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Bondi Rescue (Channel 10)

Guest Andy

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"Former Home And Away regular Ryan Clark (who played Sam Nicholls) will be back on television - as one of Bondi beach's elite lifeguards in the new TV series Bondi Rescue which starts on Ten tonight."

- Daily Telegraph, 15 Feb 06

Hot bods all in day's work


15 February 2006

EVER wondered whether all those bikini bodies distract lifeguards at the front line of surf rescues?

They're red-blooded males after all, so it can't be easy keeping your mind on your work.

But former Home and Away child actor and star of Ten's new Bondi Rescue, Ryan Clarke, had all the right answers.

"Well, it is one of the advantages (of the job), but you do see it every day so you get used to it," he said.

"So no, it's not a distraction."

Ten's new reality drama follows Clarke and his Bondi Beach colleagues as they save lives, catch pick-pockets, console lost kiddies and even retrieve bodies.

With up to 40,000 people visiting Bondi on a sunny day, these boys have a big job ahead of them.

The 22-year-old Clarke, who played Bobby's son Sam Marshall on the Seven soapie for nine years, is the youngest of the lifeguard crew.

His nickname, Whippet (because "when I was little, I was really skinny like those skinny greyhound dogs"), doesn't seem too accurate.

And Clarke reluctantly admits the show could attract some pretty serious attention from the ladies.

"I think perhaps some of the other guys will get more of that than me," he told us modestly.

After leaving H&A in 2000, Clarke worked as a lifeguard and competed in surf competitions.

With his sights still set on acting, Bondi Rescue and a body like his could be just the ticket.

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I watched some of it but didn't see it! Either missed him or couldn't recognise the name/face. I want to see him again. When I watched Home and Away for a little while in my younger years I had a crush on him... :P:wink:

Aww I did too! I love how he hadn't changed when he came back for episode 4000. He looked exactly the same!

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i've been watching bondi rescue too and he is still such a hottie, i too used to watch h&a when i was young and i had a crush on him too. i'll deffinately be keeping a look out the next time im down at bondi *hhhmmmmm thinking happy thoughts*

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I just started watching Bondi Rescue, and I think I'm gonna really like it. I loved Surf Patrol on Seven last year, but I don't think they made any new episodes after the original 13. I've been watching Bondi Rescue season 3 episodes all day, and I actually think I like it better than Surf Patrol.

Anyway, the reason why I really came in her was that I wondered if anyone knew what Norwegian channel broadcasts Bondi Rescue. Apparently the show does air (or have aired, I'm not sure) in Norway, but I can't figure out which channel...

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