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Drugs rife at Logies

Guest Di

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There is pictures of her on a site and she is dancing and she looks high.


Yup here you go beaus :) am both disappointed and Angry that Isabel would

Do some thing so Stupid. i mean she's a roll model for young kids who'd think

that Because Isabel dose drugs it's ok for tham to start :angry:


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I am all for people taking drugs if they want to, even illegal ones, because it's there life and not mine.

I can imagine awards ceremonies are deadly boring.


I remember Macy gray at (I think) The Brits a few years ago. She swore blind she was just pissed, but I'm sure she was stoned. That was the biginning of the end for her. Oh no wait a minute, that was when she opened her mouth to sing... :whistle:...

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