment before breaking apart and looking over at Ric and Cassie,.

"Please, like you two are any different!" I say. , I couldn't be happier, I was so lucky to be able to have time like this with my best friend and fiancé. It was perfect, even though I have a splitting headache.


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Thanks for the feedback everyone and to Jeh-Jeh. :)) Sorry its so short but will more than likely post again when I get home from work.

Chapter 6

This week has gone by so fast I really can't believe that tommorow I will become Mrs Holden, it is the day I have been waiting for since I first met him, sure we might be young but we have been through so much together and we love each other which at the end of the day is all that matters.

"Mattie I got to go now baby I love you" Luca says interupting my thoughts, I look up to see him now standing by the bed beside me,

"I love you too Luca" I say as I pull myself up into his awaiting arms and kiss him softly.

"Just think when we see eachother tommorow you will be only seconds away from becoming Mrs Holden" he tells me holding my face in his soft hands as he looks deeply into my eyes,

"I know hunny I really can't wait, its going to be the best day of my life" I say as I hold onto his hand as we walk out of bedroom, Tony is already waiting for him outside so that they could head next door to stay over at Jacks for the night why me, mum and the girls had the house for the night.

"I'll cya tommorow baby I love you" he says kissing me softly,

"I love you too, cya tommorow" I reply when we pull apart,

"bye babe" he say picking up his bag,

"bye" I sigh heavily as I watch him walk away with Tony, tommorow he will be my husband.

"I'm getting so nervous" I say later that night as I sat with Cassie, Hayley, Kit, Martha, Tasha and Mum as we pampered ourselves,

"Mattie sit still" Cassie says as she tries to paint my toe nails,

"sorry I can't help it" I laugh, she smiles up at me before putting her head back down, concentrating on painting my toes.

"If only the guys could see us now" Martha says referring to the fact that we were sat around in our dressing gowns with facemasks on and cucumbers over our eyes,

"Well a girl has to pamper herself occasionally" Hayley says,

"Yea and I for one need to look perfect tommorow" I say as I readjust the cucumber covering my right eye,

"and you will sweetie, you'll look like a princess in that dress of yours" mum tells me and although I can't see her I know that she is smiling, after all her little girl is getting married tommorow.

"Morning sweetheart, time to wake up" I hear my mum say as she comes into my the next morning, I open my eyes to find her stood at the side of the bed smiling down at me.

"Oh Mattie your getting married" Cassie says happily as she sits up in bed beside me,

"Oh my god, the hairdresser will be here any minute" I panick jumping out of bed as my mind goes into overdrive, I feel my mums hand on my shoulder stopping me from doing anything,

"relax sweetie, take a deep breath and go have a shower you have fifteen minutes left yet before the hairdresser arrives and plenty of time to get everything done before we have to get to the beach" she says reassuring me. I take a deep breath relax Matilda you can do this,

"I'm getting married" I say smiling as I look back at mum and Cassie.

"We'll cya inside hunny, goodluck we will be at the front next to Luca waiting for you" Cassie says softly as she hugs me,

"Thanks" I tell her as I look at the five of them, in their gowns it meant so much for me to beable to share this day with them.

"You look beautiful sis, dad would be so proud of you" I hear Henry say as I watch Cassie, Hayley, Kit, Martha and Tasha walk towards the makeshift white tents that have been set out on the beach,

"thanks Henry" I say as I look up at him, my hands shaking with nerves,

"you ready Tilly?" he asks me taking my hand,

"As ready as I'll ever be" I say, its finally here the moment I have been longing for.

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Ok here it goes on with the wedding wasn't sure of Matilda's middle name so I have just given her one anyways. Hope you like it and thanks for the feedback.

Chapter 7

Lucas P.O.V

My heart beats rapidly as I watch Cassie, Hayley, Kit, Tasha and Martha make their way towards me and Jack at the alter knowing that any moment now when the bridal march starts that my beautiful bride will come into view, I can't wait to see her, to hold her to make her my wife. It seems to take forever but eventually I hear the band beside us start up the bridal march, this is it.

When I see her enter on her brothers arm it takes my breath away she stands infront of me waiting to walk down the aisle, she is such a beautiful site to see she looks angelic in her full length corseted gown that fits her figure perfectly, her beautfil curled hair rests on her shoulder pinned back with a single lilly that holds her veil in place. I catch her eye and smile at her, and watch as she smiles back at me nervously.

Matilda's P.O.V

I can hear my heart beating loadly as I cling onto my brothers arm as he walks me into the tent as the bridal march begins, I can't believe this is happening, that this day has finally arrived. I hear the gasps from the audience and know that all eyes on me, I look around my friends and family, I see Robbie on his video camera trying to capture everything to Scott who holds onto my niece and nephew making sure that they behave themselves, while my mother is already crying in Tony's arms, eventually my eyes reach the front and instantly lock themselves onto the beautiful eyes of my husband to be stood waiting for me next to his brother. Nervously I begin my way down the aisle, keeping a tight grip onto my brother.

When I arrive at the alter my mother steps forward standing next to Henry, as the celebrant begins the ceremony

"Ladies and Gentleman I welcome you today to the marriage of Matilda Leanne Hunter to Lucas Anthony Holden"

"Who gives Matilda Leanne Hunter to marry Lucas Anthony Holden" the celebrant turns to my mother and asks,

"her brother and I do" my mother replies, I look at her, her gleaming smile I am sure echoes that of my own.

I look directly into Lucas eyes, the key to his soul as I wait for him to begin his vows,

"I Lucas Anthony Holden take you Matilda Leanne Hunter to be my lawfully wedded wife, This is my vow, my promise to you, to honour your heart, and always be true, to love you when happy and more so when sad, i'll be there when good, and also when bad, to never turn away when you need me, but be your rock, I love you now and always" he says, by now tears are welling up in my eyes as I begin my vows,

"I Matilda Leanne Holden take Lucas Anthony Holden to be my lawfully wedded husband, On this day we marry, I swear to you, my eternal love to you, my everlasting devotion, I promise to protect you, to never harm you, to understand your needs. I treasure your smile, so will strive to keep it, I love your eyes, so will keep them happy, I love your body so will try to keep it well, you are my heart, my soul I love you." I manage to get out tears streaming down my face.

I continue to keep my eyes on Lucas as I watch Jack hand him the ring that he will now place on my finger, and watch him turn back to face me taking my hand in his,

"Matilda Hunter I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow representing my eternal love for you that was before we met and will continue to be after this life" he says as he slips the ring onto my finger, fitting perfectly above the ring that he gave me only weeks ago both rings already holding the key to my heart.

Its my turn now as I find myself taking the ring from Cassie before I take Lucas hand in my own as I turn to him,

"Lucas Holden I give you this ring as a symbol of my vow representing my eternal love for you, that was before we met and will continue to be after this life" I tell him looking into his eyes as I place the ring on his finger.

My hands entwined with Lucas not wanting to let go as we smile brightly at each other through our tears as we await the celebrant to turn to our friends.

"Ladies and gentleman, I ask that you please be outstanding as I invite Mr and Mrs Lucas Holden to share their first kiss as husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" I hear her say and the next thing I now Luca is pulling me into his arms and I am stiring into his crystal blue eyes,

"I love you Mrs Holden" he says, leaning into me, capturing my lips with his own, I can hear everyone cheer around us but right now nothing else matters other than this deep meaningful kiss that I share with my husband.

The next thing I know she has pulled us to the side with Cassie and Jack as we sign the register before she turns to our guests, everything is going so quickly now.

"Ladies and Gentleman I present to you Mr and Mrs Lucas Holden" She says I feel Lucas arms wrap around me as he lifts me into his arms, carrying me down the aisle. Right now my life couldn't be any more perfect.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, here's chapter 8.

Chapter 8

"Can the bride and groom make their way to th dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife" Jack says over the microphone as he points the way towards the dancefloor for us, I feel Luca take my hand in his and lead me out onto the dancefloor, I smile at the crowd of my family and friends as we walk past them.

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing

Watch you smile while you are sleeping

While you're far away and dreaming

I could spend my life in this sweet surrender

I could stay lost in this moment... fff... forever

O'every moment spent with you

Is a moment I treasure

When we get out onto the dancefloor, Luca pulls me closer to him as the music begins to play. I wrap my arms around him resting my head on his shoulder I feel so happy right now in my husbands arms as we dance to our song, the song that perfectly describes our feelings for one another.

Don't wanna close my eyes

I don't wanna fall asleep

'Cause I'd miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

'Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream would never do

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

"I love you baby" I hear him whisper in my ear as we sway to the music, no matter how often I hear those words from him, it still makes my heart flutter, I lift my head off his shoulder so that I can see his beautiful face,

"I love you too" I tell him softly as I look deeply into his eyes, I feel the urge to kiss him come over me, I find myself reaching up on my tiptoes so that I can feel his lips on my own, his soft lips mould onto my own as he leans down to me kissing me back.

"Mmm what was that for baby?" he asks as I break the kiss,

"I just had the urge to kiss my gorgeous husband" I tell him as we continue to dance,

"and I could kiss my gorgeous wife all day" he tells me leaning down to kiss me once more.

Lying close to you

Feeling your heart beating

And I'm wondering what'chor dreaming

Wondering if it's me you're seeing

Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together

I just wanna stay with you

In this moment forever forever and ever

"Matilda, Lucas can you come outside a moment" Tony says as he and mum walk over to us later in the evening,

"Sure dad" I say smiling, it felt right to call him dad now, after all thats how I felt about him, it doesn't mean that I love my dad any less but Tony has been just as much of a father to me since he moved to the bay, from when I first started dating to Lucas to marrying my mum he had always taken care of me and treated me like his own, he smiles pulling me to him obviously emotional about what he just heard me call him, it clearly means the world to him.

We make our way outside, Tony and mum turn to face us as Luca wraps his arm around my waist pulling me into his side,

"So what do you want to talk to us about dad?" Luca asks him,

"Well me and Beth wanted to give you two your wedding present" he replies as he takes mums hand, she pulls a small box out of her pocket and hands it to us, I take the box opening it slowly,

"A key?" I say puzzled as I look down at the silver key in the box,

"whats it for?" I hear Luca ask them,

"the key is for your new home" mum tells us, oh my god did I just hear her right,

"a house!" Luca exclaims as I continue to stand in shock.

"Yes your very own home" Tony says laughing,

"oh my god thankyou mum, dad" I say smiling as I wrap my arms around my mother, soon both Tony and Luca have joined the hug.

"See I told you they were up to something" I tell Luca as we all break apart.

I don't wanna close my eyes

I don't wanna fall asleep

'Cause I'd miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

'Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream would never do

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

"We need to get going" Luca tells me,

"Ok baby, what time is it" I ask him as I look up at him,

"halfpast nine, we need to get going on our honeymoon" he tells me as he pulls me to him,

"ok but I need to throw my bouquet first" I tell him.

"Right ladies, get ready" I say moments later as they gather around me, I take my bouquet from Luca and toss it over my shoulder, turning around I see my bestfriend has caught it, I laugh as I hear Luca telling Ric that he needs to get buying a ring.

I don't wanna miss one smile

I don't wanna miss one kiss

Ffff... I just wanna be wit'choo

Right here with you just like this

I just wanna hold you close

I feel your heart so close to mine

And just stay here in this moment

For all the rest of time

Yeah (yeah)

Yeah (yeah)


"Bye everyone" we say as we walk out of the surf club hand in hand,

"enjoy yourselfs" Jack shouts,

"we will" I say smiling at him,

"ladies first" Luca says as he opens the door to the limo for me, while keeping hold of my hand and helping me climb in, before he climbs in next to me. I rest against him as we wave to our friends as the limo pulls away, this has been the best day of my life but it is only just beginning.

Don't wanna close my eyes

Don't wanna fall asleep

'Cause I'd miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

'Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream would never do

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

Later that night I lye in Lucas arms our naked bodies entwined under the silk covers,

"That was amazing" Luca says breaking the silence,

"It was. I love you" I say to him as I lift my head up of his chest and turn onto my side,

"I love you too" he says rolling onto his side so that he is facing me "Merry Christmas Mrs Holden" he tells me leaning into kiss me one more time that night.

I don't wanna close my eyes

I don't wanna fall asleep

'Cause I'd miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

'Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream will never do

I'd still miss you baby

And I don't wanna miss a thing

Don't wanna close my eyes

I don't wanna fall asleep... yeah

And I don't wanna miss a thing

Awwww I was nearly in tears well done!!!!!!

Awww thanks I am really glad that you are enjoying it. :))

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, I am really glad that people are enjoying it. Sorry its so short.

Chapter 9

"Mattie" I hear Luca mumble still half asleep as I sprint out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, my stomach was churning, and I had the most awful headache I throw myself infront of the toilet keeling over as I am sick, "Mattie you ok?" I hear him say again and feel his presence behind me he takes my hair holding it away from my face, I nod my head slowly letting him know ill be ok, while keeping my head over the bowl of the toilet waiting for the nausea to pass, someway to spend your honeymoon stuck in a bathroom being sick.

"I'm so sorry Luca" I say starting to cry,

"Hey baby don't cry whats wrong?" he says pulling me into his arms, I curl my legs beneath me as I hold him close to me,

"I have ruined our honeymoon" I cry tears streaming down my face,

"baby look at me" he says lifting my face so that I am now looking into his eyes "you have not ruined our honeymoon we have had a great week in our vows I said that I would look after you didn't I and that is what I will do besides its probably just something you ate baby you've been fine the rest of the week" he says as he wipes my tears away with his hand,

"Thanks baby" I say as I lean back against him letting him comfort me.

"Oh my god its beautiful I can't believe we have our own house" I say starting to ramble as I get out the car the next afternoon and admire the house that our parents gave us for our wedding present "Luca what are you doing" I laugh as he lifts me into his arms,

"what does it look like" he says as he carries me to the door, he fumbles in his pockets trying to find the key that we had been given, finally he pulls it out of his pocket and puts it in the door.

"Suprise" everyone shouts as we enter the house, Luca jumps nearly dropping me in the process, I cling onto him wrapping my arms round his neck, I can't believe they had done all this for us, Luca puts me down slowly and I run over to my mum wrapping my arms around her,

"Thanks so much mum its great" I say hugging her, I can feel my eyes starting to well up,

"sweetie why are you crying" mum says looking at me strangely,

"its just all so beautiful mum, thankyou so much" I say everything was perfect, they had done so much for us both, braught us our own house, had it fixed up for us, and thrown us a party what had we done to deserve such great parents.

"baby I'm just going to go outside for a minute" I tell Luca later that night my head is spinning, I probably shouldn't have drank so much on an empty stomach,

"you ok?" he asks me taking my hand as I went to walk away,

"yea hunny you stay here enjoy yourself ill be back in a minute just need some fresh air" I tell him not wanting him to start fussing about me, I let go off his hand and walk through the rest of our guests heading out the front door, the cool summer night air hitting me as soon as I exit the front door as I make my way down the two steps I feel my feet give way underneath me.

Lucas P.O.V

"Matilda!" I scream out my heart stopping as I see her fall to the ground thankgod their was only the two steps, "baby please say something" I say as I find myself by her side taking her hand in my own,

"don't move her son" I hear my dad telling me, I feel so helpless I don't know what to do my new wife is lying beside me unconscious.

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Thanks for all the great feedback everyone, here's chapter 10.

Chapter 10

Lucas P.O.V

I can't believe this is happening, my beautiful wife of only one week laying beside me in a hospital bed, unconscious, it shouldn't be happening not to her not to us, please let her be ok I don't know what I would do if anything was wrong with her. I look up to see dad comforting Beth as she cries, Kit, Kim, Robbie and Tasha sat in the corner as we waited for news on Matilda and waited for her to wake up.

"Flynn what is wrong with her" I asked as he entered the room once more, and starts to check her stats,

"Sorry, we are still waiting for the test results let me know as soon as she wakes up let me know" he says I nod my head and squeeze her hand softly hoping for some reaction, but nothing happens I sigh and rest my head on the bed beside her while still keeping hold of her hand.

Matilda's P.O.V

Owww why does my head feel so bad, why is my body aching and my eyes heavy, I can feel Luca's hand wrapped around my own,

"Luca" I stutter squeezing his hand while keeping my eyes shut,

"Mattilda come on please open your eyes" I hear him say his voice sounds so full of worry, I open my eyes slowly and see the white walls above me while Luca and my mum hover over me, "dad get Flynn" Luca says,

"Where am I" I ask them still in a daze,

"Your in the hospital love" mum tells me,

"why what happened" I ask confused as to what I am doing in the hospital,

"you callapsed baby" Luca tells me as he strokes my hair softly "how you feeling?" he asks me concerned,

"a bit groggy" I say as I look over to see Flynn enter the room with Tony behind him.

"Welcome back sleeping beauty" Flynn says to me, as he walks over to the side of the bed, "how are you feeling now" he asks,

"groggy and my heads aching" I tell him,

"Ok well I got your test results back so if I could please speak to Luca and Matilda alone" he says, Luca takes my hand again and sits on the edge of my bed, while everyone else leaves the room so that Flynn can talk to us.

"What's wrong with me?" I ask him,

"Well Matilda you callapsed and fell down the steps at home" he explains, "the tests that we have ran Matilda show that your two months pregnant" he tells us, oh my god did he just say what I think I did,

"Pregnant?" Luca asks although it seems more of a statement then a question, Flynn nods his head, what are we going to do we are only 19 we are both in college only just got married how are we going to take care of the baby, oh my god what if something is wrong with the baby because of the fall.

"Is the baby ok?" I ask as I feel Lucas arms wrap around me,

"Yes luckily the fall didn't harm the baby as your head hit the carpet and not the stone of the step" Flynn says,

"Were going to have a baby" Luca says beside me, I can't tell if he is happy or sad about this I look around so that I am facing him as soon as I look into his eyes I can see the love he holds for me as he smiles at me a feeling of relief rushes over me.

"When can she come home?" Luca asks flynn a few minutes later,

"I would like to keep her in overnight just for observation until she gets her strength back and if everything is fine then she should beable to go home tommorow" Flynn says smiling at us "I'll leave you two alone for a bit" he tells us as he walks out of the room.

"Were having a baby" I say to him smiling up at him,

"Yea I can't believe it I'm so happy that your both ok I didn't know what I would of done if you wasn't" Luca says pulling me into his arms, "I love you Matilda we can make this work don't worry ok I promise everything will be ok" he tells me holding me tightly rubbing my back gently,

"I love you to Luca" I say leaning my head on his shoulder.

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