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Homecoming Part 5

Summer's Bay

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 482



Bistro- The City


Frank drank the coffee and sat the cup on the table

‘Can I get you something to eat?” Narelle said

“Nah thanks…not hungry” Frank said

“Are you alright?” Narelle said and Frank shook his head no

“That’s why I came here, just to get away for a little while” Frank said

“Bobby?” Narelle said and Frank nodded his head

“Why don’t you move to the city, get away from Summer Bay if this going to bother you seeing her” Narelle said

“I thought about it, but I don’t want to miss my family…I’ve been away from them for too long” Frank said

“Frank” Frank looked up to see Matt walking towards him

“G’day” Frank said and smiled and he shook hands with Matt

“How long are you in the city for? Matt said

“Just for the day” Frank said and drank his coffee

“When Narelle said you were back, I kept thinking that I need to come to Summer Bay..but I just haven’t had the time” Matt lied. He just didn’t want to bump into Carly and her husband

“So have you got a job lined up, or are you going back to Macklin’s?”  Matt said

“I think my days at the Macklin corporation are over” Frank said

“Well if you run out of options, I know its probably below what you’re used to, but you can always come and work here, the pay is decent and the tips are great” Matt said

“Thanks, Ill keep it in mind” Frank said

“Ill be back in a minute” Matt said and he walked away

“Maybe it’s a good idea Frank” Narelle said

“What is?” Frank said

“To take Matt up on the job offer” Narelle said

“We’ll see” Frank said

“Have you heard from Jeff Samuels?” Frank said

“No…but I took your advise…and I told the police what happened “ Narelle said

“Good for you..at least one of us has good news” Frank said and he smiled..



Police Station- The City


Detective Hunt looked at Jeff Samuels

“Well?” Jeff said

“We went to Summer Bay, but Al Simpson was not at the caravan park” Detective Hunt

“Well go back then” Jeff said

“Look, I don’t have time for these games. Just give me the name of your supplier” Detective Hunt

“No, its not a game..I promise you. Everything I told you about Al Simpson is true” Jeff said with desperation in his voice

“All the names I gave you, just talk to them and you will see I’m not lying” Jeff said as Detective Hunt looked at him.

“If I find out that you’re having me on..I will add more charges to your case and make sure you never see the light of day again” Detective Hunt said

“Take him away” Detective Hunt said to the officer who was standing by the door. As Jeff walked out Detective Hunt looked at him. If what Jeff Samuels was telling him was true, this would be a big deal for his career. He took the notebook out of his pocket and flipped it open and looked at the names…he was at least going to give this a chance..



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“I left my book in the car” Sally said

“Alright, go and get it” Pippa said as Sally put the bread on the kitchen table. She rushed out of the house and to the car. She opened the door and took out her book and when she shut the door and was about to turn around, she noticed the curtain move in the van across from the house. Sally walked over to the van and stood outside the door

“Sophie” Sally said

“Hey, what are you doing there?” The voice startled Sally and she moved back

“Nothing” Sally said

“Well go away” Al said annoyed and Sally walked backwards as she watched Al go into the van and slam the door. Shew as just about to turn around when she heard a loud slap and shouting. Sally walked back to the door and stood outside. She could her Sophies dad yelling at her..she could also hear him hitting her. This was not the first time Sally had heard this. She didn’t mean to get Sophie in trouble. She remembered when Sophie told her not to tell anyone she was in the van. Pippa always told her that she had to tell adults if something was wrong. As Sally stood outside the van the door opened

“Clear off why don’t you” Al said and Sally ran away…


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Ok, thanks” Ailsa said and she put the phone down and walked into the kitchen

“I just spoke to the delivery company, they are bringing the booth seats on Friday night..Shannon would you mid staying a few hours on Friday night while they install them..ill pay overtime” Ailsa said

“Ok, count me in” Shannon said

“Thanks” Ailsa said and she walked into the office

“Hi” Shannon looked up to see Adam at the counter

“Hi” Shannon said

“How are you?” Adam said

“Ok” Shannon said

“I miss you” Adam said and Shannon didn’t respond.

“Come to my place tonight” Adam said

“Have you broken it off with Marilyn? Shannon said

“Not yet” Adam said

“Be honest with me, are you going to do it?” Shannon said

“Yeah, I am..I just need some time” Adam said

“Don’t take too long, I might not be around” Shannon said and Adam sighed..


Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Pippa knocked on the door

“Come in” Bobby said and Pippa opened the door

“Pippa, I wasn’t expecting you..come in” Bobby said and she got up and gave Pippa a hug as she looked around

“Wow, this is very nice” Pippa said

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled

“Sit down…can I get you something to drink..or eat?” Bobby said as Pippa said down

“No..I wont be staying long…I just came to see if you’re alright” Pippa said


Background music – Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Yeah, fine..why?” Bobby said with a confused look on her face

“I thought that after last night..what Frank said to you..you would be upset” Pippa said and she noticed a change in Bobby’s face

“No, everything is fine…maybe it’s a good idea I stay away from the caravan park for a while” Bobby said and she got up and walked over to the window

“But its your home too” Pippa said

“Yeah I know…but for some reason Frank has got a bee in his bonnet..I don’t know why” Bobby said

“Maybe he thought things could go back to the way they were” Pippa said

“What did he think, that I would just be hanging around waiting for him? I moved on..I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life with Greg and Sam” Bobby said as Pippa looked at her

“If Frank cant get over it and wants to live in the past then that’s his problem…not mine” Bobby said as Pippa looked at her…not sure if she believed what Bobby was telling her…



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay

Shauna opened her bag and took out her notebook. She picked up a pen from the bedside table and wrote down the names that the girl on the beach mentioned..Bobby..Steve…Frank..Carly..Sally. She circled each name then on the next line she wrote Mr Fletcher deceased. Under that she wrote the name Christopher and drew a heart around it and smiled to herself. Soon everything was going to fall in place and she couldn’t wait…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Sweetheart, you not hungry?” Pippa said as she looked at Sally who wasn’t eating her food

“Can I go to Bobby’s house? Sally said as Pippa looked at her confused

“It’s a bit late to go now sweetheart, Is everything alright?” Pippa said

“Can I go to my room?” Sally said

“Alright…how about I bring you some dessert later” Pippa said

“No thank you” Sally said and she got up from the chair and walked towards the stairs

“Whats wrong with Sal?” Steve said

“I don’t know…she was fine earlier” Pippa said


Sally walked into her room and opened the curtains. She looked down at the caravan..the one that Sophie and her dad had. She felt bad for getting Sophie into trouble. Maybe if she told Bobby…Sophie wouldn’t get into trouble anymore. Or maybe she would. Sophie picked up her bear and squeezed it hoping that she would get the right answer..


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 483


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Sally looked out of the window, she saw Sophies dad get into his car and drive away then she quickly put her dressing gown on and slippers and ran out of her room. She rushed downstairs and out of the house as quickly as she could and knock on the caravan door

“Sophie..Sophie…its me…Sally” Sophie said in a loud whisper

“Sophie opened her eyes when she heard her name being called. She took the blanket off her head. She looked around and noticed that her dad was gone. She slowly got up from under the table. Her arm still hurt from when she was hit with the belt. Sophie  slowly walked over to the window and opened the curtain then she slowly knocked on the window and Sally looked up

“Are you ok?” Sally said and Sophie nodded

“Ill be back” Sally said then she ran back into the house. She opened the fridge and took out the chocolate cake that Bobby brought over the over day. She knew she wasn’t allowed to touch the knife so she used the fork to put some in a food bag she found in the pantry. She rushed back out of the house again and knocked on the van door

“Sophie” Sally said and Sophie came to the window. "Here, I got you something” Sally said and she raised up the food bag to the window.

“Open the door” Sally said and Sophie shook her head no. She didn’t know where her dad was and she knew that if she opened the door she would get into trouble again

“Open the door” Sally said

“Sal, what are you doing over there?” Sally turned around to see Steve putting his riding helmet on

“Nothing” Sally said

“Go inside and get ready for school” Steve said then he got on his bike and rode away as Sally sighed and walked into the house….



Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


“So what do you think?” Greg said

“I dunno mate, I have problems in my own love life”  Nick said then he drank his tea as Shauna came out of her room

“ask Shauna, I got to go…see you later” Nick said and he walked out of the house

“As me what?” Shauna said and Greg sighed

“Its nothing” Greg said

“Are you sure you don’t want a woman’s opinion?” Shauna said and Greg sighed

“Well..my girlfriend, Bobby….well her ex husband..Frank turned up,” Greg said

“So whats the problem?” Shauna said

“I think he might be trying to win her back” Greg said

“Has he told you that?” Shauna said

“No…but its just a feeling I get. Alf Stewart said I should go over to the caravan park, and tell him to stay away” Greg said and a lightbulb went off in Shauna’s mind

“Is that Mrs Fletchers son?” Shauna said curiously

“Yeah…well sorta..she fostered a bunch of kids..including my girlfriend..Bobby” Greg said as Shauna looked at him

“So what do you think I should do?” Greg said

“Well, unless you want him to see how insecure you are…I probably wouldn’t say anything...going for a run…see you later” Shauna said and she walked out of the house.  

Greg thought about what she said, maybe she was right…but then again, he had to let Frank know. Greg sighed then he picked up his car keys and walked out of the house.



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Al parked his car far enough down the road from Bobby’s house. He looked at the time as he watched the blonde get into her car. A few minutes later he saw Bobby come out with a kid and they got into the car. About half an hour later, the bloke who left earlier with the surfboard came back. Al waited to see if he would go out again. He had a plan..the sooner he could get on with it, the sooner he could leave Summer Bay behind…



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Shauna wiped the sweat off her brow as she got closer to the caravan park. Her heart also started beating fast. She could hear some people walking out of the house and she hid behind a tree. She watched who she thought was Pippa Fletcher and a young girl walk towards a car. Shauna breathed heavily as her heart beat fast. She watched as the girl she met on the beach yesterday come out of the house with Christopher. She watched as Pippa  Fletcher blew a kiss at Christopher and got into the car and drive away. Shauna inhaled then exhaled and closed her eyes. She couldn’t believe that after all these years…here she was. Shauna opened her eyes as she watched the girl she saw on the beach and Christopher walk into the house and smiled then she turned around and began to run away…


Summer Bay


As Pippa drove, she made a note to remember to get some extra flour. She wanted to make some scones for Alex tonight, before she went there this weekend

“Pippa” Sally said

“Yes sweetheart” Pippa said as she looked through her rear view mirror

“Why doesn’t Bobby love Sophie?” Sally said

“She doesn’t really know her sweetheart” Pippa said

“But she can try” Sally said and Pippa looked at her confused through the rear view mirror

“Sweetheart why are you saying this?” Pippa said confused

“Nothing” Sally said and she sighed and looked out of the car window..



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay


Alf looked up as the bell above the shop rang and two men walked towards him

“What can I do for you gentlemen” Alf said

“G’day, I’m looking for Alfred Stewart” Detective Hunt said

“You found him, what can I do you for?” Alf said and smiled

“I’m Detective Hunt and this is Detective Smith, we were wondering if we could ask you a few questions about Albert Simpson” Detective Hunt said and Alf looked at them

“Fiona love…you can take your break now” Alf said and Fiona nodded then she went to the back and took her bag and walked out of the shop

“What is this about?” Alf said

We just wanted to know what your relationship is like with Mr Simpson” Detective Hunt

“There is no relationship” Alf said annoyed

“Look, Mr Stewart, I know that he was involved in identifying you as the suspect for the murder of Shane Wilson” Detective Hunt

“Exactly, so you know why there is no relationship” Alf said

“Have you seen him around?” Detective Hunt

“Yeah, he’s staying at the caravan park..if you ask me they should’ve turfed him out a long time ago” Alf said

“That’s all for now..thank you Mr Stewart…you’ve been very helpful” Detective Hunt said and he smiled then they both walked out of the shop. Alf sighed then he went to the stockroom. A few minutes later he heard the bell above the door open

“Be with you in a minute” Alf said then he walked out to see Al standing by the counter

“What do you want?” Alf said

“What did those two coppers want?” Al said

“You….What do you want?” Alf said

“I need some money, I’m heading out of town” Al said

“I’m not giving you a penny” Alf said

“For old times sake..come on Alf, you can spare it” Al said

“Just get out” Alf said and Al looked at him

“I thought we were mates Alf” Al said and he shook his head

“Mates don’t try to send each other to prison..NOW GET OUT OF MY SHOP…MATE” Alf said and Al looked at him and smiled then as he walked towards the door his smile disappeared because he had no idea why the police were asking about him, all he knew that he had to get out of Summer Bay as soon as possible.



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


Shannon pretended to wipe the counter as she watched Adam and Marilyn have lunch together. On a few occasions her and Adam made eye contact, ad she had to admit that she was jealous watching them being lovey dovey over sandwiches

“G’day” Shnnon looked up to see Frank at the counter

“Hi” Shannon said and smiled

“Just a coffee to take away” Frank said. As Marilyn talked, Adam watched as Shannon smiled and talked to Frank which made him jealous

“So what do you think?” Marilyn said

“Hmm” Adam said as he looked at Marilyn

“For Bobby’s graduation party…are you coming?” Marilyn said

“Yeah…I don’t know” Adam said as he tried to watch Shannon and Frank from the corner of his eye as Marilyn went on about the party. Adam watched as Frank walked away then Shannon looked at him and walked into the kitchen and he sighed. He had to find a way to tell Marilyn…and soon


“Oh sorry” Lucinda said then she looked up to see she almost bumped into someone

“Its alright” Frank said

“Are you sure I didn’t get any on your shirt” Lucinda said as she noticed it was a shirt that was similar to one her brother had

“No, its alright” Frank said and Lucinda burst into tears

“Are you alright?” Frank said as Lucinda took a tissue from her pocket and nodded

“I’m sorry…its just that my brother was killed in an accident a few days ago just outside Summer Bay..and he has a shirt like yours..see it just reminded me of him” Lucinda said

“ Sorry to hear about your brother” Frank said

“Thanks..we are taking his body to Brisbane on Friday and having the funeral on Saturday” Lucinda said

“So you’re not from Summer Bay?” Frank said

“No, well my Uncle is..maybe you know him…Donald Fisher” Lucinda said and Frank rolled his eyes

“Yes..I know Donald very well…he was my father in law at one point” Frank said and Lucinda looked up at him

“Are you Frank?” Lucinda said

“Yeah” Frank said

“You are married to my cousin Ruth?” Lucinda said

“were married..we are separated” Frank said

“Oh right..sorry to hear that” Lucinda said

“Excuse me” Lucinda and Frank both looked to see Bobby walking into the diner. She looked at Lucinda then she looked at Frank as she felt jealous then she walked into the diner

“Anyway..sorry about your brother…see you later” Frank said

“Ok..bye” Lucinda said then she watched as Frank walked away


“So you still haven’t left town yet?” Frank turned around to see Donald getting out of his car

“I’m talking to you” Donald said and Frank turned around and looked at him

“Do you you have no shame?” Donald said

“What are you talking about?” Frank said

“First Bobby, then Ruth and now Lucinda…?” Donald said

“Who is Lucinda?” Frank said confused

“I saw you talking to her just now” Donald said and Frank sighed

“Donald I’m not in the mood to argue..ok..just leave me alone” Frank said

“The sooner you leave town, the better it will be for all of us” Donald said and he walked away as Frank sighed

“Hi..sorry I’m late” Carly said as she walked up to Frank

“Lets’s go” Frank said

“I thought we were meeting in the diner?” Carly said

“Lets just go to the house…anywhere is better than here” Frank said as they walked away…


Animal Shelter- Summer Bay


Background music- Have you ever been alone


Emma adjusted the apron over her uniform and continued to clean out the rabbit cage then she opened the door to the cage next to the one she was cleaning and took the rabbit out and began to stroke it



Emma- I don’t want to drop him

David- You wont..hold him like this

Emma- I think I got the hang of it

David- I think so

Emma- His fur is really soft

David- The staff do a good job at keeping the animals clean here

Flashback ends


A tear ran down Emma’s cheek as she remembered the first time she came here with David..now he was gone and she missed him so much..



Beach- Summer Bay


“Sorry we cant go anywhere nice for lunch” Revhead said as he and Sandra ate hotdogs on the beach

“Its alright..I understand” Sandra said and smiled

“I hope you didn’t get into any trouble for getting to school late” Revhead said

“Just a little bit, but its alright” Sandra said

“Well school is important, having a good job is important for the future” Revhead said

“Yeah I know..when do you have to go back to court?” Sandra said and Revhead sighed

“Next week” Revhead said

“What do you think is going to happen?” Sandra said

“If there are no other suspects, then I go bac to prison” Revhead said and Sandra sighed

“But you didn’t do it” Sandra said

“It’s Bobby’s word against mine” Revhead said

“Maybe if I talk to her” Sandra was interrupted

“No, that’s not a good idea, I don’t want you to get into any trouble…or lose your job. This is all my fault really, if I didn’t have a record, nobody would be able to blame me for anything” Revhead said and sighed as he ate his hotdog and stared into the sea…



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Are you sure you’re ready to go back to work already?” Ailsa said as she sat opposite Lucinda and she nodded

“If I stay at home, all I keep doing is thinking about David..all the plans he had, all the things were going to do together” Lucinda said and Emma looked at her

“I just wish he was still here” Lucinda said then tears formed in her eyes

“Sorry love” Ailsa said and she gently patted her arm..



G’day” Bobby looked up to see Greg standing at the office door

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled

“I was just wandering if we could have lunch together” Greg said

“Thanks but I’m just on my way to the resort” Bobby said

“Ok..how about dinner later?..my place? I’ll cook?” Greg said and Bobby smiled

“Yeah..ok” Bobby said and she smiled as Greg walked over to her and kissed her

“I love you” Greg said

“Me too” Bobby said and smiled then as she watched Greg walk away, her smile disappeared. Bobby sighed then she picked up her keys from the desk and walked out of her office



Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay



“The hotel is hiring” Carly said as she read the newspaper

“I dunno” Frank said as they sat at the table and ate lunch

“Housekeeping manager…the pay and benefits are good too” Carly said

“And bumping into Bobby all day, no thanks” Frank said and Carly looked at him

“So you’re going to take Matts offer..and move to the city?” Carly said

“I dunno yet” Frank said and he looked at Carly

“Come on Carls, I’ll only be in the city..I wont be that far away” Frank said

“That’s what you said last time…and we never saw you” Carly said

“This time, it will be different” Frank said and Carly sighed

“It wont” Carly said

“Sorry to interrupt” Finlay said as she came into the house with Christophe

“Mrs Fletcher phoned and she asked if you could all be home for dinner, she wants to talk about something” Finlay said

“What is it about?” Frank said

“She didn’t say” Finlay said as Frank looked at Carly…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“I think it’s a great idea…go for it” Bobby said as her and Pippa sat at the table and drank tea as Pippa told her about the job offer she got, and the opportunity to further her studies

“Thank you sweetheart” Pippa said

“Since you’re going to be in the new offices next door to the resort, I’ll get to see you everyday” Bobby said and smiled

“Well, I have to see what the others think..I’ll tell them over dinner” Pippa said and she noticed Bobby’s face change

“I thought it would be better if I told you here, instead of at the house” Pippa said

“Yeah, its fine..Sam and I are going over to Greg’s tonight..he’s cooking dinner” Bobby said and smiled

“Anyway, let me get back home” Pippa said and she got up

“Thank you for the tea” Pippa said

“No worries…what time are you leaving to go to Newcastle on Friday?” Bobby said as they walked to the door

“We have half a day on Friday which gives me a chance to come home and change, then I will pick up Sal from school, and we’ll head straight up there” Pippa said

“I haven’t said it, but I’m glad you and Reverend Jones are making a go of thing” Bobby said

“Thanks you…after Tom, I didn’t think I would feel this way about anyone again” Pippa said as she opened the door



Background music- Bobby and Franks theme

I’m glad that things are working out for you and Greg as well..” Pippa said and Bobby smiled

“Have fun tonight” Pippa said

“With Gregs cooking, I don’t know” Bobby said as she walked Pippa to her car

“By the way, Sally said something really odd this morning” Pippa said

“Yeah, what did she say?” Pippa said as she opened the car door

“She asked me why you didn’t love Sophie” Pippa said

“I don’t even know the girl..and to be honest, I don’t want anything to do with Al simpson” Bobby said annoyed

“See you later” Pippa said and she started her engine and drove away. Bobby found herself getting angry as she walked back to the house. She hated Al Simpson, which meant she hated anything associated with him


“Bobby can I have a drink please?” Sam said

“Just a little one, we’re going to your dads for dinner” Bobby said as she opened the fridge and took out some juice. She grabbed a cup and poured some in and gave it to Sam”

“Thank you” Sam said and Bobby put the juice in the fridge and when she closed the door, the fridge magnet became loose and some of Sam and Sally’s drawings  she was going to put in her office fell to the floor. Bobby picked up the drawings and looked at each one and smiled until she stopped at one and looked at it. It was of an adult and a little girl holding hands




Bobby- Sal, great picture but you spelled my name wrong

Sally- I didn’t draw it

Bobby- Yes you did

Sally- No I didn’t, Sophie did the picture


Flashback ends



Bobby looked at the picture..she read the words I luv u bobi. She was about to rip the drawing  up then Sam dropped his cup on the floor

“Sorry” Sam said and Bobby put the drawings in her hands on the table

“It’s alright,…lets get it cleaned up before we go to your dads ok?” Bobby said and Sam smiled




Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Go and sit over there, you stink” Al sad and Sophie rushed over to the corner of the van and sat on the floor and scratched her arm. Al sighed as he looked around. He put the clothes he had into a black bin bag. In another bin bag he put in some old newspapers and the few items of clothes that were Sophies. He looked up at her to see her scratching herself. He couldn’t wait until he got out of Summer Bay, so that he could get rid of her, because she no longer served a purpose.  If he played his cards right, he would have more than enough money that he wouldn’t need her to steal a few measly dollars. Al smiled to himself..not long now, he will be far away from this place and enjoying his life…


Background music ends

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4 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

How so? I get that they share an uncle in Donald but aren't they completely different sides of the family tree?

Are we sure?


Take Bobby out of the equation, 

Lucinda is Donald's sisters daughter        Roo is Barbara's brothers daughter

                  So Roo and Lucinda would be cousins through marriage.  



Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 483


Barnett Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Greg and Bobby’s theme


“So, whats the verdict?” Greg said as Bobby tasted the spaghetti sauce. It was a bit salty, but she didn’t want to disappoint Greg

“Its, good” Bobby said as Greg looked at her

“You don’t like it” Greg said with a disappointed look on his face

“I do” Bobby said

“So why do I get the feeling you don’t?” Greg said

“Well…its just a little bit salty” Bobby said

“Oh” Greg said

“Look, let me just add something” Bobby said and she opened the cupboards up and took out some sugar. She put two teaspoons n the sauce and stirred it then she tasted it

“Try it now” Bobby said and she took another spoon, and put a sample of the sauce on the spoon and gave it to Greg

“Hmm…that’s good…that’s really good” Greg said

“See, all you needed was just a little fix” Bobby said

“I’m so lucky to have you in my life” Greg said and he kissed Bobby

“Have a seat, dinner is served” Greg said and Bobby sat next to Sam at the dining table

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were having visitors” Shauna said as she came into the house

“Its alright, Shauna meet Bobby, my girlfriend, and Sam my son” Greg said

“Hi” Bobby said and smiled at Shauna who stared at Bobby

“Hi” Shauna said eventually

“There’s enough for four if you want to join us” Greg said

“Thanks, but a hot bath is calling my name..Ill see you later” Shauna said and she walked into her room and closed the door.

Shauna sat on her bed and picked up her notebook on the bedside table and opened it then she circled Bobby’s name and closed the book and smiled to herself…


Cameron Residence- Summer Bay


“Dinner was really nice, thank you” Marilyn said as she smiled at Adam who took the plates to the small kitchen area on the boat. A few minutes later, Adam came back on the deck and sat next to Marilyn

“You’ve been quiet…is there something wrong?” Marilyn said and Adam sighed..he knew what he needed to say, but felt guilty

“I want to talk to you about something…this time..don’t say anything..because I need to say this” Adam said

“Ok” Marilyn said and she turned to look at him. So may thoughts were going through her mind..maybe he was coming to propose..or ask for them to live together

“I think you’re a great girl..and we have a good time together” Adam said as he struggled to find the words to say that wouldn’t be as painful

“Before you left to go and see your family for Christmas..I thought we were on the verge of breaking up..and I met someone” Adam said and he looked at Marilyn who looked at him

“And we want to be together” Adam said then he exhaled. He finally said everything

“Oh..ok” Marilyn said trying not to sound hurt. After Ben, she never expected to meet a nice guy like Adam, but she did. She knew that she pushed him away before she left, but she thought that they could work it out

“Well I better go then” Marilyn said

“You don’t have to… Adam said

“I think its for the best that I go home” Marilyn said as she got up and picked up her bag and put on her shoes

“Let me walk you to your car at least” Adam said as he got up

“No..I’ll be fine” Marilyn said and she smiled

“I hope we can still be friends” Adam said

“Bye Adam” Marilyn said then she climbed off the boat and began walking to her car as a tear ran down her cheek. Adam sighed and he went inside the boat and sat on his bed. He ran his hands through his hair and for a split second wondered if he had made the right decision then he closed his eyes and thought about Shannon and smiled to himself and nodded…yes he had made the right decision…


Background music ends


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Al opened his eyes when he heard the banging on the van door. He didn’t know what time it was, but he knew it was still really early


Knock on the door


He rubbed his eye and opened the door

“Albert Simpson?” Detective Hunt said

“Yes” Al said

“I’m detective Hunt, this is detective Smith…sorry to wake you up…we were wondering if we could speak to you” Detective Hunt said

“About what?” Al said

“Is there somewhere private we can talk?” Detective Hunt said

“Here is fine” Al said

“Very well…we wanted to talk to you about the death of Shane Wilson” Detective Hunt said

 and Al felt his stomach drop

“Well..that was a long time ago..I don’t know if my memory goes that far back” Al said trying to joke

“If you can tell us what you remember, how about that?” Detective Hunt said

“Well if I’m going to do all that, I at least need a shower and coffee first” Al said

“Fine, we can wait for you to have a shower” Detective Hunt said and smiled and Al smiled then he closed the door as his smile disappeared. He had to play it cool, then hopefully they would go away giving him enough time to get out of Summer Bay today..


“Sal, you don’t want your breakfast?” Pippa said and Sally shook her head no

“Sweetheart are you alright? You’ve been really quiet the last few days” Pippa said

“I’m alright” Sally said as she looked at Pippa. Pippa always told her that she had to tell an adult when something was wrong. She wanted to tell Pippa about Sophie being hit by her dad, but she didn’t want to get her into trouble…like what happened with Tammy and Viv

“Is someone at school being mean to you?” Frank said and Sally snuggled up under his arm

“No…” Sally said

“Can me and Milko go to Bobby’s house” Sally said and Pippa looked at Frank

“You have to go to school first sweetheart” Pippa said and Sally sighed


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“Here you go” Bobby said

“Thanks” Marilyn said

“Are you going to be alright?” Bobby said

“Yes of course” Marilyn said trying to convince herself and Bobby

“Alright see you later” Bobby said and

“..bye bye Bobby” Marilyn said then she turned around to see Shannon and Adam holding hands as they walked into the diner. Marilyn looked at each of them

“G’day” Adam said

“Hello” Marilyn said and she smiled then rushed out of the diner before she could burst into tear

Shannon sighed and let go of Adams hand

“What?” Adam said

“Look, ill just see you later” Shannon said then she walked into the kitchen

“Hi” Shannon said and smiled at Bobby who walked out of the office

“Hello love” Ailsa said and smiled as an awkwardness filled the kitchen….


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

“You’ve been very helpful Mr Simpson” Detective Hunt said

“My memory isn’t as good as it was” Al said

“Well we have enough information..thank you for your time” Detective Hunt said then he got up from his chair

“Have a good day” Detective Hunt said  and smiled then he and Detective Smith walked away

“Do you believe him?” Detective Smith said

“He’s lying through his back teeth” Detective Hunt said

“Why don’t we arrest him?” Detective Smith said

“We need to interview one more person first” Detective Hunt said then he smiled to himself



Al watched as the two detectives walked away. He knew that they would be back..he had to get on with his plan, and get out of Summer Bay as soon as he could…


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn closed he door behind her. She tried to work, but it was a bad idea, so her manager allowed her to take the afternoon off. Marilyn put her bag on the couch and walked into the bedroom. She made herself some tea and went up to her room to lie down hoping that it would make her feel better…



Sands Resort- Summer Bay


Bobby looked at the drawings on her desk. She brought them to the office so that she could put the on the wall. On the wall next to her chair, Bobby had whiteboard and she pinned each other photos that Sally and Sam had drawn for her. Bobby picked up the last one and was about to pin it to the black board and she looked at it and remembered that Pippa said Sally wanted to know why she didn’t love Sophie.  Bobby sighed as she felt guilty when she remembered what she told Pippa that she didn’t care. She remembered the few occasions she saw Sophie, the little girl would stare at her, and Bobby ignored her. She was angry at the little girl when really she was angry at Al. Bobby inhaled and exhaled then decided that Sophie wasn’t her problem..and neither was Al, and as far as she was concerned they were welcome to each other


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn opened her eyes when she heard glass break. She knew that she was in the house by herself because Grant had gone to the city, and Bobby was at work. Marilyn quietly got out of bed and quietly opened the door. She noticed a man come out of Bobby’s room and go down the stairs. Marilyn quietly walked out of the room and down the stairs. She got to the bottom of the stairs and didn’t hear anything and she rushed to the phone when she saw the man come out of Grants room

“What are you doing here?” Marilyn said

“Just keep your mouth shut and you won’t get hurt” Al said annoyed. He thought everyone was out

“Get out now, or I’m gong to call the police” Marilyn said as she walked backwards

“No you’re not…you’re going to keep your mouth shut like I said, or you’re going to get hurt” Al said. As Al walked towards her, Marilyn started having flashbacks of when Ben would do the same. Marilyn looked around as Al walked towards her then she began screaming then he slapped her across the face and she fell.

Al looked at Marilyn lying on the floor then he rushed out of the backdoor and got into his car as quickly as he could.



Stewart Shop- Summer Bay

“So what do you think?” Celia said

“I dunno sis, I would have to ask Ailsa first..you know incase she has any plans” Alf said

“Alright then…oh by the way, have you heard from Blake or Karen?” Celia said

“Yeah, Blake is doing good, setting back into school. He’s going to come here for the holidays” Alf said with a smile on his face

“What about Karen?” Celia said and Alf sighe

“No, nothing at all” Alf said disappointed

“Its going to take some time…but she will eventually come around. As far as she’s concerned you abandoned her..she has to learn to trust you again” Celia said

“Since when did you become the voice of reason?” Alf said

“Oh Alfred” Celia said then then bell above the shop made a noise

“G’day” Alf said as Shauna walked towards him

“Hi Mr Stewart” Shauna said

“Hello love, what can I do for you?” Alf said

Just some milk and bread thanks” Shauna said

“Well the milk is in the fridge and the bread is just around the corner” Alf said

“Thanks” Shauna said and she disappeared around the corner

“So will you let me know?” Celia said

“Alright sis..dont go on and on” Alf said

“I think it would be nice to have a family dinner” Celia said

“Just these thanks” Shauna said and she put her things on the counter

“Oh one more thing” Shauna said as she picked up a chocolate bar

“Shauna I don’t think you met my sister, Celia Roass, this is Shauna Bradley” Alf was interrupted

“The new lifeguard” Celia said and Shauna smiled

“Yes, nice to meet you” Shauna said

“likewise..welcome to our little town..I hope you will be happy here” Celia said

“Thanks, all the people I’ve met so far have been great” Shauna said

“Oh? Who have you met so far?” Celia said. As Shauna explained Alf rang up the items on the counter and put them into a bag

“That will be five dollars” Alf said and Shauna gave him the money

“Thanks” Shauna said

“Lat night I met Bobby Fletcher” Shauna said

“Well no, she’s actually Bobby Simpson” Celia said and Shauna looked at her confused

“She’s adopted” Celia said

“Oh, sorry..I just thought she was a fletcher because Greg said her mum is Pippa Fletcher” Shauna said

“Pippa is Bobby’s foster mother…the Fletcher’s fostered Bobby when they arrived in Summer Bay” Celia said

“Oh, I got the impression that they had been around here for ages like everyone else” Shauna said

“No, not that long. Our family..the Stewarts have been here the longest” Celia said

“Alright Sis, you don’t want to bore the girl with old history” Alf said and he rolled his eyes. Shauna smiled but was annoyed because she wanted to hear more about the Fletchers

“Here’s your change love” Alf said as he handed some money to Shauna

“Thanks…bye..nice meeting you” Shauna said to Celia then she walked out of the shop

“Nice young lady…what do you  know about her?” Celia said and Alf rolled his eyes


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Marilyn opened her eyes, got up from the floor and sat on the chair by the dining table. Her head was pounding and the house was a mess. She got up from the chair and walked over to the phone. She picked up the receiver and began to dial

“Bobby Simpson please” Marilyn said as she rested her elbow on the counter and waited for Bobby to answer the phone

“Hi Bobby…its me Marilyn..please come home now…we've burgled” Marilyn said and sighed…


Caravan Park- Summer Bay

Background music Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby got out of her car and rushed towards the van. She knew that Al was in the van because his car was parked outside. Bobby began banging on the door and Al opened the door

“Bobby, to what do I owe this visit?” Al said and smiled

“You broke into my house..give me my stuff back” Bobby said

“What are you talking about, I never broke into your house” Al said trying to convince Bobby

“Look just give me my stuff back…or I’m going to call the police” Bobby said

“I never broke into your house” Al said then he slammed the door shut. Bobby looked around then she sighed and rushed into the house. Sally looked up from her drawing when she heard the door open

“Hi Bobby” Sally said

“Hi squirt” Bobby sand and she rushed over to the phone. Sally walked over to the phone and stood next to Bobby

“Bobby, if I tell you something will you be cross?” Sally said

“Not now Sal” Bobby said and picked up the receiver and began to dial

“What's wrong with the phone?” Bobby said as Frank came into the living room

“What are you doing here?” Frank said

“Bobby, I want to tell you something” Sally said

“I said what are you doing here?..get out” Frank said and Bobby sighed



“You better not get up from under that blanket” Al said to Sophie then he put his black bag of things in the back and closed the door. He went back into the van to look around and make sure he hadn’t left anything.



“Look, Al Simpson broke into my house, he stole my things and he attacked Marilyn, I need to call the police” Bobby said as she picked up the phone again

“Not from here, I said get out” Frank said and Bobby looked at him then she put the phone down and started walking away

“Bobby wait” Sally said and Bobby turned around as Frank looked at her

“OUT NOW” Frank said as Bobby rushed out of the house

“Bobby wait, its important” Sally said as she rushed behind her

“What is it Sal?” Bobby said and she turned around

“If me and Milko tell you something will you be cross?” Sally said

“Of course not, what is it?” Bobby said and Sally looked at her

“Get in the house Sal” Frank said as he stood in the living room

“But I need to tell Bobby something” Sally said as she rushed outside

“What is it Sal?” Bobby said as she looked at Sally who had a look of concern on her face

“Sophie's dad hit her” Sally said and Bobby looked at her confused

“Are you telling stories Sal?” Bobby said

“No, honest. I went to give Sophie some cake and her dad told me to go away then he went in the van and he hit her and she was crying..I heard it” Sally said and Bobby sighed

She turned around and saw Al closing the van door

“You’re not going to get away with this” Bobby said as Al opened the car door

“Where is Sophie?” Bobby said as she looked into the car and tried to open the door. Bobby could see someone move under the blanket, and assumed it was Sophie

“Just mind your own business, and go away” Al said then he pushed Bobby and she fell over and hurt her arm

“You’re not going to get away” Bobby said and she managed to get up

“Bobby are you alright” Sally said

"I'm fine Sal" Bobby said as Frank came outside

"Sal come in the house" Frank said

“Frank…I think he’s got a little girl in that car…he hurt her…please help me” Bobby said and she looked at Frank

“Ok give me your keys. Sal go inside the house, lock the door and tell Finlay to call the police” Frank said as they rushed to Bobby’s car and Sally ran inside the house. Frank started the engine and drove out of the caravan park as he followed Al’s car. Al could see them catching up to him as he turned the corner. He had to go through Stewarts point, hoping they wouldn’t be able to catch up to him. As Al turned the corner he was going too fast and hit a road barrier and the car tumbled off the road. Frank stopped the car and him and Bobby got out and Bobby gasped as the car tumbled and eventually landed on its side. Before they got to the car, they noticed Al pull himself out of the car and started running.

“Stay back” Frank said they got to the car and started lookin inside

“Are you sure she’s in here? ” Frank said as they could hear the police coming

“Yes, I saw her move under the blanket…this is all my fault, if she’s hurt..Ill never forgive myself” Bobby said as she felt helpless


Frank leaned into the car and moved the black bag then he saw something moving under a blanket

“Its alright sweetheart, you can come out now” Frank said and he saw a corner of the blanket move

“What’s her name again?” Frank said

“Sophie” Bobby said

“Sophie, its ok, you can come out now” Frank said and Sophie moved a bit of the blanket and she could see a man calling her name…

“Its alright sweetheart, give me your hand let me help you out…Bobby is here too” Frank said and Sophie froze

“Sophie…its ok..you can come out..its ok” Bobby said as tears formed in her eyes as she felt guilty

 Frank reached into the car and Sophie removed the blanket from her face

“Hi Sweetheart, give me your hand, let me get you out” Frank said as Sophie looked at him. She recognized him, it was the man she saw with Sally.

“Sophie, its Bobby, its alight, you can come out” Bobby said and Sophie exhaled then she extended her hand out and Frank gently grabbed her, and she extended her other arm out and Frank lifted her out of the car. Frank looked at the little girls face as he pulled her towards him, and his heart melted. He fell in love with her straight away. When Frank got her out of the car, she looked at him then she wrapped her arms around his neck. Sophie looked at Bobby who was stroking her back then she began to cry because after wishing for so long, Bobby finally found her, and this was the first time in her whole life that she felt safe…and free.


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 484



Bayside Diner- Summer Bay

“So what time are you leaving tomorrow?” Ailsa said

“Late afternoon” Donald said

“I’m really sorry Donald” Ailsa said

“Yes it has been an awful time for your family hasn’t it” Colleen said as she wiped the counter

“First Alan, then David…and almost Bobby” Colleen and Ailsa and Donald looked at her

“What are you talking about?” Donald said

“Oh, you haven’t heard?” Colleen said

“No..what is going on?” Donald said as he looked at Colleen confused


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


Sally sat on her bed and she held onto her bear. She looked out of the window and sighed.

“Sal, can I come in?” Pippa said as she stood at the door and Sally nodded. Pippa walked into the room and sat on the bed next to Sally

“Is Sophie the reason why you have been really quiet lately?” Pippa said and Sally nodded

“I wanted to tell, but she told me not to say anything…and I didn’t want to dob”  Sally said

“Its ok, you were being her friend, you didn’t want to get her into trouble” Pippa said

“Will Sophie get into trouble if Bobby and Frank don’t find her?” Sally said

“Well Bobby just called from the hospital…they found her, and if we cross our fingers everything is going to be alright. Sweetheart I know you didn’t want to tell, but when something is wrong, you have to tell an adult.We won’t be cross..ok?” Pippa said and Sally nodded

“Ok” Sally said

“Why don’t you come downstairs, and draw a nice picture for Sophie?” Pippa said

“Ok” Sally said and smiled


General Hospital- Summer Bay


“Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Greg rushing into the waiting area

“I came as soon as Marilyn told me..are you alright?” Greg said as he hugged Bobby

“Yeah, I’m fine” Bobby said and Frank walked into the waiting room stirring his coffee and looked at Greg. Bobby went to stand by the window feeling anxious

“Whats…what Frank doing here?” Greg said in a whisper

“He was at the house and helped me to get Sophie” Bobby said

“Where is Sam?” Bobby said

“Marilyn said she would look after him” Greg said as Frank sat down and drank his coffee

“Bobby” Bobby turned around to see Nick walking towards her

“Did you find him?” Bobby said

“No, he must be hiding out somewhere…we went through the car, and found these things…he must have taken these from you house” Nick said and he gave Bobby a bag.

“Thanks..so what happens now?” Bobby said

“Waldorf Creek police station also have some officers looking. We don’t expect him to have gone far considering he was just in a car accident


“Bobby” Donald said as he came rushing into the hospital

“Are you alright?” Bobby said

“Yes, I’m fine” Bobby said as Donald looked at Frank

“Why..why is he here?” Donald said

“Not now..ok” Bobby said as the doctor walked into the waiting room

“Hello, Bobby” Dr Routledge said

“Yes” Bobby said and she walked over to the dr

“Is Sophie going to be ok?” Bobby said

“I’m Dr Routledge.. one of the doctors on call today” Dr Routledge

“You teach the nursing program” Bobby said as Dr Routledge looked at her confused

“Pippa Fletcher, my mum, she's in that programme” Bobby said

“Ok, my best student” Dr Routledge said and smiled

“Do you mind if we talk privately?” Dr Routledge said as Bobby looked at Frank and he got up

“Ok” Bobby said and they followed the Dr Routledge into an empty consulting room


Background music – Frank and Bobby’s theme


“Please sit down” Dr Routledge and Bobby and Frank sat next to each other and he sat opposite them and exhaled

“Is Sophie going to be ok” Bobby said

“ the good news is that there are no broken bones or long term effects from the accident” Dr Routledge and Bobby exhaled

“Thank goodness” Bobby said

“What is the bad news?” Frank said as he looked at Dr Routledge who exhaled

“I don’t know how to say this but in the twenty years that I’ve been practicing medicine, Sophie has the worst case of child abuse that I have ever seen” Dr Routledge said and Bobby looked at him shocked then she looked at Frank

“What do you mean?” Frank said

“We ran some tests and did some x-rays and we noticed that she had several broken ribs that have not completely healed, lacerations and wounds all over her body that also don’t appear to have healed properly. Her general health is very bad, she’s underweight for her age, and doesn’t appear to have eaten much recently. its obvious that she has not bathed or brushed her teeth in a very long time. This young girl has been severally negated and abused” Dr Routledge and Bobby closed her eyes and sighed

“She’s also not talking which indicates to me that she is severely traumatized and very frightened” Dr Routledge

“How can we help her?” Frank said

“Well, first of all, I will prescribe some multivitamins and a course of antibiotics to clean up any infections she may have from the unhealed wounds. The broken ribs will heal in their own as long as she doesnt do anything to strenuous. Then I suggest you take her home, give her a hot bath, a meal and most importantly…lots of love” Dr Routledge and Bobby nodded


“When can we see Sophie?” Bobby said

“You can see her now if you want. I’ll go and get that prescription ready, and you can pick it up at the hospital chemist. She’s in room 205, straight down the corridor, and first on the left” Dr Routledge said

“Thanks Dr” Bobby said

“You’re welcome..I wish you all the best” Dr Routledge said then he walked out of the room

“Frank this is all my fault” Bobby said

“You didn’t know” Frank said

“I should’ve known though..look at the way he treated me. There was no way that he would’ve treated a little girl any better” Bobby said

“Whats happened in the past is the past..all we can do now is try to take care of Sophie, and give her all the love she needs” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“Thank you Frank…for helping me” Bobby said and she looked at Frank as the icebox around his heart melted

“Anything for you” Frank said as Bobby looked at him

“Let’s go and see Sophie” Frank said and Bobby nodded and they walked out of the consulting room


Greg stood in the hallway trying to see if he could see Bobby then he walked back to where Donald was standing

“Can’t believe Bobby’s other dad would do all of that” Greg said

“Believe it alright, Al Simpson is a terrible person..the sooner they find him the better” Donald said

“Bobby” Greg said as Bobby came into the waiting room

“Is everything alright, do you want me to take you home?” Greg said

“No its alright, Frank and I have to wait for Sophie to be discharged, and we have to see a social worker…not sure how long that’s going to take..My car is outside, Ill get home” Bobby said

“You sure I cant do anything?” Greg said

“Can you give Sam his dinner?” Bobby said

“Ok” Greg said

“Thanks” Bobby said

“I love you” Greg said as Donald looked at him

“Me too “ Bobby said and Greg leaned forward and kissed him

“Thanks for coming Dad” Bobby said

“Please let me know how Sophie is” Donald said

“Alright, I will” Bobby said and smiled as she walked away. Greg walked out of the waiting room and looked down the corridor just in time to see Bobby and Frank walking away together and sighed…


Background music ends



Summer Bay


Al fell over a branch and landed on his arm. He looked around the woods trying to get his bearings. He had to find the quickest way to get to Waldorf Creek. He knew someone there who owed him a favour, so he would probably get some money and try to get a car. Al tried to get up but his leg was sore and bleeding from the accident. He put his hand in his pocket and took out a handkerchief. He tied tied the handkerchief around his leg. Hoping that if he applied pressure, it would help stop the bleeding. He needed it to stop because he had to get out of Summer Bay, and fast…



General Hospital – Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Bobby slowly opened the hospital door

“Hi sweetheart” Sophie was lying down then she sat up on the bed and her eyes lit up when she saw Frank and Bobby walk into the room. Bobby walked over to the bed and sat next to her

“Are you alright?” Bobby said and Sophie nodded

“Hey” Frank said and sat on the bed next to Sophie. She stared at him and he smiled and put his arm around her


Knock on the door


Bobby got up and opened the door

“Hi Mrs Malloy” Bobby said

“Hello Bobby” Mrs Malloy said

“Frank” Mrs Malloy said as she walked into the room

“And this must be Sophie” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her

“Can we talk outside?” Mrs Malloy said

“Sure” Bobby said and Frank got up and Sophie looked at him with fear on her face

“Its alright, we‘re not leaving you..we are just outside ok..I promise” Frank said and Sophie nodded. Frank smiled at her and caressed her cheek.


“Dr Routledge explained to me what happened to Sophie..poor girl” Mrs Malloy

“Yeah, shes been through a lot..I mean, how did this happen?” Bobby said

“Well from what I can gather, her birth mother couldn’t take care of her and she was put in a children’s home.  Al Simpson turned up two years ago, proved that he was her father and gained custody of her” Mrs Malloy

“But someone must’ve see what he was doing to her” Frank said

“Unfortunately, she slipped through the cracks..there really are no excuses for any child to be treated like this” Mrs Malloy

“Bobby, I assume you want to take care of her” Mrs Malloy said

“Yes” Bobby said

“Me too” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“Well, Bobby is a registered foster carer” Mrs Malloy

“You assigned Sally and Steve to me temporarily, remember” Frank said

“Yes, but that was temporarily” Mrs Malloy

“Well send me the paperwork so I can do this permanently” Frank said as Bobby and Mrs Malloy looked at him

“Alright..I can do temporary custody but for the time being Sophie will stay with Bobby until we get you approved permanently” Mrs Malloy said

“Thanks” Frank said and he walked back into the hospital room. Sophie was sitting on the bed

“You ready to go home?” Frank said and Sophie nodded

“Come here” Frank said and he picked her up and she hugged him tight. He couldn’t believe that he felt so strongly for a little girl he didn’t even know..a little girl he was going to be responsible for

“No one is ever going to hurt you again..I promise” Frank said and Sophie closed her eyes and breathed with relief…she was safe.


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 485


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay

Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Sophie stepped out of the bath while Bobby opened the towel. She wrapped Sophie in the towel as Sophie wrapped her arms around Bobby’s neck. Bobby had to try really hard to stop herself from crying when she saw all the cuts on bruises on Sophie's body.  She felt guilty because she should’ve known that Al would not have treated Sophie well, but she was so focused on her own hatred for him.

“sweetheart, lets get you dry and into some clothes ok” Bobby said and Sophie removed her arms from Bobbys neck and nodded. Bobby smiled as she watched Sophie get dressed in her pyjamas. They were too big, but that was she had right now. Bobby also put her dressing gown on Sophie and tied the waist.

Sophie held Bobby’s hand as they walked to her bedroom where Marilyn was there

“Hi” Marilyn said and smiled at Sophie

“Sophie, we have to cut some of your hair because its all knotted ok” Bobby said and Sophie nodded. Bobby motioned for Sophie to sit on the chair and Marilyn dried Sophie's hair and put the towel around the shoulders. Bobby sat on the bed and watched as Marilyn cut Sophie's waist length brown hair to just past her shoulders.

Bobby got up from the bed and began to walk to the door. She turned around when she heard Sophie gasp

“Its ok, Im just going downstairs to make you some dinner” Bobby said as she looked at Sophie who looked at her then nodded. Bobby smiled then she walked out of the room just before a tera could run down her cheek..


Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Poor girl” Pippa said

“Yeah, I know…how can anyone do that to a little girl” Frank said

“There are some really cruel people in the world” Pippa said

“He hurt her to the point that she doesn’t even talk, and the minute she thinks Bobby and I are leaving her, she gets frightened” Frank said

“She’s traumatized poor dear. Its going to take a lot of time…and patience, and love, but she will be alright” Pippa said

“The police better find Al Simpson before I do” Frank said as Pippa looked at him

“So what did Mrs Malloy say?” Pippa said

“Well Sophie is going to stay at Bobby’s house, and we are both going to have custody of her..well mine is temporary until they process my permanent application as a foster parent” Frank said as Pippa looked at him

“What?” Frank said

“Sweetheart, how is it going to work..you and Bobby both as Sophie’s foster parents?” Pippa said

“I dunno, maybe she stays a few days there, and a few days here with me..I have to think about getting my own place” Frank said

“That’s not what I mean” Pippa said

“You mean me and Bobby?” Frank said and Pippa looked at him and sighed

“Well she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be with me..I guess we just have to learn to get on for the sake of of Sophie” Frank said as Sally came into the living room

“Whats in the bag sweetheart” Pippa said as Sally walked towards them

“Some clothes for Sophie and a doll” Sally said

“Thank you sweetheart” Frank said and he kissed the side of her head

“Pippa can we go and see Sophie tomorrow?” Sally said

“Of course we can sweetheart” Pippa said and Sally smiled then she kissed Frank on the cheek, and went back upstairs

“I better take these over to Bobby’s” Frank said

“Tonight?” Pippa said

“Yeah, I promised Sophie I’ll be back to read her a story. Mrs Malloy mentioned that its important for her to consistently see me and Bobby to make her feel safe” Frank said

“Did she suggest counselling at all? I would imagine that level of trauma, Sophie would need some kind of medical help” Pippa said

“Mrs Malloy did say we can take her for an assessment, but we want to wait a few days see how she settles in with us” Frank said

“Let me know if you need anything?” Pippa said

“I think we’re alright. Bobby and I are taking Sophie to the Yabbie Creek tomorrow get a few things” Frank said as he got up and picked up the bag Sophie gave him

“I wont be home too late” Frank said then he smiled

“Whats wrong?” Pippa said

“After everything Bobby and I have been through..who wouldve thought that we would be parents to a little girl” Frank said and smiled

““When I pulled her out of the car and she looked at me, I just fell in love with her you know…like I was just meant to be her dad..its weird” Frank said

“We never know the effort that people will have on us” Pippa said

“I know..now I cant see my life without my daughter in it” Frank said as Pippa looked at him

“I’ll see you later” Frank said and smiled at Pippa as he walked out of the house and she sighed…


Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


“Hi” Greg said as he walked into the kitchen

“Hi..thanks for giving Sam his dinner” Bobby said then Greg kissed her

“Did you have a good time with your dad?” Bobby said

“Yes, we had burgers” Sam said and Bobby looked at him disappointed and he began laughing

“Where’s Sophie?” Greg said looking around

“Marilyn is just giving her a haircut..you should’ve seen it Greg, its like her hair hadn’t been combed for months” Bobby said as she walked back into the kitchen

“Poor girl” Greg said

“I know..the doc said she is underweight for her age and looked like she hasn’t eaten much, so we have to start working on that” Bobby said as she poured some juice into a plastic cup and picked up the plate on the table that had some chips, fish fingers and peas. Bobby put the plate and cup on the table and then she poured some gravy onto the food just as Marilyn as coming down the stairs with Sophie. Sophie stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at Greg then she looked at Sam.

“Its ok Sophie, come and have some dinner” Bobby said and Sophie didn’t move

“Its ok” Bobby said then she walked over to the stairs and gently held Sophies and and brought her over to the table.


“I’m going to have an early night” Marilyn said

“Thanks Marilyn…are you alright?” Bobby said

“Yes, Ill be fine” Marilyn said

“What about your face?” Bobby said as she noticed a bruise starting to form on Marilyn’s cheek

“Oh its fine..I’ve have worse” Marilyn said then she stopped talking when she realized what she said

“I’m really sorry about what happened today” Bobby said

“It’s not your fault..but the most important thing is Sophie is safe” Marilyn said

“Yeah” Bobby said

“Night Bobby…Night Greg, Sam” Marilyn said and she went upstairs..


Sophie looked at the food on the plate, she didn’t know when the last time she ate as much food as this. She didn’t want to touch anything because maybe it wasn’t all for her

Bobby looked at Sophie as she looked at the food

“Is ok, you can eat it” Bobby said and Sophie looked at her then she picked up the fork and put a chip into her mouth. It tasted really nice then she put another and another..


“Looks like she was starving” Greg said as Bobby and him watched Sophie stuffing her mouth with the food


“I know..poor girl..if we never found her, I don’t know if I could"ve ever forgiven myself” Bobby said

“But you did…and she’s here now with us..she’s apart of our little family now” Greg said as he put his arm around Bobby

“Thanks” Bobby said and smiled…


Marilyn closed the bedroom door and took off her dressing gown. She looked at her face in the mirror. She could see that it was starting to bruise, but she also knew she could hide the bruise with make- up..something she had done before. Marilyn sighed then turned the light off. Today had been full with a lot of surprises. First being attacked, then seeing Adam with Shannon…his new girlfriend. Marilyn got into bed and pulled the covers over herself as she thought about Bobby, Greg and the kids downstairs and wondered when things where going to be the same for her…


Stewart Residence- Summer Bay


“That poor little girl..how can anyone be so cruel” Ailsa said

“Its Al Simpson, so I believe it” Alf said

“It was definitely a miracle that Bobby and Frank found her otherwise who knows where she would be now” Ailsa said

“I suppose…but sure why they gave her to Bobby though” Alf said

“What do you mean? Sophie is her sister” Ailsa said confused

“Well..she isn’t really is she” Alf said

“Alf, I don’t know where you are going with this conversation” Ailsa said

“I’m just saying that is Bobby responsible enough to take care of a kid with that much trauma” Alf said

“Shes done a great job with Sam” Ailsa said

“But Sam is different…Greg is around” Alf said

“And so is Frank” Ailsa said

“Fat lot of good that’s going to do, you know him, the minute he gets itchy feet he’ll be out of here like a bat out of hell” Alf said and Ailsa shook her head

“I’m going to bed” Ailsa said and she walked away as Alf shrugged his shoulders and picked up the newspaper and began to read it…



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music Greg and Bobby’s theme


Greg opened the door to see Frank standing there

“G’day” Frank said

“Yeah, G’day” Greg said and looked at Frank as they stood for a few moments in an awkward state

“I’ve come to see my daughter” Frank said and Greg looked at him then he opened the door wider and Frank walked into the house. Sophies eyes lit up as Frank walked over to the table

“Hey, look at you” Frank said and smiled. Sophie looked so different after having a bath, and a  hair cut. Frank kissed Sophie on the forehead

“Marilyn did a good job with her hair. She's got a bit of dry skin, I think we might need to get some cream for that tomorrow” Bobby said

“Ok” Frank said

“I left you some dinner…if you’re hungry” Bobby said

“Thanks” Bobby said as she walked into the kitchen

“Sally gave me some of her clothes..and she gave me this to give to you” Frank said as he took the doll out of the bag and gave it to Sophie. She never had a doll before and she looked at it. She touched the dolls hair and her dress as Bobby put a plate of food in front of Frank

“And I got this for you” Frank said as he opened another bag and took out a pink teddy bear and gave it to Sophie. She put the doll on the table and looked at the bear. She really liked it. She stroked it then she hugged it and Frank winked at her and smiled


“I’m just going to read Sam a bedtime story” Greg said

“Thanks, tell him I’ll be up in a minute to say goodnight” Bobby said and smiled at Greg as Frank picked up Sophie and she hugged him and her new teddy bear. Greg stood by the steps and watched as Frank and Bobby spoke about Sophie like he and Sam didn’t even exist…


Summer Bay


Al’s leg was really hurting him. He found some shelter in the woods and sat down. He untied the handkerchief around his leg and wiped the blood that was running down his leg. It was dark, and he wasn’t really sure where he was, but he knew was that he had to get out of Summer Bay…and fast..




Lucini Residence- Summer Bay


“Why would the department leave that kid in the care of those two losers” Ben said and rolled his eyes

“Bobby is Sophie’s sister” Carly said

“Poor kid” Ben said and he started laughing as Carly sighed and laid on her side and faced the wall

“I spoke to my mum today, she wants some grandkids soon” Ben said

“I think its too soon” Carly said

“I don’t think so” Ben said and Carly closed her eyes and sighed as Ben started to kiss her neck

“I don’t feel well” Carly said

“Shut up..there was nothing wrong with you earlier when you went to the caravan park” Ben said and Carly sighed as she felt Ben pulling down her pyjama bottoms and she closed her eyes as he entered her and let her thoughts go to a time when she was happy…

Background music ends



Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby's theme

Frank opened his eyes, he mustve feel asleep. He noticed the TV was still on, Sophie was fast asleep on him and Bobby was asleep leaning on him. Frank gently shook Bobby and she began to wake up and after a few moments she opened her eyes

“I’m going to take Sophie up to her room” Frank said and he gently picked up Sophie and her pink teddy bear and carried her up the stairs. He tuned on the bedside lamp and gently put Sophie into the bed. She opened her eyes and began to panic

“Its alright sweetheart, I’m just putting you in your bed..its ok” Frank said and Sophie began to calm down

“Here is your bear” Frank said and he tucked the bear in next to Sophie as she looked at him

“Il be back in the morning ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded then he kissed her forehead

“Ill leave this light on, and Bobby will turn it off when you fall asleep ok” Frank said and Sophie nodded. He looked around the room. It was really plain, but he was going to decorate it for his daughter. Frank smiled to himself. He knew he always wanted kids, but he never knew that he would feel the way he felt right now.

“See you in the morning ok” Frank said and he caressed Sophie's cheek and she nodded and he walked out of the room leaving the door slightly open. Sophie hugged the bear and closed her eyes and exhaled because she was safe and she was free..


I left the bedside light on, you can turn that off when she falls asleep” Frank said

“Ok” Bobby said

“I better go” Frank said and he walked to the door

“Frank” Bobby said and Frank turned around

“Today…thanks for everything..you know..and Sophie” Bobby said

“You don’t have to thank me…she’s my daughter as well” Frank said and Bobby looked at him

“Night” Frank said

“Goodnight” Bobby said and she closed and locked the door. She turned off the light and walked up the stairs. Sophie was fast asleep, so she turned the light off and closed the door halfway. Bobby walked into her room and closed the door and changed into her pyjamas then she got into bed and picked up Alans bear, and hugged it as she looked at the ceiling. If someone had told her this time yesterday that today her and Frank would have a daughter, she never wouldve believed it. Not after the way Frank treated her, but things were different now…they had a daughter…and maybe they could be friends again..something that Bobby had missed so much…


Background music ends

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Thanks for reading :)


Chapter 486





Morgan Residence- New York


Roo drank her coffee as she looked at the card that was attached to the flowers that Donavan sent her earlier in the week about meeting her tonight at 8pm at the Marriott hotel. She looked up at the dress she had hanging on the closet door and the small overnight bag she had on the floor. All week she wrestled with her conscious about whether going to meet Donavan was the right thing to do. All week she walked around on egg shells at the office anticipating Nancy walking in, or to see the other staff whispering behind her back like it was at Summer Bay after the town heard about Bobby and Frank breaking up. Roo sighed and tried to figure out how she ended up in this situation. With Frank gone, this was supposed to be the beginning of a new life but since then, she lost her apartment, and now things were up in the air with her work. Roo inhaled then exhaled and got up, she had to make a decision and she only had a few hours left to decided, but what she did know us that she didnt want to go through what she went through in Summer Bay...ever again..


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Bobby opened the front door


“Hello Mrs Malloy, Frank isn’t here yet…come in” Bobby said as Mrs Malloy walked into the house


“Sorry, I’m early, I was wondering if I could have a word with you” Mrs Malloy said

“Yeah sure.. Sophie had a lie in, so she's just getting ready while I make her breakfast..can I get you anything?” Bobby said

“No, I’m fine thank you..has Sam gone to school?” Mrs Malloy said

“Yeah, you just missed him. Greg came and picked him up not too long ago..please sit down.”

Bobby said

“Are you not working today?” Mrs Malloy said

“No, I took the day off, after the meeting, Frank and I are taking Sophie are taking Sophie to get some clothes and a few things to decorate her bedroom” Bobby said and smiled

“how is Sophie this morning?” Mrs Malloy said and sat at the dining table

“Shes fine, she slept through the night ok..but this morning we had a few tears and some cuddles when I woke her up” Bobby said as she walked out of the kitchen with a cup of warm milk and some toast and a boiled egg for Sophie

“Yes, unfortunately with a child as traumatized as Sophie that is something that is to be expected at least for the first few months. When a child behaves like that, its clear that she has never felt that person to person contact or emotion..so its like riding a bike, it something that she has to learn” Mrs Malloy

“Will that be hard?” Bobby said

“As long as she has a normal routine and people around her who express love to her, I don’t see why she wont be ok” Mrs Malloy said and looked at Bobby

“Has she said anything yet?” Mrs Malloy said

“No, she nods and that’s it” Bobby said

“Hmmm” Mrs Malloy said

“Is there something wrong?” Bobby said as she sat down


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


“I know that you have adjusted very well with Sam… Sophie is a more demanding case…I am wondering if with your busy schedule, you will have time to devote the attention and love she needs...or if you have the experience” Mrs Malloy

“Well uni is finished now, so I just divide my work time between the diner and the resort, and hopefully when Sophie starts school, I can take her and Sam in the morning, or maybe Frank can take her, and we can decide who picks her up” Bobby said

“That sounds like a great plan Bobby, but the downside of a child who appears to have emotional issues is that it requires a lot of work. We don’t know the extent to which she's been abused, and she could also end up having anger problems as well” Mrs Malloy

“Frank and I will be able to handle it” Bobby said

“That is another issue, I am not sure if Frank will be approved permanently as a foster parent” Mrs Malloy said

“Why not?” Bobby said confused

“You went through the process, and quite frankly, if the same situation happened now, I wouldn’t guarantee that Sam would be here. Andrew Foley disobeyed department guidelines by placing Sam in your care” Mrs Malloy and Bobby sighed

“But he’s doing fine, he’s adjusted well” Bobby said as Mrs Malloy looked at her

“I know he is, and you’ve done a great job, but Sophie is a different case” Mrs Malloy

“Please Mrs Malloy, I’m the only family that she has…and Frank…you should see them together he loves her so much already” Bobby said

“I don’t doubt that..but I have to think about the long term needs of Sophie. What if all this becomes too overwhelming and neither of you can cope? you are not a couple, and a child like Sophie needs to see the unity between you to feel safe” Mrs Malloy and Bobby sighed. Maybe Mrs Malloy was right…her and Frank didn’t think this through, It wouldve been different if they were still together but she had Greg and Sam in her life.

“Mrs Malloy, please don’t take her away…we can at least try…Pippa will always help us” Bobby said Mrs Malloy looked at her and sighed. Sophie was her and Franks daughter..she didn’t want her to be taken away...like Tom was

“Alright…I’ll do a three month placement with Pippa supervising. As I said yesterday, Sophie will live here primarily” Mrs Malloy

“So she cant stay over at the caravan park?” Bobby said

“She can overnight, but not long term..and I would like her to see a child psychologist  so we can determine how much extra support she needs” Mrs Malloy said and Bobby sighed

“Thanks Mrs Malloy..ill just go upstairs and get Sophie..you sure you don’t want tea or something?” Bobby said

“Yes please, a cup of tea will be fine..Actually, Bobby do you mind if I go and see Sophie?” Mrs Malloy said

“No not at all..her room is upstairs, second on the right” Bobby said and Mrs Malloy got up and walked up the stairs


Mrs Malloy followed Bobby’s directions and opened the door to see Sophie sitting on the bed holding her bear

“Hi Sophie” Mrs Malloy said as she stood by the door. Sophie got up from the bed and rushed to sit in the corner of the room on the floor

“Its ok…you can sit on the bed, I’m not going to hurt you” Mrs Malloy said as Sophie looked at her and hugged her teddy bear tight

“Its ok…Bobby said I can come and see you” Mrs Malloy said as Sophie looked at her then she slowly got up from the floor and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Mrs Malloy. She recognized her from last night at the hospital

“You look very pretty today” Mrs Malloy said and smiled. She couldn’t believe that the same girl sitting on the bed is the one she saw last night

“Bobby said shes making you some breakfast” Mrs Malloy said as Sophie looked at her 

“Bobby’s house is really nice” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her

“Do you like Bobby?” Mrs Malloy said and she noticed Sophies eyes light up and Sophie slowly nodded

“And Frank…do you like Frank?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at the teddy bear she was hugging and slowly nodded and looked at Mrs Malloy

“Would you like to live here with Bobby?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her and nodded then a tear fell down her cheek. Mrs Malloy sighed.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Mrs Malloy said and Sophie looked at her

“I think Bobby has finished making your breakfast, how about we go downstairs?”  Mrs Malloy said and Sophie nodded then she walked out of the room and Mrs Malloy followed and sighed. Although she agreed to a three month placement, she wasn’t sure if Bobby and Frank were ready to deal with Sophie and the everything that went along with that…



Background music ends


Bayside Diner- Summer Bay


“That’s really nice Ailsa” Colleen said as she walked into the kitchen and watched as Ailsa decorated a cake

“Well its not as good as Bobby’s but I think it will do” Ailsa said

“I think its very kind of you of you to do that for little Sophie..have a little party for her” Colleen said

“Just to make her feel welcome” Ailsa said

“I’ve hung the decorations up Mrs Stewart” Shannon said as she walked into the kitchen

“Great, thanks…oh by the way, don’t forget that the furniture company are delivering the booth chairs tonight” Ailsa said

“Yes, that’s fine, Ill be here”  Shannon said and smiled



Caravan Park- Summer Bay


“Finlay g’day” Lance said as he walked into the house. Finlay closed her eyes and sighed then she turned around

“Hi Lance” Finlay said and smiled

“What you doing today?” Lance said

“Looking after Christopher” Finlay said

“Yeah, I know..do you want to go to the movies again?” Lance said

“I don’t know” Finlay said as Lance looked disappointed

“Didn’t you like that last movie..part 2 is on tonight” Lance said as Frank came downstairs

“Sure…ok” Finlay said as Frank picked up Christopher and game him a hug

“So what time you picking me up?” Finlay said

“7:30” Lance said

“Alright, Ill be ready” Finlay said as she looked at Frank who was looking at her. Inwardly she was happy because making a date in front of him was probably making him jealous

“I fixed the outside showers, if anyone needs anything else done, they have to wait until tomorrow” Frank said as he put Christopher down

“Oh Frank, I heard about Sophie” Lance said

“Yeah, I got a little daughter now..just heading over to Bobbys..we’re taking her out to get her a few things..see you later” Frank said and smiled then he walked out of the house as Finlay sighed…



Fisher Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Fisher family theme


Lucinda sat on David's bed and wiped her cheek as she looked around the room and all the memories of them together came flashing in her mind. The only time they had spent apart from each other was when David was teaching in Thailand, but they wrote to each other, and he called home every week. Lucinda looked at the last box of his things on the floor. She got up and picked up a scarf and sat on the bed again and put it up to her cheek and started to cry. This reminded her of when she heard that Shane was killed. Her heart broke, just like it was broken now


Knock on the door


Lucida wiped her face with the back of her hand and she got up from the bed and opened the front door and got a shock when she saw Matt

“Oh Matt” Lucinda said then she hugged Matt and cried


High School- Summer Bay


Emma stared out of the window. Even thought shew as in class ,she felt so alone. She wished she could tell someone how she was feeling..just like how she could tell David how she was feeling. She hadn’t slept much, she hadn’t eaten much. All she could do was think of David. He was going to be buried tomorrow, and she wasn’t even going to have the chance to say goodbye…


Donald sat at his desk and thought about the times when Lucinda and David would come to Summer Bay for the weekend to stay with him, Barbara, Alan and Rebecca. Now Alan was gone and David was gone, and for someone like him who felt he always had the answers…he couldn’t answer this…

Background music ends


Simpson Residence- Summer Bay


Background music- Frank and Bobby’s theme


Sophie sat on the chair next to Frank and she watched as Bobby signed the papers in front of her. Next she watched as Bobby gave the pen and the papers to Frank and watched as he signed them. Frank gave the papers to Mrs Malloy and looked down at Sophie and winked at her. Mrs Malloy looked at the papers then she looked at Sophie. Although she had reservations, she could see how much Frank and Bobby really wanted Sophie in their life

“All done..now you have a new mummy and daddy to look after you” Mrs Malloy said and smiled at Sophie. Sophie looked at Bobby then she looked at Frank and began to cry

“Oh Sophie” Frank said and he picked her up and she hugged him tight. Frank kissed her cheek

Bobby grabbed some tissue from the tissue box on the table, and walked over to them and gently rubbed Sophies back

“Its ok Sophie” Bobby said and gently caressed Sophie’s cheek. Sophie was not crying because she was sad…she was crying because she had a new mummy and daddy and she loved them already

“We cant go out and buy you new clothes with all these tears..let me wipe your pretty face” Bobby said and Sophie lifted her head and Bobby wiped her face.

“See that’s much better..we love you…ok?” Bobby said and Sophie looked at Frank then at Bobby and she nodded

Frank kissed her forehead and she laid her head back down and closed her eyes and exhaled because finally she had a family who loved her…


Waldorf Creek

Al closed the curtains in the motel and limped back to the bed. His leg was really hurting him, it was probably infected but that wasn’t something he was concerned about. He was waiting for a friend of his who was going to borrow him a car to get out of town…but he had to go back to Summer Bay one more time before he left...


Background music ends





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