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Homecoming Part 5

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Hello Friends, 

I cant believe we are on part 5! I hope you are still enjoying reading as much as I am enjoying writing. I am so excited for you to read what I have in store!


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Story Title:  Homecoming Part 5

Type of story: Not sure how long this fanfiction is going to be, this is my first time writing a fanfiction

Main Characters: Frank, Bobby, Roo, Floss, Aisla, Carly, Sally Pippa, Alf, Nev

Background Characters  Most of the characters who appear in the early years, Mr Greyson, Andy and a few others to be added later

BTTB rating: G/A

Genre: Romance/Drama

Does story include spoilers: No unless you have not watched any episode before 1992

Any warnings: Sexual content, 

Summary:  The aftermath of Tom Fletcher's death prompts a former Summer Bay resident returns home and the impact this return has on the lives of the people he left behind.




Chapter 404

Sands resort- Summer Bay


“Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you?” Nick said as he got into his car

“No, ill be fine” Julie said

“Alright then..im heading back to the house, give me a call and ill come and pick you up…good luck” Nick said


“Thanks” Julie said and smiled. Nick winked and drove off. Julie inhaled and exhaled then she wheeled herself towards the resort. The automatic doors opened and Julie went inside and she looked around. She thought the inside looked really nice as she wheeled herself to the reception and waited. She was here for a receptionist position which Bobby had put a good word in for her


“Hello can I help you?” The receptionist said as she returned to the counter

“Hello yes, I have an interview..my name is Julie Gibson” Julie said to the receptionist and smiled

“Ok, let me just inform the manager that you are here, please wait over there and he will call you shortly” The receptionist said and pointed Julie to a waiting area. Julie nodded then she wheeled herself over to the waiting area. She felt nervous and excited at the same time but hoped she would get the job. It had only been a few days since she left home but things were going great. Julie smiled as she thought about her boyfriend Nick and how much she loved him…then her smile disappeared as she admitted to herself how difficult it was living outside of her parent’s home. Things were different at Nicks…the shelves were higher..the bed was higher..Nick had to do everything for her…and she could tell that she was becoming a burden on him


“Julie Gibson” Julie looked up to see a man in a suit standing in from of her, he must be the manager. Julie nodded and smiled


“Please follow me” The manager said and Julie inhaled and exhaled and followed the man in the suit


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Emotional background music


Bob looked around the room. He put the final box of Craig’s things in the garage last night and now he was in an empty room. A tear ran down Bobs cheek as he walked out of the room and closed the door as Nick walked into the house

“Julie at the resort?” Bob said

“Yeah…hopefully the interview goes well” Nick said

“She is a nice girl” Bob said and nick didn’t respond

“Is there something wrong?” Bob said and nick sighed

“Its…its just like I feel I have a second job with her..youve seen it here” Nick said

“Well that’s because everything in her old house was customized for her, its not like that here” Bob said

“I know…but…do you think its all too much?” Nick said

“Do you love her?” Bob said

“I've never felt this way about anybody” Nick said

“Then that’s your answer” Bob said

“Yeah…you're right” Nick said and he smiled

“Anyway…I better get going” Bob said as he walked towards the door

“I’m going to miss you” Nick said as he followed Bob to his car and watched as bob got in

“Look after the place” Bob said as he started the engine

“I will..drive safely and let me know when you get there” Nick said

“Everything will work out with Julie” Bob said

“Thanks Uncle Bob” Nick said

“Take care of yourself” Bob said and he and Nick shook hands and Bob nodded then he drove away. Nick stood and watched as his uncles car was out of sight then he went into the house.


Background music ends



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Ailsa gently covered Duncan and smiled at him. Fortunately the antibiotics were doing their job and he was well enough to be home. Ailsa quietly walked out of the room and pulled the door to an almost close. She rubbed the back of her neck with her hand and walked towards the kitchen.


Background music- Stewart Family theme


“I made you a cup of tea” Alf said and he put the cup on the table

“Thanks” Ailsa said and sat down. Alf said opposite her and put his cup on the table. Ailsa drank some of the tea and then yawned. “I can hang around if you want to get 40 winks” Alf said

“No, I want to do some laundry and a few other things” Ailsa said and Alf gently grabbed her hand

“I can help with” Alf was interrupted

“Alf..nothing has changed” Ailsa said and she pulled her hand away

“But Ails…these last few days” Alf was interrupted

“Our son was sick…we supported each other…that’s all it was” Ailsa said

“Ails..I know that what I did was the worst thing I could ever do…and I..I don’t want to lose you Ails…we have been able to fix our problems before…I just want another chance” Alf stopped as Ailsa got up and walked over to the window. She had to admit that through the hurt she still loved Alf. The last few days she had pushed away what he did , and they were practically carrying on as if nothing never happened.


“Please love…I want to come home..” Alf said


“Alf…you hurt this family…you made a complete fool out of me because I  trusted you. I believed all your lies…all those meetings you were going to…neglecting time with me and Duncan to be with her…how can I forgive that?” Ailsa said


“I know…I was wrong..just seeing Deb again, it reminded me of the old times…unfinished business I don’t know…its not an excuse I know…what I do know is that I love you and I want to be here with my family…with you Duncan and Sandra…I wont see Deb again..please Ailsa” Alf said


“Its not going to be that easy…she’s also the mother of your children..or did that slip your memory” Ailsa said and Alf sighed


“I think you should just go “ Ailsa said as she began to walk towards the front door as Alf followed behind her


“I’m not giving up Ails…” Alf said as Ails opened the front door then turned to look at Alf

“I love you and I’m not giving up” Alf said then he walked out of the house. Ailsa closed the door and leaned on it feeling so confused


Background music ends




Sands resort- Summer Bay


Julie smiled as she rolled herself out of the office. She had a good feeling that the receptionist job was hers


“Hey Julie” Julie stopped and turned herself round to see Bobby walking towards her


“How did it go?” Bobby said

“I think it went ok” Julie said and crossed her fingers and Bobby smiled

“Are you in a hurry, I’m going to test out a new recipe if you want to come..since you will be working here soon, I should give you a tour” Bobby said and Julie smiled

“Thanks” Julie said and followed Bobby…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Finlay looked at the time, she wanted to start dinner even though she didn’t need to. Christopher had just finished his snack and was playing with his toys

“Hi” Finlay turned around to see Ben standing at the door

“Hi Ben” Finlay said

“What are you doing? Ben said as he watched Finlay tidy the table. He smiled as he looked at her legs, he found her very attractive

“Oh just tidying up before I start dinner” Finlay said

“Can I help you with anything?” Ben said as he walked into the house

“No thanks, I’m ok” Finlay said as Ben stared at her. He knew that nobody was home, and Carly had gone to the wholesalers to get things for the diner

“That’s a shame because I am not doing anything right now” Ben said as he got closer and was just about to touch Finlays hair then the door opened and Steve walked into the house


“Hi Steve” Finlay said as Steve watched Ben move his hand away as Sally walked into the house.

“Hi” Steve said as he put his bag down and stared at Ben as Sally began telling finlay about the project she was doing at school


Steve walked into the kitchen and Ben followed behind him. Steve turned around and Ben was standing behind him

“You’re in my way” Steve said

“You didn’t see anything” Ben said

“You being a creep, of course I saw it” Steve said and before he knew it, Ben pushed him into the pantry and pinned him against the shelves

“Listen up you little drop kick…you think you are a big man around here don’t you…stay out of my business and if I hear one more sarcastic comment from you” Ben said as Steve struggled to do a karate move but Ben was too strong

“I will permanently  shut your mouth for you” Ben said

“Get off me, you cant tell me what to do” Steve said as he struggled

“What are you going to do about it? Tell your dad to beat me up?” Ben said and laughed

“Shut up” Steve said as he struggled


“Ben” Ben heard and immediately let go of Steve and shortly Carly walked into the kitchen as Ben walked out of the pantry


“Hello sweetheart, back already?” Ben said

“Yeah, ill take the things to the diner late, I wanted to see you” Carly said and kissed Ben.

“What was you doing in there anyway” Carly said as Steve walked out of the pantry

“Steve was just telling me that one of the shelves needs fixing..ill do it in the morning” Ben said as Steve looked at Carly

“Thank you..i love you..oh by the way, Mr Stewart said he has a job for you at the surf club” Carly said and she kissed Ben and he smiled. Carly walked out of the kitchen and Ben turned around to look at Steve who was staring at him. Ben smiled “Remember what I said” Ben said then he walked out of the kitchen as Steve looked at him with anger…..



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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 405


Sands resort- Summer Bay

“Sorry about that” Bobby said as she walked back into her office

“No worries” Julie said as she drank her coke

“So, what do you think of the place” Bobby said as she sat down at her desk

“Its really nice….I hope I get the job” Julie said

“Well I did put a good word in for you, so im sure you will be ok” Bobby said and smiled then she noticed that Julies smile disappeared

“Are you alright?” Bobby said concerned

“Yeah…well..no not really” Julie said and exhaled


Emotional background music


“Is it Nick?” Bobby said

“No..not really…its just that…I’m having a hard time living at his place” Julie said

“I can ask Ailsa if you can move in to her place if you want” Bobby said

“Its not going to make any difference…you see when I lived at home…the house was customized for my chair, the shelves were lower” Julie stopped and exhaled

“And now everything is not, and its difficult for you to be independent?” Bobby said and Julie looked at her and nodded

“I feel so helpless, Nick has to practically do everything for me..and I just feel like its too much responsibility..maybe I shouldn’t have come here” Julie said

“No don’t say that…from what you said, you needed to get out of your folks house” Bobby said

“I know, but I feel like they were right…I’m not ready to be out on my own” Julie said

“Have you spoken to Nick about how you feel?” Bobby said and Julie shook her head no

“I want to…but I can tell that he is feeling the burden…I guess I’m afraid of what he is going to say...I dont want to lose him” Julie said

“Well you wont know unless you speak to him” Bobby said

“Yeah..I know…I should say somethin...,thanks Bobby..for everything” Julie said

“You’re welcome” Bobby said and smiled


Background music ends


Morgan Residence- New York

Background music- Have you ever been alone

Roo exhaled as she got to the front of the apartment door. She took her key out of her pocket and opened the door quietly. Frank was sitting on the couch watching tv. Roo closed the door behind her and walked into the house

“Hi..” Roo said

“Hi” Frank said not taking his eyes off the Tv

“I’m really sorry about tonight, I know we said we were going to watch a movie” Roo said

“Its fine” Frank said 

“Maybe we can go and watch the movie tomorrow night or something?” Roo said

“Yeah” Frank said

“I’m just going to change” Roo said and she walked back to the bathroom, turned the light on and closed the door. Frank exhaled as he heard the door close. Roo knew that Frank was trying to make an effort, but she just couldn’t say no to Helen asking her to stay behind to get some work done. She could feel the distance between her and Frank and sometimes she wished that Pippa was still here, that way things wouldn’t be so awkward.

Frank changed the channels to see if he could find something else to watch but he didn’t. He eventually turned the TV off and got into bed. A short while after, Roo walked out of the bathroom and got into bed next to Frank. Frank stared at the ceiling as Roo tried to get comfortable. Frank could feel the distance between them…things were not like they were before..and he wasn’t sure if they ever would be. Roo stared at the wall then she pushed her hair behind her ear and turned around to face Frank. She put her head on his arm and he put his arm around her. Both confused about how they were feeling yet neither wanted to be the first to say it out loud


Social Services- The City

“Sam Marshall is back again?” The social worker said as she looked through her notes

“Yes” The assistant said

“Do we have him placed anywhere yet?” The social worker said

“No not yet” The assistant said

“The waltons in George St have some space, I think they would be a good fit for him” The social worker said

“Ok, ill give them a call, and see if we can get him placed tomorrow” The assistant said as the social worker nodded and walked out of the office


.Woolgoolga- Australia

“Shut up before I really give you something to cry about” Al Simpson said through clenched teeth as he hit sophie one more time with his belt. Sophie tried her best not to let out a cry as the belt hit her thigh. Eventually Al stopped and walked away leaving Sophie cowering in the corner. Al opened the motel door and walked out slamming it shut behind him. Sophie slowly hobbled to the window to see her dad walking away. This was her chance….her chance to escape. Her heart began to beat fast as she thought about what she was about to do. She  hobbled back to the corner and put her shoes on, and her cardigan and walked as fast as she could back to the door. She put her hand on the handle and was about to turn it then she froze. She couldn’t leave, her dad would find her and he would be really angry at her. Sophie pulled her hand away from the door handle and she stared at it. She reached for the handle again, she knew she had to get away..Sophie felt so conflicted she didn’t know what to do…then when she finally plucked up the courage Al opened the door

“What are you doing?” Al said and Sophie began to walk backwards

“Do you think you are going somewhere?” Al said and Sophie stared at Al as he began walking towards her

“You wasn’t going to try and run away was you?” Al said and Sophie shook her head no

“You better not, nobody’s going to want you anyway” Al said then he picked up a newspaper on the bed and sat down. Sophie walked backwards until she backed into the wall and slid down on the floor. Her dad was wrong…when Bobby finds her, Bobby will want her” Sophie said as a tear ran down her cheek


Background music end


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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 406





Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Julie sighed as she watched Nick put the plates away in the cupboard. If she was home, she would be able to put them away herself. She couldn’t even wash the dishes because the sink was so high

“So when do you hear about the job?” Nick said

“Well the manager said hopefully early next week” Julie said as Nick continued to put the pots and pans he used to cook away. Julie felt so helpless

“I hope you get it, you did say Bobby put a good word in for you…and the resort is not too far from here, you can walk” Nick stopped talking and he turned around

“Sorry…I didn’t” Nick was interrupted

“Its alright” Julie said and smiled

“Kitchen is nice and clean, lets go into the living room, and see whats on the TV” Nick said and she pushed Julie into the living room and parked her chair next to the couch. Nick sat down and picked up the remote control

“Oh, I’ve been waiting for this movie to come on” Nick said then he put the remote control down

“This bloke always makes good movies” Nick said pointing at the TV then he looked at Julie who was staring at her hands

“Is there something wrong? Don’t you want to watch this movie?” Nick said


Emotional background music


“No…its fine” Julie said

“So what’s wrong? You haven’t really said much” Nick said and he muted the TV. Julie inhaled and exhaled. She knew she had to say something…but she didn’t want to have to face the consequences

“It’s nothing..you can just watch the film…im a little bit tired, so I am going to have an early night” Julie said

“Ok ok….well let me know when you are changed so I can help you into bed” Nick said then he umuted the TV and began watching the movie. Julie exhaled and she wheeled herself to her room. She was annoyed that she chickened out but she really wanted to be with Nick, and didn’t want nothing to spoil it…she just had to try a bit harder..if she did, things would be ok Julie thought to herself as she wheeled herself int the bedroom and closed the door.


Back ground music ends


Stewart shop- Summer Bay

“I thought I’d bring you over some dinner, since I haven’t seen you much lately” Debra said as Alf opened the door

“Yeah, just been a bit busy with getting the surf club up and running and Duncan being in hospital” Alf said as Debra walked into the flat behind him and closed the door

“I’m glad he’s feeling better” Debra said and she put the containers of food on the table

“Thanks” Alf said

“I thought that maybe you were avoiding me” Debra said and she sat next to Alf who inhaled and exhaled


Background music- Stewart family theme

“Look Deb..my head is all over the place right now…” Alf said

“I don’t understand, what do you mean?” Debra said

“What I mean is…this thing between us…I want..my wife back” Alf said and Debra felt like a knife had stabbed her in her chest

“But its over between the two of you…that’s what you said” Debra said

“That is what I thought…but these last few days with Duncan being in hospital…It gave Ails and I a chance to spend some time together” Alf said

“So what about us…you told me you loved me” Debra said

“I do..I did…I’m sorry..for doing this to you again” Alf said and sighed

“I do hope…we can be friends…for the sake of the kids” Alf said and Debra looked at him then she walked out of the flat and closed the door


Ailsa parked the car and turned the engine off. She had searched everywhere for Duncans blanket…the one he didn’t like to sleep without, and thought maybe Alf might have accidently packed it in his stuff when he left the hospital. If Ailsa was really honest with herself….she really wanted to see Alf. Even though nothing has changed, being with him at the hospital reminded her of how much she loved him..how much she wanted to try and trust him. He told her it was over and if she was honest with herself she was starting to believe him. Ailsa inhaled and exhaled and was just about to open the car door when she noticed the door next to the shop open. Ailsa noticed someone walking out and as the person got closer Ailsa opened her eyes wide…it was Debra. She watched as Debra got into her car and drove away. Ailsa shook her head and felt like a fool. She couldn’t believe that she almost fell for Alf’s lies again. She wiped the tear that ran down her cheek, and started the car engine and drove away

Background music ends



Four days later


High school- Summer Bay


David heard a knock on the door. He got up from his desk and opened it

“Hi” David said

“Sandra right?” David said and Sandra nodded

“Come in” David said pointed to the chair

“Have a seat” David said


Background music -Stewart Family theme

Sandra looked around the office, it wasn’t like a regular teachers office and the chairs were different too

David leaned over and took out a bag of sweets “Here you go, pick anyone you like” David said and Sandra picked out a strawberry sweet

“Oh I like those too” David said and smiled then he picked the same sweet, unwrapped it and put it in his mouth. As he chewed he noticed that Sandra was just staring at the sweet in her hand

“So, hows it going?” David said

“Ok” Sandra said

“Is everything alright at home?” David said

“Well sort of” Sandra said

“Why don’t you tell me about it” David said and Sandra looked up at him


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“Does Bobby know that you are leaving on Friday?” Grant said as he stood at the doorway to the pantry

“Yes, she didn’t take it to well..but she’ll get over it” Ails said as she did the stock take and counted the tins

“So Sandra is going with you?” Grant said

“Yes” Ailsa said as she wrote the numbers of tins she needed to buy on the clip board


High school- Summer Bay

“Mrs Stewart has done so much for me…that’s why I said I would go..but Summer Bay is my home…my friends are here..I want to be here” Sandra said as a tear ran down her cheek

“But she did give you a choice?” David said and Sandra nodded

“Do you think she wouldve been upset if you chose to stay in Summer Bay?” David and Sandra shrugged

“I probably would feel guilty if I stayed” Sandra said


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“So do you have a place ready?” Grant said

“Since its short notice, we’re going to stay with a friend of mine in the city for a while…until I find suitable housing” Ailsa said

“Does Mr Stewart know that you’re leaving?” Grant said

“No…and to be honest with you I am glad that I am leaving, that way I will never have to see his face again” Ailsa said as Grant looked at her and sighed


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“But I thought you said you were making progress?” Celia said confused

“That’s what I thought, but for some reason Ails has gone really cold on me…she wont answer my calls and she pretty much stayed in the room when I went to visit Duncan” Alf said and sighed

“Maybe I should just give up” Alf said

“No Alfred, you mustn't give up…I will not allow you to give up” Celia said

“I don’t know what to do anymore sis..I don’t want to live here anymore, I just want to be back home with my family..this is worse than being locked up in a jail said for murder” Alf said and sighed

“You have to show Ailsa that you are truly sorry” Celia said

“I don’t think that is going to be enough. Ive said sorry so many times” Alf said

“Don’t give up Alfred..if you love her…don’t give up” Celia said and Alf looked at her then at his watch and sighed…"Its probably too late anyway,...I better get going to the surf club, check on Carly’s husband” Alf said as he walked to the door, opened it and closed it behind him. Celia sighed as she watched Alf get into the car and drive away. She felt bad that he was going through this when her marriage was perfect…well things were not always the best with Haydn, but she knew that Michael loved her and would not cheat on her. Celia smiled to herself as she picked up the phone to call Michael just say hello


Ross Boatshed- Summer Bay

Phone ringing

Michael looked over at the phone as it rang and continued to thrust. The screwdriver and other tools that were on the table made a noise as they fell to the floor but Michael didn’t care the rush of what he was doing made him excited


Phone ringing


“Are you not going to get that?”  Michael thrusted furiously then he looked down at Katie, the engine sales rep who visited him once a month

“No, whoever it is can wait” Michael said as he bent down and kissed Katie  and continued to thrust as both verbally exhaled….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 407





Three days later


High School- Summer Bay

“Yes come in” Donald said as he marked a students assignment

Donald could hear the door open and footsteps walking towards his desk then he looked up to see Debra Lawrence standing in front of him

“What can I do for you?” Donald said as Debra put an envelope on the desk

“That is my resignation letter” Debra said as she pointed to the envelope she just put on the desk

“Right” Donald said

“In accordance with the educational department I am supposed to give two weeks’ notice, but with authorization by my superior it can be effective immediately….and considering the circumstances, I believe you would not object to doing that” Debra said as she stared at Donald

“Well under the circumstances, I will authorize your resignation effectively immediately” Donald said as he looked at Debra

“Thank you..with regards to a reference, I hope you will not allow your personal opinion of my life choices” Debra was interrupted

“Ms Lawrence my personal opinion has absolutely nothing to do with my professional opinion” Donald said as he looked at Debra

“Thank you…” Debra said and she put out her hand. Reluctantly, Donald shook it and Debra smiled then she walked out of the office and exhaled….


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“I’m really going to miss you…I wish you didn’t have to go” Pippa said as she hugged Ailsa

“It’s for the best” Ailsa said

“I know…I’m just being selfish” Pippa said

“I won’t be too far…you have the number for Grahams…and you can come and visit when I find a place” Ailsa said

“That would be nice” Pippa said and smiled

“You look really smart in your uniform…how is it going?” Ailsa said

“Good…I think..its been a while since I studied but I am getting the hang of it…anyway, I need to get back” Pippa said and she hugged Ailsa again

“Safe journey and call when you get there” Pippa said

“Ok I will” Ailsa said and smiled as Pippa rushed out of the diner. Colleen pretended to polish as Pippa rushed past her then she rushed to the counter and poked her head around the corner to see that Ailsa was in the office then she picked up the phone on the counter and began to dial

“Betty…its me” Colleen said

“Oh sorry” Pippa looked up to notice that she had bumped into Dr Routledge as he was going into the diner

“Oh I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going” Pippa said

“That’s fine” Dr Routledge said as he looked down at Pippa. He noticed that she had beautiful eyes

“Anyway I need to get back” Pippa said

“If you can hold on, I’ll give you a life back to the hospital” Dr Routledge said

“No thanks, I brought my car…bye” Pippa said and smiled as Dr Routledge watched her walk away


Macklin Corporation- New York

Frank put the pen in his mouth and the file down as he began to type the last paragraph of the profile he was working on. He had been working on this all week as the company as finalizing a deal with the client

“Frank, I need you to follow up with Des Lithgow, the project is a go” Jerry said. When Terry Greyson wasn’t in the office, Jerry was in charge

“I’m just finishing up on the Clayton proposal” Frank said after he took the pen out of his mouth

“Why? Adam has been working on it and handed the proposal in yesterday” Jerry said and Frank sighed

“No one told me, ive been working on this all week” Frank said and he put the pen on the table

“You were absent from the meeting the other night and a decision had to be made…now follow up with Des Lithgow and get me the details” Jerry said and he walked away. Frank sighed and slumped back into his chair. He had been working on the project all week. He got up from his chair and walked the short distance to Adams office

“Thanks a lot” Frank said and Adam looked up

“What?” Adam said

:You could’ve told me that you were working on the Clayton proposal” Frank said

“Look, im just here to my job” Adam said looking at Frank who sighed then walked away. Frank walked back into his office and closed the door. He sat on the chair and sighed. It wasn’t Adams fault it was his fault. He should’ve stayed for the meeting but he wanted to get home because he and Roo had plans to go to the movies which didn’t even happen


Phone ringing


“Macklin corporation, Frank Morgan speaking” Frank said as he picked up the phone and waited for a response “hello” Frank said again and there was still no response then he got a feeling a strange feeling…he knew who it was. Frank started to panic then the line went dead. Frank sighed as he put the phone down. Since he was released from the hospital, he knew that he had to give Mr James his money back. He had seen the car following him on several occasions and this was not the second or third time that he had got a call like this. Frank  sighed again he was still in the same mess and nothing was getting better and he didn’t know how much more of this he could take…


Bayside diner- Summer Bay

“Oh sorry” Dr Routledge looked up to notice that he had bumped into an attractive young woman

“It was my fault, I was searching for my purse in my bag” Lucinda said

“Ian Routledge” Dr Routledge said

“Lucinda, Lucinda Croft” Lucinda said and smiled at the handsome man she had never seen before

“Nice to meet you Lucinda” Dr Routledge said

“Did I spill any of your coffee?” Lucinda said

“Just a little bit, but its fine I will clean it up when I get back to the hospital” Dr Routledge said and smiled

“Are you sure? I insist on cleaning your tie for you” Lucinda said

“No need…see hardly any coffee on it at all” Dr Routledge

“Ok” Lucinda said and smiled

“Do you live around here?” Dr Routledge

“Yes, I moved here a few months” Lucinda said

“I just moved here a few weeks ago” Dr Routledge

“Did you by any chance move into Blaxland house?” Lucinda said as Dr Routledge looked at her shocked

“Yes…I did” Dr Routledge

“Sorry…it’s a small town, and everyone knows everyone’s business” Lucinda said and laughed

“Oh right” Dr Routledge

“and the owner of that house is also my aunt…well aunt through marriage” Lucinda said

“Oh right…anyway, I better get going” Dr Routledge

“Sorry again about your tie” Lucinda said

“No worries” Dr Routledge said and winked and walked away. Lucinda turned around and watched him get into his car and she smiled to herself….maybe Summer Bay wasn’t so bad after all and turned around and walked into the diner.

Before Dr Routledge drove off he turned around and watched Lucinda and smiled to himself

“Looks like moving here was the right decision after all” He said to himself then he drove away




Summer Bay

“I guess this is it then” Sandra said as she slowed down walking

“Bye Sandra” Sally said and she gave Sandra a hug

“Bye Sally” Sandra said and she smiled then she began to walk

“Do you know how long you’re staying with Mrs Stewart’s friend?” Steve said

“No, just until she can find us a place to stay” Sandra said

“Well when she does that…stay in touch” Steve said

“Yeah ok” Sandra said not convinced because she knew it probably wouldn’t happen

“Its going to be really weird around here now with Craig Viv and now you gone…anyway I better go” Steve said

“Ok” Sandra said as her heart was breaking inside and before she knew it, she reached forward and hugged Steve. Although he was surprised, he hugged her back and then he pulled away and they looked at each other

“I love you” Sandra said then Steve bent down and kissed her. Sandra closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment as it was going to be the last time she saw him then she started feeling sad

“ What you just said” Steve was interrupted

“I have to go” Sandra said then she rushed away as Steve watched her go as he tried to process what she had just said to him



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

The banging on the front door made Ailsa jump. She folded Duncans  trousers and put them into the suitcase. She was going to do a bit more packing before he woke up. Ailsa walked out of the room and opened the door to see an angry Alf standing at the door

“What do you want?” Ailsa said and she turned around and walked into the house


Background music- Stewart family theme


“So you really hate me that much that you would just pack up and leave with my son without telling me” Alf said

“You knew it was coming, my solicitor sent you the divorce papers” Ailsa said






“SO WHY DID I SEE HER COMING OUT OF YOUR FLAT THE OTHER NIGHT?” Ailsa said and Alf stopped to think about what she said

“What are you talking about?” Alf said

“I couldn’t find Duncan’s blanket and I thought maybe you packed it with your stuff so I went over to the flat to get it from you and she was leaving” Ailsa said

“Yes she was leaving after I told her that I wanted to patch things up with you that I wanted my family back” Alf said and he touched Ailsa’s arm



"GET OUT" Ailsa said

“PLEASE STOP FIGHTING!”  Ailsa and Alf turned around to see Sandra was standing at the door with tears running down her cheeks then she rushed to her bedroom and closed the door as Ailsa sighed

“Just go” Ailsa said and Alf looked at her and sighed. As he walked towards the door he could hear Duncan crying. He thought about going to him but he didn’t think it was a good idea. He walked out of the house and closed the door. Ailsa walked to the bedroom and picked up Duncan who stopped crying. She hugged him tight and began to cry….


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 408




Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Julie sighed as she watched the TV then she heard a knock on the door. She wheeled herself to the door

“Who is it?” Julie said

“Julie, it’s Bobby” Julie smiled and she moved back so she could open the door

“Hi…come in” Julie said and smiled as she wheeled herself back to the living room. Bobby closed the door and followed behind her

“I was just on my way home and wanted to see if you heard anything about the job” Bobby said

“No, nothing…I don’t think I got it” Julie said dejected

“Don’t be negative, when did they say they would get back to you?” Bobby said

“Sometime this week” Julie said

“Well the week hasn’t ended yet. I can check up with the manager when I go in tomorrow if you like” Bobby said

“Oh yes please, if you wouldn’t mind” Julie said excited

“Yeah, no worries” Bobby said and she noticed that Julie’s smile disappeared

“Are you alright?” Bobby said and Julie shook her head no


Emotional background music


“You didn’t tell Nick how you feel did you?” Bobby said and Julie nodded no

“Why not? If you’re unhappy you have to let him know” Bobby said

“I know but….I …I don’t want to lose him, he's everything I dreamed of. I never thought a guy like him would want someone like me…stuck in a chair” Julie said and Bobby felt like she had been hit in the stomach as this sounded so familiar

“I…met someone…a few years ago and he was everything I wanted…life was great, I got the best marks in my HSC that year and could’ve gone to any uni..in fact I did want to go to uni..but my ex..he had different ideas…he wanted to get married, and I wanted that too, but he wanted to be the one who goes to work, while I  stayed at home. Well to cut a long story short, I gave up my dream of going to uni because I didn’t want him to leave me and after we got married he left me anyway. if I had the courage to stand up for myself that time, maybe we wouldn’t have gotten married…maybe we would’ve waited and would still be married. My point is, I wasn’t honest about how I was feeling, and if you want to make this relationship work, you need to be honest and Nick will be supportive of whatever you want to do if he loves you”  Bobby said

“Yeah, you’re right…but what if he isn’t?” Julie said

“Well…It’s better to know now, then to end up like me” Bobby said

“I don’t mean to pry, but it sounds like you are still in love with the guy” Julie said

“Unfortunately, that’s the hard part…it never goes away” Bobby said

“I just don’t want to go back to my parents house, but that seems to be the only option” Julie said

“Before you make any decisions, talk to Nick…ok?” Bobby said and Julie nodded

“Ok, I will…thanks Bobby…you’ve been a real mate” Julie said and Bobby stood up and smiled

“Anyway I better get going” Bobby said and she walked towards the door

“I’ll follow up with the admin manager and call you when I hear something” Bobby said as she opened the door

“Ok, thanks Bobby…see you later” Julie said and exhaled as Bobby closed the door. A few seconds later Julie heard the backdoor open

“Hey, Who was that?” Nick said as he walked into the house

“Bobby, I thought you wasn’t coming home until later” Julie said as Nick kissed her cheek

“I have a few hours owed to me and thought I’d come home early..did you hear anything from the resort?” Nick said

“No nothing, Bobby said she will follow up when she goes there tomorrow” Julie said

“Ok, shes a real mate” Nick said as he put his hat on the counter and opened the fridge

“Nick…can we talk about something?” Julie said as she wheeled herself into the kitchen and Nick closed the fridge and sat at the dining table

“Yeah, what’s the matter” Nick said noticing that Julie looked serious

“I love you…you know that..well I hope you know that…but being here….its very difficult for me..I cant reach anything..I’ve fallen out of my chair more times than I can count and I feel like I am an extra burden for you” Julie was interrupted

“You’re not” Nick said

“Nick, I see it on your face” Julie said and she sighed

“So, do you want to break up? Is that what this is about?” Nick said

“No I don’t…its just that I don’t want to be a burden on you…you cant be at work all day then have to come home and take care of me” Julie said

“So, I don’t understand, what do you want?” Nick said

“Maybe..I should just move back home” Julie said

“But you didn’t like it there…and your parents, they don’t like me” Nick said

“I don’t know what else to do, because I cant be a burden on you” Julie said and Nick hugged her

“Its going to be fine” Nick said and sighed. In a way he was relieved to know that Julie could see that she was an extra responsibility, yet he knew that he didn’t want their relationship to end. Julie inhaled and exhaled, she felt relieved that she told Nick how she felt but she was scared of what was going to happen next…maybe this was not a good idea at all. Julie closed her eyes as a tear fell down her cheek


Background music ends


Stewart Shop Summer Bay

Alf drank more of the whiskey as he heard the knock on the door. He put the glass down and walked to the door, he opened it to see Debra standing there

“I hope I wasn’t disturbing you” Debra said and Alf walked away and sat at his dining table and poured himself another whiskey

“Do you want a drink?” Alf said

“No, I’m not staying long” Debra said as she closed the door behind her

“I just want to come and tell you thank…Blake and I are leaving Summer Bay…with everything that has happened , I think its for the best” Debra said as Alf looked at her

“With everything that has happened, I think I should leave too” Alf said as he drank more whiskey

“Things not working out with you and Ailsa?” Debra said

“What do you think?” Alf said

“Look Alf…I’m really sorry about everything…coming to Summer Bay…starting the affair..destroying your marriage ” Debra was interrupted

“I was a willing participant…for a second time” Alf said

“But I should’ve had the strength to walk away, but I didn’t…and for that, I am sorry” Debra said

“Its not your fault Deb…do you know where you are going?” Alf said

“Moving back with my parents, then figure things out from there” Debra said

“What does Blake think about all this?” Alf said

“He knows its for the best…I don’t want the gossiping to affect his school work” Debra said

“Right” Alf said

“Anyway, I better get going..its getting late and I want to finish packing”  Debra said

“When are you leaving?” Alf said

“Tomorrow…ive already given my notice in at the school and Mr Fisher authorized it to be effective immediately” Debra said

“I want to stay in touch with my kids” Alf said

“Alf…ill let that be their decision to make” Debra said

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right..after all these years, I have no right to demand anything from them” Alf said and sighed “Do you need any money or anything?” Alf said

“No, ill be fine” Debra said and smiled as Alf walked towards her

“Take care of yourself” Debra said and she gently kissed Alf on his cheek

“Yeah, you too” Alf said and smiled then he watched Debra open the door, step out and closed the door behind her then he slid down the door and cried as he thought about the mess he had made of his life


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Steve swept the floor outside the caravans and put the extra dirt into the container next to him. He remembered the conversation he had earlier with Sandra where she told him she loved him. It was unexpected because he thought that she didn’t see him like that anymore…especially after she let him down and chose Rebecca instead which turned out to be a terrible decision because now he and Rebecca were broken up even though neither had officially said anything, they just drifted apart.Steves thoughts were interrupted when he heard foot steps walking towards him and he noticed it was Ben. “Looks like you missed some garbage” Ben said and he threw the rubbish he had in his hand on the floor and laughed

“Next time put it in the bin” Steve said and he bent down and picked up the rubbish and put it in the container

“Did you say something?” Ben said and walked towards Steve

“Yeah I said next time put your rubbish in the bin” Steve said

“What did I tell  you last time about your disrespect? Ben said and he stood right in front of Steve

“Get out of my way” Steve said and Ben laughed

“What are you going to do about it?” Ben said and laughed even harder as Steve got annoyed and before Ben knew it, Steve had punched him in the face and he was on the floor

“STEVE WHAT DID YOU HIT HIM FOR?” Carly said as she rushed over to where Ben was

“IT WAS HIS FAULT, STARTING ON ME” Ben said as Carly attempted to see if Ben was alright

“Are you alright?” Carly said and Ben slapped her hand away as she tried to touch his face. Ben put his hand up to his nose and noticed it was bleeding then he got up and began walking back to his van as Carly walked over to Steve

“You are going to be in so much trouble when Pippa gets home…you just watch..Im going to make sure that she sends you to another foster home”  Carly said as Steve stared at her

“It was his fault” Steve said and suddenly he felt some regret for hitting Ben because Carly had a way of getting her own way

“You are out of here” Carly said to Steve then she walked back to the van and walked inside to see Ben wiping his face

“Here let me help you” Carly said and Ben slapped her hand away

‘This is your fault…if we lived in a flat then I wouldn’t have to see your stupid family” Ben said

“I’m trying to find one in our price range” Carly said

“Well you're not trying hard enough” Ben said

“I don’t see you making any effort to help” Carly said and she folded her arms

“What did you say?” Ben said

“I said you;re not making any effort to find us a place” Carly said and before she could say another word Ben wrapped his hands around her throat

“Ben..i’m sorry….i cant breathe…please stop…I’m sorry..please stop” Carly said and eventually Ben let go and she fell onto the chair

“You’re useless anyway” Ben said and he opened the door of the van, looked at Steve then he walked to his car, got in and drove off…



Next day


Stewart Shop – Summer Bay

Alf felt his head pounding as he put the pints of milk into the fridge. As he put a pint in, he heard the bell above the shop sound so he walked back to the counter

“Blake” Alf said

“G’day, I hope you dot mind me coming here” Blake said

“No, of course not” Alf said

“I just wanted to come and say bye, because we are leaving today” Blake said

“Yeah, your mum told me…I’m sorry to see you go” Alf said

“Yeah, but its for the best” Blake said

“You’re always welcome to come back here…for a visit..for anything” Alf said

“Thanks” Blake said

“You have my number if there is anything I can do for you” Alf said

“Thanks..I better get back to the house” Blake said

“Well, take care of yourself” Alf said and Blake put his hand out and Alf smiled and he shook his hand

“You too” Blake said then he smiled and walked out of the shop as Alf sighed


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay

Ailsa waved as Bobby drove away then she wiped the tear that was almost falling from her eye and walked back to the house. She could hear Sandra in her room who hadn’t said much since she walked in on her and Alf arguing. Ailsa felt guilty because it probably reminded Sandra of when her parents were fight. Ailsa looked around to make sure she had not left anything behind when she heard a knock on the door. She walked towards the door and opened it, and to her surprise she saw Debra standing at the door

“Look, I know I’m the last person you expected to see…but I want to talk to you…can I come in?” Debra said and Ailsa walked into the living room and Debra followed behind her.

“What do you want?” Ailsa said as she looked at Debra

“I came to tell you that I am sorry for everything that happened…I never set out to have an affair with Alf” Debra was interrupted

“But you did” Ailsa said

“I know, and that is why I am here owning what I did, and apologizing to you for the hurt I've caused you” Debra said

“You cant even begin to imagine the hurt you’ve caused me” Ailsa said

“I know..you’re right…I cant imagine. All I can say is that I am sorry…not that this is compensation, but I am leaving Summer Bay today…after everything that has happened I don’t want my sons schooling to be affecting so I think its best if I leave” Debra said and Ailsa looked at her

“I know I have no right to say this, and you have no right to take my advice, but Alf is a good man” Debra was interrupted

“You’ve got to be joking” Ailsa said and shook her head

“Alf is a good man…and I hope that with me out of the way, the two of you will be able to work things out and get back together…because I know that is what he wants” Debra said even though it was hurting her inside

“I better be going” Debra said and she looked at Ailsa one more time and walked out of the house. Ailsa didn know how to feel. In some regard she was relieved that Alf was telling the truth about want to be with her and not Debra, but she was still angry that the affair happened. She couldn’t forgive him…she had to leave, all the bags were packed….she had to go


Knock on the door


Ailsa sighed. She really didn’t want any more visitors because they had to get on the road soon, Graham was expecting them. Ailsa walked towards the front door and she got a shock when she opened the door

“Auntie Ailsa….you have to help me” Emma said as she cried

“Emma, what’s happened?” Ailsa said as Emma hugged her tight while breathing heavily

“Barry…my my mums husband…I I I think I killed him” Emma said and she burst into tears and grabbed onto Ailsa who held onto her in shock


Background music ends

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Chapter 409



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Sandra came out of the bedroom when she heard crying. She was shocked when she entered the living room

“Emma” Sandra said and Emma looked up at her then wiped her face and looked down at her lap

“Love, I want to talk to Emma in private, do you mind staying in your room for a while?” Ailsa said

“Ok” Sandra said and she looked at Emma one more time then she went into her room and closed the door


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Auntie Ailsa, you can’t send me back there..I never should’ve left here” Emma said as she cried

“Calm down and tell me what happened”



General hospital-Taree Australia


Bridget fidgeted with a hang nail on her thumb as she anxiously waited for news on her husband who had gone into emergency surgery. Bridget got up and being pacing up and down as she tried to understand why her daughter Emma was saying all the things she did. Bridget knew that her daughter made up stories sometimes but this was completely different.


“Mrs Jackson?” Bridget looked up to see the surgeon taking off his mask

“Yes doctor is my husband going to be alright?” Bridget said

“Yes, fortunately the knife didn’t puncture his stomach too deeply, so we were able to go in and fix that tear however, he did lose a lot of blood” the surgeon said

“Can I see him?” Bridget said

“Well he is still under the anesthetic so he probably wont know you are there, but you can see him for a few minutes..please follow me” the surgeon said as Brigdet followed behind him


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“I I I just wanted it to stop..I didn’t mean to hurt him…I just wanted him to stop hurting me” Emma said and she cried as Ailsa hugged her and sighed. This was a familiar story for her..just wanting the pain to stop…doing anything just to make the pain stop…


General hospital-Taree Australia


Bridget walked slowly into the hospital room as the loud being of a heart monitor indicated the heart rate of her husband. She walked to his bed and stood next to it. After a few moments Barry her husband began to open his eyes

“Love its me” Bridget said as she gently touched his hand. Bridget watched as her husband struggled to say something

“Don’t try to speak love, doctor said you’ll be right as rain soon” Bridget said and smiled as her husband looked at her

“Em..Emma” Barry said

“Shhh…lets not talk about that now” Bridget said


“Mrs Jackson” Bridget turned around as she heard her name to see a police officer standing by the door

“Do you mind if I have a word with you, I am investigating the assult on your husband” the police officer said as Barry closed his eyes



Stewart Residence- Summer bay


“I can’t Auntie Ailsa, I can’t…they are going to put me in prison” Emma said

“Not if you tell them the truth” Ailsa said

“You told the truth and you were locked up” Emma said

“This is different…and we don’t know if Barry is dead” Ailsa said

“I don’t know what to do” Emma said then she looked around and noticed the suitcases

“Where are you going?” Emma said as she pointed to the suitcase and reality hit Ailsa

“Alf and I…we are getting a divorce, so Duncan, Sandra and I are moving to the city” Ailsa said

“What about me? You can’t leave me…please don’t leave me” Emma said and she hugged Ailsa who sighed

“You cant go anywhere until this is situation is resolved…Emma I know what its like to run away from your problems…they always have a way of finding you and dragging you back to a place you want to forget…speak to the police..tell them what happened…you are a victim as much as Bob is” Ailsa said as Emma thought about what her aunt said. She never thought of herself as a victim.. “Auntie Ailsa, do you believe me?” Emma said

“Yes I do, but please talk to the police..don’t be like me, don’t run away” Ailsa said then she realized that maybe she was talking to herself..she always ran away when things got hard, and now here she was about to do it again

“Ok..i’ll talk to the police” Emma said after a short while

“Will you come with me?” Emma said

“Let me call Nick Parrish our local copper, see if he can come here” Ailsa said and she got up from the couch

“Thank you” Emma said and smiled. For the first time in a long time she finally felt free


Background music ends


General hospital – Summer Bay


Pippa turned the engine again and the car still wouldn’t start. It had been a long week and she just wanted to get home. She lifted up the hood and looked. She wasn’t completely well versed in cars, but she knew the basics


“Can I help?” Pippa turned around to see Dr Routledge standing behind her


“I think ill be alright, thank you” Pippa said and she reached into the car and pulled a lever which had appeared to move out of place then she tried the engine again and it still didn’t work


“Can I give you a lift home or something?” Dr Routledge said

“No, its ok, I can walk, I’m not too far” Pippa said as she put the hood down

“I insist” Dr Routledge said

“I’ll be fine, I don’t want you to go off your way” Pippa sai

“It’s fine, besides…its going to rain soon, and I don’t want you catching a cold and missing your test on Monday” Dr Routledge said and Pippa smiled

“Ok, thanks” Pippa said reluctantly and followed Dr Routledge to his car. She felt awkward because he was one of her teachers, but she didn’t want to be rude. Pippa got into the car and closed the door and put her seat belt on

“Now where am I taking you to?” Dr Routledge said

138 McClymonts Road..thank you” Pippa said and Dr Routledge looked at her smiled, started his engine and drove away..


Waltons Residence- The City

Emotional background music

“YOU EAT YOUR DINNER NOW” Sam jumped as his new foster mother shouted at him then she walked away to answer the phone that was ringing. Sam looked down at the plate that had mash potato peas and fish fingers on it. Sam reluctantly picked up his fork and put some of the mash potato in his mouth. He wasn’t hungry and he wasn’t tasting the food he just wanted to show his foster mother that he was eating it so she would stop shouting at him. As he put more mash potato in his mouth he looked around to see the three other children at the table also eating quietly as they looked into their plates and not at each other.


“Yes yes, Sam is getting on just fine” Mrs Walton said into the phone

“Yes we love having him here..thank you for bringing him to us” Mrs Walton said again as she smiled to herself

“Ok then..look forward to seeing you next week for the vist..ok bye” Mrs Walton said and she put the phone down as her smile disappeared. The she walked back to the dining table where the children were eating

“If I see one pea left on any of your plates you are going to get a good spanking…NOW FINISH ALL THE FOOD”  Mrs Walton said as her husband came into the kitchen and loked at the children eating their dinner

“Have they sent the cheque for that one yet?” Mr Walton said as he pointed at Sam

“No, but it should be arriving soon. I got the social worker coming next week, ill ask him to chase it up..i cant keep using my money to look after these little brats, especially that one who cant stop wetting the bed” Mrs Walton said pointing at Sam who sighed silently as Mr Walton laughed and walked out away…

 Background music ends 

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Chapter 410



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Are you alright?” Sandra said as she walked into the bedroom where Emma was playing with Duncan. She wasn’t best friends with Emma but knew that something bad was happening

“Ailsa told you what happened?” Emma said

“She said you had a fight with your step dad and he’s in hospital” Sandra yeah

“Yeah” Emma said

“Are you coming back to live here for good?” Sandra said

“Just go away, you ask too many questions” Emma said

“Fine, I was just trying to be nice” Sandra said then she was just about to walk out of the room when Ailsa appeared

“Emma, PC Parrish is here now” Ailsa said

“Mrs Stewart are we not going?” Sandra said

“Not yet…do you mind staying in your room while Emma talks to PC Parrish

“No…its ok…she may as well hear what happened from me” Emma said and she looked up at Sandra who looked at her surprised then Ailsa picked up Duncan and they all walked out of the room


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Just here is fine thanks” Pippa said and Dr Routledge slowed down the car and stopped

“Thank you for the lift Dr Routledge” Pippa said and immediately there was thunder and it started to rain

“You’re welcome and it looks like I got you home just in time…and its Ian” Dr Routledge said and smiled

“Well I won’t keep you….have a good weekend” Pippa said as she took off her seatbelt

“I must say you doing are doing very well with your studies keep it up” Ian said

“Thanks” Pippa said and she smiled.

“You’re welcome” Ian said and he stared at Pippa which for a split second made her feel uncomfortable then she got out of the car

“Have a good weekend” Pippa said as she closed the car door

“You too..dont study too hard” Ian said and he smiled then he drove away as Pippa walked into the house


“Pippa who was that man” Sally said as Pippa closed the door behind her

“Just one of my teachers, he gave me a lift because the car wouldn’t start” Pippa said and she lightly tapped Sally on the head and smiled



Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


Emma wiped a tear from her eye as she explained to Nick about the years of abuse she had endured at the hands of her stepfather. Sandra looked at Emma and was shocked because Emma always acted tough like nothing ever bothered her


“Emma, I have to ask this…did you tell anybody” Nick said and Emma nodded

“I told mum…but she didn’t believe me…she thought that I was just making up stories because I told her I hate my stepdad” Emma said and exhaled

“So what happens now?” Ailsa said

“Are you going to arrest me?” Emma said

“No, I’m not. I am going to get in touch with the police department in Taree and see if any assult cases have been reported, then I’ll find out about the condition of your step father and we will go from there” Nick said

“Thanks Nick” Ailsa said as Nick stood up

“I’m sorry this happened to you, but you are very brave for speaking out” Nick said as he looked at Emma

“If you want to speak to anybody about what happened, I can give you the details of organizations with professionals who can help you work through and heal from all this…you are not alone, there are people who can help you” Nick said and Emma nodded. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to speak to anyone again, she just wanted to bury all this away and get on with her life.

“I’ll be in touch” Nick said as he and Ailsa walked to the door

“He’s right you know…you are very brave “ Sandra said

“I don’t feel very brave…not after what I let happen to me” Emma said

“It wasn’t your fault..ok” Sandra said and Emma looked at her and for the first time, Emma noticed that Sandra cared, she really cared about her…

“Thanks” Emma said and Sandra gently patted her on the arm


General Hospital- Taree- Australia


“Do you know where your daughter might have gone?” The policeman said to Bridget

“Yes I do…she’s probably gone to my Sister in Summer Bay…her name is Ailsa…Ailsa Stewart…when you find her…I want her arrested for what she did” Bridget said and smirked as the police wrote down the details she just gave him


Background music ends



Toowoomba- Australia


Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme


Greg put some more money into the phone box “Yes…yes I’m still here” he said as he waited

“Well do you know where she is working now…..alright ill try there..thank you” Greg said and put the phone down as he wrote down on the piece of card the information he just received hoping that he was one step closer to finding his son


The City- Summer Bay

Bobby got into her van and yawned. She just finished a catering job and was ready to get back to Summer Bay. Bobby started the engine and began to drive. She turned a corner and stopped at a traffic light and she watched as a woman and two children crossed the road. As the woman got nearer to the car, Bobby noticed that one of the children looked familiar…she watched as the woman walked by. A car horn behind startled Bobby and she realized that the light had turned gree. She indicated left and turned into the direction of the woman. She noticed that the woman went into a shop and left the two children outside. Bobby parked her car outside the shop and turned the engine off. She got out of the car and walked towards the children

“Sam?” Bobby said and he turned around. He didn’t say anything he just rushed towards her and hugged her legs

“Hello sweetheart, how are you?” Bobby said excited to see the little boy who stole her heart. Before Sam could say anything he was started by a noise

“SAM” Bobby looked up to see a woman walking towards her

“You know you are not allowed to talk to strangers” The woman said as she pulled Sam’s arm

“Its ok, I’m not a stranger, I fostered Sam for a little while..i’m Bobby” Bobby said and the woman ignored her and pulled Sam's arm again

“Hey, you don’t need to pull his arm out of the socket” Bobby said

“Mind your own business” The woman said and she walked away. Sam turned around and looked at Bobby but the force of his new foster mothers hand pulling him away caused his head to spin around. Bobby sighed as she watched the woman and the children until they disappeared then she got into her van and closed the door. She had so many emotions going though her head. She felt in her heart that something wasn’t right…she didn’t understand why Sam’s mum was treating him like that. She didn’t want to get her in trouble with social services but she couldn’t live with herself if something happened to him. Bobby started the engine and felt conflicted she didn’t want to get his mother in any trouble, but she had to go with her gut feeling…and that feeling was to protect Sam…and that is what she was going to do…


Background music ends

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Chapter 411


Two days later


City University- The City

Background music- Bobby and Greg’s theme


Bobby parked her car. She looked at the clock on the dashboard and noticed she had 15 minutes before class started which was more than enough time. She locked the car and walked over to the phone box. She took some change out of her pocket and opened her folder. She picked up the receiver, put the money in the phone box and dialed the number and waited


“Hi…can I speak to Andrew Foley please…thanks…..Andrew…hi…its Bobby..yeah fine…I’m at uni now…yeah..it's probably nothing...and i don't want to get anyone into trouble...but I have something to tell you” Bobby said


Waltons Residence- The City

Mrs Walton removed the sheets from the bed then she turned around to look at Sam who was standing by the wall. She walked over to him and grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around then she pulled his pyjama pants down and smacked his bottom hard twice then she pulled them up and turned him around by his shoulders

“YOU ROTTEN LITTLE MONGREL YOU WET THE BED AGAIN…SHUT UP AND STOP CRYING. BEFORE I GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO CRY FOR” Mrs Walton said as she looked at Sam who was very frightened. Mrs Walton turned away and began putting on another sheet shortly after she turned around and looked at Sam

“If you wet this one, I’ll kill you. You’re going to stay in this room all day maybe that will teach you “ Mrs Walton said then she walked out of the room and slammed the door shut. Sam could hear her looking the door and then footsteps as she walked away. He slowly walked over to the bed and sat down and sighed then he got up and walked over to the window that had bars on it and looked outside…he wanted to see him mum..he wished that she would come and get him..but in his heart he knew it wasn;t going to happen. Sam couldn’t stop the tears that ran down his cheeks as his stomach rumbled…he was so sad, and wished he was at Bobby’s house…far far away from here….


Byron Bay- Australia

“Hello Dave…yeah its me Greg…yeah I know, long time…how are ya…yeah still doing the long distance thing” Greg said and he put more money into the phonebox

“I hope you don’t mind but I got a favour to ask, your sister Mary…does she still work for social services?..she does…well I’m trying to find my kid…and I think he might be in care” Greg said and he put more money in the phone box

“I know it’s a long shot, but do you think your sister would be able to get me any information?...yeah I know its confidential..go on mate, ill owe you any favour..please..alright, so should I call later…I’m in Byron bay right now, I’m heading to Port Macquarie, can I give you a ring when I get there…thanks a lot mate…I owe you one…bye” Greg said and he exhaled and he put the phone down and smiled to himself..he was once step closer to finding his son which excited him. He walked back to his truck and got in. He opened the visor and took out the photo of Sam as a baby, and smiled then he put the photo back, started the engine and drove away…


Background music ends



General hospital- Summer Bay


Pippa turned the engine off as she talked to herself, she was trying to remember some key points she needed to go over for the pain management test she was having this morning. As she studied over the weekend, she was confident that she would do ok on the test but now she wasn’t so sure. Pippa sighed as she got out of the car, grabbed her bag and locked her car. As she walked to the hospital entrance she still tried to familiarize herself with the key points


“They say talking to yourself is the first sign” Pippa turned around to see Dr Routledge behind her

“Pardon me?” Pippa said confused

“They say talking to yourself is the first sign of madness” Dr Routledge said and Pippa smiled

“I was just reminding myself of some key points for the test this morning” Pippa said as Dr Routledge walked next to her

“Oh right…well as long as you are familiar with all the work for the last three classes you will be fine” Dr Routledge said and smiled as he held the door open for Pippa

“Ok, thanks…well ill see you in there” Pippa said and she smiled then walked away as Dr Routledge smiled to himself and walked towards his office…




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Does he ever stop crying?” Carly said as she rested her head on her fist. She was really tired because she didn’t sleep very well. Once again, she said something stupid and made Ben angry at her, so he made her sleep on the floor of the van, where there was hardly any space. Carly drank some of her coffee as Finlay tried to comfort Christopher


“He’s teething, that’s why he is a little upset” Finlay said

“Well take him outside or something, I’ve got a headache” Carly said and Finlay walked outside of the house. Carly drank some more of her coffee and sighed, she was mad at herself because she was still acting like a child when she should be acting like a married woman. She exhaled then smiled to herself, she was going to make it up to Ben and things were going to be perfect again. She had a great idea and couldn’t wait for Ben to get home and see how much she was sorry, and how much she loved him. Carly drank some more of the coffee and flapped her legs in excitement….


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“Sorry for disrupting your plans” Emma said as she sat down at the dining table

“You haven’t disrupted them…a few days delay isn’t going to matter…do you want some breakfast?” Ailsa said and smiled

“No, I’m not really hungry…has Sandra gone to school?” Emma said

“Yes, she left a little while ago” Ailsa said and Emma sighed

“Everything will be alright” Ailsa said

“I suppose not hearing from PC Parrish is good news” Emma said dejected

“Don’t worry love…everything will be fine..then when this is all sorted, we can all get on the road…that’s if you want to come with us” Ailsa said and before Emma could answer


Knock on the door


“Ill get that…have some juice or something” Ailsa said and she walked out of the kitchen. Emma sighed and looked at Duncan who was eating his breakfast. He gave her half of his uneaten toast and Emma smiled


“Emma Jackson” Emma looked up to see two police officers standing in the kitchen

“Yeah” Emma said and her heart began to beat fast

“Emma Jackson, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Barry Jackson” The police officer said to Emma who looked at him then Ailsa in shock


Stewart/Ross Residence- Summer Bay

Michael put his plate in the sink, then he drank the last of his tea and put the cup in the sink while Celia sat at the table and ate her toast

“Don’t forget we are having a guest today for dinner ?” Celia said as Michael walked over to the chair and put his jacket on

“I wont be here, I told you last week, I have to go into the city to pick up some parts” Michael said


“Oh? I don’t remember you mentioning it..are you sure you cant postpone, Alf is coming to dinner tonight, I thought you might be able to cheer him up” Celia said and Michael started laughing

“Michael, it isn’t a joke..Alf has lost his marriage” Celia was interrupted

“And whose fault is that?” Michael said

“Yes, I know he made a mistake, but please have a little sympathy” Celia said

“No way, he made his bed..well he made a few beds..and now he should lie in them” Michael said and he laughed as he walked out of the house. Celia sighed as she heard the door close. Then she inhaled vocally, she had an idea…She was also gong to invite Ailsa to dinner tonight that way she will remember the good times they had and decide not to leave. Celia clapped her hands in excitement and smiled to herself. She couldn’t wait for Alfred and Ailsa to be as happy as her and Michael…

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 412





Police Station- Taree Australia


Ailsa looked at her watch, it felt like that had been here for a long time..which was true, that had been there for the whole day. Ailsa looked at Emma who was seated quietly next to her, and she put her hand on her leg


Background music- Stewart family theme


“Its going to be alright you know” Ailsa said and Emma didn’t respond

“At least Barry is going to be alright..that’s the most important thing” Ailsa said trying to convince herself and be sound encouraging for Emma. This feeling felt very familiar to her…many years ago, she sat in a waiting room at a police station, anxious to know her fate. One that she hoped wouldn’t be for her niece. They both looked up when the heard the door open and a few seconds later, Emma’s mum walked into the room. Emma looked at her mum then she put her head down

“I knew she would run to you” Bridget said as the door closed

“I knew you would send the police after me” Emma said

“You tried to kill my husband” Brdget said and she sat down

“I told you what he was doing to me…I just wanted him to stop” Emma said and she began to cry

“Oh rubbish, you are telling stories like you always did..I am his wife, what would Barry want with you?” Bridget said

“Bridget enough” Ailsa said

“This has nothing to do with you” Bridget said and Ailsa exhaled

“Emma has always been a troublesome child, always throwing a tantrum when she wasn’t centre of attention…is that what all this is about? You wanted some attention?” Bridget was interrupted

“No I didn’t..I am telling you the truth about what Barry did to me..why wont you believe me? I wanted him to leave me alone that’s why I picked up the knife…he wanted to do it quickly before you came home from work” Emma was interrupted

“Oh be quiet, I don’t want to hear any more of your lies” Bridget said and she was just about to get up

“WELL YOU ARE GOING TO HEAR ME” Emma said and Bridget froze and sat down and stared at Emma as she detailed all the years of abuse she had suffered..even describing intimate parts of Barry which shocked Bridget. She could no longer look at Emma as she listened to her daughter speak. Emma iped the teas from her face and was breathing heavily when she stopped talking. Ailsa put her arm around her to comfort her

“Now do you believe her?” Ailsa said and Bridget looked up at her then she got up and walked out of the room as Ailsa comforted Emma


Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“I don’t know sis..i’m not up to socializing” Alf said

“This is the right time to be socializing Alfred” Celia said as she hobbled behind Alf

“She probably wont want me to be there..maybe she got some packing to do or something "Alf said

“Alfred, why are you giving up?” Celia said

“My marriage is already over, there is no need to draw this out anymore..look sis, I appreciate what you are doing, but just leave it….i’ve got some stock to take over to the surf club, ill see you later” Alf said then he walked out of the shop as Celia sighed


Background music end


Department of social services- The City


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby looked at the clock on the wall, she had been here for an hour. She was both anxious and guilty at the same time. She was waiting for Andrew because she wanted to make sure that everything was alright with Sam. She was told that Andrew was out, so she came to wait for him at his office. Bobby didn’t know much about Sam’s mum only that she was struggling, and if that was her that Bobby saw, she could tell that she was probably taking it out on Sam. Bobby membered that she had another little boy with her, maybe Sam had a brother she didn’t know about.

“Bobby” Bobby looked up to see Andrew standing in front of her

“Hi, sorry to come over, I just wanted to see if everything was alright with Sam. When I called I was told you were out, so I thought ive come and wait before I head back home.

“Well im glad you did” Andrew said and he pointed to a room where Sam was playing and Bobby gasped and put her hand over her mouth

“Is he alright?” Bobby said

“He is now” Andrew said

“What happened? I thought you said his mum was doing well?” Bobby said

“Well she was, but unfortunately she decided that she just couldn’t take care of him, and surrendered him two weeks ago” Andrew said

“So who was the lady I saw him with?” Bobby said

“She is..well she was a foster parent and it was a blessing in disguise that you saw her..because we just removed all the children from her care” Andrew said

“That's awful..so what will happen to Sam?” Bobby said

“Well that would depend on you..” Andrew said and Bobby looked at him

“Can he come home with me?” Bobby said

“If you want him with you?” Andrew said and Bobby felt her heart beat fast and nodded

“Yes…yes please” Bobby said and Andrew smiled

“Go and see him, and ill get the paper work ready” Andrew said and Bobby looked at him

“Thank you…thank you” Bobby said and Andrew nodded and walked away. Bobby walked the short distance and stood outside the room as her heart beat fast then she opened the door and Sam looked up. He put the toy down and immediately rushed over to her. Bobby bent down and hugged him as tears ran down her cheek. She wiped them and looked at Sam

“You ready to go home?” Bobby said and Sam smiled and nodded aggressively. Bobby laughed and she hugged him again

“This time, I’m never going to let you go” Bobby said and she exhaled and closed her eyes and smiled to herself


Background music end


Summer Bay


Background music- Stewart family theme


“So when are you leaving?” Steve said as he and Sandra and Sally walked home from school

“I don’t know” Sandra said

“What you said the other day...when you said you love me” Steve was interrupted

“I better go” Sandra said and she waved at Sally then she rushed off as Steve watched her feeling confused…


Police Station- Taree Australia


Emma and Ailsa both looked up to see a sergeant walk into the room and closed the door. He sat down and looked at Emma

“Based on the circumstances, we have decided not to pursue the case any further, however we urge that you stay out of trouble” the sergeant said as Emma and Ailsa both exhaled vocally

“Did something happen?” Ailsa said

“As I said, based on the circumstances..we are not pursing the case any further..you are free to leave..let me escort you out” the sergeant said then got up and Ailsa and Emma followed behind him. They walked to the reception and noticed that Bridget was sitting down.

“Are you going to say anything to her?” Ailsa said and Emma shock her head no

“I just wat to go home…with you…please” Emma said and Ailsa smiled

“Ok, lets go home” Ailsa said and smiled. Emma walked past Bridget without looking at her, but Ailsa stopped and looked at her

“Whatever you said to them to get them to drop the charges…thank you” Ailsa said and Bridget looked up at her then she looked down and Ailsa walked away as a single tear ran down Bridget's cheek…


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Nick yawned as he closed the back door. It had been a long day, and he was tired and he was probably going to have to cook.

“Hi” Julie said and Nick got a shock when he saw Julie in the living room with her dad

“Nick” Alec Gibson said and Nick nodded his head

“I better get going love” Alec said and he began walking towards the door

“Thanks for coming” Julie said and Alec bent down and kissed Julies cheek

“Call me if you need me” Alec said and he lokoed at Nick

“Bye” Alec said

“Bye” Nick said and he watched as Julie waved at her dad, then she closed the door and turned around

“I have some really good news” Julie was interrupted

 “guess what?” Julie said

“What?” Nick said

“I got the job at the resort..isnt that great?” Julie said

“Congratulations” Nick said and smiled, he was genuinely happy for Julie

“Which brings me to why dad was here…we had a long talk, and I decided to move back home” Julie said

“Why? I thought you hated it there” Nick said

“I think things will be different now” Julie said

“What about your job?” Nick said

“Dad will drive me to work every morning” Julie said

“So what about us? We just together and now we are breaking up” Nick said and Julie sighed

“I didn’t say I want to break up, I just don’t want to be a burden on you…and if I continue living here, we will end up breaking up” Julie said and Nick couldn’t argue if he was being honest with himself

“I do still love you..and I want to make this work…this is the best way” Julie said

“You should’ve discussed this with me first” Nick said

“I told you how I was feeling” Julie said

“So when is your dad coming to get you?” Nick said and Julie sighed

“Tomorrow morning, because I have training on Wednesday” Julie said

“Well you better get packing then” Nick said and walked out of the living room as Julie exhaled and wondered if she had made the right decision


Background music ends



 Next Day


Simpson residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby smiled as she watched Sam dip his toast into his ege and eat it. She gently ran her fingers through his hair and felt so much joy. She couldn’t even sleep much last night, so she sat in his room and watched him sleep…he belonged to her…finally someone who belonged to her…and she was never going to let him go again…



Port Macquarie- Australia


“Thank you so much Mary…see ya later” Greg said and he put the phone down and exhaled. He couldn’t believe it. He remembered that Mary had a crush on him, and he had to let her down gently but he was glad that she didn’t hold a grudge. Greg walked to his truck and got in and closed the door as he tried to process what Mary told him which was that his son was just fostered and was now living in Summer Bay with someone called Roberta Simpson. Greg started the engine and smiled to himself, in five or so hours, he was going to be reunited with his son then they would head on the road and have a great life together, and he couldn’t wait. Greg smiled to himself as he drove away


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 413




Manhattan- New York

Background music- Have you ever been alone

Frank and Sam stopped walking and sat down on a bench in the park

“Manhattan is so beautiful when the season begins to change” Sam said and she bent down and picked up a leaf from the floor that was turning from green to brown

Frank didn’t respond, he drank some of his coffee and stared into the cup. His thoughts and feeling where all over the place, and on days like this, he didn’t know if he was coming or going

Frank felt a gentle nudge and looked at Sam

“Sorry, I was miles away…what did you say?” Frank said

“I was just saying that Manhattan is beautiful when the season is changing” Sam said and she showed Frank the leaf in her hand, but she could tell that he wasn’t interested

“How is Mrs Fletcher getting on?” Sam said hoping that chaning the subject might cheer Frank up


“She wrote last week, said the course is a bit hard, but she is still enjoying it” Frank said

“She will be fine, it will all be worth it in the end” Sam said and smiled. She noticed that Frank did t respond. She sighed then she looked at her watch

“I better get going, I don’t want to be late for class” Sam said and she drank more of her coffee then she stood up.

“Thanks for buying lunch” Frank said. He felt bad when he agreed for Sam to pay, but he had to save every penny to pay back Mr James

“You’re welcome. You always pay, and I wanted to treat you today” Sam said and Frank smiled

“Finally, a smile” Sam said and Frank laughed

“I better get going” Sam said and she put her bag on cross body then she leaned forward to hug Frank as she normally did, but this time, it felt different, Frank held onto her for a few seconds longer than he normally did then as he pulled away he stared into her eyes  for a few seconds then he remembered what he was doing and he pulled away

“Alright..ill see you later” Frank said then he smiled and turned around and walked away. Sam watched as he walked away trying to figure out what just happened and why her friend was so sad then she sighed and walked away…

Background music ends


High School- Summer Bay


“Dismissed” Donald said and Emma walked out of his office and closed the door. She walked towards her locker and shortly after Sandra walked over

“What did Fisher want?” Sandra said

“Just to tell me that he is keeping an eye on me, and any trouble and I’ll be expelled” Emma said and she put her folder into the locker

“We wont be here for much longer anyway…I’m going to the diner, do you want anything?” Emma said

“No…don’t be late back” Sandra said

“I won’t” Emma said then she shut her locker and walked away

“Hi” Sandra turned around to see Steve standing behind her

“Hi” Sandra said then she took her lunch out of the bag

“Bit strange Emma turning up like that” Steve said

“Yeah” Sandra said

“I hope she’s not going to be a jerk this time” Steve said

“No, I think she’s grown up…I have to go” Sandra said

“Where are you going?” Steve said

“I have to see Mr Croft” Sandra said then she closed her locker and walked away




Nelson Bay- Australia

Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“Ouch” Greg said and he shock his finger hard then licked the small cut to stop the blood flowing. He was attemting to fix something on the back of the truck before he got back on the road again. He noticed that his finger wouldn’t stop bleeding so he got up from the floor and went into the truck and grabbed his small first aid kit. He wiped the blood and put two plasters on his finger then put the kit away and returned to fixing what he was fixing and smiled to himself. Just a few short hours and he will see his son. He could admit to himself that he was anxious and scared. When Jackie told him she was pregnant, he couldn’t believe it. They had not been together for that long, and he didn’t feel ready for a son, so when a job opportunity came up for a long distance lorry driver. After a year of being on the road, he suddenly felt guilty for leaving Jackie to look after their son, and contacted her and that is when she sent him a photo of Sam. Even though it was probably late, he wanted to make up for not being in his sons life, and today was going to be the first step. Greg smiled to himself then he got into the truck, started the engine and began to drive away


Childrens Park- Summer Bay


Bobby smiled as she pushed Sam on the swing. The higher he got the more he giggled

“I think you are way too high mate, you might end up flying” Bobby said as Sam laughed. She stopped pushing him and smiled as she watched how excited he was anytime the swing went up and down. She never thought that Sam would come back into her life…she had already concluded that she was going to be alone. As Sam began to get lower on the swing, Bobby opened the envelope in her hand and looked at the papers. It was adoption papers. This time she wanted to make sure that Sam wasn’t going to leave her.

“Bobby” Bobby looked up and noticed that Sam had stopped swinging. She helped him out of the swing and onto the floor

“After all that swinging, I think you might be hungry” Bobby said and Sam nodded enthusiastically

“Ok, lets go and get some lunch” Bobby said and smiled as Sam held her hand and they walked away


.Woolgoolga- Australia 


Sophies stomach rumbled as she ate the bread. There was not other food left in the motel they were staying in. Sophie but her hand on her stomach hoping to make the noise quit, because she didn’t want to wake her dad up because she knew he would be angry. The loud cough frightened Sophie and when she looked up, her father was staring at her

“Why are you staring at me?” Al said annoyed and Sophie didn’t respond

“turn around and face the wall, your face makes me sick” Al said and Sophie did as she was told, she turned around and faced the wall as she broke off as small bit of the bread and put it into her mouth and she chewed slowly. She knew that this was the only food she was going to eat, so she tried to make it last long. As Sophie broke off another piece and put it into her mouth a tear ran down her cheek. Soon, Bobby was going to find her and make her lots of nice things to eat and she was going to be really happy…


Background music ends



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Don’t forget, the movie starts at 8pm” Marilyn said

“I won’t forget” Adam said and smiled

“Alright, then, I better get back, ill see you later” Marilyn said and she leaned forward and kissed Adam


“Emma” Emma looked up to notice that Adam was standing outside the diner with a woman

“Hi” Emma said and smiled

“When did you get back?” Adam said

“A few days ago” Emma said

“Is everything alright now…you know after” Adam was interrupted

“Yeah, fine” Emma said as she remembered that he saved her when she attempted to take her life before she was forced back to her parents house

“I’ll wait for you if you want, we can walk back to school together” Adam said

“Thanks” Emma said and walked into the diner

“Who is that?” Marilyn said

“Oh shes Mrs Stewarts niece” Adam said

“Oh..ok” Marilyn said as she watched Emma walk into the diner

“Anyway, you better get back to work, ill see you later” Adam said and he kissed Marilyns cheek and walked towards the diner as she stood outside and watched him walk away..


High School- Summer Bay


“Come in” David said as he bit into his sandwich and wiped his mouth. He looked up to see the door open


“Mr Fisher, come in” David said and smiled. He was still struggling to get used to calling his uncle Mr Fisher but he knew that he had to be respectful while they were in school

“Sorry to disturb your lunch” Donald said

“No its fine, is there something wrong?” David said

“We have a student who just transferred, well she was here for a few months and she left but shes now back again..how long for, I don’t know. However while she is here, I was hoping you would meet with her. From my understanding, she has been through some traumatic situations, which do have the potential to affect her school work” Donald said

“Right, what traumatic situations?” David said

“I’m not aware..her aunt, Ailsa Stewart wouldn’t give me the details, maybe the girl will tell you herself. Her name is Emma Jackson, year 10. Please try and speak to her at soon”  Donald said

“I will do that” David said and he wrote the name on the note pad and circled it as Donald walked out of the office.




Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


Bobby smiled as she watched Sam play with his trucks. She sighed the last page of the adoption application and she put it back in the envelope. Normally the application was to be posted, but since Bobby was going into the city tomorrow, she was going to take it personally. She wasn’t sure how long the application was going to take, but it didn’t matter, Sam was here and soon he was going to be here permantly. Bobby smiled and she put the envelope on the shelf and walked over to where Sam was and sat on the floor and smiled as she watched him play.


Knock on the door


“Ill be right back” Bobby said and she got up and walked over to the front door. When she opened it she saw a man with blond hair, wearing jeans and a t shirt looking at her

“Can I help you?” Bobby said

“Yeah, I’m looking for Roberta Simpson” Greg said

“Yeah, that’s me” Bobby said

“Oh right, My name is Greg…Greg Marshall..I’m Sam dad” Greg said with a smile and Bobby exhaled as she felt her heart break..


Background music ends dramatically

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