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Home and Away: The Movie

Guest Stefan

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STORM WARNING: Introduction

The Television flickered again. To tired to move, Amanda just sat there and watched the flickering Television screen. The lights dimmed down to almost complete darkness before returning to normal. Amanda had just got back from the city and this is how Summer Bay welcomes her? She walked over to the window and peered out, she barely could she anything. Then a bolt of lightning struck in the distance and for a brief second everything was illuminated. Amanda turned to see if she could fix the television. She kneeled down to the television with the window behind her.

“Come one! Work” She said, frustrated.

The T.V flickered again and then became clear. Happy with herself she walked back to the chair. She sat down and began listening to the weatherman.

“Intense storms are heading here folks! If you think you’ve got it bad, you ain’t seen anything yet!” The T.V Flickered again. “Please can everyone stay indoors, this storm isn’t something that should be messed with”

Amanda got up from the chair and went into the kitchen. She put the kettle on and started to prepare a coffee. The T.V could be heard from the other room.

“Breaking News, there is new evidence to now support that the Summer Bay Stalker; Eve Jacobson is indeed alive. The detective charged with the murder of Josh West, has kept quiet about the whole incident however, Peter Baker may have something to do with Eve. When questioned by the police, the detective kept quiet saying he hasn’t done anything wrong and that they must let him go to stop her. The police they are certain that Baker is in fact referring to Eve”

Amanda walked back into the room, unaware of what was just said.

“This is recent footage of a statement made by Peter Baker” Amanda looked up she studied the T.V for a moment before moving closer.

The T.V shows Peter walking out of the Police station with 2 guards, The media surround him. He looks directly in the camera. “Watch out, She’s there, She’s getting closer, Aman-“. The T.V blacked out. Amanda looked around nervously. She suddenly began to wonder, Did Peter just try to say her name? If so what did it mean?

She walked towards the television to fix it when another bolt of lightning struck illuminating the window behind Amanda. For the faction of a second we can see a figure staring in.

Amanda turned to face the window; she could have sworn that someone was watching her. She went back to the television. A second later her mobile phone started ringing. She looked at caller ID; It was a private number. She answered.


There was static then someone hung up. Amanda looked back at the phone before putting it down and grabbing her coffee, just as she was about to take a sip, the doorbell rang. She walked over to the door and looked through the glass. There seemed to be no-one there. She opened the door and walked out into the hallway. Clearly getting scared she turned around and walked inside. She walked into the lounge room and turned to the window; it was opened!

She moved quickly to close it. The spun around. Someone was in the house, she could feel it. She slowly began to walk in the kitchen before turning to a hooded person behind her.

Amanda screamed as the knife pierced her stomach. She dropped to her knees; she began to splutter and tried to crawl away. The hooded Person grabbed her feet and dragged her out the front door. The house was now quiet the only sign of the struggle that took place was the blood trail leading out the door…

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