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Hurray, Summer Bay

Guest Andy

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Hurray, Summer Bay

Sunday Herald Sun

17 April 2005

Home and Away celebrates its 4000th episode on July 8 and fans can expect to see a numberof old favourites, including Pip and Mr Fisher, return for the landmark episode.

The show, which first aired in January, 1988, has launched some of ourbest-known actors, including Danni Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia and Heath Ledger.

Only two of the original cast members are left, Ray Meagher, who plays Alf Stewart, and Kate Ritchie (Sally), who joined when she was nine. The two have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the Longest Serving Actors on an Australian soap.

Today, the show airs in about 50 countries including most of Asia, the UK, Israel and Kenya.


* ENDURING soap Home and Away hoped to land something of a publicity coup by attracting one of its favourite stars, Melissa George (left), back for a cameo appearance as part of Alf's (Ray Meagher) 60th birthday.

In shades of Neighbours' 20th-anniversary tribute week, the invitation was sent to George, who played Angel in the series. But, while George had time to come back to Australia with husband Claudio Dabed to push her new flick, The Amityville Horror, and to see her relatives in WA, she had no interest in heading back to Summer Bay, even for a blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment.

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*sigh* I hate articles that don't do their research! She was in NEIGHBOURS! But you probably knew that.

I knew Heath was in it. There was a scene at the Kiosk when Hayley & Nick were talking about him and it amused me no end!!! Simple things.....

Julian McMahon was in it. Oh how I love him!!!!! I'm really interested to see an episode with him in, I cannot imagine him with an Aussie accent.

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So we can't take it for granted that Melissa shunned the invitation to appear in H&A, can we?  She may have refused, but for valid reasons.


From an interview with Melissa on 3rd November 2003

How was it working with Dieter Brummer? Would you like to work with Dieter agian?

Melissa: No thank you. Unfortunately he was? he was a nice guy but just not very? I wouldn?t put anyone with him working. And also, maybe now, Yes, but back then I think he was too young, and he wasn?t very respectful. So no, I think it?s been eight years now, so I would never go back.

So you would never go back to Home and Away ? obviously he wouldn?t be involved, because his character?s dead?

Melissa: Oh yeah, he died ? that?s right! Oh yeah, so maybe I would go back! [laughs] I wouldn?t know how to play Angel anymore, and it kind of defeats the purpose. Maybe if I wasn?t doing anything, I would maybe go back, but if I?m on Alias and I go back to Home and Away it wouldn?t make sense.

It seems a bit of a step back!

Melissa: Not really a step back, I think it?s more just? I don?t want to put too many characters out there on TV, I?d want to just be one, and then maybe do a movie.

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