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Kip: I had sex at 13

Guest Andy

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Kip: I had sex at 13

Daily Star (U.K.)

19 January 2006

HOME And Away star Kip Gamblin has shocked fans by boasting of his underage sex-capades.

The hunky actor, who plays Scott Hunter, said he had his first romp when he was just 13.

And Kip - who studied ballet and appeared in the hit movie Moulin Rouge - insisted nookie is still a top priority in his life.

He revealed: "My first full sex encounter was two days before my 14th birthday. One of my sisters came home from a school dance with a friend who'd argued with her date - I was the stand-in!

"I had three older sisters, so I was always in the company of girls - maybe that's why I was an early starter."

Kip quit the Aussie soap last October but will still be seen on UK screens for months.

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It's the Daily Star for God's sake - if you have never been to Britain you don't understand just how trashy a newspaper can get!


It boarders on being nearly as trashy as The Sun :lol:

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What shocks me is that he is still bragging about it when he is a fully grown man, in his thirties I believe, married with two young children. He comes across as sounding like a little boy, very self-pleased and smug, and even a little smutty with his "nookie is still my top priority in life". Ugh.

Are we supposed to be impressed, Gamblin? :huh:

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