Scott Irwin

Scott Irwin (1997)
Heath Ledger
Episodes: 2158-2168

After never feeling quite liked she belonged Sally began to fall for local bad boy, Scott Irwin. However Scott was more interested in using Sally to get access to Fisher’s office. Sally managed to steal Pippa’s keys and the next day he entered Don’s office, and printed off the Modern Studies exam.

The following day Sally joined Scott at a drunken party on the beach and after spending most of the night kissing Scott, she agreed to go to his mates van. The next morning Sally is seen running away from the van. Meanwhile, over at the school, Don has noticed that the paper has been printed out.

Scott soon found himself being brushed off by Sally, who was ashamed of her recent behaviour, and then she buckled, telling Pippa and Don the truth and Don questioned Scott about the exam paper fiasco.

Annoyed by what he saw as Sally’s betrayal Scott began to continuously have a go at her, tripping her in the school corridor and then having a go at the diner for being “Fisher’s Pet”

In a final attempt to get back at Sally, Scott stole one of Don’s record and hid it in Sally’s locker. Don organised a search of the lockers and when they got to Scott’s locker, they found it. Don decided to permanently expel Scott from the school and send him to Barnhurst.