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Teens' Home and Away Strip

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Teens' Home and Away Strip

Daily Mail 19th August 2005

I don't have time to put the full article up tonight but i will type it up tommorrow. Its about a Scottish high school who designed their uniform like the Summer Bay High one. Here's the article.

Pupils at one Scottish Secondry school have already been given the chance to design their own uniform. Pupils at St Margarets High in Airdrie Lanakshire were allowed to choose after becoming fed up with their previous drab conventional style. For inspiration they turned to television soap Home and Away. Now girls at the 1,300 pupil school wear summer dresses while the boys don burgundy coloured blazers simialir to those worn by pupils in the series. Yesterday headmaster Frank Berry said that, beore new style clothing was brought in, it had been difficult to get pupils to wear uniforms. but, after involving pupils in the design process and allowing them to be influenced by their favourite soaps, uniform became very popular, said Mr Berry. 'All the children have come back to school for the new term in their uniforms and there is a real enthuisiasm,' he added. Uniforms are a good idea for all sorts of reasons particulary from a security point of view. 'One of the big issues for schools is security-how do you easily identify intruders on school premises-and uniforms make that an easy process. 'But the great thing is that [pupils and parents really got behindb it and its something that should be adopted across the country. I believe the new uniform has also helped to improve discipline and pupils attitude and respect for the cchool. To help choose the style and colour pupils organised a fashion show, based on the styles adopted by the young stars of Home and Away. Mr Berry said:'Pupils saw the light dresses girls were wearing in the hotter climates in Australian soaps and that was attractive to them. They love the uniforms so much they wear them in summer and winter. 'We wanted uniforms to be affordable and easily washable-that was really important for us-and I think we achieved that goal. 'The Scottish Executive are right to support them and I think that you have to involve the pupils in the process as much as possible.'

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