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Introducing Mia Hewitt, Womans Day Dec 19

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Mia arrived on her due date at Sydney's North Shore Private Hospital at 1:45am after Bec had felt her first contraction just 8 hours previously, "It wasn't

quite the four-and-a-half hour labour people think - it was a bit longer

than that - but it could have been worse," says Bec, who had an epidural

to cope with the pain. Speaking of her husband's parenting skills, Bec

says "He's great, you know, a really hands-on dad, changing nappies and

everything. And he can't wait to give her a kiss when he gets home from

tennis practice every day. I think she's going to be very spoilt, but she'll

bring us many years of happiness!" And Bec says that even though it's

hard to tell who Mia looks like, "When I feed her, I see Lleyton's eyes,

and she has a dimple in her chin like the both of us. That was one of the

first things I noticed when she was born."






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personal trainers, someone to do the cooking and cleaning and we'd all get back in shape...well if we looked like Bec to start with we might. :P

They look very happy, which is as it should be, the magazine obviously wanted the obligatory Dad with naked torso and naked baby shot, and Lleyton looks great with short hair too.

awww..... :D

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