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Homecoming Part 5

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Chapter 424


Two days later


Stewart shop- Summer Bay


“Aww Ruth looks so happy” Celia said as she looked through the photos that Roo had sent to Alf

“Yeah, she was on some kind of work outing or something, you know how those Americans are” Alf said then the shop door opened


“G’day, Mrs Ross, Mr Stewart” Greg said

“Hello Greg, how are you today?” Celia said

“Good, thanks” Greg said

“What can I do for you?” Alf said

“Just some size D batteries please” Greg said as Alf went off to get the batteries

“Oh, yes, you must be getting those for your camping trip with Bobby and Sam” Celia said which at first shocked Greg that anyone would know, then he remembered that maybe Michael must've told his wife

“Yeah, that’s right” Greg said as Alf came back to the counter

“Here you go, that’s 5.99” Alf said as Greg took the money out of his pocket and gave it to Alf

“You and Bobby are getting on well with each other” Celia said

“Yeah, she’s a great girl” Greg said as Alf gave him the change

“Thanks, well I’ll see you later” Greg said and he smiled and walked out of the shop as Celia watched him

“I wonder if going on this trip is such a good idea…you know with the impending custody case” Celia said

“What are you talking about?” Alf said

“Bobby and Greg” Celia said

“What about them?” Alf said

“Well, im not sure if it is a good idea for them to you know…while there is a custody case over little Sam” Celia said

“What difference is that going to make…you know Bobby can’t keep a bloke if her life depended on it” Alf said

“Alfred that is not a nice thing to say” Celia said

“You know it’s the truth…mark my words, he’s going to get sick of her just like all the others” Alf said as he wrote in his receipt book as Celia contemplated what he just said…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Hey Stevo, hows it going?” Lance said as he saw Steve taking off his bike helmet

“Ok” Steve said

“Do you want to go for a run or something?” Lance said

“No, I just finished going for a bike ride” Steve said as he put his bike in the bike rack outside the house as Lance stopped to think

“Do you wanna go check out the surf club?” Lance said

“Its not open yet” Steve said

“Oh…right, so what do you want to do?” Lance said

“I’m going to take a shower…I’ll see you later” Steve said and he walked into the house and shut the door behind him. Lance sighed as he began to walk back to his mobile home. Lately he had been doing a lot of thinking and he could honestly admit that he was feeling lonely since Martin left, and especially when Martin would write and say he going to the army was the best decision he had ever made.


“BEN” Ben turned around to see Lance walking behind him and after a short jog, right next to him

“G’day” Lance said

“Yeah g’day” Ben said as he rolled his eyes

“You’re in the army right?” Lance said

“Yeah” Ben said and he turned around and looked at Lance

“Do people have fun in it?” Lance

“Yeah, lots of fun” Ben said sarcastically

“Me best mate Martin is in the army” Lance said

“So?” Ben said

“Maybe I should go?” Lance said and Ben burst out laughing then he opened his van and closed the door leaving Lance outside trying to figure out what was funny…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby put the flashlight and extra batteries in the overnight bag. It had been a while since she went camping, and for some reason she was excited about it


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“You sure you haven’t over packed?” Grant said as he came out of his room

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to run away “ Bobby said and laughed and walked over to the stairs


“You looking forward to this camping trip?” Grant said

“Yeah, actually I am. Its been a long time since I did anything like this” Bobby said as Grant smiled at her

“Good to see that you and Greg are getting on well now” Grant said

“Yeah, I was wrong to judge him, he’s been great with Sam” Bobby said as Sam cam down the stairs

“So what happens after the custody case?” Grant said

“Well, we both decided that we would let Sam decide who he wants to live with, and allow the other parent to continue to be in his life” Bobby said

“But you do know that there is a strong chance that Greg gets custody” Grant said

“Yeah, that’s what Andrew said but its still ultimately who Sam wants to live with” Bobby said


Knock on the door


“Sam, that must be your dad…do you want to get the door” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and he opened the door

“Hello mate, ready for camping” Greg said and he picked up an excited Sam

“Yeah” Sam said and Bobby and Greg laughed then he put Sam down

“Sam, help me take the bags to the truck” Greg said and he gave Sam a small bag to carry while he carried two larger bags and walked outside

“Well, we are off…see you tomorrow night” Bobby said as she picked up one bag from the table

“Have a good time” Grant said and smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said and Grant watched as she walked out of the house, give the bag to Greg and got into the truck then Greg started the engine and drove away while Grant stood at the door concerned….


Background music ends



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Fisher family theme


Pippa walked into the living room to find Steven lying on the couch and looking at the ceiling

“Oi, if you have nothing to do today, you can wash the vans…like you are supposed to” Pippa said

“Yeah..ok” Steve said as he still stared at the ceiling and thinking of Sandra

“Is there something wrong?” Pippa said

“No” Steve said

“So why are you staring at the ceiling?” Pippa said confused

“No reason” Steve said

“Sweetheart, is there something you want to talk about?” Pippa said

“No” Steve said as he tried to count the butterflies flipping around in his stomach

“I have to run to the library to get a book, Christopher is having a nap…can you keep an ear out for him?” Pippa said

“Where is Finlay?” Steve said

“Its her day off..are you sure you’re alright?” Pippa said

“Yeah…is it alright if Sandra and Emma come over later?” Steve said

“Of course it is…oh and you got a letter on the desk..i wont be long” Pippa said and she walked out of the house. Steve got up and reached for the letter on the desk then laid back down when the door opened again as Ben walked into the house.

“G’day?” Ben said and gave Steve a sarcastic smile which Steve ignored and proceeded to walk towards the stairs

Steve sighed as he looked at the envelope, it was a letter from his aunt. He had to admit to himself that he hadn’t really written to her, not since he and Sandra became boyfriend and girlfriend…however he knew what his aunt was going to ask him in the letter which now made him more confused than before…now he didn’t know what he wanted to do..


Ben slowly opened the bedroom door and quietly walked over to the bed

“Carly…sweetheart” Ben said and he gently pulled the hair away from Carly’s face who was fast asleep. She had opted to stay in the house to get some rest after her accident. Ben gently shook her hoping to wake her up, but she never moved. He gently kissed her on the forehead and quietly walked to the door, he turned around once more to look at her and smiled then he quietly closed the door behind him…as Carly opened her eyes…



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Alf looked up when the bell above the shop made a noise and he put his pen down and watched as Ailsa walked towards him with Duncan

“Daddy” Duncan said

“Hello mate” Alf said and he walked around the counter and picked up Duncan

“I thought I would drop him off, instead of you picking him up from the house” Ailsa said

“Thanks” Alf said then an awkward moment ensued. Alf wanted to ask Ailsa why she was delaying in signing the divorce papers but he didn’t want to cause an argument

“I’ll bring him back tomorrow night, I that’s alright, I want to take him fishing tomorrow” Alf said

“That’s fine” Ailsa said as she put Duncan’s back on the counter

“You can come with us…if you want” Alf said

“I have a wholesale order to do tomorrow” Ailsa said

“What about tonight…having dinner with us…if you don’t have any other plans..its only chicken pie Celia made” Alf said as Ailsa looked at him. He really wanted her to say yes, and if she was being honest, her heart was telling her to say yes even though her head was reminding her of all the hurt

“Ok” Ailsa said

“I’m just going to shut the shop up, you and Duncan can go upstairs” Alf said and Ailsa smiled and she carried Duncan up to the flat upstairs as Alf sighed and smiled to himself…



Summer Bay


“This is turning into a habit, seeing you alone at night” Emma jumped then she turned around

“Hello sir..David” Emma said

“Where are you off to?” David said

“Just going to the caravan park” Emma said

“Well it’s a good job that its on my way home, let me give you a lift” David said and smiled

“Thanks” Emma said and she got into the car and he drove away…


Stewarts point camping ground- Summer Bay


Sam laughed as Greg told him a scary story as they sat around a small fire at the camping site. Bobby had to admit that she was really having a good time

“Tell me another story” Sam said excited

“Another story, that one didn’t scare you?” Greg said

“No” Sam said and laughed then Greg looked at his watch

“I think its your bed time…how about you get into your sleeping bag, and I will come and tell you another scary story in a minute” Greg said

“Ok” Sam said and he rushed to his sleeping bag

“I think I was probably scared of that story more than Sam” Bobby said and laughed as Greg looked at her and smiled as he tried to turn the fire out




“ DAD” Bobby and Greg both looked at each other then they rushed towards the small tent and noticed that there was a wild cat in the tent

“Oh no..Sam…stay still sweetheart so it doesnt hurt you” Bobby said concerned as Greg searched around for a stick then he found one and slowly walked towards the wild cat

“Its ok Sam….just just stay calm” Greg said and he hit the wild cat  with the stick but unfortunately, it didn’t move and Sam started crying

“Its ok Sam…don’t cry” Bobby said feeling helpless and before she knew it the cat started walking back towards her and Greg. Greg stood infront of bobby to shield her then he hit the cat again and Greg jumped forward and grabbed Sam but not quick enough for the  cat to scratch and bite Greg

“Ouch” Greg said as the cat ran away and Bobby hugged Sam tight as Greg put his arm around her

“You’re bleeding” Bobby said and she looked over to see that Gregs arm was bleeding

“It’s nothing” Greg said

“No we need to go to the hospital, those cat bites can cause an infection…we need to go” Bobby said and Greg looked into her eyes which he thought were extremely bright and beautiful tonight

“Ok” Greg said and they began to pack up their camping gear…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


“He’s fast asleep” Ailsa said as she walked into the living room

“I better go” Ailsa said and she put on her jacket

“Do you want some coffee or something” Alf said

“No…I need to get an early night so I can wake up early and do the wholesale order” Ailsa said

“Please Ails…stay a little bit longer so we can talk…I I I;ve really missed you, and I know its my fault..but please” Alf said as he stood next to Ailsa who was in two minds. Her heart wanted her to stay but her heard was reminding her of all the hurt. As she stood there contemplating what to do she felt Alf kiss her cheek then her neck..She knew that she should stop him but she couldn’t move and before she knew what she was doing they began aggressively kissing then they began to tear each others clothes off with an urgency that was like never before. Then Alf cleared the dining table of the napkins and spoons that were still on it, and aggressively laid Ailsa on the table as she kissed him back aggressively then he found her special tunnel  and entered furiously as Ailsa whimpered in his ear. With every thrust she could feel her body aching for more, and with every thrust Alf felt like he had something to prove like never before as Ailsa put her arms around him as she entered a state of bliss…


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby sighed as she walked down the stairs, it has been an eventful night. One that started with scary stories around a fire and ended up with Greg in hospital being treated for bites and scratches


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Sorry that the trip didn’t end up the way it was supposed to be” Greg said as Bobby came down the stairs

“Its not your fault, I think it was still an adventure for Sam, he couldn’t stop talking about how you saved him from being eaten” Bobby said and Greg laughed

“Yeah I got the bandages to prove it” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Thank you for tonight…for protecting us” Bobby said

“No worries” Greg said

“Do you want a coffee or something?” Bobby said

“No, its late, and I don’t want to keep you up. I better get going” Greg said and he walked to the door and opened it

“Well thanks again” Bobby said and Greg turned around and looked at her and before Bobby could say anything he bent down and kissed her lips which shocked her then he got in his car and drove away leaving Bobby standing at the door feeling confused


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf smiled to himself as he put his dressing gown on in the bedroom. When he came out his smile disappeared when he noticed that Ailsa was fully dressed

“Where…where are you going?” Alf said suprirsed

“This hasn’t changed anything Alf” Ailsa said and she reached for her bag

“But I thought that” Alf was interrupted

“It was just sex Alf…nothing more..I better go” Ailsa said and she left the house and Alf sighed. Ailsa close the door when she got to the bottom of the stairs and made the short walk to her car, opened it, sat in the car and sighed. She felt so confused after what just happened. Her heart wanted Alf even more than before, but she didn’t want to betray her head because nothing has changed…he still had an affair..and she couldn’t fogive that….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 425


Three days later


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music-Carly’s theme




Frank- Stop jumping on my bed

Carly- Pippa said you have to wake up

Frank- I am up get out of my room


Flashback ends


Carly turned the page of the photo album and smiled at the photosf her and Frank when they were young, then one of her and Tom when he taught her how to ride a bike. As Carly looked more and more at the photos she didn’t even recognize herself…she didn’t know who she had become


“Hey what are you doing?” Carly looked up to see Ben standing at the bedroom door

“Just looking at some old family photos” Carly said

“Well if you’re well enough to look at Family photos you’re well enough to come back to the caravan” Ben said and he sat on the bed and kissed Carly on the cheek

“I miss my wife” Ben said and he kissed Carly’s neck and she moved away

“What’s wrong?” Ben said

“My neck is still a bit sore” Carly said

“Can I massage it for you” Ben said

“No, that might make it worse” Carly said

“Are you saying, I will make it worse?” Ben said

“No” Carly said

“Just make sure you’re in the van when I get home from work” Ben said and he got up from the bed and walked out of the room. Carly waited for Ben to walk down the stairs then she opened the bottom draw of her bedside table and continued the routine of drinking alcohol….



Beach- Summer Bay


Adam ate his sandwich as he and Marilyn sat at the beach. He wanted to surprise her with a quick picnic but he noticed that she wasn’t eating


“Is there something wrong with the sandwich? Adam said

“No, I’m just not hungry” Marilyn said and Adam sighed

“Are you still in a mood about Emma? I told you everything already” Adam said

“No, its not about her” Marilyn said as she thought about seeing Carly at the hospital and how it reminded her of when she was in hospital

“So what is it about then? Adam said

“I better go…I have some things to finish at the salon..Ill see you later” Marilyn said and leaned forward and kissed Adam on the cheek

“I’m going over to Nicks tonight to play some cards” Adam said

“Ok” Marilyn said and smiled then she walked away as Adam watched her

“Women” Adam said then he shook his head and continued to eat his sandwich…



High School- Summer Bay


Emma looked along the shelves in the library then she looked at the paper in her hand with the numbers of the book that she needed then eventually she stopped and picked up the book from the shelf and opened it, it was a book of poems by syliva plath



“Sylvia Plath” Emma looked up to see Mr Croft standing in front of her

“We are studying some of her poems for class” Emma said and smiled

“Oh right…how are you doing?” David said

“Good, thanks…don’t forget, my door is always open” David said

“Thanks” Emma said and she smiled and walked away…


Background music ends



Ross boatshed- Summer Bay


Michael rolled his eyes as he listened to Greg repeatedly go on and on about the camping trip


“So what do you think I should do?” Greg eventually said

“Go and talk to her” Michael said

“No I don’t think I should” Greg said

“So why ask me if you already know what you are going to do?” Michael said

“Well what do I say when I do talk to her?” Greg said

“Tell her you liked kissing her, and you want to take her out” Michael said and sighed

“What if she says no,..I don’t want to make things awkward…you know going over there…I’m such an idiot, I don’t know why I kissed her” Greg said

“Look..just go and talk to her and stop bending my ear about it” Michael said

“No, I don’t think I should” Greg said then Michael looked at him with an annoyed look on his face

“Yeah, you’re right…I will go and talk to her..do you mind if I knock off early, I didn’t take lunch” Greg said

“As long as I can have some peace and quiet…just go” Michael said

“Thanks” Greg said and he began to pack his tools away



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Sweetheart sit here and have your milk..we’ll go home in a little while” Bobby said to Sam who was sitting at a table in the corner of the diner with his colouring book

“Ok” Bobby said and sighed as she walked into the kitchen

“Long day” Ailsa said as Bobby walked into the office and sighed

“Yeah” Bobby said


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Is there something wrong?” Ailsa said and she followed Bobby into the office

“Well..I don’t know..its Greg” Bobby said

“Oh, what is the matter?” Ailsa said

“I think he’s avoiding me” Bobby said

“Why?what happened at the camp site wasn’t his fault” Ailsa said

“That’s not the only thing that happened” Bobby said and Ailsa raised her eyebrows

“When he dropped Sam and me back home..he kissed me” Bobby said and Ailsa smiled

“He's a nice bloke…so whats the problem” Ailsa said

“I don’t know…” Bobby said

“Do you like him?” Ailsa said

“I don’t know..I think so, I’m not sure” Bobby said

“I think its fair to say that he likes you…according to Celia, Michael said he talks nonstop about you” Ailsa said and Bobby smiled

“yeah but my track record with men” Bobby was interrupted

“I say go for it, its about time that you met someone and had some fun” Ailsa said as Bobby sighed


“DAD DAD” Sam said as he saw his dad walk into the diner

“I think you have a visitor” Ailsa said and smiled and Bobby walked out of the office and into the diner

“Hi” Greg said as Bobby walked from behind the counter and where Sam was sitting

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“How are you?” Greg said

“Good” Bobby said as she gently stroked Sam’s hair

“Listen I was wondering…do you want to go out on ahh Saturday?” Greg said

“Yeah I wanted to take Sam to the new bouncy castle in Yabbie Creek” Bobby said

“No..I mean, just me and you…its alright if you say no…I understand” Greg said and Bobby looked at him

“Ok” Bobby said

“Oh ok…sorry, I should know my boundaries and not said anything…I hope this hasn’t made things awkward" Greg said

“Greg..I said ok..I will go out with you on Saturday” Bobby said

“Oh, sorry..I didn’t hear…right…so can I pick you up at you place around seven?” Greg said

“Ok” Bobby said

“Do you mind if I take Sam to get an ice cream…we wont be long” Greg said

“Just a little I don’t want him to spoil his dinner” Bobby said

“Ok” Greg said and he and Sam walked out of the diner as Bobby watched them and wondered if she was making a mistake….




Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Carly’s theme

“ANYBODY HOME” Ben said as he opened the front door

“YEAH COME THROUGH MATE, WE’RE IN THE KITCHEN” Nick said as Ben walked through the living room and into the kitchen

“You know everybody?” Nick said

“Yeah G’day” Ben said and sat at the table as Greg began to deal the cards

“I wasn’t sure that you would make it…thought the Mrs wouldn’t let you out on a school night” Nick said and Ben laughed..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly grabbed her t-shirt from the end of the bed and used it to wipe the blood from her nose. She didn’t want to be here, but she knew better than to not be in the van when Ben got home..he would probably get angry…but it didn’t matter anyway. Carly tried to get up from the bed but her arm it still hurt, and when Ben grabbed her it made it worst so she fell back onto the bed. Carly struggled and managed to reach for her bag and took out the bottle of whiskey and carefully opened it and drank some and waited for the liquid to stop burning the back of her throat then she drank some more and more until there was non left...


Background music ends



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa opened her eyes because she heard the front door knock and when she heard it again, she got up from the bed and grabbed her dressing gown. It was really late so she rushed so as not to wake everyone else up


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Who is it?” Ailsa said

“Ails…its me” Alf said and Ailsa sighed. She had not seen him since she left his flat a few nights ago. Ailsa inhaled and exhaled then she opened the door

“Alf..its late” Ailsa said

“I know but..I want to talk to to you…please” Alf said and Ailsa sighed and she walked into living room

“What is there to talk about Alf?” Ailsa said

“Why haven’t you signed the divorce papers” Alf said

“Ive been busy…ill get round to it tomorrow” Ailsa said trying to convince herself as Alf walked up behind her and attempted to kiss her neck. Ailsa moved away

“Just go Alf..its late, and I don’t want to wake the kids up.” Ailsa said and she walked towards her bedroom but before she was able to reach there, Alf grabbed her and pushed her into the bedroom and closed the door which shocked Ailsa then they began to kiss each other and rushed while rushing to take their clothes off then Alf once again found Ailsa’s special tunnel and entered with reckless abandon which caused Ailsa to inhale sharply. Alf felt like a man on a mission as he thrusted deeper while Ailsa held onto Alf until she reached a blissful state and then...she wondered if she was making a mistake…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 426






Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


As Celia walked into the shop she heard Alf whistling in the stockroom

“ALFRED” Celia said and Alf walked out of the stockroom whistling and smiling

“G’day sis, isn’t it a beautiful day” Alf said and smiled as Celia looked at Alf confused

“What can I get for you today?” Alf said

“I just wanted to how you are today before I go to my hospital appointment” Celia said

“The birds are singing, the sun is almost shining, and I am feeling fantastic” Alf said

“Has something happened, you are not normally this happy in the morning” Celia said

“Well let’s just say that they may be some progress in the marital department” Alf said

“Oh Alfred!” Celia said and she clasped her hands together as Alf smiled

“Nothing is official yet…but I believe things are going in the right direction” Alf said and he winked

“Oh Alfred that is wonderful news..see I told you not to give up” Celia said

“Yeah you did…thanks sis…keep this to yourself until it becomes official..which probably won't be too long” Alf said

“Yes I certainly will..I need to go now..have a good rest of the day” Celia said and she hobbled out of the store as quickly as she could. Alf smiled to himself and shook his head then he went back into the stockroom whistling.


When she heard the shop door close, Betty Fulwill came out from her hiding place and slowly walked towards the door. She opened it wide enough to fit through, but not for the bell to make a noise then she closed the door slowly and rushed towards her car….



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby sighed as she swiveled her chair around


“I don’t know Narelle..am I making a mistake?” Bobby said


The Bistro- The City


“Look, easy question, do you like this bloke?” Narelle said and she pulled a chair closer to the counter and sat down


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“I think I do.I might have a bit of a crush on him...but I’m not sure” Bobby said


The Bistro- The City


“I’m sure you didn’t mind being kissed by him” Narelle said and started laughing


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Narelle you’re not helping” Bobby said and sighed


“What is the problem, he likes you…you obviously like him” Narelle said

“I don’t know…what if it doesn’t work out…you know my history with blokes…I just don’t want to go through all that again” Bobby said and sighed

“What if it does work out? You get to have what you’ve always wanted..the family you’ve always wanted” Narelle said

“Yeah but” Bobby was interrupted

“Bobby..give him a chance…if it doesn’t work out..then so what? You will never know unless you try” Narelle said

“Ailsa sort of said the same thing” Bobby said

“Well we must both be right then..look, you’re my best friend…I just want you to be happy..you’ve been through so much..and you work so hard…maybe now its time for you to stop thinking about what happened in the past and get excited about what can happen in the future…take a chance” Narelle said

“Yeah, maybe you are right…..ok…I’ll go” Bobby said


The Bistro- The City

“Good on ya”  Narelle said and smiled

“Tell me everything that happens?” Narelle said

“Yeah, I will” Bobby said

“And make sure you wear something sexy” Narelle said


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“Narelle!” Bobby said and Narelle started laughing

“We’re getting busy, so call me after the hot date” Narelle said

“Ok, I will….maybe I might come and see you soon” Bobby said

“Yeah, just let me know” Narelle said

“Ok…see you later” Bobby said

“see yous later” Narelle said and Bobby put the phone down and sighed then she looked at the folder on her desk that she needed to take down to give it to the chef. She picked up the folder and walked out of her office and closed the door. She was just about to go towards the kitchen when she saw Marilyn standing at the entrance of the salon


“Marilyn” Marilyn jumped when she heard her name then she put the notice on the door about a discount they were having

“Oh, hi Bobby” Marilyn said and forced a smile

“Sleeping on your feet?” Bobby said and Marilyn smiled

“No…I was just miles away” Marilyn said

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said and Marilyn looked at her. She wanted to tell her all she knew that was happening to Carly, how she was frightened that something worse was going to happen to Carly

“No nothing, just a bit tired…Ill see you later” Marilyn said and like the coward that she thought she was, walked into the salon and closed the door while Bobby walked away…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly exhaled as she opened the door and walked into the house

“ Hi Carly” Finlay said and Carly didn’t respond.

“Calee” Carly turned around and looked at Christopher who was sitting on the chair and eating some apple. Carly gently ran her finger down his cheek and smiled

“His tooth came through, so he’s much happier today” Finlay said and smiled. Carly looked at her then she began walking towards the stairs

“You look much better today” Finlay said and Carly ignored her and she walked upstairs to her old room, closed the door and locked it

Carly sat down on the bed and stared at the door


Background music- Carly’s theme




Carly- Ben, I’m not ready to make love

Ben- Why not?, you’re ready to look at old photos of your drop kick family

Carly- Ben I don’t want to, my back still hurts…and my head

Ben- Well I’ll be careful

Carly- Please don’t

Ben- I miss my wife…did you just push me off?

Carly- it was an accident, I’m really tired Ben…no….stop


Flashback ends


Carly closed her eyes..she didn’t want to remember any more of what happened last night. She opened the draw of the bedside table and she took out the bottle and drank as much as she could then she laid on the bed as tears ran down her face…


Background music ends


Bayside- Diner- Summer Bay


“Grant, can you give me a hand, I just got a few things in the car from the wholesalers” Ailsa said as she put a box of napkins on the counter. As she walked into the kitchen, she noticed that Colleen was smiling at her. Ailsa went into the office and put the receipts on the desk and when she came out, she noticed Colleen in the kitchen smiling


“Is there something wrong?” Ailsa said confused

“Let me be the first to congratulate you” Colleen said

“On what?” Ailsa said confused

“I know it wasn’t an easy decision, when my Lee ran off with that floozy from the pub, I didnt want to take him back when he came crawling back…but he’s not a good man like your Alf. I can tell he has learned his lesson, and he won’t be doing any of that again” Colleen said

“Colleen, what are you talking about?” Ailsa said still confused

“You and Alf…getting back together…it really is wonderful news, forgiveness, that is the Christian way... oh there’s a customer” Colleen said and she walked out of the kitchen leaving Ailsa standing there in shock….

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3 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapters

Alf and Ailsa going at it like a pair of wild cats

Greg and Bobby going out on a date.

Colleen sticking her nose in it and that Betty.

Update again soon :)







Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 427



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Steve and Sandra sat on the bed and kissed each other. They were supposed to be finishing homework. As they kissed, Steve put his hand on Sandra’s leg and gently caressed her thigh


“Is she supposed to be in your room?” Steve and Sandra immediately separated and Steve turned around to see Carly standing by the door

“Can you knock next time?” Steve said

“The door was open” Carly said annoyed

“We are doing homework” Steve said and Sandra smiled at Carly

“Do it downstairs” Carly said

“Why? Pippa wont mind” Steve said

“Pippa isn’t here…do the homework downstairs, I’m not going to tell you again” Carly said and she walked away

“She gets on my nerves…ever since she got married, she’s been really up herself” Steve said

“Maybe shes right…we should be doing home work…lets just do it downstairs” Sandra said and she began to walk towards the door when Steve grabbed her arm then they kissed each other and smiled then they proceeded to leave the bedroom….


 Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“I thought we could go out tonight” Adam said as he shut the door and followed Marilyn into the house

“Not tonight, I’m a bit tired” Marilyn said as she walked into the kitchen and poured hot water into the cup with her tea bag


“I should be tired, I got in really late from the poker game…thank goodness its wasn’t for real money otherwise I’d be broke you know, that Ben is an excellent poker player..” Adam said and Marilyn dropped the cup on the floor. She bent town and picked up the broken pieces of cup and put them into the bin


“You played poker with Ben?” Marilyn said as she wiped the water from the floor

“Yeah, me, Nick, Greg and Ben..why?” Adam said

“Nothing…what did you talk about?” Marilyn said

“Guy stuff” Adam said as Marilyn sighed and continued wiping the floor until it was dry

“You’ve been really moody lately, if I’ve done something wrong” Adam said

“No, you haven’t done anything wrong” Marilyn said

“Then what is it?” Adam said

“Nothing” Marilyn said and Adam sighed

“I cant figure you out” Adam said then he shook his head and walked out of the house as Marilyn sighed and grabbed another cup and tea bag and poured some water into it


“Is everything alright?” Marilyn jumped when she heard Grant’s voice

“You scared me, I thought you were out” Marilyn said

“I was just taking a quick nap before going back to the diner to relieve Bobby. All hands on deck until Carly gets back” Grant said and Marilyn looked at him then she sat at the dining table with her cup. Grant could see that there was something wrong with her, so he sat down opposite her

“Come on, what is going on?” Grant said


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Carly didn’t have an accident” Marilyn said and after a few seconds, Grant understood what she meant

“Ben did that to her?” Grant said

“I cant prove it, but I’m certain that he mustve been the one who pushed her. I went to see her in the hospital…I told her what he did to me” Marilyn said

“What did she say?” Grant said

“Nothing…I’m frightened for her Grant, what If he does something worse to her” Marilyn said really upset then Grant gently grabbed her hand

“There really isn’t anything we can do…if anything, saying something might make things worse” Grant said

“I know, but I feel so helpless..I don’t know if I will be able to forgive myself if he” Marilyn was interrupted

“Lets hope that she comes to her senses before things get worse” Grant said trying to convince himself


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Carly tidied the kitchen table as best she could


“Oh sweetheart, you are still recovering, go and sit down” Pippa said as she came into the kitchen. Carly smiled then she walked out of the kitchen and sat on the couch. Christopher was playing and Carly smiled at him as the door opened

“Hi” Ben said and Carly looked at him as he walked towards her

“Ben there is dinner if you want it” Pippa said

“Thanks” Ben said

“These are for you” Ben said and he gave Carly a small bouquet of flowers

“Thanks” Carly said and she took the flowers

“Those are really nice, let me put them in water for you” Pippa said and she walked over to Carly, took the flowers and walked back into the kitchen to find a vase

“Look, I’ve been a bit of a jerk lately, and I want to apologize” Ben said as Carly looked at him

“I really love you Carly” Ben said then he bent down and kissed Carly’s cheek


“Here you go, Ill leave them here, and you can take them to the caravan” Pippa said and smiled then she went back into the kitchen as Carly stared at the flowers in the vase while Ben played with Christopher…


Background music ends



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa opened her eyes when she hear the door knock. She wasn’t asleep, she was still annoyed about what Colleen said earlier…which meant that somehow, Alf was telling people that they were back together which wasn’t true


Knock on the door


Ailsa knew that it must’ve Alf at the door, so she ignored him. She knew that if she spoke to him, it would end up in a big argument waking everybody up


Knock at the window


“Ails” Alf said as he gently knocked on the bedroom window. The curtains were drawn, but Ailsa could see his shadow outside


Knock at the window


Ailsa looked at the window and each time Alf knocked she got even more annoyed


“Ails..love, it’s me…ouch” Alf said as he fell backwards trying to avoid a stray cat. Ailsa didn’t know what happened but she heard a commotion outside and what sounded like Alf falling over.


“Bleeding stray cats” Alf said as he got up from the flor and gathered himself together and knocked on the window again. After a few minutes he realized that Ailsa must be asleep, and he turned around and limped back to his car smiling to himself because soon, he and Ailsa would be back together…..



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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 428


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Bye mummy” Christopher said as he stood at the door and waved at Pippa who got into her car with Sally and waved at him before she drove off

“Come on Christopher” Finlay said and she picked him up…lets go and get changed before our walk” Finlay said and smiled at Carly who was sitting at the dining table breaking off bits of her toast and eating it


Knock on the door


Carly looked up to see Marilyn at the door

“What do you want?” Carly said

“Can I come in?” Marilyn said and Carly ignored her but she opened the screen door and walked into the house

“How are you?” Marilyn said as she sat down opposite Carly

“Fine” Carly said as she looked at her. Marilyn could tell that she was lying

“Carly, you’re not fine.you have to get away from him, he is dangerous…” Marilyn was interrupted

“Look, what goes on in my marriage has nothing to do with you. I fell…ok, it was an accident, nobody did this to me..now can you just leave” Carly said and she got up and took her plate to the kitchen and Marilyn got up and followed her

“if I didn’t get away from him..I wouldve ended up in hospital again…when he apologizes it doesn’t mean he's not going to do it again” Marilyn Was interrupted

“LOOK JUST LEAVE ME ALONE” Carly said and Marilyn sighed

“Whats going on here?” The both turned around to see Ben standing behind them

“Nothing, Marilyn was just leaving” Carly said

“Y..yes, I was” Marilyn said and she looked at Ben in a defeated way as he smirked at her and she walked out of the house

“What did she want?” Ben said

“Trying to get me to try out a special on hair colours they are having at the salon” Carly said hoping that she was convincing

“I didn’t hear you get up this morning” Ben said as he stroked Carly’s cheek

“I didn’t want to wake you” Carly said forcing a smile

“Good job I was able to wake up on time” Ben said and he kissed Carly

“I wouldn’t mind some breakfast before I go to work” Ben said and he kissed Carly again and her smile disappeared as she watched him walk out of the kitchen


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

Alf smiled as he looked up to see Ailsa walking towards him. His smile disappeared when he realized that she was not smiling

“Just what game do you think you are playing?” Ailsa said and Alf looked at her confused

“I don’t know what you are talking about” Alf said confused

“Why is Colleen Smart congratulating us for getting back together?” Ailsa said and Alf sighed

“Look Ails” Alf was interrupted

“I told you Alf, it was just sex. Nothing has changed and I would appreciate it if you would stop coming over to the house. From now on, when its your time to see Duncan, either Emma or Sandra will bring him here..stay away from me” Ailsa said and she turned around and walked out of the shop. Alf sighed. He thought for sure that it was just a matter of time that things would get back to normal…they were being intimate, their chemistry was still the same…he knew that she still loved him

“Flamin’ Celia..i’ll kill her” Alf said annoyed then he rushed to the door, put the closed sign on, locked the door and rushed towards his car.


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Ailsa” Ailsa jumped as Grant gently touched her arm

“Sorry did you say something?” Ailsa said

“I was asking if its alright for me to knock off now and get some rest before I come back tonight” Grant said

“Yes…yes of course” Ailsa said and Grant took off his apron and hung it up in the pantry

“Is everything alright” Grant said as Colleen walked into the kitchen

“Can I see you in the office before you go?” Ailsa said looking at Grant then looking at Colleen

“Sure” Grant said then he followed Ailsa into the office and shut the door while Colleen stamped her foot in annoyance at not being able to hear what was being said


Background music – Stewart family theme


“Yesterday Colleen congratulated me and Alf for getting back together” Ailsa said

“So you decided to give your marriage another chance?….congratulations” Grant said and Ailsa looked at him

“That’s just it…I haven’t” Ailsa said

“I don’t understand” Grant said

“Alf and I had sex a couple of times, and for some reason he got it into his head that I have forgotten what he did” Ailsa said

“Well…its understandable for him to draw that conclusion considering he wants to be given another chance…so any interaction will be interpreted as such” Grant said and Ailsa sighed

“Maybe I should’ve just listened to my head and left like I had planned to” Ailsa said

“Then you wouldve had to explain to Duncan why his dad wasn’t in his life” Grant said

“I wouldve crossed that bridge when the time came” Ailsa said

“Well its just a matter of time until the divorce is finalized…then maybe Alf will know that things truly are over” Grant said and Ailsa looked at him

“You…haven’t signed the divorce papers..have you?” Grant said and Ailsa shook her head

“Everytime I pick up a pen and mean it when I say I am going to sign, for some reason I don’t” Ailsa said

“Maybe that reason is because you don’t want to” Grant said

“How can I forgive him for what he did Grant? Ailsa said

“Do you want to forgive him?”Grant said

“I…I..I don’t know”Ailsa said

“Do you still love him?” Grant said

“I do…but how can I trust him..I just wish I had a fairy god mother who can tell me what to do” Ailsa said and a tear ran down her cheek and she wiped it

“If only life could be so easy” Grant said and he walked over to where Ailsa was standing and gave her a hug

“Everything will be alright Mrs S” Grant said and he kissed Ailsa on the cheek and she smiled and she hugged him

“Thank you for always lending me your ear” Ailsa said and she smiled then she attempted to kiss Grant on his cheek but  unbeknownst to him that she was going to to that he moved his head and she ended up kissing his lips. Ailsa looked at Grant with a shocked look on her face. She couldn’t believe that she kissed Grant who was looking at her and then he leaned forward and kissed her again then they began to kiss passionately and before either of them knew what was going on Grant was running his hands over Ailsa body and she was trying to unbuckle the belt on his jeans. Grant helped her and he pushed his jeans down and ushered Ailsa over to the door and pulled up her skirt. With one swift move he was filling up her tunnel in a way that had it had never been filled before. Ailsa had one hand balancing herself and the other over her mouth as Grant gently thrusted. She couldn’t help herself when she became overwhelmed and a noise escaped from her mouth. She quickly put her hand over her mouth as Grant continued to explore a place he never been before…..


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay


Celia rushed as quickly as she could to answer the banging door

“Alfred” Celia was interrupted as Alf barged into the house


“Alfred, what is this about?” Celia said confused



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

Ailsa whimpered as Grant continued to thrust while wrapping her legs around him as she balanced herself on the back of the office door. Ailsa bit into his neck to stop the noises of ecstasy escaping from her mouth


Knock on the door


“Ailsa, we are starting to get busy” Colleen said as she put her ear up to the door in the hopes of hearing something then she rushed back to the counter to serve a customer


Ailsa didn’t care about what Colleen just said as she closed her eyes and again went to a place of place of sheer bliss…


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay


“Alfred, I didn’t say anything to anyone” Celia said


“I I I I Dont know Alfred...I give you my word, I didn’t say anything to anybody” Celia said


Background music ends

Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 429



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Hello Sally, look at you all grown up” Andrew said when Sally opened the door

“Do you remember me?” Andrew said

“Yeah, you were going to marry Carly but then you didn’t” Sally said which surprised Andrew

“Ummm right..is Carly at home?” Andrew said as Sally walked towards the stairs

“CARLY” Sally said then she went back to doing her homework..A few moments later Carly came downstairs and noticed Andrew at the door

“Hi” Carly said

“Hi, I was just over Bobby’s and she said you had an accident, so I came by to see if you are ok” Andrew said

“Yeah, I just fell, but I’m fine” Carly said feeling nauseous and slightly off balance as Andrew looked at the bandage on her arm

“Are you sure, you look really pale” Andrew was interrupted

“Yes..is there something else you wanted?” Carly said and Andrew looked at her, he could tell that there was something wrong with her

“No, that’s all” Andrew said as he looked at Carly

“Bye” Carly said and she looked at Andrew then he walked away. Carly closed the door and walked back to the stairs

“You didn’t have to be rude to him” Steve said

“Stay out of my business” Carly said and she walked up the stairs as Steve looked at his homework and shook his head


Background music ends


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Celia, what can I do for you, we’re just about to sit down to dinner” Ailsa said when she opened the door

“I was hoping I could have a quick word with you”  Celia said and Ailsa sighed and walked into the living room with Celia following behind her

“I believe there has been a misunderstanding” Celia said

“Really, about what?” Ailsa said


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“I don’t know how but Colleen smart must have got her wires cross, you know how much of a sticky beak she is” Celia said as Ailsa looked at

“Somehow Alfred is blaming me, and I wanted to come here and tell you that he is really sorry…Ailsa…he loves you…and I know you love him and you are a good woman..have it in your heart to forgive him. I know he was wrong..but that is in the past now…he cant change what he did but he wants a chance to” Celia said as Ailsa looked at her

“Anyway, I’ll leave you to have your dinner” Celia said and she hobbled out of the house and closed the door. Ailsa walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed and sighed. She felt like such a hypocrite. Here she was hating Alf for being unfaithful….and she just did the same thing, so she wasn’t in any position to judge




Ailsa- I feel so embarrassed…I can’t believe that just happened

Grant- I was a willing participant

Ailsa- I know but I’m the married one here

Grant-nothing has changed

Ailsa said-Yes it has

Grant- You still love Mr Stewart..and that is all that matters. We are just two people who needed something in the moment

Ailsa- You make it sound so simple

Grant- That’s because it is


Colleen- Will you too be coming out anytime soon


Ailsa- I better get out there

Grant- Right


Flashback ends


Ailsa sighed again as she thought about the blissful places that Grant took her and how in those moments she wasn’t even thinking about Alf…maybe that was how it was for him and Debra. Now Ailsa felt more confused than before...


Knock on the door


Ailsa walked out of the room and opened the front door


“Yes, can I help you?” Ailsa said

“Yes, delivery for Mrs Ailsa Stewart” The delivery man said and handed Ailsa a big bouquet of flowers

“Thank you” Ailsa said and she shut the door and looked inside the flowers for the card. When she found it, she briefly put the flowers on the couch and opened the card



You mean the world to me

I feel so lost without you

I love you so much..I don't want us to end

Please forgive me



Ailsa sighed as she looked at the flowers…


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf turned the sign to close and locked the front door. He turned off the light in the shop and walked upstairs to the flat and sighed. He turned on the TV and walked into the kitchen, and took out a can of beer from the fridge then he walked into the living room and sat on the couch. He opened the can and drank some of the beer. He felt betrayed by Celia and finally realized that maybe…just maybe his marriage is over…


Background music



Three days later


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Thanks for looking after Sam..I wont be too late” Bobby said as she walked towards the door

“Bobby, I told you if its too late, Sam can just stay over” Pippa said

“Sam, you be a good boy ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said as he sat on the couch playing with his toy truck

“Does he know where you are going?” Pippa said

“No..Greg and I thought it would be for the best…I don’t want to confuse him” Bobby said

“Well have a good time” Pippa said

“Thanks…I’ll see you later” Bobby said and smiled then she walked out of the house and closed the door



Morgan Residence- New York


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Frank licked the envelope and sealed it shut. He opened the door, the wardrobe and took out his work bag then he put the letter in the side pocket, and put it back in the wardrobe. Just as he was about to closet the door, from the corner of his eye he could see his guitar. Frank reached into the back of the  closet and pulled out the guitar and closed the door. He walked over to the couch and sat down. The apartment was quiet, because Roo was in Massachusetts for work. They hadn’t spoken much recently, but only enough for her to tell him on Wednesday that she wouldn’t be home until next week. Frank opened the guitar case and looked at it, the strings were still broken  He remembered the last time he opened it, and the reason why he was angry and ripped the strings. Frank reached behind the guitar and put his hand in the pocket and took out the little box wrapped in silver wrapping paper and pressed it against his cheek. Frank inhaled and exhaled then he put the little box back in the pocket of the guitar case and put his hand in the next pocket and took out a small envelope. He opened the envelope and took out the small card and read it


Thank you for saving my life.

Make music you love, as much as I love you




Frank sighed and he laid back on the couch and put the card on his chest and stared at the ceiling. He missed her so much….



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby put her keys the counter after she walked into the house and closed the door

“You excited for your date?” Marilyn Said with  smile as she came down the stairs

“Its not really a date..I think” Bobby said

“Oh Bobby, when a man asks you out, it’s a date..what time is Greg picking you up” Marilyn said

“In about 20 minutes” Bobby said

“What are you wearing?” Marilyn said

“I’m already dressed” Bobby said

“Bobby, you cant go out like that” Marilyn said shocked as Bobby looked down at her outfit. She was wearing some jeans and a shirt

“Whats wrong with it?” Bobby said confused

“Bobby, its your first time going out with him, you cant look like how you look everyday..this will simply not do..come on, ill help you find something” Marilyn as she pushed a reluctant Bobby towards the stairs…



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg brushed his hair as he felt a little nervous

“Crickey, did you shower in aftershave” Nick said as he stood at the bathroom door and coughed

“Too much?” Greg said confused

“Do you want to take her out again?” Nick said and coughed

“Your right, ill have a quick shower” Greg said and Nick shook his head and waked away coughing



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Bobby, you have some lovely clothes, look at this dress?” Marilyn said and she took out one of the dresses that Brett gave her

“I don’t want to wear that…besides, we are only going out for dinner” Bobby said

“And giving a good first impression means being invited out for dinner again…what about this? I think this is nice” Marilyn said as Bobby sighed


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg dried himself then he put his shirt back on and this time, only sprayed a little aftershave and looked at himself in the mirror, pointed and winked then he put the towel on the rack and turned off the bathroom light



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Oh Bobby…you look beautiful” Marilyn said a she pushed Bobby’s hair behind her ears.

“Thanks” Bobby said and she got up and she walked over to the mirror on the wardrobe door and looked at herself. She nearly didn’t recognize herself because she hadn’t dressed up in a while, and Marilyn had done a good job with her make up and styling her now shoulder length hair into a high bun leaving some to frame her face. She was wearing a black knee length strapless cocktail dress, courtesy of Brett Macklin

“Are you sure this isn’t too much” Bobby said as she turned around and looked at Marilyn

“No, you look absolutely perfect” Marilyn said and smiled



Greg pulled up outside the house. He borrowed Nicks car, because he didn’t want Bobby to be climbing into his truck. He was a bit nervous and he could feel himself sweating so he turned on the air condition and dried each armpit until he didn’t feel sweaty. Greg turned the car engine off and opened the car door. His heart was beating fast as he made the short walk to Bobby’s house then he stopped outside the front door. He was really nervous and looked down at his outfit, he was wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue trousers. He wondered if he was dressed right, but it was too late for him to do anything about it. Greg inhaled deeply then he exhaled and knocked on the door.

“Oh Hi Greg, Bobby wont be a moment, come in” Marilyn said

“Thanks Greg said and walked into the house and closed the door

“Where is Sam?” Greg said

“Mrs Fletcher is looking after him, have a seat” Marilyn said and Greg sat down

“Oh right” Greg said

“Bobby Greg is here” Marilyn said as and a few moments later Bobby came out of the bathroom. Greg stood up in shock..

“Wow…you..you look breathtaking” Greg said. He couldn’t believe how nice Bobby looked

“Thanks” Bobby said and blushed then she smiled and picked up her bag from the table

“Should we get going?” Greg said

“Ok” Bobby said and she walked towards the front door

“Have a a nice night” Marilyn said with a big smile on her face as Greg opened the door for Bobby to get into the car. He closed the door and rushed around to the driver’s side and got into the car

“I’m starving…I hope you are” Greg said and he started the engine and Bobby smiled as they drove away..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 430


Caravan park- Summer Bay

Background music- Fletcher family theme


Pippa smiled as she listened to Reverend Jones telling her how proud he was of the marks she got for her test

“Thank you…its been lots of hear work, but I am getting there. you haven’t told me about your missionary trip” Pippa said

“It went well, we were able to save some souls with the donated supplies that we took, but enough about me, how is everyone else getting on?” Reverend Jones said

“Well, Steve, he has a girlfriend…Sandra..however I am sure he will tell you more than he will tell me” Pippa said and Reverend Jones laughed


Drive in movie- Summer Bay

 Steve and Sandra sat on the back seats of the car and kissed while Emma sat in the front passenger seat eating popcorn and watching the film. Steve put his hand on Sandra’s leg and ran his hand up and down her thigh

“Whats wrong?” Steve said as Sandra pulled away from the kiss

“I’m really happy” Sandra said and smiled

“Me too” Steve said and smiled then they continued to kiss


Caravan park- Summer Bay


“Sally and Christopher are fine…I’m looking after Sam because Bobby had gone out for the night…on a date” Pippa said

“That’s wonderful, who is the young man?” Reverend Jones said

“Greg…Sams dad” Pippa said

“Interesting, before I left for the mission, Roberta wasn’t too sure about him” Reverend Jones

“Yes, i know, but spending time with him, shes had a change of heart” Pippa said


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

“I hope you don’t mind coming here, I didn’t know where else to go” Greg said

“Here is fine” Bobby said and smiled

“I’m having a really good time” Greg said

“Yeah me too” Bobby said

“I’d like to make a toast” Greg said raising his wine glass

“Too what?” Bobby

“To sharing a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman” Greg said and smiled. Bobby clinked glasses with him and smiled


Caravan park- Summer Bay

“Frank is fine just working really hard…and Carly had an accident last week, she fell out of the caravan” Pippa said

“Oh that is awful, how is she doing. I hope she wasn’t seriously hurt?” Reverend Jones said

“Thank goodness she wasn’t. She had a bit of concussion and she hurt her arm, but thank goodness nothing serious” Pippa said


Carly closed her eyes as Ben laid in the bed behind her and kissed her cheek

“If you're feeling up to it, maybe we can go to the beach tomorrow” Ben said and Carly didnt respond

“Its nice just being here…the two of us” Ben said and kissed Carly’s cheek again.

“I cant wait until we get our own place…make it our own home..maybe start a family” Ben said as he put his arm around Carly and she gently put her hand on her stomach as a tear ran down her cheek…..


Caravan park- Summer Bay

“So what about you, how are you Philippa?”  Reverend Jones

“Fine…how are you?” Pippa said

“Oh fine..anyway, I don’t want to keep you too long” Reverend Jones said

“Ok” Pippa said disappointed

“Well good night” Reverend Jones said

“Goodnight” Pippa said

“Philippa?” Reverend Jones said

“Yes Alex?” Pippa said with anticipation in her voice

“I miss you” Reverend Jones and Pippa silently exhaled

“I miss you too” Pippa said and smiled

“Sleep well” Reverend Jones said

“Thank you, you too” Pippa said and smiled as she put the phone down….


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa couldn’t sleep, she stared at the ceiling as she thought about how she felt about Alf, and what happened with Grant. Since she did the same, she had absolutely no reason to be angry at Alf. In a crazy way, it made them even…and now that they were even, Ailsa didn’t know what the next step was going to be…


Background music ends…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby got out of the car and Greg closed the door and walked behind her as they walked to the short distance to the front door


Background music – Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Home safe and sound” Greg said and Bobby turned around and looked at him

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“I really had a great evening tonight” Greg said

“Yeah, me too” Bobby said

“Hopefully, we can do it again..that’s if its alright with you” Greg said

“Yeah..it’s alright with me” Bobby said and Greg smiled then he leaned forward and gently kissed Bobby

“Goodnight” Greg said and smiled

“Goodnight” Bobby said and smiled. Greg winked and he walked away. Bobby opened the door and locked it behind her. She took off her shoes and quietly walked up the stairs and turned the light on when she walked into her room. She walked into the small ensuite bathroom and took her hair down and washed the makeup off her face. Bobby changed into her nightshirt and turned the bathroom light off. She turned the main light off and turned the lamp by her bed on then she got into bed and turned the light off. She grabbed Alans bear that was on the pillow next to her and hugged it and smiled to herself. She didn’t know where this were going with Greg…but she was happy to let go and see. Bobby closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep


Morgan Residence- New York


Frank sat on the floor and opened the bag and took out the guitar stirngs he just went and brought from the shop. He opened the guitar case and took out the guitar and proceeded to change the strings. After a short while, the strings were changed and Frank briefly played the guitar, and it sounded perfect. Frank got up from the floor and sat on the couch and closed his eyes and played the songs he wrote for Bobby….the one he played to her when they when to Shaolhaven. As he played a tear ran down his cheek because he remembered how happy he was…and how much he missed her…how much he loved her….


Background music ends


One month later


Bayside diner- After dark- Summer Bay

Background music- Diner Jukeboxe


Turn down the lights, turn down the bed
Turn down these voices inside my head
Lay down with me, tell me no lies
Just hold me close, don't patronize
Don't patronize me


“So you decided to give him another chance” Ailsa turned around to see Grant standing behind her and she nodded

“I sorta figured that you would” Grant said and smiled.

“Thank you for being a good friend” Ailsa said

“Anytime you need one….you look beautiful tonight” Grant said

“Thank you” Ailsa said

“And I think your date is here” Grant said and leaned forward and gave Ailsa a kiss on the cheek and she smiled and walked out of the kitchen to Alf who was waiting for her at the counter


'Cause I can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something it won't
Here in the dark, in these final hours
I will lay down my heart, and I'll feel the power
But you won't, no you won't
And I can't make you love me
If you don't


Carly closed her eyes as the liquid burned the back of her throat. She drank some more and put the bottle in her bag. She swallowed the liquid and took out the bottle of mouthwash from her bag and gargled with it and spat it in the little sink and ran the water. Carly turned the tap off and before she walked out, looked at herself in the mirror and sighed then walked out of the small diner toilet..


I'll close my eyes and then I won't see
The love you do not feel, when you're holding me
Morning will come, and I'll do what's right
Just give me till then, to give up this fight
And I will give up this fight


Sands Resort- Summer Bay

Nick watched as Julie’s dad pushed her towards his car. She was smiling then she turned and looked at someone else in a resort uniform and waved. Her Dad was just about to pick her up and put her in the car, but she pushed his had away and got into the car herself. Her dad gave her a little clap and Julie laughed as her dad got into the car and drove away. Nick sighed then he heard his radio telling him to answer an emergency. Nick put his siren on, turned his car around and drove away….

And I can't make you love me if you don't
You can't make your heart feel something it won't
And here in the dark, in these final hours


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Sam laughed as his dad showed him the fish that they caught. Bobby smiled as she helped Greg take out the fishing equipment and picnic basket from the back of his new pick up truck. Greg decided that since things were going well with Bobby , he was going to stay in Summer Bay for a while, so he sold the truck he used for long distance, and got something else

“I think you need to go and wash up young man” Bobby said and looked at Sam as if she was upset and he laughed and ran into the house and up the stairs laughing. Bobby was about to go into the house when Greg grabbed her and turned her around then he bent down and kissed her and Bobby smiled.

“I hope you had a good day today” Greg said and Bobby nodded

“I know you have exams coming up…I just want you to know that I am here to help with Sam…if you need me to” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled then Greg leaned down and kissed her again…then for the first time…she felt butterflies in her stomach..and realized that she made the right decision to give him a chance….


I will lay down my heart, I'll feel the power
But you won't, no, you won't
And I can't make you love me
If you don't


Morgan Residence- New York 


“I don’t know” Frank said

“YOU DON’T KNOW” Roo said

“Its not my fault” Frank said and sighed


“What am I supposed to do if the Macklin payroll system isn’t working? Frank said


“DON’T YOU DARE COMPARE ME TO HIM” Frank said annoyed and he stood up from the couch



“ARE YOU SURE BECAUSE FROM WHERE I AM STANDING IT SURE DOES LOOK LIKE IT” Roo said and Frank felt himself getting angry then he opened the closet door and took his jacket out and put it on

“YEAH GO OFF IN A MOOD…JUST LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO..SOMETIMES I WONDER WHY I BOTHERED TO COME HERE WITH YOU” Roo said then Frank turned around and looked at her. Roo took a few seconds and realized that maybe she went too far, and she shouldn’t have said that, but she did and it was too late. Frank turned around again and walked out of the apartment and closed the door behind him. Roo sat on the couch and sighed….


Ain't no use in you trying
It's no good for me baby without love
All my tears, all these years, everything I believed in
Oh yeah


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Ill get it” Emma said as she walked towards the ringing phone

“Hello” Emma picked it

“Hello Emma love” Emma opened her eyes in shock then she put the phone down and stared at it. This was the third time that her stepfather had called the house


“Who was that on the phone?” Ailsa said

“No one…wrong number” Emma said and Ailsa shrugged her shoulders and walked away as Emma sat on the couch and all the bad memories started coming back…..



Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 431


Two days later


High School- Summer Bay

 Emma stared at the at the wall as Ms Woods spoke

“Read the next chapter please Emma” Megan  said and when she looked up she noticed that Emma had not responded. She got up from her chair and walked over to where Emma was seated and tapped on her desk with her finger. Emma jumped and she looked up at Ms Woods

“Read the next chapter please” Ms Woods said

“Can you get someone else to read it” Emma said

“No, because I am asking you to read it” Megan said as Emma looked at her

“I’ll read it Ms Woods” Sandra said looking at Emma

“No thank you Sandra, Emma will be reading it” Megan Woods said


School Bell rings


“Alright, please read the chapter and write a summary on it by tomorrow please” Megan said as the students gathered their things to leave


“Emma, please stay behind I want to have a word with you” Megan said and Emma sighed as Sandra looked at her

“Emma, whats wrong?” Sandra said

“Please go to your next class please” Megan said to Sandra who rushed out of the classroom and soon the classroom was quiet


“So, are you going to tell me what is going on?” Megan said and she sat down on the chair next to Emma

“Nothing is going on ” Emma said

“So why did you have a problem with me asking you to read the chapter” Megan said

“I just didn’t want to “ Emma said

“That isn’t acceptable” Megan said

“Well what are you going to do about it?” Emma said

“Since you have an attitude, be here after school for detention” Megan said and Emma looked at her annoyed and walked out of the classroom and slammed the door. Emma rushed as quickly as she could to the girls bathroom and locked herself inside the stall. She waited until she heard the last person close the bathroom door then she began to cry as all the memories of her stepfather continued to fill her head…..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“So how have things been going with Greg?” Andrew said as he drank his coffee

“Yeah, great. He is amazing with Sam, they get on like the have never been apart” Bobby said and smiled

“That’s great..but you do know that Greg will be going for his custody interview in a few weeks” Andrew said

“Yeah he told me” Bobby said

“How do you feel about it?” Andrew said

“Well we decided that we would let Sam decide who he want to live with and the other parent will accept it and continue to be in his life” Bobby said

“That sounds great in theory” Andrew said

“I know, but we both love Sam and want what's best for him” Bobby said which was true, however she didn’t want to tell Andrew that her and Greg were seeing each other incase that might cause a problem

“Well, I really think it’s a conversation you should have” Andrew said

“Yeah, we will” Bobby said

“So where is Sam?” Andrew said

“He's over at the resort creche. I have study week this week, so I didn’t want him to be home bored” Bobby said

“Just a few more weeks, and you have finished your degree…congratulations…well done” Andrew said

“Well, I have to get through these exams first” Bobby said

“Im sure you have done a great job…there is no way the university would have put you in an accelerated program, if they didn’t know you would succeed” Andrew said

“Yeah, it has been hard work, but definitely worth it” Bobby said and smiled

“So what are your plans after?” Andrew said

“I don’t know…I think I told you that I am the director of catering and banquet services at the resort” Bobby said

“Yes you  did, congratulations?  Andrew said and smiled

“Thanks…the resort have been really patient with me going to uni, so I think I will spend a bit more time there and grow my catering company” Bobby said

“I’m very proud of you Bobby…you have really done amazing things with your life…and you have been great with Sam” Andrew said

“He is a great kid, so its been so easy” Bobby said

“Visits like yours are the highlight of my day” Andrew said and Bobby laughed

“Anyway, I better get back on the road…thank you for the lamington's and tea” Andrew said as he put the last bit of lamington cake in his mouth and got up from the table and began walking towards the door


“Oh by the way, the last time I was in Summer Bay, I went to see Carly…how is she…after her accident?” Andrew said

“Yeah, she’s better now…back to being annoying as usual” Bobby said and rolled her eyes

“Do you know if she kept up with the 12 step programme?” Andrew said

“I don’t think she needs it, she doesn’t drink anymore” Bobby said

“Oh…right” Andrew said

“Why is there something wrong?” Bobby said

“Oh no…I just wanted to know how she got on..thats all..anyway, ill be in touch about the next visit” Andrew said and he waved and got into his car and drove off. Bobby inhaled and exhaled and she walked back to her dining table and sat down. She pulled out her books from her back and sighed as she opened one of the text books. A she remembered that her, Sam and Greg were having dinner together tonight, she smiled and took out her pen and began to study….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Carly opened her eyes when she heard the caravan door open. She was drinking earlier, and had a slight hang over

“Do you know what time it is?” Ben said as he walked into the van.

“This place is a mess and you are sleeping like a lazy slob” Ben said annoyed

“Ill tidy it up” Carly said as she sat up

“Hurry up then make me some lunch before I go back to work” Ben said annoyed then he walked out of the van as Carly sighed…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“We have to stop meeting like this”  Lucinda looked up to see the handsome Dr Ian Routledge and smiled

“How are you?” Ian said

“Not spilling coffee on you this time” Lucinda said and smiled

“That’s a shame, that was the highlight of my day” Ian said and Lucinda blushed

“Now that you’ve been here a while, how are you finding Summer Bay?” Lucinda said

“Interesting…well the little I have been here. I haven’t sold my house in the city, so I have also been spending time there” Ian said

“Oh right…well I wont keep you, I am sure you have to get back to work” Lucinda said

“I do but, if you are free this weekend..I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Summer Bay” Ian said and Lucinda got excited then reality set in

“I work here on the weekends” Lucinda said

“How about one day during the week…dinner?” Ian said

“Yes, that will be fine” Lucinda said and she took out a pen and paper from her bag and wrote down her number

“Here is my number..when ever is convenient for you” Lucinda said and Ian took the paper from her

“You’ll be hearing from me soon” Ian said and smiled then he walked away leaving Lucinda inwardly jumping for joy….


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf looked up when he heard the bell on the top of the door as Celia walked into the shop with her walking stick


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“Hello Alfred” Celia said

“Sis” Alf said

“I wasn’t sure if I would be welcome here” Celia said and Alf ignored her

“Even though I know I didn’t say anything to Colleen Smart, I want to apologize… I only want what’s best for you, but I promise…I will not say anything about you and Ailsa again” Celia said and Alf sighed

“I overreacted” Alf said

“You had every right to…assume it was me” Celia said

“Can we please just leave the past in the past” Celia said

“Yeah ok” Alf said

“Colleen said you and Ailsa had dinner the other night, does that mean there is progress?” Celia said and Alf looked at her

“You couldn’t even go a full minute could you?” Alf said

“I’m sorry, I just want you and Ailsa to get back together to be happy like me and Michael…that’s all” Celia said and smiled



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Michael continued to thrust as the screwdriver and other tools that were on the table made a noise as they fell to the floor but Michael didn’t care the rush of what he was doing made him excited

“What about your assistant?” he can walk in any minute”  Katie, the engine sales rep who visited him once a month said

“Nah, hes gone to lunch…its just you and me” Michael said as he bent down and kissed Katie  and continued to thrust as both verbally exhaled….


Background music ends



Macklin corporation- New York


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Frank yawned as he put his jacket on. It had been a long day, and he had no choice but to go home. He was tired of doing work that could be dine by some of the more junior staff, yet he didn’t think he had a right to complain considering the company kept his job for him while he was in hospital. Frank was the last to leave the office and turned off his light and began walking down the stairs. He wished he didn’t have to go home, a place where he didn’t want to be. After the argument that he and Roo had, they had been like night and day, when he was at home she wasn’t, and when she was at home, he wasn’t. That way there was no opportunity for any arguments. Frank sighed as he opened the fire exit stairs and walked into the lobby of the building

“Night James” Frank said as he walked past the night security

“Oh, Mr Morgan, someone dropped this off for you earlier” James said as he gave Frank and envelope with his name on it

“Do you know who?” Frank said confused

“No, the day security guard just said I should make sure to give it to you” James said which confused Frank because he didn’t understand why the day security guard didn’t let him know he had a letter

“Ok, thanks..good night” Frank said and he put the envelope in the side of his bag and walked out of the building


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she helped Sam play snap against his father

“snap” Sam said

“That’s cheating” Greg said disappointed as Sam laughed.

“I think someone needs to get ready for bed” Bobby said and began gathering the cards together and got up from the chair

“Go on mate, ill come up in a minute, and read you a story” Greg said

“Ok” Sam said and he began to walk up the stairs. When Greg heard him close his bedroom door

“Now, I have you all to myself” Greg said and smiled as he grabbed Bobby and she sat on his lap as they kissed


Number 1 train- New York

Frank waited for the train doors to open then he got inside and found a seat in the corner by himself. Even though it was late, the train was still packed. Frank got comfortable in his seat  and put his bag on his lap as he prepared for the 20 minute ride home then he looked down and saw the corner of the brown envelope peaking out. Frank took the envelope out and opened it. The first think he took out was a sketch of himself, which if he was honest looked just like him. He looked inside the brown envelope and took out a smaller envelope. He put the sketch of him back in the brown envelope and bag into his bag as he opened the smaller envelope and took out the letter


Dear Frank,


You are probably going to wonder why I didn’t say all this to your face..I know I should but I guess I didn’t have the courage to. I want you to know that I am leaving New York, and gong back to California…well..by the time you read this letter, ill be on the plane home. The main reason I am doing this is I really miss my family, and well..I think it is the right time to go home. Fortunately I applied for early entrance and got into into UC Irvine, University of California in Irvine and will be starting in January..so a few more years and I will be Dr Sam.'


I wanted to tell you of my plans but lately you appeared to be troubled, even though you say you are fine when I asked.

When you were in the hospital…you were coming around from being under anesthetic, and you called me Bobby..well you actually said “I love you Bobby”. I don’t know who Bobby is, but its obviously someone very important to you, that you would say that. I  don’t know what is going on with you, but whatever it is, I can tell that being away from your family..the people you love is not making it any easier.

You have been one of my absolute best friends, and I will always cherish our friendship and how much of a good example you have been to me…however, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to leave you with something that you said to me…when we first met…follow your dreams. Frank I hope you do follow your dreams, whatever they are, and it leads you to the desires of your heart because you deserve all the happiness for being such a great person.

Thank you for being my friend, I will miss you and I wish you all the happiness in the world


Love your friend Sam


Ps- If you are ever in California, please come and visit


Frank inhaled and exhaled when he got to the end of the letter. At first hew as annoyed that Sam didn’t tell him she was going, maybe for his own selfish reasons, he would've tried to convince her to stay…so maybe this was the right thing to do.

Frank took out the envelope again and took out the sketch and smiled to himself. Maybe Sam was right..maybe..finally..it was time that he followed his dreams..


Background music ends…


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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 432


Two days later


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma stared at her plate

“Is there something wrong with your food?” Ailsa said and Emma didn’t respond

“Emma” Ailsa said and Sandra touched her hand and she jumped

“Is there something wrong with your food?” Ailsa said again

“No…nothing,,,I’m just not hungry, that’s all” Emma said as Sandra looked at her

“I wanted to talk to you both about something” Ailsa said and exhaled

“Alf and I…have decided that we want to give our marriage a second chance” Ailsa said

“That’s great Mrs Stewart” Sandra said and smiled. She was happy because once again, it would feel like being in a family.

“Emma, what do you think?” Ailsa said

“Yeah..cool” Emma said

“I know that you and Alf had your differences…and I want you to know that he wont be moving back in straight away…but eventually he will be back, and I want to make sure that its alright with you” Ailsa said

“Yeah, its fine…Is its alright if I go to my room, Im not feeling too good” Emma said

“Is there something wrong?...you do look a bit pale” Ailsa said

“No, I just got my period” Emma said…and lied

“Alright, let me know if you need anything” Ailsa said and Emma got up from the chair and walked out of the kitchen as Sandra watched her walk away knowing that she wasn’t telling the truth….


Two weeks later


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Its Bobby’s last exam this morning…is it still alright for me to knock off early” Greg said and Michael rolled his eyes


“I already said yes” Michael said

“I want to make her a special lunch” Greg said and smiled

“You know she’s done really well you know, finishing her degree early” Greg said as Michael rolled his eyes

“Hello” Greg looked up

“Oh g’day Katie, two visits in a month, business must really be doing great” Greg said to the Kate the engine sales rep

“Sorry Michael, you forgot to sign the invoices” Katie said

“Greg, it’s a quiet day today, why don’t you knock off early” Michael said

“But I've got to finish this” Greg said

“Do that on Monday, besides I’m sure you have to get ready for the special lunch” Michael said

“Thanks” Greg said excited and he put his tools in the shed

“Right then…see you later” Greg said and he rushed off as Michael looked at Katie and she followed him into the shed and closed the door.


Highschool- Summer Bay


“Come in” Donald said as he heard the door knock. Emma walked into the office and closed the door

“I must admit Jackson I am very disappointed that I was fooled by you. I thought you may have turned over a new leaf but you are being just as disruptive and disrespectful as always. I gave you a chance at this school because your aunt assured me that you would be different. You have not only let her down, but proved that you have no desire or regard for the people who want you to succeed” Donald said as Emma looked at him. None of what he said mattered…all that was going around her head was the memories of her stepfather, and before she knew it, a tear was running down her cheek

“Tears are not going to help you. As of this moment you are suspended from school. Get your things and get out” Donald said and Emma wiped her face and walked out of his office and slammed the door as Donald shook his head.


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Greg slapped his forehead as he got to his car. He realized that he left his car keys at the boat shed and began to walk back to the boat shed. As he walked back he laughed to himself as he remembered telling Sam that he and Bobby were seeing each…he was shocked that Sam suggested that they get married. If someone had told him a few years ago that he would find a great girl, and have a relationship with his son, he never wouldve believe it but here he is with both. As Greg walked towards the boatshed, he noticed that the door was closed which meant Michael was probably on the phone, he did that when he didn’t want to be bothered, but he was only going to go in and grab his keys. Greg opened the door and got a shock when he saw Michael and Katie having sex on the shed table

“CLOSE THE DOOR! Michael barked and Greg shut the door quickly while feeling confused and shocked by what he just saw. He didn’t know if he should open the door again to get his keys or just go. Greg sighed. He didn’t want to lose his job over this so he walked away. As he walked away, he put his hand in his pocket and realized that he had his car keys after all…..



Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Emma sat on the sand and stared into the water. Last time she was here, she walked straight into the water hoping to drown, but was saved. Emma looked around, there was no one on the beach so she got up and began walking into the water



David Croft looked at his watch, during his lunch hour he liked to take a 30 minute run before lunch. It was something he always did when he lived in Thailand. One thing he loved about Summer Bay was the beach David thought to himself as he laced up his running shoes. He looked into the water, it looked so nice. David began walking towards the beach when he noticed something in the water as he got closed, it looked like someone walking out into the water. David looked around but he didn’t see anyone so he jogged forward. As he jogged, he noticed the person go under so he ran faster and dived into the water. A few moments later he came back up again, he couldn’t see the person. He inhaled deeply and dived back in then when he came back up, he was holding Emma. He swam back to the beach and carried her to the sand. He laid her on the sand and gave her mouth to mouth until she began spitting water and crying

“Why did you save me…you should’ve just left me alone” Emma said as she cried and struggled to breathe

“Emma what is the matter, why would you try and do this…talk to me” David said as Emma tried to get up

“It doesn’t matter anyway…it doesn’t matter” Emma said as she cried. She tried to get up but she was weak and landed in David’s arms as she cried and he sighed as he tried figure out why she was so distressed…..



Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Greg put his hands over Bobby’s eyes as they walked into the house. When they were inside he removed his hands


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“SURPRISE” Sam said as Bobby smiled. There was a congratulation banner with a cake and some other buffet items

“Oh Greg, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble” Bobby said and she turned around and gave him a kiss

“How did you do all this?” Bobby said

“Well I snuck in after you left this morning, and Marilyn gave me her key so I could bring the food in. I thought it would be nice for us to have…you know a little celebration, just the three of us” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Thanks” Bobby said


Knock at the door


Bobby and Greg looked at each other “I’m not expecting anyone are you?” Bobby said

“No, I’ll get it” Greg said and he walked to the door

“Donald, come in” Greg said as he opened the door

“Greg, I didn’t know you would be here…Bobby I was just going to pick up a file from the house and saw your car outside…well how did the exam go?” Donald said as he looked at the food and decorations

“I’m glad its all over” Bobby said and sat down

“I’m sorry if I am interrupting anything” Donald said

“No, you’re not. I thought it would be nice to have a little celebration for Bobby…there is more than enough food, please join us” Greg said and smiled. Even though he was hoping it was just going to be them, he knew he had to make a good impression with Bobby’s dad

"Yes, I will, thank you" Donald said and smiled

“Oh, I forgot the icecream for the cake…” Greg said

“Its alright” Bobby said

“What is a party with no ice cream…I’ll just run to the shop and get some…want to come with me Sam?” Greg said

“Ok” Sam said and he ran to the door

“Wont be long” Greg said and he bent down and kissed Bobby on the cheek and rushed out of the house.

“Things appear to be going really well with you and Greg” Donald said when he heard Greg drive away

“Yeah, he’s a good guy..and Sam really loves him: Bobby said and she bit into a sausage roll

“What about you…do you love him?” Donald said and Bobby looked at him

“Dad, what is this about?” Bobby said

“I’m sorry Bobby , but I don’t agree with this at all” Donald said

“Agree with what?” Bobby said

“You and Greg” Donald said

“It really isn’t any of your business” Bobby said

“It is when it appears that the only reason you are with him is so you don’t lose Sam” Donald said and Bobby looked at him shocked


“How can you say such a thing? I have told you time and time again that this is my life, and the decisions I make have nothing to do with you” Bobby said


“Oh poppycock. You barely know the man, now all of a sudden, you are acting like an old married couple?You’ve never been good at making decisions which ultimately ends with the man you are interested in leaving you and the rest of us having to bare the burden..Its clear to the naked eye that you don't love the man and its heading the same way” Donald said as Bobby looked at him shocked


“I have never once asked you to bare any burden..you know Dad..I am sick and tired of this. What goes on between me and Greg has nothing to do with you. I am tired of constantly having this discussion and since you will never approve of what I do, you are no longer welcome in this house and I want you to leave” Bobby said and walked towards the door as Donald looked at her in shock


“Bobby I” Donald said


“Please just leave” Bobby said and sighed as Donald walked out of the house


“Bobby…I just want what’s best for you…that is all I’ve ever wanted” Donald said

“No, you just want what’s best for you” Bobby said as Donald looked at her and walked out of the house  


Bobby walked over to the table and sat down and sighed….


Background music ends 

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 433

Beach- Summer Bay


David sighed after he wrapped his towel around Emma’s shoulders

“How are you feeling?” David said and Emma nodded

“Ok” Emma said

“I really think you should tell the police…or your aunt about what is going on…it’s harassment, and that is illegal” David said

“I just want this all the go away…I thought it had” Emma said

“It will when you tell the police” David said and Emma sighed

“And you tell Mr Fisher that is the reason why you have been acting up in school” David said

“He hates me, there is no point” Emma said

“I know my uncle…he likes honesty…and when you tell him what is going on…I know he will lift the suspension” David said and he looked at his watch

“I need to get back to school…can I drop you off somewhere?” David said

“No, its ok..I can walk home” Emma said

“Don’t be silly, I’ll take you home” David said

“Thanks” Emma said and smiled as David started the car and drove away…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“We’re back” Greg said as he came into the house behind Sam

“I didn’t know what you would like so I got vanilla, chocolate and strawberry” Greg said as he smiled and walked into the house and looked around

“Where…where is your dad?” Greg said confused

“Gone” Bobby said

“Oh I thought he was staying” Greg said

“I asked him to leave” Bobby said and Greg looked at her confused

“Why?” Greg said

“He thinks every decision I make about my life is wrong, and that he gets to tell me how to run my life” Bobby said

“Is he talking about me?” Greg said and Bobby nodded

“Why?” Greg said

“He just doesn’t think that it’s a good idea that we get together…you know with the custody stuff” Bobby said

“Is that how you feel?” Greg said and Bobby shook her head no

“And that is all that matters” Greg said and leaned foreword and kissed Bobby and smiled then they turned to look at Sam who was giggling. Bobby and Greg laughed and Greg hugged Bobby and she felt that she was making the right decision….



Highschool- Summer Bay

“Yes come in” Donald said as the door opened

“Do you have a minute?” David said as he walked into the office

“Yes of course..come in” Donald said and David shut the door and sat down

“What can I do for you?” Donald said


Background music- Stewart family theme


“I was just about to go on my run before lunch…and I ended up pulling Emma Jackson out of the water…she was trying to kill herself” David said as Donald looked at him shocked

“On no….that was my fault…I suspended her from school earlier today” Donald said

“No, I don’t think it was” David said

“So why did she do that?” Donald said

“I can’t say…but she is very distressed right now. I managed to calm her down and I dropped her off at home” David said and Donald felt guilty, not only for that but also for how things ended with Bobby. He felt that he was right, but he never expected Bobby to tell him that he was no longer welcome in her home

“Uncle Donald?” David said and Donald jumped

“Sorry, you were saying?” Donald said

“I was saying that I will go and see Mrs Stewart after school. I have to tell her what happened, and hopefully, Emma will be able to tell her aunt what is going on..


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Emma checked the shower water then she got into shower and closed the shower curtain and stood under the water as it ran down her body




Barry- You know you’re my favourite girl

Emma- Please stop

Barry- I love you


Flashback ends


Emma slid down against the shower wall and let the water wash over her as she cried


Background music ends


Morgan Residence- New York


Frank sighed as he got to the top of the stairs. Anytime he arrived at that same spot he always paused…he didn’t want to go in, but he had no choice. He always made sure he stayed late at work, or had dinner outside so he didn’t have to be home. Frank inhaled and exhaled then he walked towards the door and opened it. He was surprised to see the light on and Ro in bed reading a magazine.


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Frank tried to avoid eye contact with Roo as he tok his bag off and put his coat in the closet. He went into the bathroom and washed his faced and brushed his teeth and put his pyjamas on, turned off the light and walked towards the bed. Frank set the alarm and got into bed


“Frank” Roo said and Frank didn’t respond

“I’m sorry..for what I said the other day, about wishing I never came here with you. I was just frustrated and I know I shouldn’t have said that..in fact immediately after, I knew I shouldn’t have said it”  Roo said


“But you did... amongst other things” Frank said

“I know…and I’m sorry..its just that things have been awkward lately and not knowing where we are frustrates me” Roo said and sighed

“I love you Frank, and I’m sorry” Roo said as Frank looked at her and sighed...

“Yeah, me too” Frank said as Roo bent down and kissed him then they began to kiss passionately before they ended up making love….


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Thanks for the lovely lunch and everything” Bobby said as her and Greg walked towards his truck

“I hope your dad didn’t ruin it for you” Greg said

“No, he didn’t” Bobby said

“I’m really glad…because…I really like you and I would hate for anything to get in the way” Greg said

“Me too” Bobby said as they stopped outside of Greg’s truck then he bent down and kissed her

“I’ll see you later” Greg said

“Bye” Bobby said and smiled as she folded her hands and watched Greg get in the car and drive away then she turned around and walked back to the house and smiled to herself...


Morgan Residence- New York


Frank rolled onto his back and silently breathed heavily. Roo sighed then she moved over and laid on his chest while Frank stared at the ceiling. Nothing had changed…both of them knew that the sex was just a temporary fix for their problems, one which left Frank confused..


“I forgot to tell you, Edison agency is planning the Christmas party for the Macklin Corporation at the Marriott” Roo said

“I didn’t even know that you did party planning” Frank said

“Yeah, it something the company started doing.. looks like Macklin want a big do” Roo said

“Well the company has done really well this year so its not surprising” Frank said

“So much has happened this year, I know that next year will be better for us” Roo said trying to convince herself as she cuddled closer to Frank

“Yeah “ Frank said as he looked at the ceiling and silently sighed…


Background music ends…



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Nick wrote down what Emma was saying. Fortunately she had kept the dates and times of the calls that her step father made, which did actually mean he was harassing her


“What happens now?” Ailsa said as she put her arm around Emma

“I filed a harassment report with the Taree police station, and a restraining order. This means  that he cannot call you or be anywhere near you. If he does, he is going to jail” Nick said and Emma sighed

“Does this mean that its over now?” Emma said and Nick nodded

“He cant come anywhere near you..if he does, he is going to spend a long time in jail” Nick said

“Thank you” Emma said

“No, thank you for being a brave young woman…I better get going” Nick said and got up

“I better get going” Nick said as he walked towards the door

“Thank you Nick..for all your help” Ailsa said as Nick opened the door

:Youre welcome..I’m actually hoping that he calls again so I can see him rot in jail” Nick said and Ailsa smiled

“The feeling is mutual” Ailsa said and she smiled as Nick nodded and walked out of the house and Ailsa shut the door and walked back to the living room, sat next to Emma and hugged her. Emma started crying

“Its finally over…sweetheart…its finally over” Ailsa sid as she gently rubbed Emmas back who closed her eyes and finally felt that it was really over


Background music ends

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