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Whats The Last Thing You...?

Guest Pierced Musie

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1. Wrote - the letter e with my pen and the letter e on the pc from page.

2. Read - The last thing that the read was this post.

3. Watched - The last thing i watched was my tv.

4. Listened - The last thing i listen to was the volume from my tv.

5. Download - The last thing i download was downloading this page

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1. Wrote? A chapter of my Alias/H&A fic

2. Read? Photography: A Critical Introduction(Still reading it)

3. Watched? Spooks: Season 2 Episode 10 *sobs*

4. Listened to? Glorious #1 by Remy Zero(can't remember the album name)

5. Downloaded? Complete Power Rangers Ninja Storm season. Its only just reached half way :lol:

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1. Wrote? Signed my name on a form at work

2. Read? Rowena update in News and Articles

3. Watched? A repeat of Millionnaire on Challenge

4. Listened to? Oh No Not You Again by Aussie Crawl

5. Downloaded? Enrique - Escape (from WinMX)

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1) Wrote= A note on the blackboard of the persons house im lookin after

2) Read= the tv guide

3) Watched= Doctor doctor

4) Listened to= Basement Jaxx the singles special edition album

5) Downloaded= All the soundtracks to the O.C it took 2hrs and i have broadband and really fast connection! Grr!!!

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