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Bad Girls

Guest Dazacoulls

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I do.... Can i say Darlene is brilliant!!!!!!

Arun seems like a pretty good character... Wonder what her secret is???!!!???

Nataile does me head in!!!

The 2 Julies are superb actresses!!!! ROLE ON THE JU's!!!!

Fenner needs to be a get ridder!!!! Also Malcolm i cant stand that DOC.


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I *love* Bad Girls, but I have one hang up about ti:

No Shell! That girl was the ultimate bad girl and with the absence of Shell and Yvonne, the prison's quite tame nowadays, IMO.

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The show isn't the same without Yvonne :( Loved the line from one of the Julie's last week that Yvonne would have sorted Buxton out by now... damn right she would've. Yep, I'm hating her too, although I have a horrible feeling that she might be 'top dog' for a while to come and they're goiing to try and make us like the evil cow...

Oooo, Malcolm's slimy... feeling so sorry for Sylvia, as it's so obvious he's after her money... kinda hoping he'll warm to her and she doesn't end up getting hurt.

Really felt for Colin last ep though... I've always had a soft spot for him

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I thought the Laura storyline was great. It maybe could have done with being one or two episoders longer but I think they did right not to drag it out, as Bad Girls is essentially quite camp and OTT and it wouldn't work if they made it too gritty.

I hate Natalie too but I love to hate her, if you know what I mean! I think it was brilliant how everyone hated her when she first went in and she managed to turn it around so they all felt sorry for her! She's very clever and manipulative so she makes a good 'top dog', but I do miss Yvonne. :( Wasn't her death great though? I was terrified!

At the moment I like Darlene, and the Julies of course. Arun looks like she'll be good too. I can't stand that Janine though. And is it just me, or does anyone else feel sorry for Di? She's such a drip!

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I hate Di!! I find it so hard to sympathise with her even though Jim is totally taking her for a ride. I just can't stand her, she's so gullible and stupid.. she needs some sense knocking into her!

It isn't the same without Shell and Yvonne.. :(

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I like Pat, I reckon she'll be a good, strong character. Although she is a bit crazy.. she was standing up for herself and her friend, surely that's something to be admired!

It was good how she got all the other inmates to be on her side.. I can see her being the new "Top Dog"!!

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