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Homecoming Part 5

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Chapter 414


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby pulled Sam’s bedroom door to the edge, and gently rested her head on it. She was in shock, but after being let down so many times, she shouldn’t have expected this time to be any different. It seemed like anytime she was about to be truly happy something happened that threatened that. Now she was back here again with Sam’s dad turning up. Bobby didn’t want to confuse Sam, so she wanted him to play in his room while she spoke to Greg to figure out if he was even telling the truth. Bobby inhaled then exhaled and made her way down the stairs. Greg was sitting down on the couch


“Is he alright?” Greg said

“Yeah, he is playing in his room..I think its best, for now. I don’t want to confuse him” Bobby said

“Yeah sure, you’re right. I should have thought about all that instead of just turning up here..how this would affect him since he doesn’t know me” Greg said and Bobby sat down

“How did you get my address?” Bobby said

“I have a mate who works at the department, and I told her I was looking for my kid, and she gave me your details” Greg said

“Well she is going to get fired when I report this” Bobby said

“Please don’t…look I’m not here to cause any trouble, I just want my son” Greg said

“Im sorry but I’m not going to just hand him over to you…like you said, he doesn’t even know you” Bobby said and Greg had to admit to himself that she was right. He really didn’t think this all the way through, and now he was stuck


“Bobby can I have a drink please” Sam said from the top of the stairs

“I’ll being you up one in a minute sweetheart, go and play in your room” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said as Bobby heard him rush back to his room


“I think you should leave now” Bobby said and she stood up and walked towards the door

"Look I know now that I shouldn't have just turned up here, but I just wanted to see my son" Grant said and Bobby didn't respond

“I guess I have to do this the right way, Ill be in touch with the department, and will take the necessary steps to get my son back” Greg said and Bobby opened the front door. Greg looked at her then he walked out of the house. Bobby shut the front door just in time for a tear to fall down her cheek

“He’s my son..and you’re not taking him away from me” Bobby said and inhaled and exhaled and wiped her cheek then she walked over to the phone, opened her phone book and began to dial

“Hello, can I speak to Andrew Foley please…thanks” Bobby said and sighed



Gibson Residence- Yabbie Creek


“Nick…its me…I just wanted to tell you that we got back to Yabbie Creek ok..well..you must be at work…call me” Julie said and she put the phone down and wondered if she had made the right decision by leaving


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick lay on the couch and he looked at the answering machine as he listened to the message. The house was very quiet. He stared at the ceiling as he thought about purposefully not being here when Julie left. In a way he felt guilty that he was relieved that she was gone, yet he still felt the same way about her. Nick sighed then he got up, picked up his hat from the table, put it on and walked out of the house.


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly buttoned the blouse and looked at herself in the mirror, however she noticed that the marks around her neck were still visible. She took it off and went into her wardrobe and took out a black polo neck top to wear to work and put it on. She pulled her hair out and fixed it around her face then she sighed and  walked over to what used to be Bobby’s old bed and she sat down




Carly- Why are your things always on my side of the room?

Bobby- Well tidy it up if you don’t like it

Carly- I feel sorry for Frank, he doesn’t know he’s marrying a slob

Bobby- He loves me, and that’s all that matters


Flashback ends


Carly smiled to herself as she thought about how simple those times were in comparison to now. She got up from the bed and walked over to her old bed and sat down. She opened the bottom draw and took out the bottle of vodka and opened it. She drank some of the liquid, and closed her eyes and it ran down the back of her throat. She opened her eyes and drank some more then closed the bottle and put it in the draw. Carly swallowed the liquid and stared at the wall




Ben- Well say something

Carly- I don’t know what to say…I just always thought that when I get married, ill have a big wedding..you know with all my family there

Ben- So are you saying you don’t want to marry me

Carly- No, that’s not what I’m saying…its just that when Bobby and Frank got married, we were all there and..

Ben- Bobby is a drop kick and so is your family, do you want to get married or not

Carly- Yes I do


Flashback ends


Carly sighed. She really wanted to be married to Ben, but she couldn’t understand why she kept messing things up. She knew that Ben didn’t mean to hurt her, she was always saying stupid things, and Mr Stewart was rushing him to fishing work at the surf club because they ere opening soon. Carly sighed then she got up from the bed and promised herself that she was going to be a better wife and make Ben happy. Carly smiled to herself then looked at bedside clock and walked out of the room…



Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Here you go”  Grant said and he put a plate of food in front of Greg and a glass of coke

“Thanks” Greg said

“I’ve not seen you around here, are you new in town?” Grant said

“Yeah, just arrived today…Im Greg ” Greg said

“Grant…You staying long?” Grant said

“Not really” Greg said

“Well enjoy” Grant said and he turned around to walk away

“Hey Grant” Grant turned around

“Do you know someone called Roberta Simpson?” Greg said


Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme


“You mean Bobby? Yeah, she owns this diner..and shes my landlord” Grant said and Greg looked at him surprised

“Oh right…whats she like..you know as a person?” Greg said

“Why are you asking all these questions? Grant said suspiciously

“She’s fostering my son” Greg said

“Your Sam's dad?” Grant said shocked

“Yeah” Greg said

“Hes a great kid, Bobby has done a great job with him” Grant said

“And now I’m here to take over” Greg said and smiled then he began eating his food as Grant walked away


“Did I hear correctly….is that little Sams father? isnt that a surprise?..What a shame though.. Bobby just got him back” Colleen said and Grant looked at her then he went into the kitchen. Colleen looked at Greg eating then she picked up the phone and began to dial

“Betty…its me” Colleen said as she continued to look at Greg…

Background music ends

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Chapter 415



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Emma, Ailsa Duncan and Sandra ate their dinner in silence. Sandra looked around at the packed boxes still sitting on the kitchen floor. She wanted to ask Mrs Stewart when they were going, at first she didn’t want to go, but after telling Steve she loved him, she wanted them to leave as soon as possible, because she felt like a fool


Knock on the door


“Ill get It” Emma said and she got up from the table and walked over to the front door. When she opened it Alf turned around and they stared at each other. Even though Alf had heard that Emma was back, this was the first time he was seeing her


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“Emma..you’re back” Alf said as Emma looked at him. 


“Yeah” Emma said. The last time she saw him, he was bein taken to the hospital after collapsing on the floor. Emma felt a little guilty because it happened after they had an argument


“Emma who is it?” Emma heard as footsteps came up behind her

“Oh” Ailsa said as she saw Alf standing by the door

“It’s ok, you go back to your dinner” Ailsa said and Emma looked at Alf and she walked away

“What do you want, we are in the middle of having dinner


“I was just passing, and I wanted to being over a toy for Duncan” Alf said and he gave Ailsa the bag that had the toy inside

“Thanks” Ailsa said and she was just about to shut the front door and Alf held it open

“Ails…please..can’t we just talk?” Alf said

“There is nothing to talk about” Ailsa said

“Then why are you still here?” Alf said

“Excuse me?” Ailsa said

“I thought you were leaving…but you are still here..come on Ails…you don’t want to go..I know you” Alf was interrupted

“Ill be sure to give the toy to Duncan” Ailsa said and she shut the door and sighed. Then she leaned back on the door and stared at the ceiling. Maybe Alf had a point, she was ready to go until Emma turned up, and now she had a doubt in her mind about going. Alf betrayed her…there was no coming back from that…she couldn’t stay here anymore…she had to go..


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

Celia smiled as she put the sprouts on the plate and put the pot in the pan. She covered the plate with another plate and put it in the over, Michael was going to be late home tonight, because he was going to the city to pick up some parts, however Ceila know that he would be hungry when he got back, so she wanted to make sure that he had some dinner ready for him. Ceila smiled to herself as she washed the pot she just put in the sink. She felt sad that Alfred and Ailsa were still not attempting to work things out, but she felt guilty that she was happy that she had a wonderful man like Michael…one who worked so hard and loved her. Ceila gave up finding love a long time ago, so Michael coming into her life was definitely a blessing. Hopefully one day, Alfred and Ailsa will be again in love just like her and Michael were…


Western Motel- The City

Michael came out of the bathroom and sat down on the bed as the woman poured some wine into a glass


“Not too much for me, I still have to drive home” Michael said as the woman poured a small amount of wine into the glass. She handed the glass to Michael and poured herself one as Michael got comfortable on the bed


“Do you have to go now?” The woman said as Michael looked at his watch and smiled as the woman put her glass on the table and put her arms around Michael and they began to kiss passionately…


Background music ends




Beach- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Greg sat on the bonnet of his truck, drank his coke and watched as the sun set. When he first arrived in Summer bay, he assumed that he could just pick up his son and leave, but he didn’t think the idea all the way through. It was going to be a long process to get his son back. One that he didn’t anticipate. Even though his son didn’t know who he was, he was glad to see that he was happy and healthy…and looked so much like him. He didn’t know what to make of Roberta, his foster mum…she appeared to be taking good care of him…but that didn’t matter. He was going to get the process going, and as soon as he could, he would take his son, and they would be on the road together. Greg smiled to himself at the idea, drank his coke and stared at the sunset.


Drive in movie- Summer Bay

Adam laughed at the movie while Marilyn sat next to him quietly. It probably didn’t mean anything, but she was still wondering why Adam was walking with the girl she saw earlier. He didn’t even introduce her which made him wonder why he would keep her a secret. Adam looked over to Marilyn and noticed she wasn’t laughing


“You don’t like the movie?” Adam said confused

“Yeah its fine” Marilyn said and forced a smile trying to convince herself that they were fine and she had nothing to worry about…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Bobby gently kissed Sam on the head and put the book on the shelf. She turned and looked at him one more time then she closed the door quietly and walked down the stairs. She inhaled and exhaled as she remembered the conversation she had with Andrew Foley. He said that Greg was listed on Sams birth certificate, and if he checked out, there was no law stopping him from gaining custody of Sam. When Greg said that, Bobby felt her heart break all over again…just like it did when her mum died…when Frank left and when Thomas died


“Hi” Bobby looked up to see Greg closing the back door

“Hi” Bobby said and she sat down at the table where her books were laid out

“Are you alright?” Grant said and he sat down

“I guess you must've heard that Sam’s dad turned up” Bobby said

“Yeah…I met him in the diner earlier” Grant said and Bobby exhaled

“So what happens now?” Grant said

“Andrew Foley said if he checks out, there is no law preventing him going for custody…after all, he is Sam's dad” Bobby said

“I’m sorry” Grant said

“Don’t be…story of my life…I get close to happiness and it gets ripped away from me” Bobby said and she shook her head, Grant wished that he had something he could say, but he knew that nothing he said would make Bobby feel better

“Anyway, I’m tired..I’m going to go to bed” Bobby said and she packed her books into her bag and she attempted a smile and began walking towards the stairs

“Night” Grant said and watched as Bobby walked up stairs and sighed when he heard her close the door. Bobby took her clothes off and put on her nightshirt and got into bed. She picked up the bear that Alan gave her and hugged it tight as a tear ran down her cheek

“I miss you so much Alan..I wish you were here..I dont want to be alone again...I don't” Bobby said and she turned onto her side and closed her eyes as a tear ran down her face…

Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 416



Two days later


High school- Summer Bay


“Come in” David said as he heard the door knock and got up from his desk when the door opened. To his surprise, the girl standing at the door in her uniform surprised him because she looked somewhat older


“I’m Emma, Ms Woods said I have to come and see you” Emma said

“Yes right, come in..have a seat” David said and as Emma closed the door and sat on the couch in his office

“Do you want a drink or anything?” David said and Emma shock her head no

“Right…thanks for coming to see me” David said and Emma looked at him.

“I just wanted an opportunity to meet with you, and find out how you are doing since you  switched schools” David said

“I went here before” Emma said

“Yes I know…how does it feel being back?” David said and Emma shrugged her shoulders

“Ok…I guess” Emma said as she watched David open a big jar of sweets and chocolates and took one out

“Would you like one?” David said and Emma looked at the jar then she took out a purple chocolate “Thanks” Emma said

“You’re welcome” David said and smiled as he watched Emma unwrap the chocolate and put it into her mouth

“Your answer earlier didn’t convince me that you are happy to be back in Summer Bay” David said

“I am” Emma said and she was right, anything was better than being back at home

“I dunno, I guess it’s a relief being back here” Emma said then she looked at David

“How so?” David said

“If you don’t mind Mr Croft, I don’t really want to talk about it” Emma said

“And you don’t have to..just know that I am here…if..and when you ever want to talk about..whatever it is you want to talk about?” David said and Emma smiled. David noticed that she looked very pretty when she smiled

“You can go back to class now” David said and Emma stood up

“Thanks for the chocolate sir” Emma said and smiled again then she walked out of the classroom and closed the door. As she walked back to her classroom, she turned the corner and almost bumped into Adam

“Oh, sorry” Adam said

“Sorry, it was my fault” Emma said

“How are you?” Adam said and Emma nodded “Good” she responded

“I have to get back to class” Emma said and she walked away. She still felt a bit awkward around Adam, considering what happened between them and also him saving her when she tried to kill herself

“Jackson, why are you loitering in the corridor” Emma jumped when she heard Mr Fishers voice

I wasn’t sir, I just went to see Mr Croft, and I’m going back to class” Emma said

“Well hurry up” Donald said and Emma rushed. One thing she didn’t miss and probably will never miss is Mr Fisher Emma thought to herself as she opened the classroom door, stepped in and closed the door behind her…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“So what did Andrew say?” Ailsa said as her and Bobby sat in the office


“Well he said it was up to me if I wanted to let Sam know who Greg was, or the department could intervene” Bobby sad and exhaled


“What do you want to do?” Ailsa said


“I really don’t know…Andrew also said that Greg has put a request in for custody” Bobby said

“I’m surprised that everything is happening so quickly, he hasn’t been in his sons life for four years…Sam doesn’t even know him” Ailsa said


“Yeah I know…Andrew also said in cases like these, the department will not give the parent custody straight away, but they will start supervised visits so that Sam and Greg can get to know each other” Bobby said

“Well, I suppose that is fair” Ailsa said

“Yeah…I suppose” Bobby said and sighed

“I know this must be hard for you…I know how much you love that little boy” Ailsa said and Bobby sighed, Ailsa was right, this was really hard for her, but she also didn’t want Sam to not have a relationship with his father…something she almost let happen to her son, Thomas.


“I want to do the right thing…but I also don’t want to lose him you know” Bobby said as she looked at Ailsa

“I know…whatever you decide..youve done a really good job with Sam, and you should be proud of yourself” Ailsa said and smiled

“What about your decision?” Bobby said

“What decision?” Ailsa said confused

“About leaving Summer Bay” Bobby said

“That’s still going ahead…with Emma coming into town, things were delayed, but we are going by the end of the week” Ailsa said trying to convince herself

“I don’t think you want to go” Bobby said

“What gives you that idea…our things are already packed” Ailsa said as she attempted to dismiss what Bobby said

“Do you remember what you said to me when I wanted to leave Summer Bay? Bobby said

“No this again…and like I told you..this is completely different” Ailsa said

“Is it?” Bobby said and Ailsa looked at her

“I’m going to pick up Sam from the creche…Ill see you later” Bobby said and she walked out of the office as Ailsa sat and thought




Ailsa- 24 hours

Bobby- What?

Ailsa- Before you make any decisions, you give yourself 24 hours to decide if there is really nothing worth staying for


Flashback ends



Ailsa sat back in the chair and sighed and wondered if the decision she was making to leave was really the right one…



Bobby sighed as she walked towards her car. She hadn’t thought about what she was going to cook for dinner and hoped that she could pick something up at the Resort. One of the best perks of working there


“ROBERTA” Bobby stopped walking and turned around to see Greg running towards her. She turned around and rolled her eyes and turned back to see him approaching her

“G’day” Greg said

“Hi” Bobby said

“I just wanted to let you know that I have put in a request for custody for Sam” Greg said

“Yeah, I know” Bobby said “The department have left it up to me to decide how to tell Sam about you” Bobby said

“Oh right…I thought they were going to do that” Greg said

“Well they're not” Bobby said

“I was also told that once my application is in progress, I can have visits” Greg said

“Supervised visitation” Bobby said

“Yeah, right, supervised” Grant said. He didn’t know why Roberta was so up herself just because she knew everything

“So Roberta, when are you gong to tell Sam about me?” Greg said

“Ill let you know….and its Bobby” Bobby said as she walked towards her car

and she got into her car and drove off as Greg watched her. She had such an attitude problem and he hoped she wasn’t like that with Sam. Anyway, it didn’t matter…the sooner he got custody, the sooner they could both leave and be on the road together. Greg smiled to himself as he walked towards the diner….



Background music ends



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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 417


Morgan Residence- New York


As Frank opened the front door, he could smell that Roo had been cooking. It had been a long day, and he closed the door

“Hi” Roo said as she walked out of the kitchen with two plates and walked over to the couch and put the plates on the small table

“Hi” Frank  said as she took off his jacket and coat. He went into the bathroom and took of his shirt and trousers, put on a t shirt and tracksuit bottoms and washed up for dinner. He washed his face and wiped it with the towel hanging on the rack and looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. Things were different since he had been back to work. He noticed that he was doing a lot of the mundane things he used to do before he got a promotion. Jerry was out of town, Terry was in charge and he was usually the one who assigned him errands and other things done by the office assistants. Frank knew that he had no place to complain, especially after he took all that time off, and Macklin’s kept his job open. However it was just annoying that he got treated like the errand boy. Frank sighed then he put the towel back on the rail and walked out of the bathroom. He walked over to the couch but not before picking up a letter from Pippa on the mantle. Frank smiled to himself, letters from Pippa brightened his day as he got to read about how everyone was getting on at home. He tore open the envelope as fast as he could and began to read and smile to himself


“What did Pippa say?” Roo said

“Ahh not much just letting me know how everyone is” Frank said and he folded the half read letter and put it into the envelop and into his pocket. He looked at the plate on the table. If he was honest with himself, Roo wasn’t a very good cook, but he didn’t want to tell her…to offend her. The only thing she ever cooked when she was home on time was pasta which Frank was tired of. Frank picked up the plate and the fork and wrapped some of the pasta around his fork and dipped it into the sauce and put it into his mouth. As he chewed, he could tell that the pasta was a few minutes shy of being cooked and the sauce was burnt. He swallowed what was in his mouth and for the next few minutes played around with the food on his plate. He could hear Roo next to him enjoying the food but he wasn’t feeling the same way. After the day he had of running around like the errand boy, this was not what he wanted to come home to


Background music- Have you ever been alone


“Is there something wrong?” Roo said when she noticed that Frank wasn’t eating

“No..nothing” Frank said

“Is there something wrong with the food?” Roo said

“No” Frank lied

“So why aren’t you eating it?” Roo said

“I’m not really hungry” Frank said and he put the plate on the table in front of him

“Frank, I spent the last hour cooking dinner…the least you can do is be grateful” Roo said and Frank looked at her

“Thanks…I’m just not really hungry that’s all” Frank said

“Why don’t you just tell the truth, you hate the food” Roo said annoyed. Things had been tense with Frank since his accident, ad she was making an effort to be home more when she could, and try to cook.

“Roo, I don’t want to argue I’ve had a long day” Frank said and he got up from the couch. He wanted to lie down. Even though he was hungry, he could feel that he had a headache coming on. He picked up the plate of food and took it to the kitchen and covered it with a plate and put it on the cooker. He made himself a cup of tea then he walked towards the bed and laid down. Roo sighed then she got up from the couch and walked towards the kitchen. She picked up the plate of food and put it in the bin then she put the plates in the sink and returned to the couch. She turned the TV on and turned up the volume and continued eating her food. Frank put the cover over his head and sighed….


Background music ends


Bayside diner- Summer Bay


“G’day” Nick looked up to see a man standing next to the table

“Sorry to interrupt..but I overheard you saying that you are renting out a room” Greg said

“Yeah, I am” Nick said

“I’m Greg, ill be in town for a little while, and need somewhere more comfortable to sleep other than my truck” Greg said as he sat down opposite Nick

“Nick, You’re Sam's dad?” Nick said

“Boy, good news travels fast around here” Greg said surprised

“Small town, everyone knows everyone's business” Nick said

“Oh right” Greg said

“How long will you need the room for?” Nick said

“I don’t know…it could be for a couple of weeks, maybe even a couple of months…I’m trying to get custody of my son, so ill be staying for as long as that takes” Greg said

“Right” Nick said and he took out a pen and paper from his pocket and began to write

“Here is the address, I’ll be home after 8 so you can come and look at it and let me know if you’re interested” Nick said and he gave the paper to Greg

“Thanks, I can tell you now that I definitely will be interested” Greg said and smiled and as Nick up from the table

“Nick…do you by any chance know of anyone wo has some working going do you?” Greg said

“What do you do?” Nick said

“Well, I’ve been doing long distance lorry driving for the last few years, pays good, but I am really a mechanic by trade

“ You can try the Ross boatshed, over there by the marina. Michael the owner mentioned that he was looking for some part time help” Nick said

“Great…thanks…ill go over there, and see you after 8” Greg said and smiled as Nick nodded and walked out of the diner


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Hi” Julie looked up to see Bobby standing at the reception desk

“Hi” Julie said

“How’s it going?” Bobby said

“Yeah, really good…here are some messages for you” Julie said and she put some papers on the desk she had been working two days at the resort and so far it had been going really well. She got to meet lots of people and the hotel was wheelchair friendly, so she didn’t have to rely on anybody…only her dad pricking her up and taking her to work

“Thanks” Bobby said and she picked them up

“Sorry about you and Nick” Bobby said as she looked at Julie

“Yeah…me too..maybe it was for the best…I didn’t want to be dependent on  and him resenting me” Julie said

“Yeah…maybe with some time apart..you never know” Bobby said

“I don’t think so…he never called me back…I think that is a strong indication that its over” Julie said

“Anyway, I better answer these messages…ill see you later” Bobby said and smiled then she walked over towards her office. Julie sighed. She really did miss Nick, but she totally understood why things were over between them…she just had to wait until her heart didn’t heart as much…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Well thanks for coming by and checking on me” Ailsa said as she walked Donald to his car

“What are friends for?” Donald said and smiled to himself. Sometimes he wondered what wouldve happened if he and Ailsa wouldve worked out. He was very fond of her when she moved to Summer Bay but in the end they became friends, and it was probably for the best Donald thought to himself

“I do hope you give it some thought” Donald said as he stopped outside his car door

“What?” Ailsa said confused

“What Bobby said….give yourself 24 hours…I for one would be very sad to see you go, and I know Bobby and Pippa would feel the same way” Donald said and Ailsa smiled

“If you ever need anything, I will always be here for you” Donald said and Ailsa smiled and Donald leaned forward and kissed Ailsa cheek and they hugged. As Ailsa held onto Donald so many good memories of Summer Bay came flooding back..maybe Bobby was right…maybe she this happened for a reason, maybe she was meant to go through this to finally stop running and face her problems. Ailsa smiled again as Donald pulled away and got into his car


“Have a good evening” Donald said then he started his car engine

“Thanks, you too” Ailsa said and she waved as Donald drove away then she walked into her house and closed the door


Betty Fulwill  put her hand over her shocked at what she just saw. She drove as fast as it was legally possible trying to get home as quickly as possible. Even though she didn’t live very far from the Stewarts house, the trip to her house was taking way longer than it normally would. Eventually Betty got home and parked her car. She didn’t even lock the door, she rushed to the front door and fumbled in her bag until she found her key. She didn’t even close the door, but rushed to the phone and picked it up and started dialling


“Colleen…its me” Betty said and she inhaled and exhaled and sat down next to the phone

Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

“Bobby looked up from her homework to see Grant and Sam in his pyjama’s on the couch laughing. She smiled to herself and shook her heard


Knock on the door


“Ill get it Grant while you enjoy the cartoon” Bobby said and Grant laughed as Bobby walked over to the front door


“G’day Bobby” Nick said when Bobby opened the door

“Hi…is there something wrong?” Bobby said seeing Nick standing at the door in uniform

“Can I talk to you…privately?” Nick said and Bobby looked at him confused

“Ill be back in a minute” Bobby said and she closed the door and followed Nick outside

“What's wrong?” Bobby said as she folded her arms


Background music  Greg and Bobby’s theme


“I wanted you to be the first to hear it from me because I don’t want you to think I am taking any sides” Nick said

“Yeah, what is it?” Bobby said

“Sam’s dad…I met him earlier in the diner and he over heard me telling colleen that I have a room for rent” Nick said

“And you decided to rent it to him” Bobby said

“Yeah..look, he told me that you guys will be having some kind of custody thing going on..i’m not taking any sides…and ive told him that you are a mate” Nick said and Bobby exhaled. She hated that Greg was sniffing around, but she appreciated that Nick told her

“Thanks for telling me” Bobby said

“He also got a job at the Ross boatshed” Nick said and Bobby sighed

“I just thought you should know that” Nick said

“Thanks” Bobby said

“I better get back home…he’s moving in tonight” Nick said and he walked towards his car

“Hey” Bobby said and Nick turned around

“Julie started working at the resort…shes doing really well” Bobby said

“I’m glad to hear” Nick said as he looked at Bobby then he turned around

“Look Nick…this is none of my business…but” Bobby was interrupted

“ I know…I know” Nick said and Bobby smiled. He knew what she was going to say…he knew. He nodded and got into his car and drove away as Bobby inhaled and exhaled and walked into her house….



“Sam, its getting late…time for you to get ready for bed” Bobby said as she walked into the house and shut the door

“Ok” Sam said

“Goodnight mate” Grant said and he russled Sams hair and he giggled and ran up the stairs. Bobby sighed as she walked up the stairs behind him and  watched him get into bed, and sat on the bed

“Sweetheart..I have something to tell you..and I want you to be a big boy ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said

“When your mummy had you..you daddy went away for a little while…and now he is back and he wants to see you” Bobby said as she looked at Sam

“But where did he go?” Sam said as Bobby racked her brains trying to come up with an answer that his four year old mind would understand

“He had to go to work…just like I have to go to work” Bobby said

“Do you want to see your daddy” Bobby said

“Ok” Sam said and Bobby felt her heart break and she exhaled

“Can you read me a story” Sam said

“Of course I will sweetheart” Bobby said and she got up and walked over to the book shelf and quickly wiped the tear forming in her eye then she went back to sitting on the bed

“I love you very much sweetheart” Bobby said as she stroked Sam's hair

“I love you  Bobby” Sam said and Bobby smiled but she knew that love was not going to be enough if Greg wanted to take him away. Bobby sighed then she opened the book and read the story trying hard to stop the tears failing down her cheeks


Background music ends


Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


Emotional background music


Donald poured himself a small whiskey and sat on the couch. He picked up the book he was reading and was trying to finish the last chapter before he went to bed


Knock on the door


The knock on the door startled him, he looked at the clock on the wall, he wasn’t expecting any vistors.


Knock on the door


Donald got up when he heard the louder banging on the door and walked towards the front door. Donald opened the door

“Alf…is there something wrong?” Donald said confused

“Oh yeah, there is” Alf said and before Donald could say anything Alf punched him in the face and he staggered backwards and fell on the floor


Background music ends dramatically

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 418



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


The banging on the front door made Alf close his eyes as he brushed his teeth. He had a headache and was still hung over from all the alcohol he drank when he got home  He raised up his arm and looked at his watch, it was almost 10am. It was probably Celia coming to check on him and ask why he had not opened the shop yet


Knock on the door\


Alf rinsed his mouth and put the toothbrush away. He picked up the towel he used to wipe his body from the toilet seat and used it to wipe his face. He dropped the towel on the floor and walked toward the front door


Knock on the door


“Yeah, I’m coming I’m coming” Alf said and he opned the door and got a shock when he saw Ailsa standing in front of his with an angry look on her face

“What has gotten into you?” Ailsa said and Alf walked away

“I bet you couldn’t wait to throw it in my face” Alf said

“Throw what in your face Alf? That I cant believe that you have resorted to violence? I mean what is the matter with you?” Ailsa said

“That’s right, come over here to defend your new bloke” Alf said

“There is absolutely nothing going on between Don and I, where on earth did you get an idea like that from?” Alisa said

“Oh don’t try to deny it, Betty Fulwill saw you and him all over each other last night” Alf said and Ailsa looked at him in shock

“Betty Fulwill? Since when have you listened to town gossip? Don came to the house to see how we were doing..and to ask me to reconsider leaving” Ailsa said


“I’m sure he did…he probably thinks he has another chance with me out of the picture” Alf said and Ailsa looked at him and shook her head


“And even if he has so what? There wouldn’t be an opening if you had decided to stay faithful” Ailsa said which stung Alf. He knew that this was all his fault


“I don’t even know who you are anymore” Ailsa said and she looked at Alf and she walked out of the house and closed the door. Alf sat on the chair and sighed. Ailsa had a good point, he normally didn’t listen to town gossip, but for some reason he let it get to him when Celia told him that Betty had seen Don and Ailsa together. He had known Donald for many years, and one thing they always had between them was honesty, and he had never previously had any reason to doubt Donald or his word. Alf sighed and wondered if he had just lost someone else because of poor decisions….


High School- Summer Bay


As Donald wrote on the blackboard, he could hear the students behind him giggling.

“Would you like a detention to write an essay on why you find Shakespeare humorous?” Donald said when he turned around and the students stopped laughing and looked down at their notebooks. He turned back around and continued to write on the blackboard. He knew why they were laughing..the black eye he had…the black eye that was very obvious to everyone within a mile radius. Donald sighed and continued writing on the blackboard..


Background music ends



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Celia what are you doing here?” Michael said when he looked up to see Celia holding a picnic basket and one crutch.

“I thought i would just being you and the new resident of Summer Bay some lunch” Celia said and Michael looked at her and sighed. He knew why she was really there, she wanted to find out everything about Greg

“Greg is it?” Celia said as she slowly walked over to were Greg was working on an engine

“Yeah” Greg said and smiled at Celia

“I am Celia, Celia Ross” Celia said

“Oh you’re Michaels wife?” Greg said

“Yes….and I am Bobby’s auntie” Celia said and smiled

“She appears to be related to everyone around here” Greg said and Celia lightly laughed

“Our family has been here in Summer bay for many years…I understand that you will only be here for a short while” Celia said

“Yeah, just working on getting custody of my son” Greg said

“Have you started the “ Celia was interrupted

“Celia, we have work to do” Michael said annoyed. He knew that if he didn’t stop her, she would be there all afternoon talking when there was a lot of work to be donw


“Ok, well I wont keep you…if you ever need anything..feel free to let me know if I can help with anything” Celia said

“Great thanks” Greg said and he picked up a spanner and continued to work

“Ok, ill see you at home” Celia said and she walked towards Michael and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Michael looked up at Celia and lightly smiled then he watched as Celia walked away


“Your wife..shes really nice” Greg said and smiled as Greg ignored him and walked into the boatshed..



High School- Summer Bay


Emma took her school book out of her bag and put it back into her locker when the school bell rang

“Hurry, you don’t want to be late” Emma turned around to see Mr Croft behind her

“No, sir, I was just going to class” Emma said and she closed the locker door

“Don’t forget, my door is always open if you want to talk” David said

“Thanks” Emma said

“Or if you want more chocolate” David said and Emma smiled then she walked towards her class as David watched then raised his eyebrows and walked to his office..



Bayside diner- Summer Bay


Bobby walked into the office and put her bag on the desk and sat down. It had been a long day.

“Where’s Sam?” Ailsa said as she walked into the office

“I took him to the creche at the resort this morning. The teachers at the nursery at uni had a training day or something” Bobby said

“Have you seen your dad?” Ailsa said

“No, why?” Bobby said as Ailsa sighed

“I guess you haven’t heard what happened” Ailsa said

“No, I just back from the city” Bobby said as Ailsa sat down

“Yesterday, Don came over to the house you know just to say hello. I told him about your suggestion of thinking things over for 24 hours…well anyway, I walked him to his car and we gave each other a friendly hug. Unbeknownst to either of us, Betty Fulwill somehow found out and you know the Summer Bay gossip hotline works..Somehow it got back to Alf probably through Celia that Don and I are seeing each other” Ailsa said

“You and dad?” Bobby said and she started laughing

“Thank you very much” Ailsa said

“No I didn’t mean it like that..you  know I didn’t” Bobby said

“I’m glad you see the funny side..because Alf didn’t…and he went over to Dons place and confronted him and ended up thumping him in the face” Ailsa said

“Are you joking?” Bobby said shocked

“No..Don came in this morning on his way to work with a big black eye…I’m sure the kids at school are having a field day” Ailsa said and Bobby shook his head

“Well if he is going to act that like, you are well rid of him..I cant believe Alf of all people listens to the gossip mongers around here” Bobby said

“I know…I went to see Alf this morning.. I couldn’t believe that he would even think that was true… …for a split second I thought that maybe I could forgive him for having the affair, but I don’t even recognize him anymore” Ailsa said and sighed


“Anyway, it is 24 hours later, and  I have made a decision” Ailsa said

“Yeah?” Bobby said as she stood up from her chair

“I’ve decided to stay” Ailsa said and Bobby rushed over to her and hugged her

“What made you change you mind?”Bobby said

“I was always running, but ive made a life here…I have a family here and friends. I couldn’t give all that up for my own selfish reasons that don’t even exist anymore” Ailsa said

 “I kind of hoped you would see it my way, and not go” Bobby said and smiled

“You can have a life here without Alf…you never know, you might find someone else” Bobby said

“Oh men are the last thing on my mind” Ailsa said and Bobby laughed


“I have to step out quickly, ill be back in a minute…you got a customer” Bobby said and she quickly rushed out of the diner


“Hi, what can I get for you? Ailsa said as she walked up to the counter

“Hmm, now let me see the menu” Ian Routledge said

“I don’t think we’ve met, my name is Ailsa..I am one of the owners of the diner, you rented Morgas old place..the Blaxland house?” Ailsa said

“Yes, I did..good news travels fast” Ian said as he smiled at Ailsa

“Well small town, and news travels fast” Ailsa said and smiled. She knew a little bit about him because Pippa has mentioned that he was one of her teachers

“So how are you finding Summer Bay so far?” Ailsa said

“Well, from what Ive seen of it, I think I will be very happy here” Ian said and he winked as Ailsa smiled at him…



Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


“Sorry to leave you to lock up on your first day, but I have to get over to Yabbie Creek to pick up some parts” Michael said

“Now you remember what I told you about how to lock up?” Michael said

“Yea sure Boss” Greg said eagerly

Michael wouldn’t normally leave a stranger to lock up but he had to get over to the city for a date

“Alright, you did great work today, Ill see you bright and early tomorrow morning” Michael said

“Thanks again for this opportunity” Greg said

“No worries” Michael said and he walked away as Greg continued working on the the last part of the engine before he finished


Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Greg” Greg looked up to see Roberta standing in front of him

“I told Sam about you, and he said he wants to see you” Bobby said

“Great…ill pick him up” Greg was interrupted

“Actually no, as the department told you, it will be supervised visits…you can see him at the house on Sunday afternoon when Ill be home. My address is 15 Delecta Avenue” Bobby said

“This is ridiculous, he’s my kid, what do you think I am going to do” Greg said annoyed

“Look those are the terms the department set up, if you have a problem take it up with them” Bobby said

“What is your problem?” Greg said

“My problem is that you think you can just walk in here and act like you haven’t been absent from your sons life.” Bobby said

“Look that is none of your business” Greg said annoyed

“It is my business when I have custody of your son” Bobby said annoyed then she walked away as Greg watched her. He really hated that she had an attitude and the sooner he got custody, the sooner he could leave and get away from her….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 419



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Greg washed his hands in the sink and splashed some water on his face. He turned the tap off and realized that he didn’t have a towel in the bathroom, so he wiped his face on his t-shirt and walked out of the bathroom

“G’day” Nick said as he came out of his room

“Yeah, g’day” Greg said as he walked into his room to change his t-shirt. He took the wet one off and put a new one on then walked out of the room

“Something wrong?” Nick said

“Its just that Roberta, or Bobby or whatever her name is” Greg said

“Look, I said I don’t want to get in the middle of that” Nick said

“ I know but why does she have such a problem with me, I just want my kid that’s all” Greg said

“Well that’s a question you have to ask her…I’m working nights, so I’ll see you in the morning” Nick said and he walked towards the door

“Righto” Greg said and he sat down as Nick closed the door. He looked at the fridge and realized that he had no food in the house, he looked at his watch and walked towards the door, hopefully the shop he saw earlier would still be open…



Fisher residence- Summer Bay


Donald tossed the salad in the bowl as Bobby looked at him

“I assure you, I am fine” Donald said

“I cant believe the nerve of him” Bobby said

“So what is the latest with Sam’s father?” Donald said

“Well I told him that he can see Sam at the house, well the department said supervised visitation is the best way since Sam doesn’t know him yet


Knock on the door


“Ill get that, can you please stir my pasta” Donald said as he walked towards the front door

“What do you want?” Donald said when he opened the door to see Alf standing there

“Look, I just want to talk to you…please” Alf said  Donald sighed…well you better come in then” Donald said then he walked back towards the kitchen to see Bobby putting some milk into his pasta

“What are you doing?” Donald said

“The milk makes the pasta creamier” Bobby said as Donald looked at her

“G’day Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Alf standing in the kitchen

“What’s he doing here?” Bobby said

“I just want to talk to Don” Alf said

“Didn’t you do enough talking last night?” Bobby said

“I thought you said you had to get home” Donald said and Bobby shook her head

“Careful, he might give you a matching black eye” Bobby said and she picked up her keys from the counter and left the house via the back door

“Mmm” Donald said as he tasted some of the pasta. Bobby was right, the milk had made a big difference to the pasta

“I was just about to have dinner, do you want some” Donald said as he took a plate out of the cupboard

“Only if there is enough” Alf said as Donald took out another plate

“Where is Lucinda?” Alf said as he sat down at the dinner table

“Shes gone to a play with some of the teachers from school” Donald said as he put pasta on two plates then he put some sauce of the pasta then he put a plate in front of Alf and one where he was going to sit. He went to the fridge and took out a bottle of beer and a bottle of wine and went and sat at the table


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Look Don, I’m sorry for what I did, its just I’m all over the place since Ails left me..and just hearing that you might be…you know seeing each other, I just lost my head. You are one of my oldest friends and I should’ve known that you would never do that to me” Alf said

“I was actually asking Ailsa to reconsider leaving Summer Bay” Donald said

“Yeah, she told me” Alf said as Donald looked at him

“I just want her back…I just want her back” Alf said then he began to cry

“I know…I made a stupid mistake…looking back it wasn’t worth it..breaking up my family..i just want her back Don…I just want her back” Alf said and Donald sighed



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa put the last suitcase away in the garage and closed the door. The girls who seemed happy about staying while Ailsa was still somewhat wondering if the decision she made was the right one. Ailsa sighed as she walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed and looked around the room. She had to come to terms that her marriage was over, and she had to find a away to get on with life….and to some extent be civil to Alf. She also realized that she didn’t want Duncan to grow up without his father or his family. She didn’t want to be that selfish. She also knew that Sandra wanted to stay but didn’t have the heart to let her know. Ailsa sighed again…it was going to be hard..she didn’t know where the road would lead but for the first time she wasn’t going to run…she was going to face the road in front of her and try the best that she could….to be happy…


Background music ends



Four days later            


Morgan Residence- New York


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Frank folded the laundry as Roo got dressed in the bathroom. They hadn’t really spoken to each other much since the incident the other night with the food and to be honest it was the last thing on Franks mind, he was getting more silent phone calls at work. He knew who it was but he knew that he didn’t have enough money to pay back Mr James. He had a plan that he would wait and a few months and try to save as much as he could. A few moments later, Roo came out of the bathroom and picked up her bag and left the house. Frank sighed as he watched the door close. He had no idea of where she was going and he wondered if he cared. Frank sat on the couch and reached into his bag and took out the letter Pippa sent him and smiled as he read


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby opened the door and walked away as Greg walked into the house and shut the door

“SAM” Bobby said and Same came down the stairs. Bobby met him at the bottom of the stairs and bent down

“Sweetheart, remember I told you that you dad is coming to visit?” Bobby said

“Yes” Sam said

“Well here he is” Bobby said and she moved out of the way so Sam could see Greg

“Hello mate…you’ve grown really big…I got you something” Greg said and he took out the toy truck out of the bag and gave it to Sam

“What do you say?” Bobby said

“Thank you” Sam said

“You’re welcome mate…do you want me to show you how it works?” Greg said and Sam nodded his head

“Ok lets sit over here” Greg said and he and Sam sat on the couch as Bobby walked into the kitchen and watched them. It broke her heart that they appeared to get on well…Bobby sighed as she thought about the fact that soon, they were going to be together and once again she was going to be alone….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 420


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Sandra sighed as she lay on her bed and looked at the ceiling as she heard the front door close. The house was quiet, Emma was on the way to the diner to meet Mrs Stewart and she didn’t feel like going. She was happy that they were no longer leaving Summer Bay, but she felt really embarrassed…after telling Steve that she loved him. She only said that because she thought they were leaving and would probably not see him again


Knock on the door


Sandra sighed as she heard the knock on the door. She got up from the bed and walked out of her room and opened the door

“Hi” Steve said

“Hi” Sandra said

“I brought the book you borrowed me” Steve said

“Thanks” Sandra said as he gave her the book then Sandra Walked into the house and Steve followed behind her

“I just saw Emma…she said you guys are not going anymore” Sandra said and she put the book on the couch

“Yeah” Sandra said


Background music- have you ever been alone


“I thought you would be happy that you are not going” Steve said

“Yeah, I am” Sandra said and folded her arms. She really just wanted the floor to open up and swallow her up because she was feeling so embarrassed now

“You don’t sound like it” Steve said confused

“I have to tidy up the bedroom” Sandra said and began to walk away and Steve gently grabbed her arm

“What you said…the other day” Steve was interrupted

“I shouldn’t have said it..just forget it” Sandra said feeling embarrassed

“If its true, why should I forget it?” Steve said

“Because it doesn’t matter anymore” Sandra said

“Yes it does…it matters to me” Steve said and he walked closer to Sandra and bent down and kissed her

“What do you mean?” Sandra said looking up at Steve

“I mean..I’m happy you told me how you feel…because I feel the same way” Steve said

“You do?” Sandra said and Steve nodded

“What about Rebecca?” Sandra said

“As far as I am concerned..its over between us” Steve said

“Are you sure?” Sandra said

“Yeah..i’m sure” Steve said and bent down and kissed Sandra again and then they hugged and Sandra smiled. This is what she wanted…and she was finally happy that they were not leaving


One month later



Morgan Residence -New York


Frank put his hand in his pocket to make sure that he had his keys handy for when he got off the train. He has checked his other pocket to make sure he had his metro card to get on the train. He got out of the elevator and said goodnight to the night security guard and walked out of the building. As he walked the short distance to the train station, he noticed that since the clocks changed, it was getting darker early. Frank’s leg was much better now, so he didn’t need to walk with the aid of the walking stick even though he still had a slight limp. As Frank walked, he could feel that someone was following him so he tried to walk faster then just as he was about to turn the corner, he felt someone grab him and push him down an alley way, and shortly after, he saw a car turn into the alley way and stop. Frank leaned against the wall and began to breathe heavily as the window of the car rolled down


“Frank…long time no see” Mr James said as Frank silently sighed

“Yeah…I was going to come and see you…I needed some more time” Frank said as he looked at the large man standing next to him who had just grabbed him


“Oh really, now how much more time do you need?” Mr James said

“I I I don’t know..a couple of months” Frank said the first think that came to his mind

“A couple of months…now if I agree to that, I would need to add another $5000 then you will owe me $10,000” Mr James said and Frank sighed…he knew it wasn’t supposed to be that much but he wasn’t in a place to argue

“Ok” Frank said

“Ok..but Frank, make sure you pay…terrible things happen to people who don’t pay their debts to me..i’m sure you understand” Mr James said as he puffed his cigar and rolled his window up. The big man standing next to Frank gave him a smirk and got inside the car and the car drove away. Frank inhaled deeply then exhaled. He didn’t know where he was going to get $10, 000 from in a couple of month…he knew that he had to figure out how…or he might end up dead..



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Greg do you want some vegetables?” Bobby said as she came out of the kitchen

“Yeah…please” Greg said as he and Sam played on the floor. Bobby had to admit that things were going better than she had expected with Greg. Sam had really taken to him and she usually worked in her room, giving them the opportunity to spend time together when they had their supervised visit, and now she allowed him to come over more than once a week

“…can I help with anything?” Greg said

“Can I help with anything” Sam said and Bobby smiled

“Yes, you can set the table” Bobby said and she gently tapped Sam on the head. Greg followed Sam as he took out the napkins and cutlery to set the table. He was impressed with the way that Bobby was raising his son. Initially he wasn’t sure about her, but she agreed to let Sam see him more than the once weekly required visitation, and for that he was grateful. Greg smiled to himself…maybe being in Summer Bay wasn’t going to be that bad after all…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Let me help you with that” Ailsa turned around to see Dr Ian Routledge helping her with the box of napkins she was holding

“Thanks” Ailsa said and smiled. He had been in the diner a few times and they had exchanged pleasantries and he seem like a nice man

“So are you settling in ok?” Ailsa said as they walked towards the diner

“Yes…the house needs a bit of work, but fortunately I am handy with a tool kit” Ian said and Ailsa smiled

“Listen…Ailsa…I was wondering…would you like to have dinner some time?” Ian said and Ailsa was shocked. Even though her an Alf would be signing the divorce papers soon, she wasn’t thinking about entering into any other relationship


“Ok” Ailsa said without thinking

“Good…just let me know what day works for you” Ian said and smiled as Ailsa walked along next to him confused and shocked that she had just agreed to have diner with another man….



Summer Bay


Sally and Emma laughed as they walked home from school and Sandra smiled as she looked down at her and Steves hands joined together. She looked up at him and they smiled at each other…she was so happy…they were happy. This was something she had wanted for a long time…and now it was finally happening…and she is glad that she had the guts to tell Steve how she felt…



Caravan Park - Summer Bay


“Ben….please…stop” Carly tried to say as Ben had his hands wrapped around her neck

“You think I’m stupid don’t you…you don’t you” Ben said through clenched teeth then he removed one had and slapped Carly hard across the face

“Tidy this place up..sometimes I wonder why i married you” Ben said and he walked out of the caravan and slammed the door shut


Carly closed her eyes and tried to cry quietly. She was very disappointed in herself..she always found a way to make Ben angry…but she had to try harder…she had to be the woman that he married, and she was going to do her best to be that woman again…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 421



One week later



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Stay in the yard ok” Bobby said

“Ok” Bobby said and she smiled as she watched Sam run into the yard

“Where do the dry plates go?” Greg said

“Just in that cupboard over there…thanks” Bobby said and she continued to wash the remaining plates

“”So did you grow up around here?” Greg said as he picked up a plate and dried it

“Yeah…where did you grow up?” Bobby said

“Wagga Wagga…that’s where I met Sam’s mum…she grew up there too” Greg said

“So I guess it didn’t work out between the two of you?” Bobby said

“Yeah, I sorta panicked when she told me that she was pregnant, I thought I was too young to have a kid…then a job came up driving trucks and I took it. Looking back it was the biggest mistake I ever made…leaving my son” Greg said and sighed

“What about you…no Mr Simpson?” Greg said and Bobby lightly laughed

“Not anymore… I’m divorced” Bobby said

“Sorry about that” Greg said

“No need to be, he was still in love with his ex girlfriend..I knew it anyway, and eventually they both left town and are married now” Bobby said as she washed a pot

“Gee, that must have been terrible” Greg said

“Yeah, it was…but that’s life hey” Bobby said as she washed the pot as Greg looked at her. The more time he spent with her and Sam, the more he realized that she was actually a really nice girl


Knock on the door


“I’ll get that if you don’t mind” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said and shortly after she turned around to see Donald standing in the living room

“Dad, I didn’t know that you were coming over” Bobby said and she wiped her wet hands on a towel


“I was just passing and thought I’d come and say hello” Donald said as Greg looked at his watch

“I better get going” Greg said

“Are you sure?” Bobby said

“Yeah, I have a few things to do at the house…I’ll just say goodbye to Sam outside..thanks for dinner…Mr Fisher” Greg said and Donald nodded his head and watched as Greg walked outside and closed the door


“Do you want some tea or something? Bobby said as she picked up the pot and began to dry it

“No..thank you, I wont be staying long” Donald said

“You and Greg seem to be getting on well” Donald said

“Yeah, Sam has really taken to him” Bobby said and smiled

“What about you?” Donald said

“He’s alright..now that ive gotten to know him a bit better..I trust him a bit more around Sam” Bobby said

“So will you still be filing for adoption?” Donald said

“Yeah..why I wouldn’t I?” Bobby said

“I thought now with Greg in the picture things will be different” Donald said

“No..nothing has changed…I think its best for Sam to decide who he wants to live with” Bobby said

“And what if he decides that he wants to live with Greg?” Donald said just as Sam came in the house

“Look at you, you got sand all over your self…time for you to go to the bathroom and clean yourself off” Bobby said as Sam laughed

“Can Dad come over tomorrow and play?” Sam said

“We’ll have to ask him…now off to the bathroom” Bobby said and Sam ran off laughing as Donald looked at Bobby and sighed….


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

The diner was very busy tonight as Adam and Marilyn walked in. As they waited in line Marilyn looked around and she noticed that Ben was sitting at a booth. When he noticed her he winked and she turned around quickly.

“Do you mind if we just grab something to take away?” Marilyn said

“Are you sure, you wanted to come here” Adam said confused

“I know…but I changed my mind, the weather is really nice tonight, maybe we can eat on the deck” Marilyn said

“As you wish” Adam said shortly after, they got to the counter

“What do you want?” Adam said

“You can choose” Marilyn said and she looked at Carly

“Ok..can we have two orders of Lasagna..I really like that…can I also get a side order of chips and some coleslaw” Adam said “Do you want some coleslaw” Adam said and when Marilyn didn’t respond he gently nudged her

“Sorry what did you say?” Marilyn said

“I said do you want some coleslaw?” Adam said

“Ok” Marilyn said and sighed. She was absent minded because she was looking at Carly..she noticed the big bruise on her face that she was attempting to cover up with make- up

“Anything else?” Carly said

“Yeah, two cokes as well” Adam said

“Wait over there I’ll let you know when its ready” Carly said then she looked at Marilyn and walked into the kitchen

“What is wrong with her, shes always got an attitude problem” Adam said

“Lets just wait outside” Marilyn said and she began to walk to the door. She knew that Ben was looking at her…she also knew that Ben was the reason why Carly was hiding her bruised face with make-up. Marilyn sighed…she wished she could say something, but she didn’t want things to get worse for Carly….



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“I fixed that shelf in the bathroom” Greg said as Nick came into the house

“Thanks mate, you didn’t have to do that” Nick said

“No worries…you not working tonight?” Greg said

“No, tonights my night off…I got enough pizza for two” Nick said as he put the pizza box down

“No thanks, I had diner over at Bobby’s house” Greg said

“Sounds like you two are getting on much better” Nick said

“Yeah, shes a great girl…very successful with all her jobs and businesses…and uni” Greg said

“Yeah she is” Nick said

“Anyway, let me fix that shelf in the garage before it gets too late” Greg said and he walked out of the kitchen smiling to himself. He was really happy spending time with Bobby and Sam, and they both decided that they would let Sam decide who he wants to live with, and they would be happy with that. Greg smiled to himself and continued walking to the garage…



Summer Bay


“A bit late for you to be out walking by yourself?” Emma jumped when she heard the voice and when she turned around she noticed a familiar face

“Hello Sir, I was just going home….I had to get something from the shops” Emma said as she pointed to the takeaway bag

“Can I give you a lift home?” David said

“Its not that far” Emma said

“No, I insists” David said and Emma smiled

“Ok, thanks” Emma said and she got into the car

“And out of school it’s David” David said as he watched Emma get into the car, smile at him and he drove away



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Sandra and Steve sat on the couch and kissed. He was the only person that she had ever kissed and sometimes she felt like she was doing something wrong since she was so inexperienced

“Can we go to your room…you know for privacy” Steve said

“Its not really my room…Its Emma’s room too” Sandra said

“But she’s not here” Steve said

“I know..but I’m not ready…yet..sorry” Sandra said

“No, I’m sorry for rushing you..its just that we’ve known each other for ages, so it wont just be like…you know” Steve said

“Yeah I know….are you disappointed?” Sandra said

“No…not at all” Steve said and he sat back on the couch and Sandra laid on his chest and they both smiled because they were both so happy



Morgan Residence- New York


“So it's my fault?” Frank said

“Yes it is your fault” Roo said. She was annoyed that the electricity bill was late, and she had to pay it

“You were the one who gave the big speech about being able to take care of me…now I have to pay all the bills in this apartment” Roo said

“I told you that my salary is late, there is a glitch in the computer system at work, its not my fault” Frank said

“It never is your fault is it?” Roo said and she walked away. Frank couldn’t take anymore, he opened the wardrobe and took his jacket out, put his shoes on and walked out of the apartment


Roo exhaled and sat on the couch and shook her head and wondered if this was worth it any more…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 422



Stewart residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Ian parked the car and turned the engine off

“I got you home safe and sound” Ian said and he turned and looked at Ailsa and smiled

“Thank you…I had a wonderful time this evening” Ailsa said

“But?” Ian said

“I think you are a wonderful man, but I shouldn’t have accepted this date” Ailsa said

“What do you mean?” Ian said confused

“I mean that…if I am honest with myself…I don’t think I’m over my husband yet…and it was unfair of me to give you the wrong impression…I’m sorry” Ailsa said

“You have nothing to be sorry about…tonight two new friends enjoyed each other’s company…that’s all” Ian said and he smiled

“Thank you for understanding” Ailsa said

“You’re welcome…and I hope you don’t mind me saying this but second changes take a lot more courage than walking away” Ian said and Ailsa smiled

“Ill bear that in mind…thank you” Ailsa said

“Goodnight Ailsa” Ian said as Ailsa opened the door

“Goodnight” Ailsa said and smiled then she closed the car door and walked to the house. She looked at her watch before she opened the door, it was late. She closed the door behind her and quietly walked into Ducan’s room. He was fast asleep. She gently touched his hair and smiled then she quietly walked out of the room, and closed the door. She slowly walked to her room,  turned the light on and closed the door. Under any other circumstances, Ian wouldve been the perfect man for her, but tonight she admitted to herself that she was not over Alf. Even thought he hurt her so much she had to admit to herself that she was still in love with him. Ailsa opened the bedside drawer and took out the envelope. She closed the draw and opened the envelope, it was the divorce papers. Alf had signed his part, and now she had to sign hers. She was surprised that Alf had done his so quickly…maybe he really wanted their marriage to be over. Ailsa signed and wondered if this is really what she wanted….


Background music ends


One week later


Westway Diner- Manhattan

Background music- Have you ever been alone 

Frank laughed as Sam told him about another date that went wrong

“I can’t believe he told you that” Frank said

“I know right..I don’t think I’m ever going on a blind date again” Sam said and she drank her milkshake

“No need to rush, the right person will turn up at the right time” Frank said and silently sighed and looked at the last bite of pizza on his plate

“Frank…is everything alright?” Sam said and Frank looked up at her

“Yeah, why?” Frank said

“I don’t know, its just that for the last few months, everytime I see you…I sense that you are not happy” Sam said


“Everything is fine” Frank said trying to force a smile

“Your eyes tell a different story” Sam said as Frank looked at her. He wanted to tell her she was right..that he wasn’t happy…that he missed his family…that things were not as he hoped here…that he had not spoken much to his wife…that he got himself into debt which he couldn’t get out of

“Well work has been really busy, maybe that’s why…but everything is fine” Frank said and he  smiled at Sam. She could tell that he was lying, but she didn’t want to push the boundaries of their friendship” Frank said as Sam looked at her watch

“I better get going I don’t want to be late for rotation” Sam said and she called for the waitress to come over, and she took her purse out

“No, dinner is on me” Frank said

“No…my treat” Sam said and she quickly gave the waitress the money and smiled then they collected their things and left the diner

“The weather is really nice tonight…makes a change from the New York Summer” Sam said as she put on her scarf

“Yeah” Frank said

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the summer heat” Sam said and laughed

“Oh Pippa said to say hello” Frank said

“I say hello back! How is she getting on?” Sam said

“Yeah, really well..she loves the course and is getting really good marks” Frank said and Sam noticed that the tone of his voice changed when he spoke about Pippa

“Anyway, I better get going” Sam said and she stopped walking and looked at Frank

“Alright, have a good shift” Frank said and Sam hugged him and closed her eyes and exhaled…holding on to Frank for a little longer than she normally did then she let go and looked up at him and smiled

“I’ll see you later” Sam said as she looked up into Franks eyes and smiled

“See you later” Frank said and Sam pulled away and walked down the road then she turned around and waved at Frank and walked away. Frank sighed..he wished he didn’t have to go home, he didn’t want to Roo or have another argument, but he had no choice as he walked to the station wondering how much longer he could go on….


Edison Office- New York


“That’s a nice blouse Ruth” Helen said as she came out of her office. She had asked Roo to accompany her last minute to a dinner,

“Thanks” Roo said and smiled

“Did you leave the message for your husband?” Helen said

“Errr yes” Roo lied

“Alright then we better get going…its going to be a late one” Helen said and smiled as Roo put her coat on and followed her out of the office….


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Knock at the door


“Come in” Bobby said and she looked up to see the door open

“Greg..what are you doing here?” Bobby said

“Sorry to come over, but Michael let me go early, and I wondered if it was alright to take Sam…and you of course to get a pizza or something” Greg said

“Yeah sure, he’s in the creche, I was just about to get him and go home” Bobby said

“Great timing then” Greg said and smiled as he followed Bobby out of the office and smiled to himself…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT” Ben said and he slapped Carly across the face

“I;m sorry..I didn’t know that you had allergies” Carly said

“Well you should have asked” Ben said as he started to scratch his skin

“Let me get some cream” Carly said as she tried to touch Ben’s arm and in anger he pushed her hard into the caravan door  which opened and she fell on the ground and hit her head. Ben looked down and noticed that she wasn’t moving. He looked around and noticed that nobody was around and he stepped out of the van and gently slapped Carly’s face

“Carly…Carly” Ben said then he started to panic when she wouldn’t move then he looked around again then took off running into the woods


Background music ends…




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Oh Bobby, I’m glad you’re home” Marilyn said as Bobby walked into the house

“Yeah, Me Sam and Greg went out for a pizza…whats wrong?” Bobby said as she took off her jacket


“Carly…had some kind of accident, and she is in the hospital” Marilyn

“What happened?” Bobby said

“I don’t know all the details, but Grant went back to cover the diner

“Right..I better call Pippa and see what;s going on” Bobby said and she walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver

“Sam, go and get changed” Bobby said and she began to dial Pippa’s number

“Bobby…I have to tell you something” Marilyn was interrupted


“Steve, is Pippa there…oh shes at the hospital…what happened to Carly” Bobby said and Marilyn walked away towards the stairs feeling guilty. She knew that Carly didn’t have an accident…she was 100% certain that Ben had something to do with it


General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly opened her eyes and looked around the hospital bedroom

“I was so worried about you” Ben said and he rushed over to the bed

“I came here as fast as I could….you have to be really careful in the van…Pippa said one of the caravan park guests found you on the floor, you mustve fallen” Ben said as Carly looked at him

“I need to check the door, make sure it doesn’t happen again…we really need to find a flat soon…ok..ill start looking” Ben said


“Visiting time is over” Ben turned around to see the nurse standing by the door

“I better go…I’m glad you’re ok…I’ll see you tomorrow” Ben said and gently kissed Carly’s forehead and smiled then he smiled at the nurse and walked out of the room

“You have a great husband Carly…he’s been so worried about you…I cant wait until I find a bloke like that” The nurse said as she checked the chart at the end of Carlys bed and walked out of the room as Carly looked at the ceiling and a single tear escaped from her eye..


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Don’t sign it if you’re not sure” Pippa said

“But that will give Alf a reason to think that maybe we have a chance again” Ailsa said

“Would he be wrong?” Pippa said and Ailsa signed

“I really don’t know Pippa..I don’t think I could ever trust him again” Ailsa said

“Well nobody is saying that you need to trust him overnight… he needs to earn that…but you still love him…I can tell” Pippa said and she smiled

“And that’s what makes this so hard” Ailsa said and sighed

“well..what does that tell you?” Pippa said and smiled

“Enough about me….how is Alex?” Ailsa said and Pippa shook her head

“Fine and no we are not going to change the subject” Pippa said and Ailsa laughed

“If you want to give Alf a second chance…do it..don’t give up if you still love him” Pippa said as Ailsa sighed…maybe she had a point..



General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


Carly sighed and she opened her eyes…she was still in hospital. She also noticed a bandage on her arm

“Carly” Carly turned and noticed that Marilyn was sitting in the chair near her bed

“What do you want?” Carly said and she turned her head away

“I just wanted to see if you are alright” Marilyn said

“I just fell, its not a big deal” Carly said and she turned away from Marilyn

“Carly..Ben did this to you didn’t he?”Marilyn said 

“Its none of your business” Carly said and Marilyn inhaled deeply then she exhaled...

“He pushed me down the stairs…and I ended up in hospital…he made sure to tell everyone that I fell down the stairs myself because I was so clumsy” Marilyn said and Carly didn’t respond


“It wasn’t until then that I realized that I was not clumsy…all those times when he hit me, I tried to find excuses..I always said it was my fault for making him angry..that I was a bad girlfriend” Marilyn said as a tear ran down Carly’s cheek


“Carly you have to get away from him…before something worse happens” Marilyn said and Carly didnt respond. Marilyn sighed and she got up and walked towards the door then she turned around


“Please think about what I said…none of it is your fault…you did nothing wrong” Marilyn then she sighed and walked out of the hospital room. Carly turned onto her back and stared at the ceiling and gently put a hand on her stomach as more tears escaped from her eyes


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 423

Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Did you know that she was student of the year?” Greg said and Michael rolled his eyes

“No, I didn’t” Michael said

“Yeah, but instead of going to uni after her HSC, she went into partnership at the diner” Greg said as he cleaned a boat engine

“Can you believe she owns two business a full time job and is a full time university student…and she’s only 21” Greg said and Michael dropped his screwdriver on the table and Greg looked at him

“Is there something wrong?” Greg said

“Yeah…your nonstop babbling about Bobby” Michael said

“She’s a great girl” Greg said smiling

“Yes, you’ve said so many times” Michael said

“She’s just a great example of making it out of foster care you know” Greg said

“Face it, you like the girl, just tell her and get it over with” Michael said

“No, its nothing like that, I just think shes a great girl..shes great with my son” Greg said

“You're not fooling me. Why don’t you ask her out and tell her about how great she is…instead of telling me…I’m gong to drop this off, ill be back later” Michael said and he shook his head and walked away. Greg thought about what Michael just said

Greg had to admit to himself that he had spoken a lot about Bobby lately, but that was because she was leaving a great impression on him and he was really happy spending time with her…they were going camping this weekend…just as friends…..nothing more


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“So how long are you going for?” Ailsa said

“Just overnight…Sam is really excited about the camping trip” Bobby said and smiled

“What about you? You and Greg appear to be pretty close” Ailsa said

“Yeah, I definitely got him wrong. He’s being a great dad to Sam” Bobby said

“Doesn’t hurt that he’s cute either” Ailsa said and she winked and Bobby laughed it off as she

walked out of the diner. Shortly after Donald walked in

“Hello Don, what can I get you?” Ailsa said

“I was wondering if you had a few minutes to have a chat?” Donald said as Colleen wiped the table as she tried to listen

“Colleen do you mind clearing the tables please…Donald come through to the office” Ailsa said as Colleen looked at her with a mean look. Donald walked behind Ailsa and they went into the office and closed the door


“Have a seat, What’s on your mind?” Ailsa said

“Its Bobby” Donald said

“Bobby? What is the problem?” Ailsa said confused

“I’m concerned about this friendship she has struck up with Greg Marshall” Donald said

“Why? Greg appears to be doing alright, Sam likes him and  considering what Sam has been thought its important for him to have two stable parents” Ailsa said

“Yes I know but….isnt it all too convenient?” Donald said

“Don, I really don’t understand what you are getting at” Ailsa said

“I don’t think its right for Bobby to get involved with Greg…not with the custody going on” Donald said

“Well she said that they both decided to leave it up to Sam to decide who he wants to live with” Ailsa said”

“I know..she said but” Donald was interrupted

“Don, Bobby is a grown up…she makes her own decisions” Ailsa said

“And that is what I’m worried about” Donald said

“And even if they do end up together, Greg is a great guy, has a good job, he’s respectable…I think you are really worrying about nothing…honestly” Ailsa said

“I really want to believe that” Donald said and he sighed…

Background music ends


General Hospital- Summer Bay


Background music- Carly’s theme


“Hi sweetheart” Carly looked around to see Pippa poke her head around the hospital room door then she walked in

“I’m on break, and wanted to see how you are doing? You look much better today” Pippa said as she walked over to Carly and kissed her forehead

“Yeah, the doctors said I can go home today” Carly said fortunately she had mind concussion and a sprained arm…

“Look at these flowers…Ben has been really worried about you” Pippa said and Carly didn’t respond

“G’day” Pippa looked up to see Ben walk into the hospital room

“We were just talking about you” Pippa said and smiled

“All good I hope” Ben said and smiled

“I was just telling Carly how worried you were about her” Pippa said

“I know, I blame myself because I knew that door was on its last hinges, I should have fixed it long ago, but its all done now” Ben said

“Hello love” Ben said and he gently kissed Carly on the cheek as Pippa looked at her watch

“I have to get back, ill see you later at home” Pippa said and she gently put her arm around Carly

“Are you alright sweetheart?” Pippa said noticing that Carly had not said much

“Yeah…just cant wait to get home” Carly said and forced a smile

“Alright then, ill see you later” Pippa said and gently kissed Carly’s cheek

“See you later Pippa” Ben said and watched as Pippa walked out of the room and closed the door

“You gave me such a fright you know” Ben said and he sat on the bed next to Carly and put his arm around her

“I am so happy that you are going to be alright…I love you” Ben said and Carly sighed and she gently put her hand on her stomach then she stared out of the window…


Background music ends


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


“Ill be with you in a moment” Julie said as she heard the footsteps walking towards the desk. She  quickly wrote down a phone message she had to give to one of the managers

“No rush…I can wait” Julie looked up and was shocked to see Nick standing at the desk

“Hi” Julie said in shock. This was the first time seeing him after she left his house

“Hows it going?” Nick said

“Good..how are you?” Julie said

“Good” Nick said and then there was an uncomfortable pause

“I just came to see how you are getting on here” Nick said

“It’s been good, I’m glad I got the job” Julie said as Nick looked at her. He did have a whole speech planned but seeing how independent Julie looked and how happy she was, maybe she had already moved on

“Good…Anyway…I was just passing…I better get going” Nick said and he put his hat back on

“Thanks for coming” Julie said and Nick nodded and walked away as Julie sighed….



Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“Can I come in?” Bobby said as she knocked on the already opened bedroom door

“Yeah” Carly said and smiled as Bobby came in

“Feels like I haven’t been in this room for ages” Bobby said and she smiled as she walked into the bedroom she used to share with Carly when she lived at the caravan park

“I brought you some something” Bobby said and she opened the small box she was holding, it was strawberry shortcake, one that she knew Carly liked

“Thanks” Carly said and smiled as Bobby put the cheesecake on the bedside table

“So, how are you feeling?” Bobby said

“Ok” Carly said as she raised herself up in the bed

“Let me help you” Bobby said and she put a pillow behind Carlys head

“Thanks” Carly said

“What happened?” Bobby said as she sat at the end of the bed


Background music- Carly’s theme


I don’t remember much…it must be the concussion, one minute I was cleaning, next minute I wake up in hospital” Carly said

“Yeah, Pippa said the door on the van was almost off its hinges” Bobby said

“You know me….clumsy” Carly said and forcing a laugh

“Anyway, take as long as you need to recover, I’m going to do work at the diner tonight and Grant and Lucinda are also going to fill in with Lance” Bobby said and she looked at her watch, I better get home and get ready

“I wont need much time off, I’m sure ill be alright tomorrow” Carly said

“Carly, you have concussion, you need more than a day to recover.. it’s fine…don’t worry..I need to get going, I need to go and pick up Sam from the creche…did I tell you that Sam, Greg and I are going camping this weekend?” Bobby said

“No, but Pippa mentioned it…have a good time” Carly said

“Thanks…feel better soon” Bobby said and smiled then she walked out of the room, Carly inhaled then she exhaled and waited for Bobby to walk down the stairs then she leaned over, in pain and opened the bottom draw of the bedside table and she took out the bottle of gin. She opened the bottle and drank some and winced as the liquid burned the back of her throat. She waited then she drank some more of the gin, and closed the bottle and put it in the draw and laid back on the pillow staring at the ceiling then she gently put a hand on her stomach and began to cry…



Background music ends….

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